Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari tells Sona that Sona taught Dev to be happy. Sona says no..Ishwari says they both have their daughter, but they are not happy. Even now Dev wants what she says. Sona nervously says no..that..Ishwari says if Dev told her that she asked him to marry someone else if Sona does not agree. Sona nods yes. Ishwari asks her to find a partner for Dev. Sona says she. GKB hearing their conversation sitting nearby gets happy. Ishwari asks Sona if she cannot do this for her and holds her hand. GKB looks happy.

At Bose house, Ronita tells she does not think Ishwari thinks bad about Sona. Bejoy shouts how can she think like this, she does not know Ishwari well. Sourav asks not to listen to baba. Bejoy says Ishwari is a chameleon and has some hidden motto. Asha says Ishwari realized

Sona well now, so she has changed. Bejoy continues shouting. Daadi acts as getting ill. Bejoy asks Sourav to bring car. Daadi laughs and says she was acting. Bejoy says bad acting. Daadi says he was shouting badly. Asha praises Daadi.

Ishwari comes out of restaurant and sees GKB out, asks what is she doing here. GKB acts that she came here for her safety. Ishwari asks how does she know she is here. GKB says she heard her conversation and starts her brainwashing game, says Sona is not good for Dev. Ishwari says only Sona is perfect for Dev and she told she and Dev were wrong that time, but not now. She gets happy seeing their innocence in their nok jhok and wants Sona to fall for Dev again while searching girls for him. GKB stands fuming.

Sona returns home reminiscing Ishwari’s words that Dev considers her as friend and only she can find a life partner for him. Dev practices dance with Soha and asks Sona if her work is done. Soha says they enjoyed dance class and ask Dev to show his dance. Dev says her mamma is always right and shows she is. Soha asks if they are fighting. Dev says they are friends are not fight, he forgave Sona, extends hand. She looks at him tensely. He says fine, he will practice dance then. Sona goes to her room and looks tensed. Dev enters and asks what happened. She says nothing. Dev says he had to wear stupid dress and dance. Sona says shutup. He asks what happened, he said sorry. She shouts to keep his sorry with himself and marry it. Dev asks to share her problem. She says she does not want to. Dev says they are friends and like his problem is her problem, her problem is his problem. Sona says aunty ji met her outside and asked her to convince him to marry someone else and needs her help in this. Dev is shocked and asks what…Sona says aunty ji made her promise to find a girl for him. Dev asks how can she promise maa. Sona says auntyji spoke to him first regarding this, she asked help, how can she deny, anyways during changing tyre even he said same. He asks if he also should find a boy for her. Sona asks what is wrong in it. Dev says maa asked him to marry her. Sona stands in a surprise. Dev walks out.

Dev goes to Sona and asks if she spoke to Sona. Ishwari says whom she would have asked then, even he stopped talking about his marriage. Dev asks why did she ask Sona to find a girl, she should have asked him. Ishwari says she just sought help from Sona as she is her good friend and knows him well. Dev says why did she choose Sona. Ishwari says he is right, she made a mistake and should have informed him first, he had asked her why Sona is connected to her, when she got answer she should have informed him that Sona is helping her take care of him. Even he knows that Sona cannot do any mistake. Dev says but maa..Sona and him. Ishwari says they both have changed so much and should take each other’s help. Dev asks what will Soha think. She says let us ask Sona itself.

Soha plays ludo with Golu and loses. Dev and Ishwari enter. Golu runs and hugs Dev and says he is winning game. Ishwari says Golu is very intelligent and will win Golu asks Dev to see his game. Ishwari says Dev wants to talk to Suhana, so if Golu can go out. Golu gets angry that nobody is worried about him and runs out. Dev tries to go behind him, but Ishwari stops him and asks to speak to Soha first. Dev nervously stammers. Ishwari asks to speak.

Sona tells herself why she is affected when auntyji asked to find a girl for Dev, when she has moved on, why should not Dev. Dev will be happy, auntyji will be happy, Soha will be happy, even she should be happy. It is good for everyone, then why is this confusion.

