Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Dev’s radio show a mean to bring societal change

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suha tells Sona that Dev is super man only because she is with him. They hug each other.
Ronita brings ‘Loki ka raita’ to the lunch table. Bejoy asks about Shorabh but Ronita says he will be here after putting Mishti to sleep. He considers it as his responsibility as well.
Dev was irritated by calls from radio station. Ishwari comes there and insists on him to agree doing a show on radio. Dev asks who would take care of kids. Ishwari takes another call, she places a demand to arrange day care for his children when he comes for the show. Dev was offensive that Ishwari was teasing him, Ishwari calmly explains she is proud of him; he got a great chance to bring change in the society.
The next day, Dev comes to radiostation and conduct his first show. He places

a question by Suha in the beginning of his show, ‘why are there only female teachers in their schools? He pays a tribute to position and respect of a teacher’. Shubh makes some disturbances but he handles him alongside while taking callers.
While Vicky drops the kids to school they wanted to salute their teachers, and thanks Vicky as well for teaching them alot by a father and friend. Vicky hugs them and sends them inside. Two fathers coming out of school show thier will to be super dads inspired by Dev.
Ishwari and Rakhi sat with some friend ladies when Dev’s interview was being telecasted on television. Dev shows determination to continue help bring change in the society’s thinking. After the interview, the ladies compliment Dev to be the best son.
Bejoy says Dev is the best man, everyone in the family boast about their relation with him. Ronita and Shorabh argue to get Mishti ready to leave for Dev’s house. Aasha tells them to get ready themselves, she will prepare Mishti herself.
Sona finds Vicky on a business call. He wanted an employee to achieve his target this time. He explains to Sona its quarter end and high pressure time. Sona appreciates his efforts and calls him outside.
Dev notices everyone at home watching the episode and asks how many times she will see the episode. Ishwari says she will watch it ten times a day. Suha brings a cake for celebrations of his success, the family claps. As Dev cuts the cake, Shubh speaks his first words. Everyone was astonished. Sona cheerfully runs to her. Mama ji announces its a day of great happiness. Dev also cheerfully play with him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Superb show. Thanku sony. I have a request pls start krpab season 3. Thank u.

  2. wonderful… superb show.. well done.. happy ending

  3. Super show.krpab always best.❤

  4. A wonderful show comes to an end so quickly while some rubbish are running years together. Love you KRPKAB. Longing to see Shaheer and Erica in another beautiful show.

  5. Thank you, KRPKAB. I have truly enjoyed both seasons. Hopefully there will be others.

  6. Lovely!!!!

  7. We have enjoyed KRPKAB but for a few episodes where it was sad to see Sona & Dev separating.
    We urge Sony TV & the producers/actors to start season 3 soon.

  8. Priya9876

    Kyun khatam ho gya????

  9. Superb show.. We want season 3 please

  10. Priya9876

    I don’t think Indian television will ever have another masterpiece like #KuchRangPyarKeAiseBhi! Gonna miss it so much ❤️

    1. Chinnu21

      definitely it gonna be a masterpiece…love#kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi…..#miss u frnds

  11. So a final good bye to such a beautiful show☹☹i m going to miss it badly…but memories will remain in heart forever?hope to see shaheer and erica again soon?

    1. Chinnu21

      yahhh!!!eagerly waiting for them

  12. Sneha Sugumar

    This is the best show Indian television has ever got. Thank u makers for giving us KRPKAB. I will really miss the show. It was,is and will be very near to my heart, forever. I am not able to hold my tears back. The show got ended.????????????????????????????????
    But everything in this world has to end a day. This is the basic rule of our universe.
    So taking this in a positive way i happily wish a very good luck to everyone of KRPKAB family for their future projects.
    I will miss u really KRPKAB.????????????????????????????????????????????love u loads.

  13. anay bangalore

    This is the best show ever and even Jana na dil se door was good but it was only because of Vikram’s charector (Athary) and this show because of Sona, Dev and Asha, Ishwari mainly

  14. Chinnu21

    phirse wahi din aagaya ..jho ham dekhna nahi chahte hai….miss krpkab..miss u frnds…..

    firstly epi was lovely….mainly when ishu telling to radio members…her expressions was killing…and subh talking was lovable…
    dev has became the good son,brother ,father,husband ….
    iam feeling happy cause they have not stopped showing a best father…season 2 has covered itt…..and soha was right he was best because of our lovely sona….

    the way writers started and ended was remarkable..so simple..and so cute too see ittt….
    mainly from starting …that takkar,first dance,proposal scene,breakup,engagement,marriage,leap,attitude dev,……so on….there are so many epis which are markable…whatever the journey they made was so nice and beautiful…….

    aur mee kya baat karuu…it will never end…..krpkab in my heart is remarkable….love krpkab…#missuu…#miss u frnds
    mainly frnds u make me happy with ur comments…made my day happy…..

    meet u soonnnnn…..

