Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari goes to hospital to meet Sona. Saurabh says Mr. Dixit has very helping nature and describes how he went overboard and brought cake for his mother and other incidents. Ishwari says her son is of helping nature and he would have helped anyone even if it is not Sona. Sona’s stops smiling hearing this. Family continues their praises for Dev. Ishwari gets jealous.

Dev asks his secretary Tina about recent client meetings. Tina says clients are very upset with his ignorance in recent times. Dev says he will meet clients personally soon and goes to Sona’s hospital room. Bejoy seems him and says he will get coffee for him. Dev says he will get. Bejoy insists and goes to get coffee. Dev sits on a sofa. He falls asleep. Sona opens eyes and imagines herself getting out of bed and walking towards Dev and Dev holding her hand. She gets out of her imaginatino and sees Dev sleeping still and she on bed. Dev wakes up and their romantic nok jhok starts. Dev leaves for home next.

Ishwari informs Radha how Dev went overboard to help Sona. Radha tries to brainwash her. Dev reaches home. Ishwari asks why is he late even today. He says nothing and goes to his room. Radha restarts her brainwash and smirks.

Sona’s family writes their comments and wishes on her hand’s plaster of paris bandage. She asks them to leave some space. Bejoy asks for whom. Their jokes and quality family time continue. Once family leaves, Dev enters. She gets attracted to his love and care again and starts smiling. Their romantic nok jhok starts again. He feeds her food. Kuch rang pyar ke…..song.. plays in the background. They both look at each other.

Precap: Bejoy and Daadi request Dev to find a suitable match for Sona. Dev says he will try.

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  1. Nidhi

    Uggh…now sona parents wants dev to find a match of sona?they don’t even want to consider him?and are you sure dev loves sona guys?

  2. savi

    Nice episode today! It’s all about using the reverse phycology on Dev to see his reaction how he will react of the idea of Sona being or having a life partner? Most likely to give him a wake up call lol

  3. Aarti

    Till now Dev has not developed feelings for Sona. I’m sure dat d entry of d new girl ( probably named kareena) will lead to Dev realizing his love 4 Sona. I hate dat new girl. Huhhh. N d biggest thing..how can she name herself kareena..I mean kareena kapoor is so damn beautiful yaar n she..yukkkk

  4. Fatarajo

    Nice n cute episode loved devakshi scenes in the end sona is in love with Dev now waiting for Dev to fall for sona . And in precap the suitable groom for sona is none other than Dev 🙂

  5. Madhuri

    Today episode is rocking. Sona also felt love. Waiting for dev to fall with sona

  6. Eshani

    hi all this is the 1st time am commenting here….such a cute episode naa finally sona reliazed usse mr obodro se pyar ho gaya and he has become mr awesome from mr obodro her imaginations were very cute….lets see when will dev fall for miss bose

  7. Meenu

    Holy crap…that girl sona doesn’t know to act at all..she has same expressions everytime..

  8. vinita

    I dnt know y they r giving entry to new girl…we want dev nd sonakshi together…nd dis new girl is really bakwas she was in balika vadhu also i hate her…

  9. eshani

    Hi all this is the 1st time am commenting here…..such a lovely episode tht was finally sona ko mr obodro se pyar hogaya her imagination was very nice…..now lets see when will dev fall for miss bose….

  10. eshani

    hi all this is the 1st time am commenting here….such a lovely episode….finally sona ko mr obodro se pyar hogaya….cute imaginations now lets see when will dev fall for miss bose…..

  11. Pinky

    M fed up of ishwari’s mood swings!!! Hospital me b sona ka mokd off kar diya… y d hell she pretends to care for her wen she is only concerned abu her son… I dnt lyk dis possessive trk ny more…

  12. anju

    wat yaar ….hamesa girls hi kyuu………?!! the first one to fall n luv……!!!!the serial at 10 also same story……… ye boys ko ithna bhi akal nahi hey kya…….to realize tat they r n luv………nd girls hv to wait nd make them realise it thru many tricks……….
    nd sonas family ,they r so desperate to get dev as their son n law……. they r elders they shud kno tat dev s out f their reach……..i mean they shud b realistic nd try to avoid sona getting close to dev……. nstead sona s ma s calling him dev babu n front f ishwari as f dev s very close t them…..he s very close t sona only…… for others he s still sonas boss….. a business man……..nd sonas cousin hadh kar dhi…..so awkward a scene she created wen giving apple……
    nd sona yaar expression thodi aur dhyaan dhena pleeeez………

    • tara

      anju chill yaar..its just a serial… may be girls realise their feelings at first…after all dev did so much for her it was natural for her to fall for him.. whatever u said about sona’s family is not something which i dont agree bt about sona’s mom calling him dev babu..is something diff dear… babu is associated to almost every individual by bengalis..its nothing special that one has to be very close to other for calling by this name.. it simply means.. “dav ji” i hope u got my point..m saying this as m also a bengali..so i knw it…
      other things are ur personal opinion..so i wont comment on that…plzz dont feel bad..i just said what i knw..

  13. Abhi

    I wonder how will dev manage sona n ishwari together,,…Ishwariji,itna possessiveness bhi acha nahi hai,.Bgn is awesome…precap looks interesting..its sona’s parents idea to check his reaction..Sona’s family is so friendly…..loved them.. ??

  14. Its bit awkward to believe that everything that Dev did for Sona was because of humanity. Hospital incident ok we take the point. Right from the begining the way he has been holding back Sona through different incidents what is the explanation for that? Anyways its a serial and is becoming interesting everyday. Ishwari’s possessiveness I hope doesnt become too much for the viewers as present day this kind of possessiveness just doesnt work. I hope the story makers have that in mind and will moderate it when required.

  15. anju

    hi….thanks tara….???…i thot babu s smthing which u cal wen u r very familiar wth sm1……….☺

  16. Banerjee

    Intead of describing their conversations as ‘romantic nok-jhok’ could you please give us some details instead?

  17. radha

    whosoever managing these updates is an IDIOTTTTT.. has no consistent time for posting the updates.

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