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Hi guys thnks for liking my detailed update. I am overwhelmed after reading your comments. Thnks for appreciating my efforts. Here we go for 30th may episode detailed update –

Dixit House –
Neha & Ishwari
Ishwari shows handkerchief to Neha.
Ish – kesa bana hai?
Neha – bahot sundar hai.
Ish – tere liye bnau kya?
Neha nods. Dev enters.
Neha – NG se jhgda hua kya?
Ish – NG ???
Neha – are maa natasha gujral. Nikki ne bol bol kar meri bhi aadat daal di hai.
Dev – haan aisa hi kuch
Neha – Waah to ab baat jhagde tak pahunch gai. Wese ladai kis baatbpar hui ?
Dev (teases) – yahi kii meri chhoti behan ki shadi mein Neha ko invite karna chahiye ya nai ?
Neha feels shy. Ishwari asks Dev to meet Ranveer’s family and pandit ji will tell muhurt.
Radha rani enters and is happy to think that Dev said yes for marriage woth Natasha. When she was told about Neha & Ranveer’s marriage discussion. She gets annoyed and leaves.

Bose House –
Breakfast time is masti time.
Asha – where did you send Elena ?
Sona (stammers) – wo maa….. hospital bheja h report collect karne ke liye.
Asha and Vijoy notice that Sona is looking disturbed from some days. They ask her to take leave from the job for one or two days. She immediately denies.

Dixit house –
Riya and Nikki are asking so many questions to Neha about Ranveer and their love story. Sona enters.
Nikki- sona di kya aapko pata tha neha di and ranveer jiju ke bare me ?
Sona – hmmm, Doubt to tha. Actually Jab aapko pyar hota hai to pehle aas paas walon ko dekh kar hi pata chal jata hai.
Dev comes.
Dev – Aapko dekh kar to kabhi pata hi nahi chala.
Sona ???
Dev – Tum sab ko Ms. Bose ka secret pata hai?
All give ‘dont know’ look.
Dev – Ms. Bose ka ek boyfriend hai.
All ? – kya?
Sona goes to kitchen in hurry.
All three sisters follow her and start asking her about her boyfriend.

Nikki – batao na, kahan hai, kesa dikhta hai, pic btao, kahan mile the, plz bata do main bahot curious ho rahi hoon.
Riya keeps her hand on Nikki’ mouth.
Riya to Nikki- tu bolne degi tab to wo kuch bolengi na.
Riya to Sona – wese Sona di aapka secret to sabko reveal ho hi vhuka hai na to bata dijiye na ki kese dikhte hain wo ?
Sona (confused)- nice….
Nikki – bas nice
Sona (feels shy) – workaholic hain, baaten bhi bahot kam karte hain, hanste bhi bahot kam hai jese hansne par tax lagta ho, apni family se bahot pyar karte hain, jese hi mujhe dekhte hain pata nahi mujhe kya ho jata hai, mujhse bahot ladaai karte hain.
Nikki – thnks to Dev bhaiya coz he revealed your secret.
Riya – your story is like a romantic novel.
Sona comes out of kitchen and collides with Dev.
Dev – aap unke bare me soch rahi hain ?
Sona – aapko aisa kyun lagta hai ki main humesha aapke bare mein hi sochti rehti hoon?
Dev – ms boss maine kab kaha ki aap mere bare mein soch rahi thi, mera kehne ka matlab hai aapke boyfriend ke bare mein…
Sona – hmm haan.
Dev – aapne humse itna bada secret rakha kese ? Kabhi btaya kyun nahi ?
Natasha comes.
Nats – kiske secrets discuss ho rahe hain ?
Dev – kuch nahi wo abhi tak hum ms. Bose ke secret boyfriend ke bare meim hi baat kar rahe hain.
Nats – ms bose aapke boyfriend vegetarian khana pasand karye haim ya non-vegetarian ?
Sona – shayd veg.
Nats – ok.
Dev looks at him strangely.

Dev goes to Ranveer’s house. He watches the small house, fighting kids and the family also talks about adjustment and all. Dev leaves asking Ranveer to meet him next day in tje office. Dev gets worried.

Dixit house –
Dev enters and bumpd into Sona. Both say sorry.
Dev tells sona about the venue for dinner and asks whether her boyfriend is comfortable with the place or not.
Sona – main unhe pooch kar btaungi. Pehle aap ye bataiye aapne neha, nikki and riya se ye kyun kaha ki mera boyfriend hai?
Dev – ms bose mujhe laga ki isme koi chhupane wali baat nahi hai. Aap ne hi to kaha tha ki koi secret nahi hai.
Sona – secret nahi hai to kya aap newspaper mein chhap doge? Maine ye baat sirf aapse kahi thi.
Dev – ji nahi ms bose, aapne ye mujhe bataya nahi tha. Wo to aise hi baaton baaton mein nikal gaya isiliye mujhe pata chal gaya.
Sona – haan to main aapko kyun btaungi
Dev – kyunki main aapka friend hoon.
Sona – exactly yahi to problem hai ki we are just friends.
Dev – matlab ?
Sona – Mtlb we are just friends, hum log achche friends nai hain. Aur main apne friends ko aisi baaten nahi btati.
Dev – mujhe to lagta tha aap meri sabse achi dost hain isiliye main aapse sab baaten share bhi karta hoon aur mujhe laga ki aap….. bahot der ho chuki hai, agar aap chahe to mera driver aapko ghar drop kar dega.
Sona – its ok mr dixit main chali jaungi.
Dev – goodnight.
Sona – mr Dixit, maine aapse kuch nahi kaha kyunki kuch batane ke liye tha hi nahi. Hum dono do hafte pehle mile hain.
Dev – ms bose aap to dost bnane men bhi itna time lagati hain aur aapne boyfriend bas aise hi bana liya. Aap humare sath dinner par aane ke liye maan gayi, unhe humse milwane ke liye maan gayi, to mujhe laga ki kuch serious hoga warna aap aise hi kyun hume unse milwati.
Sona – wo…..
Dev – anyways ye aapka personal matter hai, mujhe aise nahi poochna chahiye, goodnight.
Sona – goodnight.

Bose house –
They talk about tv, cricket and food. Some funny time and lovely nok jhonk with family.

Dixit house –
Ishwari asks dev about meeting ranveer. dev is worried after seeing Ramveer’s small house. Ishwari talks about the adjustment neha has to to do after marriage and dev reminds neha’s words.

Bose house –
Elena comes and whistles. Sona is so nervous about the date. Elena tells her that she has arranged a fake boyfriend for Sona. She will talk to him tomorrow and he will definitely agree to help Sona.

Sorry guys due to power cut I could see after this, so no precap too.

Credit to: Asmita...

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