Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari looks at Dev’s gifted sari and reminisces her poverty days when she goes to work wearing torn sari and owner lady yells at her that she wants to lure her husband showing her torn sari and is warning either to give new sari or lose husband. Ishwari says no. Owner suspends her from job. She goes home holding new sari. Baby Neha says she fed Nikki and Ria and made them asleep, if she brought her doll. She opens wrap and sees sari instead and leaves crying that she got money for her sari and not doll. Baby Dev tells Ishwari she did right as her sari is torn. Ishwari asks him to go and console his sister.

Sona comes at her usual time and asks Dev if aunty ji liked sari. She expects him to take her for shopping every year, but this time he brought it alone. Dev

says mom liked sari.

At Sona’s house, Dadi taunts Elena for being on phone always. Elena says her days must be better without mobile and emails. Daadi says those days, one used to wait for weeks for a letter. Sourav enters. Bejoy taunts that football came. Sourav shows 2 crore lottery tickets and says he brought 5 and they will win it. Bejoy continues taunting him

Sona goes to Ishwari’s room and gifts her Dev and her portrait. Ishwari like is it a lot. Radha enters and comments that bengalan knows that Ishwari likes Dev a lot, so she gifted this portrait. Ishwari asks her not start again.

Birthday party starts. Ishwari comes wearing different sari. Radha asks why did not she wear Dev’s gifted sari. Ishwari says she does not have matching blouse. Dev feels very sad. Cake comes. Nikki asks Ishwari to blow all candles if she wants her wish fulfilled. Ishwari blows candles and cuts cake. After party, Dev goes to Ishwari’s room and asks if she did not like sari. She says she liked it. He says let us go and buy one. She says she liked it, she wants him to concentrate now on Neha’s marriage arrangements first.

Ranveer’s family suggests him to shift after marrying Neha. Ranveer says he will not and will not listen to them. Mom says Neha is from a rich family and has many dreams of her own, she may not like this congested house, so he should shift. He says no.

Dev takes Sona in his car to drop her home. He stops at a roadside coffee shop and says mom did not like sari. She says mom never will dislike his gift, may be she did not get matching blouse as she said. Dev says he wants to celebrate birthday of the second most important woman of his life. She says if she is second most important now. He says he did not mean adn says they will not interfere with old relationship and their relationship is complete with old relationships. Dev says he wants to gift her couple watch and wants them to wear same watch. He shows catalogue. Sona says such a big company did printing mistake, 18 lakhs for a couple watch. He says it is 18 lakhs. He asks if she is 26 now. She asks if he thinks so and says whenever she asks if she is 26, he should say no baby your always 18, then says she is indeed 26. They get into car again. She says he should buy gift which his girlfriend can afford. He gives his reasoning and asks if he can book those watches. She says he is still inexperienced in selecting gifts.

Precap: Ishwari says Radha that when someone comes in Dev’s life, she will know first. Radha says already Sona came in his life. Ishwari says she trusts her son.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nice episode……i love d conversation btw dev n sona…..n thoda bura b laga dev ke liye…..Jb dev ko bura laga

  2. Thiis GKB should now be thrown out of that house! She is just crossing her limits! The least we can expect from Ishwari is to not get provoked and pay heed to her son’s likes! Thus is 2016 mothers dont behave so possessive and in a selfish manner. She could hurt her son by not wearing the saree , no mother in todays time would do that! Mothers are much mature and experienced and they overlook and forgive their children thats
    what we see today or even from 80’s! I just hope Ishwari is not foolish to fall into the trap of Radha! So far she has behaved in a mature manner but she should just dispose of Radhas comments!
    But my fear is she will not approve of DevSona as shown in promo! In that case I find her absolutely foolishnot to accept Sona a caring person but who has also taken good care of her medically and emotionally! Sweet of Sona to gift her an album of Dev and his mother.

  3. Devga

    Awesome endings but scary precap…. aftr enjoying the last scene I was blushing and jumping…. but as soon as kal dhekiye …. became off… πŸ™
    gkb I would like to fry u in boiling oil pan…..Will hammer nails all over ur body… will torture U to the extreme…..
    Putting ghee in burning oil … or its like putting salt in open wound. ….

