Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev’s family walks into marriage hall. Daadi bua asks Radha she told Bengalis are poor, but this marriage hall looked so lavish and well decorated. Mamaji angrily looks at Radha. Sourav comes and asks them all to take cool drinks. Radha asks him to give it to mamaji as he needs it most. Mamaji asks him to take care of other guests, they are family members, Radha will serve cool drinks. Sourav tells Nikki and Rhea that Sona and Elena always call him when they need anything, even they can. Nikki says sure. Sona comes with family. Daadi bua asks Sona why did not she wear Ishwari’s sent dress. Bejoy says accoding to bengali culture, bride wears her parent’s gifted clothes and he had also informed Dev and Ishwari beforehand. Radha sees Sona’s

hand without mehandi and asks what is this. Daadi bua says this is abshagun. Asha says according to their bengali culture, they don’t apply mehandi. Daadi bua says she does not know what other abshagun she has to see. Bejoy says his daughter is his pride and he is here for kanyadaan. Daadi bua says whatever he says, he cannot change age old rituals. Mamaji hangles situation and says they got such a beautiful and intelligent bahu, they should not bother about all these small things.

Garland exchange ceremony starts. Bengali people make their usual peculiar sound during ceremonies. Dev’s family and relatives get afraid hearing sound. Children start crying. Daadi bua comments she does not know what else is in store. Dev and Sona are lifted for garland ceremony. Sona garlands Dev and when Dev tries to garland, Sona is lifted up. Dev says something fell down and when Sona bends garlands her.

After garland ceremony, Nikki and Rhea wait in a room and think if bengalis have shoe stealing ceremony or not, they should have googled about bengali marriages Nikki says they should have checked Dev Das movie.

Food is served. Daadi bua sees nonveg food served along veg food and angrily comments she does not what other sins she has to bear. Radha comes and says she enjoyed food and filled up till throat. Daadi bua says if she could not see nonveg is also served. Radha starts acting. Mamaji asks when she knew about this, why she is acting. Radha lies she did not know. Ishwari’s guest leaves saying she is not hungry. Asha comes and asks Ishwari to have food. Ishwari says she will have later after guests. Sourav notices it and informs Asha. Asha comes again. Daadi bua asks how can she serve nonveg food in brahmin’s marriage. Asha says Dev agreed for it and even Ishwari knows. She asks Sourav to get a thali. Ishwari stops and asks Asha not to force her to spoil her religion. Whole family walks away. Asha starts weeping. Bejoy comes and asks what happened. Sourav says nothing, let us go for phera ceremony.

Dev and Sona’s phera ceremony starts. Bejoy during Kanyadaan says Dev that he is giving his pride to him, Sona is his pride, etc. Daadi bua says whatever he says, he cannot change age old rituals. After pheras finishes, Dev and Sona take elder’s blessings.

After marriage, bidayi starts. Sourav asks event management company supervisor to keep gifts in groom’s family’s cars soon. Manager thinks Sourav forgot to include fish in gifts it is bengali marriage and includes a big fish. Sona’s family cries and does Sona’s bidayi.

Sona and Dev reach home. Ishwari greets them. Radha hugs Sona and silently whispers i her ears that she traveled a journey from nutritionist to bahu of this house so easily. She then starts acting as usual. Gifts are kep on dining table. Radha checks gifts and shouts seein fish. She also acts as getting unconscious. Everyone gather. Ishwari also sees fish and panicks. Daadi yells Sona’s family purposefully gifted fish to insult a brahmin family. Dev says there must be some mistake. Sourav and Elena come and say it was a mistake by evet management company, they did not know at all about this. Sourav apologizes Ishwari. He says giving fish is considered shubh in their tradition, but they didn’t do this. Event management company did thinking it’s a Begali wedding. Elena also apologizes and says Sona had no clue about it. Ishwari accepts their apology. Sourav says they brought other shagun gifts and requests her to accept those. She takes them.

Precap: Ishwari is not feeling well. Mami goes to Dev’s room and interrupts his and Sona’s romantic moment.