    1. Yes chinnu it was a lovely journey…krpk is exceptionally remarkable??

    2. Devga

      Chinnu miss u too…. Dont worry we are all in tu as registered members and u can text me any time…. We wil stay in touch…. Yea it is a masterpiece that left a stone impact on us and on the society….. It has broken many and almost all the stereotypes of indian television serials…..

  15. Ganga

    Missing KRPKAB ???

    Friend’s tell me ….when will we all meet again….?????

    Really missing all of u…..???

    1. Pavithra1616

      Ganga, your dp is just awesome.. Even I don’t know ganga… When will we all meet again….

    2. Pavithra1616

      I haven’t followed kuch rang in its season 2 much.. But I kept track of the story and I didn’t even know that it has gone… I came to know about this just today.. How can devakshi go like this?? I haven’t read this epi yet… I haven’t even seen any epi of season 2 in TV!! Season 1 was my life.. It was my companion throughout the summer vacation… Krpkab phir bhai kadam ho gaya?? Even though its the last epi why so less comments yaar??? Just 46???? Missing you u devakshi…. Missing u a lot…

      Where r the devakshians???? What happened to u all??? Comment please…

  16. Varshini

    this show is going to remain in our hearts forever . devakshi will be in our hearts for ever . will miss this show a lot

  17. kal krpkab khatam hua aur mere 11th class ka exam bhi suru hone bala hai es tuesday se. ????????????????pata nahi kase bitega har din.pi6le sal se dekh raha ho e serial aur aj bhi mere parents e bat nahi Jante.KRPKAB is the best serial of india.ekdam alag soch.no drama only reality.phir bhi pata nahi sab log ekta kapor ke drama baj serial ke phi6e bhagte hai.maine so6a tha ki isbar ITA awards Sharica and krpkab jitega par aisa hua nahi. Par agar mere mano to
    pata hai mere hard dost is serial ka aur sharica ki diwana hai.I really miss my past day with krpkab. Aur wait bhi karunga sharica ki new serial ke Liya.

    1. yeee results kab aaya???i mean ita results will be open on 5 …pata nahi iske baare meee…
      and u are right in our heart best actor actresss are shaheer shiekh and erica fernandes
      all the best dear for ur exams

  18. result nahi aya par top 5 me shaheer erica krpkab kisike bhe nam nahi hai.thanks chinnu

  19. are comment box itna Khali KUi hai .krpkab khatam ho gaya ab to sab comments karo .aj bhi mera koi apna phone nahi hai par aj ek hapta ho gaye mera ek email and ek laptop hai.so phale main sirf comments parta tha .par ab jab main comment kar raha hoo tab aur koi comments nahi kar raha.why??please comment karo.

    1. How cute!!!?????? shaheer sheikh ne instragram pe Indonesian bacho ke sath ek pic
      post kiye hai 22 hours ago .Bohot CUTE??HANDSOME❤❤❤ lag raha hai hamalogoke hero.agar kisi ne miss kia to mera advice PLEASE WATCH.✌

      1. Could you please share the link

    2. actually i am very busy with my record works…so not commenting..shayad hamaraa frnds bhi aise ….
      #we love krpkab eternally…

  20. Swarna di Main to Google pe ‘shaheer sheikh instragram ‘ likhke ke search kia aur ‘shaheer sheikh (@shaheernseikh)instragram photo namke option aya .Maine usme click kia to mil
    gaya.link dund ne me problem hora ha

    1. https://www.instagram.com/shaheernsheikh/?hl=en
      I saw the pics S.E it’s really cute

  21. Swarna494

    Krpkab has been forced to close to accommodate kbc. Now kbc is also going to end. What this Sony TV is thinking? All good serials in Sony has been ended. Now what the are going to do with ek deewana tha, haasil and ppk 2

  22. Devga

    I was really shocked when i saw in the comments session that this is The last episode.. I was like okay wait til next monday…. But sooo dissappointed…..

    Y y y krpkab ended so soon…. 6 weeks went so soon…. Its so saddening if i think of it again…. But i AM DAMN SURE IF AGAIN THIS PAIR IS MADE THEN IT WOULD BE THE MOST TRP GAINING SERIAL…..

    TO MY SURPRISE….. i was in a big super market just to shop for my sister’s wedding preparations…. Ther i heard some known beautiful song ” THODI SI THERI JIMMEDARI THODI SI MERI HISSEDARI “…. After few seconds i realized Oh My God its this its krpkab 2…. And suddenly i ran to that voice and found it was a few yrs bfr married lady had it as her ringtone..

