Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona comes for work in the morning and asks Kichu where are everyone. He says they are in their respective rooms. She asks him to start cooking, she will prepare food chart. Dev comes and she while writing on paper says why is he still standing here instead of preparing breakfast. Dev says he is not having mood. She gets nervous hearing his voice. He asks why is she working as nutrionist when her boyfriend is a business tycoon. She says how is it related to her job. He asks when did she meet Neil. She tells some fake answer. He asks which car Neil uses. She says a big silver sedan. He asks what if he says Neil owns environmental friendly small car, which he discussed about in many interviews. She says she does not know which car it was, it was silver color. He says it

is blue and says he doubts Neil is her boyfriend. She nervously asks if he thinks she has fake boyfriend. Neil calls her and Dev asks her to ask Neil itself. Neil invites her for real dinner.. She says she is not coming and disconnects call. She fumes on Elena.

At Sona’s house, Bejoy sees sports channel off and panics. Sourav says channel number must have changed. Bejoy says it comes on channel #8. Asha says she discontinued its subscription as cable man was asking extra money due to IPL demand, since she is loyalist Bejoy’s wife, she denied corruption. Bejoy shouts he will go to consumer court. Asha and Sourav smirk.

Ranveer takes Neha to his home. Mom and bhabi greet her in and express their happiness that she is getting married to Ranveer. Mom says Ranveer wanted someone who can adjust in this house and does not have any demands. Neha sees crowded house, unkempt children, etc. and silently leaves from there. She asks driver to increase AC, calls Dev and asks when is she getting Ranveer a job. He says he is trying and sure Ranveer will agree. She says he has good determination and she wants to be like him.

Sona comes to Ishwari’s room and sees her writhing in pain. She says she will get Ishwari’s uric acid levels checked via lab. Ishwari says it is okay, she should not inform Dev, else she knows how concerned he is about health. She further tells that Dev told about her boyfriend, it is good her parents will not have to search groom for her.

Sona gets ready to leave for home. Dev calls her and says he is coming in 5 min, not to go. She says she is going for dinner with Neil and cannot wait, disconnects call. She then hurriedly packs her items. Dev comes and says he will drop her to restaurant. She says it is at home. He says he will drop her home then and will also meet Neil. Sona nervously walks with him.

Precap: Sona apologizes Dev and Dev says even he is sorry too, actually they are in the same boat.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Gayatri

    so fast updates ……Todays epi was so nice ……thank u all for a warm welcome …thanks MA for the updates …

  2. suman

    Thank you for the fastest update can you please elaborate the story more. As I don’t get time to watch this serial But I really love it. So I am a regular reader of this website. Whenever I get time I watch this serial on youtube. But can you please elaborate the story more. and Thank you again for such a fast update !

  3. Tanya

    Well I want to say something….. I m asking to all newcomers that they r from where and in which std…but I got very few replies…. Some ppl replies but then lost some where……… Don’t know what’s happening?????????? Is any thing u found wrong in this??????frnds solve my query…

    • Partho

      Well tanya I am not a newcomer here but a regular viewer of the show and I am from Dhaka Bangladesh and I am doing A lvls

    • Riya D'cruz

      Hiiiiiiiii Tanya im a half malayali nd half marathi lives in chennai studying 11th

  4. Devga

    Hehe poor sona…. Wow he is a business tycoon more than dev thn awesome….

    Interesting precap…. Devakshi in same boat… Lol

  5. Guys..I’m one of the fan of krpkab ..fallowing these written updates from many days..and even all of ur comments on it.I would like to join u all ..and
    Regarding the show I had seen that dev will reach son a house where..Neil will be already there and he will narrate a fake love story of Neil and sona..to dev..and dev will seems to be congratulating Neil for sona..
    I think its going to be funny..and lovable to enjoy ..devakshi expressions while Neil narrating the story.

  6. Nikki

    hello guys?.I am new here.I hope u all welcome me here?.I just love this show? like u all.

  7. Nice episode i saw on you tube dev proposes to sona…. on devs youngament morning all r stunned but devs mother did nt accept sonakshi bye tanya and all who love this serial good night sweat dreams

  8. Muskaan

    Hey guys i an from banglore doing medical…:)i just love this serial and dev he is 2gud …:)and i think gujral wants devs property so he is doing his daughter’s marriage with dev …..i guess but even though dev realise his feelings for sona he wont say anything i guesss…because of neil

  9. saurav

    Sm parts r missing here.. Ishwari n sona talked abt Natasha also whre ishwari asked sona abt Natasha

  10. shochcho

    Guys i m from bangladesh nd at hons 2nd yr…why sona alz keep saying lies to dev?…:(…she shld hv told him tht she dnt hv a boyfrnd..

    • Fatarajo

      Hey I live in singapore but I m born in Bangladesh happy to see lots of Bangladeshis here

  11. Ameesha

    guys really confused… I did watch the episode but boat??? There wasnt a boat,, I guess there is some misunderstanding or i did not see the precap properly

  12. Devga

    Hlo to al new comers…..