Update Credit to: MA

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    Must watch new promo shoot of devakshi

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  2. Chanpreet0815

    So funny priya shalini devga Erina Manya Azzu Juhi
    and NEHA thnks for the news. How cheap ishwari is. Koi Maa apne bete ki life kaise kharaab kr sakti h. By the way mujge bhi dekhna h sonakshi ko marriage ke baad vo bengali style mao ready hogi or any other style

  3. Neha1

    Sonakshi to Confront Dev about Ishwari’s Insecurity in KRPKAB :-

    Sony Entertainment TV KRPKAB is yet to witness some shocking twist where Dev will have to balance his relationship with his wife Sonakshi and his mother Ishwari, hence it leads to a major drama.

    Everything is looking very simple in Dev and Sonakshi’s life, but a life without problem is not possible..! Soon in the upcoming episode of the show, Sonakshi will understand Ishwari’s over possessiveness for Dev, that is really not normal, do you think it is normal.?? No..!

    Thus, Sonakshi will confront Dev about Ishwari’s insecurities for him. However, Dev will not listen to Sonakshi, like always. Infact, Sonakshi realizes Dev is also over possessive for Ishwari.

    Are the maker’s are planning to reveal the reason behind Ishwari’s insecurities….For which you have to wait n watch…!

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      I just can’t wait to know the reason behind ishwari’s insecurities I want there should be a sensible reason?

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      Your dp is simply superb!!!????

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    Frnds WEDDING album…. Chk out..


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      Wooww Devga, its really very nice…awesome…! ?????
      It seems like we watched real wedding album…I mean it’s not looking like it’s reel wedding album…!

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        Neha yes i too felt so…. Awww super gud……

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  7. Junee

    Ishwari still cannot accept Sonakshi as her Bahu!!!
    Watch this Nakra by Ishwari!
    This female should get permenantly hospitalized and allow us some nice moments of Devakshi together! Really too much even now!??

    1. Azzuu

      this pisswarri
      sachi isko permenantly hospitalized karna chahiye
      gharr parvesh ke time kaha tah sona khushiyo ke rup mai ayi hai
      aur abhi yeh hi khushi mai mirchi daal rahi hai

      1. Manya

        Sachi yaar isko coma mein bhej dena chahiye?

    2. Neha1

      Yar, I wanna know if Ishwari is a real mother of Dev or not….???
      May be that’s why she’s over possessive for Dev…. she have a fear of loosing his lovely son- Dev…! That’s why she can’t able to accept Sonakshi…. as we knew that she already has fear that Sonakshi will create differences between Mother-Son’s lovely relationship….
      As Dadi- bua already said to Ishwari :-
      “Bhagvaan or Bhakt ke beech koi aa jaye toh Uss bhagwaa ka bhi takhta palat jaave hai”…!
      So, I have a gut feeling that may be Ishwari is not a biological mother of Dev…! Let’s see..!

      1. Junee

        Neha, you may be right! We will have to wait and watch. In that case how did Dev land up with Ishwari???
        Is Khatri the father? That area is very grey. We will have to wait for that to come up.

      2. Devga

        May B ur imagination May also B true…. Lets wait and watch….. May B ish and husband dint have child aftr marriage so adopted a son… And miracle hapened and 3 daughters…. Lol….

      3. Junee

        Hmm Devga you may be right too!!Lets wait for that ???

    3. Priya9876

      Jb serial end hone pe hoga, tavi makers ishwari ko achaa dikhayenge… Otherwise usse pehle mujhe koi hope nhii h….?

      1. Neha1

        You’re right Priya, even me too was thinking the same… that maker’s will not turns Ishwari’s character in positive until and unless when the show is about to end…! But honestly, I want that somehow Ishwari melts towards Sonakshi not just for Dev’s happiness but also she accepts her as her daughter-in-law whole-heartedly… and want that it happens in few month’s later…not in the end of the series…!

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      Nice dp Manya..??