Ishwari tells Soha that she knows her mummy papa are not like other parents, they both cannot stay together. Soha says yes mamma told that and said she can stay with papa. Ishwari says if she does not want her papa to be happy, what if her papa wants to marry someone else, will she feel bad. Dev tells Soha that he will not do anything which will hurt her feelings. Soha walks out saying she needs time to think.

Precap: Ishwari tells Dev that she does not want him to live like this, says Sona only she can change her son’s life. Dev says he is not ready for all this.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wow MA what a super fast update….☺☺today’s epi was just ok again only a little of devakshi was seen…loving ishu’s changed behaviour a lot…..let see what happens next

  2. Varalakshmi

    Wow itni fast update thank you ma

  3. Varalakshmi

    Nice episode kab thak wait karna padega reunion ke liye

  4. Neha1

    OMG…! GKB ne sab sun liya or ab Vicky k sath milke planning kregi…! Sonakshi was very hurt to heard about Dev’s remarriage and specially she’s not happy to find a girl for Dev as Ishwari gave that responsibility to Sonakshi…!!!
    And Ishwari also asked Soha for Dev’s remarriage…. she too was stunned and Shocked to listen that News…
    I really hope that Sonakshi will soon feel that she can’t live without Dev and can’t see him with some other girl…and I think if Ishwari’s plan works then Sonakshi will definitely propose Dev this time…

    Well let’s see…! Precap was interesting …looking forward to it…!

  5. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today epi is awesome
    Bejoy baba sahi kaherahi hai halwashwari is same as chamelon
    Dadi know how to handle the situation as well asbejoy
    Sona acting was fabulous she talk herself in front of mirror
    We know how much hurts to search for a bride for her lover as well as husband
    Soha expression was awesome
    Like mother like daughter
    Dev said to sona about ballet dance with performance was supersss
    Overall today epi is awesome as jakasssss

  6. Ngkrishnakumari

    Ma start to update superfastly
    After halwashwari ma changes her over possessive to an understanding ma

    Eagerly waiting devakshi reunion & atiny miny abhodro whom to pkay with soha & golu
    But these lady papida look like she want poti while talking with halshwari about devakshi reunion

  7. very fast update thanks MA
    and hi to all my friends and sisters swarna neha and everyone how r u all
    as per the track ishwari is nice to everyone especially sona but we know that ishwari ‘s intention is always a puzzle so we can’t judge i shwaris intension by 1 week episode …anyways hope ishwari ji don’t come between dev and sona again…. let them be happy forever with soha……
    good night guys

  8. Swarna494

    yesterday epi was super.. Daddy-daughter’s dance practice was soo cutee?????

    Dunno how many tyms i have to log in before commenting???irritating?????

    1. Priya9876

      JEALOUS log ???????????????

      1. Sachin me…they r jealous…

    2. Rekhadhir

      ?????agar ye serial nhi pasand to bhaisaab kon sa pasand hai?????

      1. Priya9876

        Kumkum Bhagya
        Sath nibhana sathiya
        Beyhadh ?????
        & The special one SASURAL SIMAR KA ??

        *AAAAAthukkkk these serials* ?

    3. Swarna494

      Such a nast article!”eershya praniyon”
      What do they know about our kuch rang????

    4. Ignore the morons comment.

    5. Some people are just so fond of watching reckless serials thats why they write such things against such a wonderful serial…

  9. Aryana


  10. Priya9876

    Intresting! Intresting! Intresting!

  11. per abhi Bijoy ka change hona vi jaruri hain!! kyu ki sona agar apni feelings ko samajh vi jaye phir bhi Bijoy ki promise ko yaad karke shayed wo kuch nahi kehe payegi!! aur iswari ne apni puri plan uss GKB ko bata di!! ab pata nahi ye kya counter plan bananewali hain!! waise krpkab humesha fans ko surprise hi kya hain!!! dekhte hain age kya surprise lati hain!! but i really don’t want that ki baki ghisi pity serials ki tarha ye dikhaya jae ki sona jaisi intelligent girl apni feelings ko sanajh ne ki bad vi apni baba ki promise ki wajah se kuch bol nahi paye!! ye sab usually ekta kapoor ki serials me hoti hain!!! waise krpkab ki makers ne hum fan ko kabhi bhi bore nahi kya!! so hope for the best!!

