Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev hires architects to redesign his house to make it office cum house and discusses design with them. Ishwari serves them tea and snacks and asks Dev if he spoke to Sona about it. Dev says Sona will like it as he is doing it for her goodness, she can even spend time with Soha. Soha gets ready for office and comes down, asks what is happening. Dev says he is redesigning house so that they can work from home. She tells architect that she and Dev need to talk first and asks them to leave. They walk away. Dev says what problem she has, he is doing it for their goodness and asks Ishwari to explain her. Ishwari nervously says she and Dev did not spend time together for 7 years and it is good if they work from home. Sona says she is getting late for office and does not want to speak

about it, gets a call and leaves. Dev says he will make office at home at any cost.

Riya tells Nikki that she has to go out, but does not how where to leave Aru. Ishwari says Aru’s naani is there, she is working from home today. Nikki surprisingly says work from home…Ishwari says that is what they call it right.

Vicky meets Golu at school and apologizes him for being so rude to him all along. Golu asks what happened to him, why he is not coming home. Vicky cheers him up. Golu asks if he will play with him. Vicky says yes. Golu says they will go to game parlor then after school. Vicky agrees. After school, Soha asks Golu why did not he inform that chachu is coming. Golu says she is busy in her books, how will he inform her. Vicky comes. Golu happily runs and hugs him. Vicky asks Soha how is she now. She says she is fine after daadi gave her turmeric milk and thanks him for supporting her. He says he does not stay at home does not mean he is not her chachu now. Golu says let us take Soha also to game parlor. Vicky says Dev bhai will get angry. Golu says he will be happy instead. Vicky agrees.

Mamaji goes to Ishwari’s room and asks why Dev is shifting office to home, will Sona like it. Ishwari says they are husband and wife and should feel comfortable working from home. Mamaji says mother’s love is different than wife’s love and Sona would feel reserved working from home.

Sona asks her assistant about her next meeting with clients. Assistant says all her meetings are shifted to her home and she has already sent her changed corresponding address to clients. Sona scolds that she is her boss and asks to resend schedule to clients and from next time just follow her orders. She calls Dev angrily. Dev says where is she, her clients are waiting for her at home, she should reach home soon. Sona shouts Dev Dev.. He disconnects call.

Soha and Golu return home. Ishwari asks why did they come so late. Golu lies that they attended Math special classes as he is weak in math. Soha backs him. Golu asks Soha to help him in math and takes her along.

Ronita checks her weight and panics that she put on 3 more kilos. Asha says she should not check her weight often. Ronita says she will balloon up more than Sourav. Sourav munches food with Bejoy and says that will not happen as they have decided to put on weight with Ronita. Ronita happily pampers him.

Sona reaches home and shouts that is he doing. He says she looks so beautiful in anger. He says Dev…please. He says he is a bad husband that he does not take care of his wife, her hair have grown long and he did not notice it. She asks what he wants to say. He says what he wants to do is more important. She says Dev but.. He says there is no time for if..but.. takes her to room and shows her lots of new clothes. She excitedly asks who brought them. He says Delhi’s best designers designed clothes for her and best clothes are in front of her. He chose dresses with whole family, Asha maa, maa, Golu, Soha. She stands speechless. He gives her a dress and says he hopes she can see from his eyes how much beautiful she is. He turns her in front of mirror and says she will wear this dress. Sona silently sees his overpossessiveness.

Precap: Sona tells Dev that he loves maa and she loves maa, there is a difference between her love and maa’s love, their relationship is different from maa’s relationship. Ishwari hears their conversation. Dev turns and sees Iswhari standing.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yeh achanak Golu ko apne papa se pyaar aa raha hai? Dev bhi achanak weird ho raha hai

  2. Episode was good….suhana and golu were really cute today specially when they were lying to ishwari…the way golu nodded when suhaana was telling about extra class was so adorable…

  3. Dev is really doing too much now…..it would surely irritate any independent woman like sonakshi….all he needs at this point is emotional security so sona needs to handle it wisely….confronting will only exaggerate the situation

  4. Why no comments still??there used to be up to hundred earlier…

  5. Yvonne Codner

    Dev and Sona are becoming boring now with their constant bickering.. They are also losing their daughter because they have become rather selfish..I am no longer “in love” with both of them. Look at Soha, based on how Sonakshi brought her up, she does not tell lies, now she is changing and her parents are not seeing it, especially Sona. I am so disappointed.