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  12. First night pe hi arguement hone waala h……TYPICAL DEVAKSHI STYLE….
    Bohot badiya ishwari…????
    Bachhe chahiye isko….par uska biological procedure ni pata h bandi ko…..??
    Privacy mat do, saath me moments share mat karne do, misunderstandings badha do, jhagde karwa do….aur fir last mein bolo k mujhe toh bas jaldi se grandchildren chahiye….aise mein toh sirf babies tree par hi ugenge……ghar mein toh kuch hone se raha…….???

    1. Manya

      Bilkul Sahi hai yaar laga tha ki shaadi ke baad DEVAKSHI hi DEVAKSHI honge lekin jab tak yeh Ishwari aur Gkb aur ab toh yeh dadi bhua hai tab tak toh Aisa kuch hone se raha???

      1. Mujhe toh koi aasha nahi thi k shaadi ke baad devakshi hi devakshi honge……promos aur spoilers dekh aur padh liye the…????
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        I to going pagol totally thinking about new PROMO…..????

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      Hmm..! Agree with you Shalini…! But I’m eagerly waiting to know the reason of Ishwari’s insecurity for Dev….! and hope that there must be a very strong Shocking reason…!
      GKB, Pisswari and senior citizen- Dadi-Bua…..ka kuch nhi ho skta….or yeh Vicky… in sabko gutter me phenk do…! maza aa jayega…!
      Oldies ko toh really Coma(,) me bhej dena chahiye…!

      1. Arey bhaad me jaaye yaar secret(not literally)…par abhi to chain se jeene de yaar inko yeh ishwari….dekhna kitne natak karne waali h….suspense toh end mein khulega par tab tak yeh apni tarakki karti rahegi….??

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      lol …..so funny and epic

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        #MAUKA MAUKA…!!!!?????

  13. Dekhna i’m telling you this dadi buaa will prove to be a very i mean relly very big MESS…..Yeh gkb ishwari to the hi sahi ab ye ek aur NAMUNA ghar mein aa gya h….

    Narkh macha k rakh denge yeh log….i’m SURE….???????

    1. Really*

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      1. Sabkuch barbaad karne ke baad…i guess….?????

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    Good news ! I believe 150 th episode mein dikhaynge ki this medical report of Sonakshi’s was some other Sona’s !!!!!!??????
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    Yu huuuuuuiuu!!!! Lovely lovely !!! Enjoy the news friends and lets hope its true!!!????

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      Episode number to mujhe galat lag raha hey kyunki 30 th sept was 155th episode i think fir 150 kayse ho sakta hey?
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      1. ab toh pakka rumour hai yeh…

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      2. ha because if such thing comes….it will not be of KRPKAB style…i mean its EKDOM ILLOGICAL…..

      3. Junee

        First of all I cant resonate with your thought that this is not as per KPKAB style! The original track of this story never had a reunion but this twist was given becoz of the viewers demnds. So in a serial there are lot of loose ends kept specifically to twist and turn as necessary! Besides they can always say that it was the Doctor’s mistake. Whats the big deal in it. No serial is absolutely ” logical” nor is this one! I dont think its fair enough to stick to a great amount of logic when it comes to being a romantic story ! Lets be fair becoz it we who wine and pine to see something we ” Like”

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  29. hey guyssssss…..you know what just now i got to see the post marriage look of MRS>SONAKSHI DEV DIXIT….
    iin a yellow saree…sindoor and neckpiece and earrings and a bun as a hairstyle…..
    AWWWWWWWW….how beautiful she is looking……i am MESMERISED…
    GOD SOMEBODY HOLD ME…i’ll fall from chair anytime….

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    1. this is the link of sona’s post marriage look…

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    today was the best exam baki sab bhi best thai par today was superb good
    and i dont know why
    while writting paper in mind tu mujhme mujh se zayada hai started playing and i began to shake my head and the teacher was staring at me and i was ohh shitt…..paper pe dhan de
    and kya hai yaar sirf 500 comments
    wheres everyone

  33. NagaraniPandiyan

    Wow we reached 500 comments….., So happy

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