  12. Priya9876

    Baba ka new hair color was cool na…. ☺☺☺☺

    B.L.A.C.K & chotu sa W.H.I.T.E ☺☺☺☺

  13. Priya9876

    Manya bacchi kahan ho???????

  14. Pritha

    Manipulation Queen is back!!!
    But this time I will say a big yes to the question “Swagat nehi karoge hamara?” if she asks this.

    1. Priya9876

      Offcourse we will do a Grand Swagat ???

      Aaiye padhariya mateshwari ji…??

  15. The bestest epi in the world . Act is perfect .i just love devakshi .suhana ki expression and ishwari ki plan bahudh. jakaas. Perfect epi

  16. wow sona your acting really out of the world… before you speaks your eyes will speak I love that..

  17. just now i have seen ib a spoiler ki ab dev remarraige k liye ha karegi!! aur jald hi dev aur sona ek larki se milne jayegi!! iss larki ko vicky set karega!! wo iss larki ko bohot achese training deke bhejega taki ye larki dev ko pachand ajaye! or wo khud vi uss larki se microphone pe connected rahega taki uss meeting ki details uss tak pohos sake!! i think this girl will be a new villain!! aur use sona hi expose karegi!! shayed pehele sona ko pata na chale per bad me wohi ise expose karegi! aur shayed iss dauran vicky aur GKB ki purani raj bhi expose ho jaye!!

  18. Varalakshmi

    kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi new promo is out

    Dev is ready to get married

    1. di,can you pls share the link

  19. Ngkrishnakumari

    Vicky to fool devakshi
    Today i watch sbs segment guess what happen ishwari aka supriya day out

  20. U kNow guys that dev would be now back in his old looks…clean shave n his old shirts n suits styles???

  21. Bt agar baal bhi thode kaat leta to sahi rehta?

  22. Hi All!
    The episodes are quite interesting although one has to set logic aside and take this as a drama! I wonder if a character like Dev exists in reality? Well mist of the Sona’s would kick him out of their lives. Where on earth do you find a man who passionately loves a woman , who was married to her, has a child through her and still yearns for her , agreeing to get married to an X, Y or Z! It can only happen in serials! Do you find a girl like Sona in reality? No becoz no woman would promise such a thing amd take a drastic step even after knowing fully well that she doesn’t want it. Psychologically , emotionally she would be finished after all we are humans and have a threshold for emotions! Beyond that one will tip off the balance! But in a drama yes ! The so called high voltage one – ofcourse!!! But you do find character like Ishwari specially now with the redemption on . This could be clise to reality becoz every human at some point will tealise his or her mistake. Some early and some late!
    I find this to be Ishwari ‘s story! She was responsible for the first break up , brought them close again by getting them married, again broke the relationship ( ofcourse Dev and Sona both were weak and yielded to her game) , Soha too exists becoz of Ishwari ( Simla trip ) was organised by her and now again she will be busy patching up the two. I really hated this woman Halweshwari throughout but I still have hopes that she will not be as evil as she was in the past!
    Vicky and GKB goes scotfree all the time . Is it really possible to keep on playing mischief and not getting caught even once! Oh God when will that day come when these two get exposed miserably in public eye! I will patiently wait for that ! If Halwa mata turns around so will my feelings once again will go merry go round!

  23. Plz ignore the typos!
    Realise and not tealise
    Most and not mist

  24. Mujhe aise lag raha ki jaise “Niharika” wala episode phir shuru hone wala hai…. Situation alag hai par uss waqt Dev ko feeling last moment me hui thi aur iss bar shayad dono ko ehsaas hoga ki woh dono ek duje ke bina nahi rah sakte…

  25. Neha1

    KRPKAB title song is very nice but Shaheer’s Last show “NAVYA” title song was too nice and awesome…!


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