Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 31st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Soha walks out of room tensed and clashes with Vicky. Vicky says she will break floor if she walks so fast. Elena stops him and asks Elena what happened. Soha says she has to take a big decision. Elena asks what. Soha says papa asked if he should remarry or not. GKB tries to brainwash her, but she runs saying she took decision. GKB yells choti mirchi is more sharp, what decision she took. Elena messages Sona. Soha goes to Sona and drags her to Dev’s room, calls even Dev and Ishwari and says she took a decision. Ishwari asks what. Soha says even she wants to see papa happy, so she has take a decision. Ishwari says Soha is mature like Sona. Soha says she and mamma will find choti mamma. Ishwari says now she has gone on her. Soha says she will inform Golu and leave. Ishwari

says Sona and Dev that they are friends and Sona has to find a girl for his friend, says holds hand and pleads. Sona says she does not have to do that. Dev says he is not ready for that and leaves. Sona follows Dev and says he has to take a decision as she cannot see him like this. He says how can he marry anyone. Their conversation continues.

Ishwari goes to Soha. Soha asks why did she make her lie, mamma told it is bad. Ishwari takes her to home temple and says they will apologize god for lying, but their love will bring Dev and Sona together. Soha asks if mamma and papa will stay in same house. Ishwari says yes, they will. Soha says watch my acting now, how she will reunite them.

Dev and Sona feel tensed and walk in their rooms reminiscing their words. Kismath ke dhaage…song..playing the background.

Bose family enjoy TV serial. Bejoy increases volume. Sona enters and asks to lower volume. Sourav says she has just come and does not know what is happening, just sit and watch. Sona walks to her room. Asha scolds Sourav that Sona is tensed and he made her more upset. Bejoy comments what else can happen in Ishwari’s house. Asha goes to Sona’s room and asks why she is tensed. Sona leans on her lap and says Ishwari wants Dev to remarry. Bejoy hears and gets happy that finally Dev’s chapter will be out of Sona’s life. Asha asks what she wants. Sona says it is good if he marries. Asha says he is Soha’s father, but what she thinks of him. Sona says Dev says they best friends. She asks what about her.

GKB tells Vicky that Ishwari has gone mad, she wants Dev and Sona reunite, even Soha is with her in her plan. Vicky says let them plan whatever they want, he will fail their plan. GKB asks what is his plan.

Sona says she cannot love Dev. He may be Soha’s father and her best friend, but cannot be her partner again. Asha says lier.

Sona goes back to Dev’s house and calls him out. He walks out and says he does not want to talk to her. She holds his hand and says he has to, if he has befriended her, he has to follow friendship, she has seen Maine Pyar Kiya movie, he has to think about auntyji/Ishwari. Dev asks what about her. She says she can think of herself and others. Dev says she is thinking too much. She says she has decided he will marry. He says he will not as he cannot give the place which he gave her.

Precap: GKB says Ishwari that she brought many girls’photos, have a look at them. Ishwari says what is there to look, whatever has to happen will happen. Dev tells Ishwari that he is ready to marry.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ganga

    Emotional track phir se wapas aagayi…..but it’s good for now…..

    Kismat khelenge….. really ??

    1. Ngkrishnakumari

      Ganga awesome dp har tarap shaheer hi shaheer
      Kismat khelenge kaun jane….
      Its song reminds me 1st devakshi break up moments

      1. Ganga

        Yesss…..for me also….

        But break-up ke baad dis song with DEVAKSHI ka expression Really very heart touching…..???nd very very emotional ???….. yesterday bi aisa he hai lekin thoda kam??

  2. Nice scene itni din baad kismat ke likhe song suna.Waiting for tmmrws episode. Thnk u tellyupdates.com for quick update again .

    1. Can anyone tell me what’s happening in the serial as I haven’t seen it since soha went to devs house

  3. Ganga

    Kya ho sakta Vicks nd ex.GKB ka plan ???

    Jo bi ho Devakshi ke liye acha hi hoooo????

    1. I think Ishwari’s plan will backfire? But Suhana will correct it , i feel !!
      Yeh GKB and Vicky kab pakda jayga yaar?? Yeh do ek ke baad ek badtameezi kiye ja rahe hey

    2. New laadki Vicky peeche se decide karega and monitor bhi but later will get caught by Sona I guess

  4. Aryana

    Whooooooo….. NYC episode . Sona 1 week 1 dress pehnegi kya . But NYC track . May be ishwari’s plan will backfire

  5. Neha1

    What the hell…. Kya ho rha hai… Arey Sonakshi bol do Dev ko that you love him… vrna yeh Gkb or Vicky toh Dev ka band bajwa hi denge…! Bijoy ko dekho kitna khush ho rha tha…! Ishwari or Soha ka masterplan flop na ho bas…!
    But Precap dekh ke toh aisa lg rha hai k Dev shaadi k liye maan gaya or ab Ishwari kya kregi..?? Gkb sach me shaadi na kra de..??
    Pata nhi writers ke dimaag mei kya hai???

