Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari speaks to her marriage broker and thanks him for finding an appropriate alliance for Sona. Mamaji asks why is she finding alliance for Sona. She says she just found a good alliance appropriate for Sona, nothing much. He says she did not do right.

Sona continues chatting with Rithvik and dicusses about her childhood memories, how she used to trouble Sourav, etc…

Bejoy tells Asha he will go to Ishwari’s house right now confront her. He reaches Ishwaris house and asks why did she send this bracelet for Sona..She says Dev had bought it for Sona, so she sent it for her. Bejoy says she must be super rich, but he is also not beggar and will ont ask for happiness or compensation for his daughter’s happiness. He continues that Dev loved Sona,

it was his weakness, and Ishwari thought only about motherly love and broke Dev and Sona’s relationship, it was her selfishness. She ruined her son’s happiness for her ego and sent him in sorrows. He will not let her decide her daughter’s fate and ruin her life like she ruined her son’s life. He contnues confronting her and leaves. Ishwari sits in a shock. Mamaji comes and asks why Sona’s dad came. She asks if she broke Dev and Sona’s relationship and ruined Dev’s happiness. He alleged that she is trying to ruin even Sona’s happiness. Sona came here to take care of her and she did not tell her to dream of becoming her bahu. Mamaji consoles her and thinks he cannot say now that she is wrong.

Bejoy returns home and Asha asks what happened. He says how can a mother snatch her son’s happiness, how can she be so cruel. Our whole family gets worried when even a glass breaks, Ishwari broke her son’s heart and is not repenting at all. Even he oversaw what is good and what is bad for Sona, he pushed her daughter in sorrow by letting her with Dev… He continues his emotional talks.

Sona’s patient consults her and thanks her for giving her perfect diet plan. Sona sees bangles in her hands and complements her. Once patient leaves, she cries reminiscing Dev gifting her bangles and telling he saw a small girl selling these bangles and bought them, felt sorry for the girl as she is losing her childhood to earn money. Sona continues crying thinking Dev gave her so much happiness and took it back suddenly…

Dev waits for Sourav on a road and speaks to someone that Sourav is coming. Sourav tries to catch auto unsuccessfully. Dev horns and says he will drop him. Sourav says he dropped Sona midway and why he wants to drop him now. Dev insists and gets him into car, strikes conversation and says he heard Sona is engaged and getting married. Sourav says engagement has not happened yet. Dev feels a ray of hope.

Precap: Rithvik informs Sona that the place he selected for his clinic is bought by some big company. Sona angrily goes to Dev’s cabin

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. CuteKrishna

    Nice flash back, Hereafter we can see only dev sona in fighting i think…………….

    Please daily show some flashback until their union………………

  2. Rocks

  3. Dev exposed Rithwik infront of Bose Family :-
    Dev reveals Rithwik evils intentions due to which he wanted to marry Sonakshi…
    Rithwik wanted money for his clinic. So he thought that he would demand dowry after marriage.
    Everyone gets shocked to know Rithwik’s evils intentions and Bijoy scolds Rithwik for being so selfish…
    Bijoy regrets his decision of getting Rithwik and Sonakshi married..
    Sonakshi gets shattered to know this that whom she was thinking his friend, he always wanted to take advantage of her.
    Bijoy feels guilty as he selected such a boy for Sona and apologize Sona for all this..
    What will Sonakshi do now.?
    Stay tuned for upcoming twist…!!

      dowry and all….????
      Maja aayega….
      And @sneha…let the stupid people be…..
      How is krpkab affected by it??….it is still the highest imdb rated show and the most trending one online show….so big deal….
      They must be the fans of balaji shows so they r not liking mamta yash patnaik shows…???????
      I didn’t mean to hurt anybody…its my point of view…..so plz sorry it anybody dont agree with me…???

      1. So true shalini.. This TU has given me so many friends with whom i can share my feelings And who can motivate when we feel low.. Thanks for being there

    2. YogaPriyadarshini

      Really??? wow.. I like it.. I love it

    3. I hope ki isme Dev ka koi plan na ho… I have heard somewhere ki Dev offered bribe to ritik to leave sona and open his clinic with that money
      I don’t want to see Dev negative

  4. I just saw the KRPKAB fanz page unofficial and couldnt fond comments that were bad mouthed ! Not in the visitors page or the current episode comments page. The comments were similar to the pnes on this site! I think some where very relevant comments becoz when u watch a show or u love it there are certain expectations from that show and people get upset when a track or a character that is undesirable gets stretched. I couldn’t spot comments that were objectionable! I also got to knoe from that page that the serial will probably go off air after the reunion and people have requested the makers not to end ! They have requested to show Dev Dona relationship after marriage too!
    Lets be fair and not create hype after all people are at will to say whatever they wish with some restraint ofcourse as they do so becoz they love the show!!!!