    I started my convo suddenly with her and asked how u kept it as ringtone… She was saying me that it is of a serial and i love that serial ‘thoughh she doesn’t understand the language ‘…. That was like i was on cloud nine…. Then felt proud of being a fan of sharica and krpkab as a whole….


    1. I love all title tracks of krpkab❤

    2. wowwww!!!she kept ringtone…i too was on cloudnine…yahhhh!!!!
      definitely we will be in contact..
      @S.E three sisters are missing…we miss them alot especially nikki

    3. Priya9876


    4. @devga larki rulayegi kya?mujhe rona aara hai

  23. tum Sabko nahi lagta ki krpkab season 1 and 2
    dono ki ending me 3 sisters missing tha

    1. Devga

      Haah i felt it…. But wat the makers wil do they cant afforf such a huge cast in such a small span of time…. And also mostly krpkab 2 mein mamaji thoda bahuth missing they….

  24. Hey!shaheer sheikh ne phir se instragram pe ek video and ek pics post kia hey .video people shaheer ko nice lag raha hai.?????

  25. Hamare heroine bhi hero see pi6e nahi hai.erica ne bhi instragram pe ek hot????????? pic post kia hai???

    1. Devga

      Hmm yaar…. I have huge confusion there are rumours abt their engagement….. Wat to believe…. Though erica confirmed(engagement is a rumour) it i want to knw wat shah has to say abt it….

      1. Priya9876

        He is sooo smart u know na…… rumours se v maze le raha hai

  26. Devrath shaheer ne is bareme ku6 nahi bola.
    kisine shaheer ki instragram pe MAHABHARAT KI OLD DAY’S pic notice kia?? Ab to muje ei bhi kahene ki mon hora hai ki MISSING MAHABHARAT

  27. Priya9876

    Aaj kal sablog tv pe kya dekh rahe ho???

    1. Devga

      Nothing literally not in a mood to watch anything…. Just keep changing channels…. Wat abt u priya…

      1. Priya9876

        Big Boss
        Ishq mein mar jawa

    2. Devga

      Yea he might be enjoying the rumours or might be busy in Indonesia that he doesn’t hav time to comment on this…

    3. priyaaaaa teri bhot yaad aari hai………main aaj pure din tumhare bare mein soch ri thi n tere jokes ke screenshot ke dekh dekh ke hass ri thi toh mama n bhai ko aaj aisa laga ki purani piya wapis aagyi hai psycho case

      1. Priya9876

        Awww! Sachi?
        Tera khana ab to nhi girta naa??????
        Mai v TU ko bohot miss karti hoon….
        Ab to ye v darr rehta hai pata nhi kab comment box close kar de..?

    4. I m also following this season of bigg boss?
      Baqi krpkab k baad koi bi serial intriguing nai laga so…?

  28. Devga

    And guys patha nahi kab comments session close hoga so here i want to share….

    Plz tel me how u feel aftr watching this :

    I am toh if it is true then I am on cloud nine…

    1. Hope so☺?

  29. Muje nahi lagta e hoga par agar ye Sach hua to???????????
    Plz koi muje bole ga ki recently mahabharat ki reunion hua hai kaya?????????shaheer ne phirse ek team mahabharat ke sath pics post kia hai

    1. Priya9876

      Ha reunion hua hai lekin Indonesia mein…?

  30. Krpkab khatam hone k bad tv pe kuch dekh ne ko mann nahi hota.per agar koi hasna chateho na to START BHARAT pe KYA HAAL HAI MR.PANCHAL dekh sakte ho.sirf comedy or comedy hai.

  31. Koi muje bataye ga ki comment session band ho jane ke bad sabke sath me kaise connect I mean bate share karonga

  32. hellooo everybody long time no see iwas literally missing everybody so i couldn’t wait to come here.hope everybody is fine n n i am damn sure that hum zaroor milenge n no doubt shaheer n erica ka even if individual bhi serial aayega tab bhi we’ll support coz devakshi is magic but shaheer n erica themselves r such brilliant actors that no matter what i promise to follow their work

    1. Devga

      Hi piya… Gud u hv come…. And dont worry v wil get gud news….. I heard it somewer erica and shah wil b back with new show with a different side cast….. Hope to see them together again….

    2. Priya9876

      Yeah jarur milenge??
      Just waiting for that day ?☺

  33. Bohot Dino se ek baat puchna chata tha
    Mere tarha tumpe se koi BANGALI I mean kolkata or west bengal se hai kaya? ????????????

  34. Devga

    Yes priya i too watch Bigg boss and tu ashiqui…. I felt isqh mein marjavan lil boring….

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