Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev calls Sona and asks her to stay back until he returns home. She agrees. Ishwari comes home panicked thinking about Khatri’s demand to give him 1 lakh rs, else he will inform Dev about her secret. Sona sees her nervous and asks if she is fine, she will bring her water. Ishwari says she is fine and goes to her room.

Dev at office hears his HR head scolding employee. He comes out and sees it is not Ria. Another employee introduces Ria to HR head and says she brought bharva bhindi toda. HR head says she joined company and he did not meet her yet. She introduces herself. He says he likes her confident and wishes her good luck. Dev smiles seeing that.

Ishwari cries that she lived her life carefully, but one mistake is making her life miserable. She hid the

secret from Dev whole life and will have to continue hiding. She has to control herself, else Dev will understand she is not fine. She then removes her old suitcase and throws things from it. Sona comes, consoles her, gives her water to relax and then keeps things back in suitcase.

Neha comes out of restraunt with her friend. Friend wishes her good bye and leaves in car. English teacher comes and says she was selecting wrong nonveg dish, so he stopped her. She asks him to stop bothering her and insulting her for not knowing English. He says she is perfect the way she is and if she feels sad for not learning English and can go to any other institute.

Kichu tells Sona that he gave soup to Ishwari. Sona says it is 7 p.m. and she does not know if Mr. Dixit left from office or not. Ria comes and Sona asks if Mr. Dixit left office. Ria says he left long ago and must be stuck in traffic. She can call him. Sona says aunty’s reports were coming and hopes they are fine. Ria asks her to call Dev. Sona says it is okay.

Sona’s family tensely waits for Sona till late night. Dev comes home speaking over phone and goes to his room ignoring Sona. Saurab asks Dad to call Sona and know where she is. Dad calls and Sona says she is still at Dev’s house. He says he will come to pick her. She says she will come alone. He asks how can Dev hold her like this. She says Dev has some important work. Kichu comes and asks Sona if she needs anything. Sona asks to inform Dev that she is waiting. Kichu says Dev ordered not to disturb him. Clock ticks 12:30 midnight. Mom calls and asks when will she come home. Sona asks her not to worry and to sleep. Dev comes down and she asks why did he stop her. He carelessly says Doctor saw reports and told mom’s condition is fine, so he wanted to thank her. She asks he held her just to thank you, he would have messaged her. He asks so what. She says she thought there is some problem. He says it is not big deal. She says she is not workoholic like him and he is so impossible.

She then hurriedly rushes out. Driver says Dev asked him to drop her home. She says she will go by her bike. He says he will lose his job. She says she will get him new job and leaves in bike. Driver follows her in car till her home.

Khatri calls Ishwari’s landline. Dev is about to pick phone when Ishwari picks it. Khatri says he knew she was awake and asks if she will give him money or he should take it from Dev. Ishwari starts crying.

Sona reaches home with Dev’s driver following her. She thanks driver and suggests him to leave job. Driver says Dev will not let him leave job. She says Dev is mad to hold him. He says she is right, he has crossed retirement age but Dev is mad to hold him and show his generousness. Dev calls him and he says madam reachedh home. Sona enters home. Parents scold her for coming home alone. She says Dev sent his car with driver. They ask why did not she come in car then. She says she had to go back to work by bike. Dadi comes and says Kushal wants to take her for dinner date tomorrow. Mom says she managed it with difficulty. Sona says she did not take leave from work. Mom starts emotional atyachar, sona agrees.

Mom comes to Dev’s room and sees him awake and asks him to sleep now. In the morning, Rinky jumps holding tickets. Ria says she herself will speak. Rinky says she got it. Sona comes and asks what she got. Rinky says Siddu baby’s new film tickets. Dev says why is she calling siddhu baby instead of Sidharth malhotra. Neha comes. Rinky asks her to accompany her to movie. Neha says she is not coming as she has joined English class. Rinky and ria congratulate her and ask how did she made up her mind. Dev apologizes Sona.

Precap: Kushal comes to meet her at Dev’s home and tells Dev that if thinks work out, he will shift to Mumbai with Sona after marriage. Sona comes wearing sari.

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    I think dev will be mesmerized seeing her in saree

  2. The Writers are so predictable…..Kushal said that he will move to Mumbai with sona so dev will try to break this alliance because he wants to keep sona to take care of his mom

  3. Correct navya .This was foretold in the twitter that Dev will try to break this alliance by proposing to Sonakshi .

  4. Ngkrishnakumari

    Love u sona dont fall for kaushal

  5. Ngkrishnakumari

    Love u devna the best serial ever

  6. Arunika Dasgupta

    Devakshi rox!!!

  7. Hi frndss!! I’m a new member of devakshi fan club..luv devakshi..n Dev is like crazy..good morning k reply mein bola ki aap Mumbai kaise shift ho skti h..lolll..hope u all don’t mind me commenting

  8. 1 April episode ??

  9. 1 April episode….?????

  10. Plz post 1atApril episode plz

  11. I love this serial a lot… But there is no regular update…. I request MA to update regularly…. April 1st precap is
    Dev will get details about kushal and meet him in a restaurant….
    Love dev and sonakshi scenes….

  12. plzz update 1april episode

  13. siddhu baby ……soooooo cute

  14. I like this serial… family, relations, emotions beautifully portrayed. And the lead pair is beautiful.

  15. Hey m new here …. but I wasn’t able to see the epi of 1 april can any1 plz upload the episode? It’s a request

  16. MA please update April 1st episode. ..

  17. 1st April update…
    (If there is any mistake or wrong info then m really really dry)

    Today’s episode starts with Ishwari crying for the old memories she asked to sell to Sona.
    Sona tells Ishwari that she has kept all the things safe at a place.
    Meanwhile, Neha goes to Learning English classes.

    Later, Sonakshi’s mom asks Sona to meet Kushal at Dev’s house.
    Kushal comes to meet Sonakshi at Dev’s home and tells Dev that if things work out, he will shift to Mumbai with Sona after marriage.
    Sona comes wearing saree and is about to fall but Dev holds her.
    Dev calls someone to find information about Kushal’s background.

    Sonakshi comes home and everyone asks her about what happend there. Sona tells that everything was normal.

    At the meantime, Khatri calls Dev to confirm whether it is his number and tells Ishwari about it.

    Precap :

    Dev takes information of Kushal and comes to meet him in Kushal’s hotel.

    Msg from Team: Thank you.

  18. Its not dry…its sry…

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