Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Dev’s shortcomings as house-husband

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev was done with braiding Suha’s hair. He complements one of the braid is shorter than other. Mama Ji comes there, and warns these kids would be late at school. Dev tells him to look after Shubh while he rushes the children to school. The guard had shut the door as kids were half an hour late. Dev insists on him to let them inside. He gets a call from Sona and lies that he dropped kids at school. Bejoy watched this, and wonders why Dev lied to the kids. Dev asks the guard if they can meet the principal and goes inside.
Aleena was making photos in the car. Vicky asks her to take some shades from dashboard. Aleena finds a flower and says she finally found what she wanted to see for long. Vicky mocks this wasn’t for her. He says there is much more waiting for her, he only got

two hours’ work. He got the meeting shifted to Chandrigarh, for his photographer wife. They hold hands.
Dev makes stories in the Principal’s office. The principal qualifies that rules are rules, still he allows the children to stay in the class. Dev promise it won’t happen again.
Aasha asks Bejoy if Dev was surprised to see him. Bejoy instead complements her cooking’s. Aasha understands he seems worried. Bejoy says he is only tired, Aasha argues its 11am only.
During break, Golu looks for Suha who had a stomach ache. Golu says they can go to doctor, and says this stomach ache must be because of the breakfast Dev cooked. He says once Dadi told him that one gets stomach ache because of a lie, and they lied to come to school today.
Bejoy suggests Aasha that they must tell Sona about Dev’s lie to children. Aasha forbids him as this can create problems in their relation. She asks him to speak to Dev about it. He thinks about going to kid’s school.
In the office, Sona held a meeting. The clients say it’s nearly impossible to send food to these kids, and show her photos of these underprivileged children. She assess their condition and regrets no governmental welfare project could be implemented till date. Dev comes to ask why she is worried. Sona asks what he is doing here. Dev says he was missing his wife, why isn’t she happy to see him. Sona says he always make her happy, but Shubh must be missing his father. Dev complaints she doesn’t care about him. Sona discusses that their children are really lucky to have everything. She shows him the photos in her hand of children who didn’t get food. Dev assures she can do anything. He asks her for a kiss. Sona reminds it office, he must go home and give a lot of kisses to Shubh. He turns to leave, Sona comes to kiss him on forehead and reminds him to pick up children at the right time.
Bejoy was waiting for Dev outside the school. Golu had a fight inside. Bejoy and the teacher reach. A kid complaints Golu snatched his copy and beat him. Bejoy introduces himself and assures this won’t happen again. The kids apologize the teacher, but the teacher warns Golu.
At home, Dev was happy that Ishwari was playing with Shubh. She taunts she is the only lady in the house and felt for him, then hands Shubh into his arms. Shubh cries in Dev’s arms, he makes Shubh sleep but Shubh was disturbed. Dev thinks about taking him to doctor. Ishwari comes there worried for Shubh and notices her diaper needs to change. Dev says they had just changed the diaper. Ishwari says children have sensitive stomachs. Shubh plays as she changes the diapers, Ishwari says a child’s needs are different. Ishwari says only mothers understand what a child needs. Dev asks if a father can’t know about it. Ishwari qualifies both men and women have different place. Later, Dev ignores Bejoy’s call from school, as he plays with Shubh.
Bejoy and kids were worried. Bejoy calls Sona who says she is in a meeting. She notices Bejoy was stressed, but he doesn’t share. Sona wonder’s what the problem is, she could also hear the kids. She calls again but the number go unreachable.

PRECAP: Dev apologizes Bejoy but he scolds Dev. He says he respects Bejoy’s decision but if these are the implications he must change it. Sona comes there and finds the mark on Golu’s arm.

Update Credit to: Sona

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