    1. Ganga

      Don’t worry Neha….Vo Dev Dixit SONA ko paane ke liye kuch bi kar sakte hai……I think it’s Dev’s plan maybe……lets wait nd watch……

      Mujhe 1000000…% yakeen hai Dev dusri shadi kabhii nai karegi….???

  6. Ngkrishnakumari

    Why do a third person is required in order to feel jealousy love hate possessive in case of lead actore to realise what he or she feel?
    Nowadays history is repeating to realise sona love for dev as a new entry payal like natasha done before

    Today best part was sona & asha convo

  7. Love u Devakshii ur the best as always

  8. Ngkrishnakumari

    Last part was magical moment devakshi talk sona treat dev as a friend & their eyes lock omg omg dev itna kareebse sonako

  9. What the hell is this! why they are not exposing Vikey and radha rani??
    Why they are starching dev and sona relationship? This show is getting boring day by day.

  10. According to the new spoiler…Ishwari is acting..she wants dev to remarry nd is using sona in the name of reuniting them..

  11. According to the new spoiler alert….ishwari is acting as good she is using sona in the name of reuniting them..

  12. Rekhadhir

    Dev and Sona feel tensed and walk in their rooms reminiscing their words. Kismath ke dhaage…song..playing the background.

    Kya MA aaj maine serial nhi dekha to aaj pehli baar update pda ……are bhai kismat ke dhage nhi hai kismat ke lekhe hai ……..

  13. Hey no yaar dev should not change this style

  14. Noooooo….. dev should not marry any one else.
    Hey he should not change his style . He is sooooo handsome in this style y should he change his style ????

  15. Smreetikhatri

    Before I say anything else I wanna consider myself as the Fan of KRPKAB?
    I don’t know why but I think this Leap spoiled everything ( Expect for Soha and Golu)… I wish they never had leap and all..
    Nowadays the track is getting kinda boring as Sona and Dev relationship isn’t anymore like before Leap…
    why would Sona not accept that She also love Dev???? Just because she promised her dad???
    More importantly There are no proper kinda scene of DevAski (only Frienzone thing and Friends talk) like come’on we wanna see Dev and Sona reunion asap✨
    All we can do is Hope?‍♀️
    •Not about Show and story line•
    Dev actually need a haircut…It look so messy???
    Sona dress; she need to change her wardrobe…Now she is a business woman and I’m pretty sure she can afford better dress #NoOffence
    Am I the only one who think Sona looks better with long hair rather than these short hair???

    But Personally I love Erica Fashion choices and her style??

  16. Subhashini

    Aaj kal kya hogaya kyu itni less comments ae yaar….

    Dev ka last dialogue was awesome….he don’t give any space to another girl….

  17. hi everyone
    very much upset by precap
    today sona and dev’s conversation was quite emotional
    hope ishwari don’t betray soha
    yaa sona ‘s dressing is good but she can have little more good costume because erica is naturally beautiful
    so if erica ‘s costume still improves she will look more pretty
    and missing golu’s part in today epi (I meant to say that actual golu’s cute naughtiness )♡♡♡♡♡

  18. Junee

    What is happening in the present track ? Another girl and remarriage track required to make Sona realise? Wasn’t there any other way to make her realise?
    If Sonakshi asks him to jump into the well the Dumbo will declare Ma Sonakshi ne bola mujhe jump karne k liye isiliye maine tair kiya ki mey jump hi karunga! They have butchered Dev’s character fully!
    I feel Ishwari’s plan will back fire! But
    Suhana possibly will rectify it ! Anyways ha n Sona’s skirt is so chamkila can’t they get her something decent to wear! Dev needs a haircut otherwise looks like a cave man ! No offence plz becoz I too love Devakshi!!!

  19. Both Dev and Sonakshi have been acting as confused souls lately. While Dev is aware of his feelings for Sonakshi, Sonakshi remains to be in denial. Often people say that you should clear out your heart before everyone instead of having regrets later on. In this situation, if things continue to go this way, both Dev and Sonakshi shall end up having deep regrets by the end. After all, even if things go wrong after they confess their feelings, they wouldn’t have anything to lose!
    Personally, I also feel that although Ishwari’s intentions are noble (hopefully), her plan doesn’t reach expectations. For a woman who could come up with highly evil plots to separate two lovers, Ishwari’s current plan is dull and less-efficient. She should know that out of all people, it is Sonakshi that Dev listens to, and if she tries hard enough, Sonakshi might just as well be able to convince Dev for his marriage. I feel that if Ishwari really wants the two to reunite, her efforts should be more visible, effective and efficient.
    Nonetheless, I believe that all the viewers must have set higher expectations than what we are currently been given by the show!