  4. Hello all krpkab fans sona chopse best gift for ishwari devakshi sean very nice

  5. EWWWWWW… this radha rani is so irritating ….well loved devakshi convo..^_^

  6. Nice episode… Love u devakshi..

  7. It appears GKB is from some village. The crude manner in which she speaks is revolting! No cultured person would insult or humiliate outsiders in that house the way she does! Why cant Ishwari stop that objectionable behaviour. Why does she remain silent or lightly disposes it off despite it being repeated everyday! Gets on my nerves! This is a very diplomatic way of allowing nonsense to go on.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      That’s why she Is Garib ki beti

  8. Nice episode please Sony tv krpkab ka ripit telicast evening m bhi plzz yar koi support kro mujhe rat m or din m time ni h dekhne ka sham m free hu plzzzzz help mee my friends

  9. Goms

    Pudinga sir Intha Radha va pudichu jail la podunga sir…

    Hate this Radha..

  10. How cute shaheer is omg,dev and sona scene is beautiful and also sad for dev if he is sad for his mother not wearing his gifted saree

  11. Hi friends I started to watch this serial as they are telecasting it in Tamil in the name of ini ellam vasanthamey. And I became very addicted to this serial that I’m watching it even during my semester. Tamil friends you can watch it in polimer channel at 7pm. Devakshi’s nok jhok track is going on now

    1. Kiru

      Hii Thahira..I’m also tamil but I’m watching it everyday…actually addicted to devakshi…??

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    Today’s episode was good overall. Ishwari’s acting is so Nahuatl love u supriya mam n I loved the part where Sona gifted ishwari a photo portrait if Dev n ishwari that was very sweet I felt bad for both Dev n ishwari today as ishwari wanted to go with Dev and Dev as ishwari didn’t wear the Saree so sad, but loved devakshi scenes they r so understanding to each other πŸ™‚ it would have been fun if Sona applied the cake on Dev’s face πŸ˜›

  13. I agree with u priyanka they should give repeat telecast at evening

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  15. *Starting scene was very emotional…..
    * dis Is not done aunty ji today u hurt ur son too much…poor dev….??
    * Sona is too much understanding girl, she is perfect for dev n u also ISH aunty ji
    * sona’s gift is really very heart touching…..
    This disgusting Radha rani is spoiling every thing…. Plz dev make new home for her as soon as possible….
    N last dev n sona scenes was perfect…..

  16. Upppsss !!!! Ye 2 baar kaise post ho gya?

  17. Today’s episode was ok okk. Really felt bad for dev. Ishwari aapne dev ki gift ki hui saree pehen ni chahiye thi. and sona’s gift was really awsm. i was not knowing that sona will give such a precious gift to ishwari dev and her mom’s photo frame. I really loved it.
    ishwari aap sona ko accept kyu nhi kr rhe ho. Plzz accept her she is so sweet. Dekha aapne vo kitna dhyaan rakhti h aapka. Or gift bhi aapki hi pasand ka diya h aapko. U should accept her.

  18. Priya me kyu aapse naraaz houngi. No me aapse kya kisi se bhi naraz nhi hoti don’t worry.
    but mujhe kabhi kabhi aisa lagta ki aap mujhse naraaz hote ya gussa hote. Agar priya aisa kuch hua na toh mujhe bola kro becoz mujhe pata nhi chalta ki koi mujhse naraz hota h toh

    1. No not at all….. Mai tumse kvi naraz nahi hui hu dear….
      U n Asmita, devga to mere best frnds ban gaye ho….
      Aisa kvi matt sochna, aur ab mai v nhi sochungi….