    Tanya(wid a pic) no boat meant not real boat it was actualy dev said so to sona may b coz both told each other tht they dont have bf or gf… Lol…. for wich dev might have said tht v both are sailing in same boat….

  13. Harsha

    Hi Tanya.. Am Harshavarthini
    completed B.A. Eng Lit
    from Coimbatore
    May I know about U???

  14. prit

    Ur most wlcm nikki. Today’s episode was vry nice i just loved it dev feel jealous. And he take care of sona. Vry much. How he say that i m coming. And after coming at home he says. I will drop u home.awww so sweet. But vo natasha se kitna close tha double date pe. Aur natasha baar baar dev ke hand pr hand rakhti thi. I was vry angry. Sina se jyada gussa toh mujhe aara tha. eagerly waiting for the next episode.

    • Tanya

      natasha was a senseless girl……dev ne abhi tak yes nahi bola hai….to bhi ye use apna bf samaj ti hai aur hand pakad ti hai……NG-the senseless girl ever…..

  15. prit

    I missed u too tanya Dear. Kya kru yaar busy thi bht. 12 start hui h na tab se time hi nhi mila. Well tanya can u tell me what will happen further in krpkab. Becoz mene bich ke episodes miss kr diye. i just know that neel is sona’s fake boyfriend. But usne fake boyfriend kyu banaaya. What’s the reason??? I just saw last promo of orange shirt. They didn’t show next promo. What will happen further. Plzz can u tell me tanya if u know. Bcoz i m asking frm yesterday but no one replied it. So can u tell. Plzzz.

    • Asmita...

      Natasha asked Sona abt her boyfrnd and Dev said Sona has no boyfrnd coz she is boring and sona told she had a boyfrnd. Thn Natasha asked for a double date like Dev, Natasha, SOna and Sona’s boyfrnd. Thtsy Sona made a fake boy frnd. N further u Want to know more so i will tell u. The fake boyfrnd Neel will fall in love with Sona in real and will propose her. On the other side on the day of engagement Dev the dumbo will finally realize his feelings for Sona and cancel his engagement with Natasha.

    • Tanya

      my answer was same as asmita……….i can understand vacations ke baad jab books touch karna padta hai to feel kya hota hai…….mai bhi same stage se pass ho rahi hun….but wid 11th books…very difficult to handle yaar prit……thnx god yeah website hai jaha par mai chill kar sakte hun and khud ko recharge……

  16. tara

    guys can someone tell me y is ishwari so confused abt dev and natasha?? i mean she always finds sona to ask the same question.. i feel sad for her.. bechari.. 🙁 🙁

    • Asmita...

      Hi Tara. As pr my thinking Ishwari wants Dev to be mumma’s boy always. She does not want to see other woman in his life. She can not tolerate if Dev will more importance to other lady than her. Thatsy she is not happy with Dev and Natasha alliance and she will not be happy after knowing that Dev loves Sona. May be typical old fashioned mom.

  17. Maru

    Hey guys
    I am Maru in 10 standard
    I regularly watch this show
    I just can’t wait fr dev and sona marriage … Coz once they marry dey will face all the problems together

    One more thing …. MA … Pls give the written update more detailed

  18. Thanks..to all..I’m from andhra ..a Telugu girl..and I’m pursuing MBA…
    Tara..even I do have same doubt..par mujhey lagta hai..ki jis tharah ishwari..ney dev ko suggest kiya better not to mingle the business deal with personal life even though she feels Natasha is a good girl
    Vaisey hi shayadh vo ye jaana na chahti ho ki..kya yes a sirf vusey lagta hai ya..sona ko bhi..
    I’m I right?

  19. prit

    Ohh wow thank u so much asmita. i seems to be interesting. Once again thanks for telling me the story???? by the way asmita Aap apne baare me kuch bataao.i want to know if u don’t mind

  20. prit

    Tara ur question is interesting. I will ans this in hindi if u don’t mind. Kyu ki use lagta h ki dev natasha se marriage krega toh shaayad vo change ho jaae. Fir shaayad jitna vo apni mom ko time deta h jo bhi feelings uski mom ke liye h vo shaayad kam ho jaae. She is thinking that is natasha prfect for dev. Kya vo dev ko khush rakh paaegi. Ye thinking h uski mom ke mind me shaayad.

  21. prit

    Becoz natasha is rich. And ishwari thinks that ki kya ye marriage deal h. Ki agar dev ne natasha se shaadi nhi ki toh shaayad uske kaam pr affect ho. ye hi wajah ho ki dev usse shaadi krra h and he would not be happy after marriage. Ishwari ko aise lagta ho shaayad. Tara i don’t know the perfect reason. But i think this may be the reason.

  22. priya

    Very nice episode love it….
    Jealous nd interrogate part was awesome…..
    Dev look soooo cute that time when sona ne handshake karne k liye hath badhya ar dev ne apna hath Ander kar liya….. awwww that time dev’s expression was soo good n cute?
    Ms Bose fir tumi…….tumi…….?

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