  20. oh wow……….. after a long time my favorite song kismatlekhele what a song re… sona please realize soon devakashi fans are waiting.

  21. Right now, the track is showing that Ishwari wants to move out the fear in Sona’s mind about the marriage relationship for which Dev is also not wants to marry with Sona because of her fear. I understand that this is required for a new start but asking Sona to find out Dev’s alliance is really confusing. What Ishwari wants to move out the fear or realize their love.

    Secondly, in yesterday’s episode, Sonakshi told her Mom that she is always remembering the bitter days as well as golden days passed with Dev but yesterday while she returning to her home, she was remembering the golden days only because of her fear to loose Dev. Then, why she doesn’t agree that she loves Dev too much. Asha is very smart and the way she told Sonakshi “Jhooti”, I really admire her.

    Thirdly, as per the precap, Dev will tell Ishwari that he agrees for second marriage. But, if I will be in place of Dev, then I will agree for marriage but with a condition that I will also find out a life partner for Sonakshi as I do not want Sonakshi will live lonely. Then, the story will move on different way… I think so…

  22. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    After long time listen the title track it’s heart touching song. But please, we want to see Dev and Sonakshi reunited nothing else.

  23. Relax!!!kuch der pehele maine india forum ki ek video segnent me dekha dev is changing her looks for sona!! aur ab jald hi sona ko realize ho jayega ki wo dev se pyaar kerti hain!! sona ne khud bataya ab jald hi phir se wo moments recreat hobewale hain jaise use pehele dev se pyaar hone ki waqt hui thi!! aur wo ekbar phir se dev ki khyalo me khonewale hain!!!dev yesab sona ko phir se wapas pane l liye ker raha hain!! aur sona ko iss bar realize kerane me asha iswari sha dev sab hi help karegi!! hope for the reunion soon!!kyu ki sona ko shirf apni feelings pata chalnese hi to reunion nahi hogi na!! abhi bhi bijoy ki promise vicky aur GKB ki raj bhi kholna baki hain!!!

  24. Ngkrishnakumari

    Nowadays our comments box is very less
    In and every epi we completed more than 100comments but nowadays very very less

    Dev to change his look from casanova to old handsome business tycoon look
    Eagerly waiting
    Finally elena changes her dress hope sona may changes soon

  25. Varalakshmi

    Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi new promo is out dev’s new look sona stunned omg please go & watch


  26. Awesome episode…..???

  27. Lizaa

    Nice epi…
    Bahat dino baad kismat ke lekhesong…???
    Devakshi conv bahat achha tha

    Sona-tum shaadi kuyn nhi kar rahe ho
    Dev-main woh jaga kisi aur ko nhi de sakta Jo Maine tumhe diya tha????
    Eagerly waiting for dev’s new look

  28. Varalakshmi

    nice episode
    kismat ke lekhe song played after long time vaise i like to hear badle se din main & tu mujme mujse jyada song ke liye wait kar raha hu

    last 4 min scene was awesome expression, dialogues, kya bholu sooooo beautiful
    can’t wait for coming episode

  29. Neha1

    Twinkle Vasisht going to enter as a NEW GIRL named Payal between Dev-Sonakshi’s life in KRPKAB…!


  30. Neha1

    New Promo or Upcoming Scene of KRPKAB …!


  31. Neha1

    Dev to MEET a New GIRL, which was secretly selected by Vicky and that girl will follow Vicky’s instructions in KRPKAB… Will she able to IMPRESS Dev.???


  32. Aryana

    Guys I know all of us want Devakshi together ….. But it can’t happen this soon . I mean think logically , Sona suffered a lot in her life . Dev and Sona were very good as a boyfriend and girlfriend but when they got married everything just changed. They strated fighting and the situation got worse .
    So even now Sona has not overcome her fear . They are ok now being friendzoned . But if they will get married and same thing happens , then it would be devastating again for both . So guys let them take their​ time to rebuild their relationship .

    1. Ngkrishnakumari

      I agree with aryana
      Devakshi need some time to know each other as well as family
      Their married is between two religion
      One belongs to gujarati brahmin another one as bengali

  33. Hope this promo part happens this week itself cant wait for it???

  34. Only few more hrs fr today’s epi☺☺

  35. Riti1107

    I have a very strong feeling that this plan may backfire
    I know Ishwari’s intentions are good but I am really scared

  36. Ngkrishnakumari

    Dev meets the girl payal and decides to marry her sonakshi is shocked when gkb comes to know she becomes very happy and distributes sweets to everyone at dixits ishwari is shocked
    This is today spoiler
    Omg dev new look to main bhi dekhar muh khuli ki khuli rahegaye

  37. Ngkrishnakumari

    Gkb & her son red ka plan exposed abhitak makerne nahi kiya shyad wo soha aur golu bade hone ka shyad intezar kar rahi hai

    Only 30minutes left for our show
    Hope we can enjoy lot of devakshi scene today

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