  19. Guys can any one tell what is this poochka. Actually i m punjabi so i dont know much Bengali

    1. Its the panipuree version of Kolkata! But more namkeen in taste as they dont use the sweet chutney! Also the pudina flavoured wayer is replaced by a namkeen imlee water! The potato stuffing inside the shells is made more chatpata with condiments! The shells are made of atta only and not suji as seen in Delhi

    2. Asmita...

      Hey prit… Gdmrng… poochka means panipuri dear…

  20. Partho

    Nice episode except mami parts

  21. Prit phoochka is panipuri in Kolkata! Only they dont use that sweet imli chutney that is used in the north!

  22. Dev should take time out and take his mother out one of these days. Spend some time and break the news about having Sona as hos life partner! Ishwari maan jayegee! But story mein to drama dikhsna hey to aise hoga nahin! Yeh easy solution tha. Ishwari always liked Sona so she wouldnt object unless terribly influenced by GKB Radha the evil!

  23. I agree priyankarepeat telecast evening me bhi hona chahiye because night me nahi dekh pati nd morning me school hota ha

  24. Ngkrishnakumari

    Hate this garib ki beti radharani how mean she is
    Dont be overprocessive ishwari & dont b fall on the trap of radharani again
    Love u devakshi

  25. Priya9876

    Mera beta kuch karne se pehle mujhse puchega…..? seriouslyyyyyyy
    Kisi ko propose karne se pehle wo aapko puchega… How awkward
    Aur agar aapne mana kr diya hota to kyaaaa,,, fir to dev v mana kar deta…sooo rude…confidence achi baat hai bt over confidence is not good aunty ji……
    How she says– bhabhi mere bete ko agar koi pasand aayegi tu mujhe jhatt se pata chal jaye ga….really lekin aapko to uski khusi, hasi, itna shant, calm dekh kar v samjh nhi aaya to fir aap kyu itne over confident hoooo…..
    Sorry aunty ji bt precap dekh kr mujhe bahut gussa aaya…..
    I know aap sweet ho sb kuch samjhte ho, to ye v samjh jaooo plzz….don’t heart ur Son

    1. I agree with u Priya

  26. Priya aapne bhi register kr hi liya gud

    1. Priya9876

      prit, maine pehle se hi kar rakha tha… but login nhi kar rahi thi bcz ye 9876 mujhe bilkul v pasand nhi h priya k aage….
      but ASmita mujhe samjhya too finally maine login kiya…..
      tum v try karo na fir se…. definitely ho jaye ga………..

  27. Thank u blink for giving me the info of poochka. means its some what different which we eat here.
    Thank u asmita i got the meaning of poochka. Actually i love paanipuri and blink u had described in such a way ki mere mu me paani aa gaya???

    1. Priya9876

      sachii, jis tarh se BLINK ne discribe kara mere muh me v pani aa gya…heheh hehehe
      also my fav pani puri…
      hey prit i think– jaise sari ladkiyan shaheer ko like karti hai waise hi pani puri v sari ladkiyo ko pasand haii πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      IT Means
      hahahaaa funny naaaa

  28. i love this serial very much i love u devakshi

  29. Please someone upload the latest promo link.

  30. I think dev will find that sona’s favourite poochka (pani puri) and surprises her because she like that so definitely dev will find it ?

  31. Yes priya really so funny. Ur right. Priya mebe bht baar try kiya me aapko batati hu me kaha tak paunch ti hu. Listen
    i write user name
    then my email address
    uske baad password fir register krti hu toh fir se register page aata h i complete till password fir recaptcha aata h but waha pr green tik aati hi nhi h. After that fir se register pr click kru ya login pr click kru i didn’t get that. Fir jab login hota h toh kabhi likh kr aata h ur password is wrong. Ya toh fir likha hota h ur email address is wrong. Meko samaj me nhi aa raha h kya krna h.

    1. Priya9876

      Asmita ne bataya hai steps tumhe ab try Kr k dekho…

  32. Neeti sharma

    I also agree with priyanka …well nyc episode

  33. Prit i also faced the same problem while registering

  34. Tharini Krishnan

    Plz yaar….de serial s too gud…. plz… dnt make dis as lyk oder serials…(saathiya etc..)
    U guys r dng a grt job…so continue de same….

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