    1. I read the comments for 30 August episode and feel so… The fan page is good… But the thing is… people should understand that writers have to show some issues, tensions, fights…. If serials r about good things only we will not enjoy. we can enjoy the happiness of being together only when we have felt the pain. All goody goody things do not lead to a good storyline. Makers r trying hard to bring fast twist n turns in story that is very good… This serial is not those saas bahu drama where some 20 odd people gives different face expression with entry of a guy And camera focuses on every person reaction separately… I love the show And i know all people here love the show as well

  5. Sorry about some of the typos! Probably my ” fat finger syndrome” that has led to this! Anyways most are familiar with this by now.

  6. Serials dont go off air for negative comments! They go off air for loss of viewership. Silent withdrawels are far more worrisome for any serial that is being aired as negative comments will atleast give some room to the makers to improve and boost the TRP!
    Positive comments ofcourse are the best boosters but negatives are important too!

  7. In my opinion i dont think tht it would be nice if makers stretch the show just on viewers…..they should always stick to their storyline..like as they previously havent decided to get dev and sona married but due to the going trp’s and viewers request they planned their marriage….
    Though it will be the most eyepleasing and even heart pleasing thing to see devakshi marriage and after marriage life for me too but still i think they should not go against the original concept or storyline…..
    And if after the reunion they havent decided to show more and then also stretch the show then it wont be nice i guess….??

    1. Just on viewers DEMAND*

    2. Hmmm! But Shalini serials are kept on for their TRPs becoz everything ultimately spins around money! I guess a storyline which doesnt have reunion may not go well with viewers and hence viewership gets affected! So makers and the channel are left with no option but to shut shop! Unfortunately, thats again reality!!!

      1. Why the hell this TRP’s ever exists…??????
        And the thing tht most of the viewers or you can say tht majority of the viewers are now used of this reunion at the end and so they expects tht thing to happen in all serials….now what about the show which just not decided to show the reunion instead the other different story…so i guess or in my opinion viewers should learn to see the storyline and concept and accept it as it is… as i’m not the one to decide other viewers choice and mind set so this was all what I think…..

  8. Priya9876

    @ Neha
    Waoo what a ossam news….
    Yesterday my mom said this, may be rithvik wants money from sona’s family… N that time I didn’t believe her… But mumma ur r gr8… Haa…

  9. Esme

    Sona knows that Dev still loves her as per 29th August episode but the thing is Dev should realise what is the feeling of a broken heart n decisions shouldn’t be taken without thinking about the consequences.

  10. Esme

    That flashback…..while going through that particular moment….
    Dev – mujhe tumse ek choti sona chahiye.
    Sona – nahi muje mr. Obodro chahiye.
    Uff…haiyyy…..hum pe inn dono ne craziness ka rang daala ….humein maar daala…..but it seems writers were ‘inspired’ by my lines….I was about to write this line in my FF…chalo koi nahi dusri line likhoongi…..
    But inn dono ne kids ke baare mein flashback mein q baat ki…real episode mein bhi toh baat kar sakte the. I think makers want to give us some romantic dose which was missing from the show for ‘centuries’….hihi

  11. Esme

    When this Dev will turn into Dev+Das(slave) of Sona….Devdas ??? Waiting Waiting…..

  12. Esme

    Sona’s Dad rocks !!!!

  13. Esme

    Dev stop living in misunderstandings ….got it !!!

  14. Esme

    Guys let the viewers decide whether they wanna watch this show or not but plz don’t stop advertising this show bcoz good trp will give us amazing scenes.

  15. Devga

    Wat AN episode saw dev sona outer fight…. But INNER FEELINGS…. AWESOME….

  16. Nice episode.

  17. Sochhi !!!! Yuhi !!! Marriage cancel …..

    Dev tumhi ek dom impossible …

    Want to hear this again ..

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