    Sonakshi needs to remember that she has a family now..it’s not like seven years ago when she used to make her own decisions, now she is back with her husband she has to realize that she just cannot come and go as she pleases. Someone needs to know where she is going. Dev now needs to realize that Sona is not a child, he cannot make decisions for her without discussions between both of them. Point of views are taken so no one can be upset.

    Please writers get off the hate track and let us fall back in love with our beloved Devaksi.

    1. Minnel Noorsai

      I agree with Yvonne. They are back together because they love each other. The fact that DEv is so over possessive is kind of too much. I know that the writers/directors want the show to move on but it’s a bit too much. Hope we don’t find it boring in future.

  6. Neha1

    Dev is going another level, which irritates Sonakshi….! Can’t see Dev in this overpossessed hubby….
    Precap is looking interesting… waiting 4 today’s episode…

  7. Shahina

    Dev and Sona are fighting with each other, always that they forget about Soha.
    That little princess has started to lie to her dadi,mom and dad.
    The same gal who asked her dadi why she made her to lie to her mom , when she was asked about her papa’s marriage.
    I’m worried for Soha.
    I don’t want to judge who is right and who is wrong, but they can compromise their feelings for each other for the betterment of their child.

  8. Shahina

    Eri babe is the best actress of first half of 2017?????????
    According to the poll conducted by Bollywood life
    ???Click for the link

    1. awww!!hip hip hurre….erica has won.she really deserves it.i am very happy with this.eri……u are the best

  9. Shahina

    I think we’ll not even complete 20 comments if the count increases like this.
    So sad??
    Where r u KRPKAB ans????

  10. Varalakshmi

    episode was good
    nowadays soha bahut joot bolrthi hai golu ke vajese, &pehle sonakshi ke permission ke bina wo dev ke saath bhi nahi gayi aur ab aise chup chup ke golu Vicky ke saath bahar nikli dev & sonakshi apni beti pe concentrate karna jaroori hai patha nahi i hope iss vajese kya hoga dekhna hi padega ohh god

    mamaji was right ishwari abhi bhi dev ki maa ban kar soch rahi hai balki sonakshi ka nahi kya mamaji ka baath sunkar kuch badl thi ya nahi

    i saw old episodes dev was very good boyfriend & caring husband jaise khana kilaya kithni pair main chot lagi tho kithni pampare kiya bike raid , ghadi main baitkar bathe karna im missing those old episodes ab pyar thho hai not like old episodes

    i am missing that old romance

    precap its very interesting

  11. Varalakshmi

    DEV & FAMILY UPSET ” Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aese Bhi update


    1. dev kitna bhi kuree mujhe tho is par bahut pyar aa raheee..i mean dev tho possisive track me gaya llekin dev tho dev hii.he is missing golu..which says that he is soo diffrent from maya.
      and that night when vicky was out of the house .he thinks of it..and feels very bad.isliye mujhe dev itna bhi karee bahut pyar aa rahaa

  12. Shahina

    Shaheer shared a video on Instagram.(with aairah cutiee)
    Here’s the link??

    1. aairah tho bahut cute hai…kitna cute hai.she is same of shaheer.
      mad mamu naghty aairah …tag lines were awesome.

  13. Varalakshmi

    how cute boss family & asha also said poora family pagal hai such a beautiful family & beautiful father in law & mother in law

  14. Varalakshmi

    Dev to Kidnap Golu and Bring him Back in Dixit House Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi SBB 1st July Video WU


  15. Fine epi

  16. aaj tho dev full on his mood .i can only shaheer in him.i dont about dev.
    may bhi wrong right ke baree kuch bhi nahi batanaa chahtee huu.
    i think writers are making another track which represents the soha’s behavoiur.aas they shows all the colours this might be the colour of bringing soha.
    golu and soha itna cute hai.mujhe laga golu kee cheeks ko ek bar pinch karuu.
    and what happened to vicky!!!! i was like is am seeing vicky.achanak se itna pyar kaise ayyagaa…
    i hope dev behaviour might end soon.as i was seeing shaheer only.i want mix up both shaheer and dev.
    devakshi moments ke bare me kya baaat karuu.is reason se me bahut naaraz huu writers seee

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