Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with GKB lamenting where her Jiji might have gone. She taunts Bijoy and Asha that they had arrived here after all this nautanki lshe accuses them that their daughter had lied to every one, that they have given terrible sanskaar to their beti She has destroyed the family GKB accuses that if Anything happened to Ishwari they would be responsible. Bijoy says this is exactly what he feared would happen, the would blame his innocent daughter only. Bijoy says ishwari was bhaving childish manner. Who leaves their house in this situation ?? Dev comes
and asks Baba not to speak about his Maa this way Bijoy dev have angry confrontation and accuse each other.

As GKB is speaking against Bose family Elena confronts her and asks her not to speak about her family

like this. Vicky to asks maa to stop. Vicky remembers his dad and wishes he was here to stop his maa tha atom bomb

Sona locates Maa at Shiva temple, she is happy and relieved to see her at last. She pleads her to come back home. Ishwari accuses sona of lying, accuses her of winning her affection by false means her trust, misleading her. Sona says she was not at fault , but Ishwari refuses to believe her. Ishwari says she herself heard Sona saying that maa would be hurt with the truth that is why Dev gave in to sona’s demands and hid facts from Maa. Sona had crushed her trust, affections, hopes and beliefs on her bahu . She had opnd put her heart to sona thinking she was about to make her a grandmother but Sona has given her heart break.Ishwari says she had started considering sona her fourth daughter. She whet against her son for taking Sona’s side. Sona asks if she loved her only because of the baby ?? Sona weeps so does Ishwari, she refuses to go with her anywhere.

Later GKB is drawing a kiddish pic of Jiji for giving to police. Vilena make fun of her, they accuse her of interfering in Devakshi matter. Bilena accuse GKB of blabbering about the report to ishwair thats why she was gone now. GKB says she thought jiji would throw Bangalan , but she never thought Jiji would go off herself.

GKB says her brain was working now if sona could not have a baby this was golden chance for Vilena to have baby and give a heir to this house. Elena refuses to listen to GKB ,

At shiva temple Ishwair Sona emotional confrontation continues , both are shedding copious tears. Sona starts walking out of temple heart broken, she weeps at the base of the stairs and then is seen going back home in Auto … Weeping all the way.. She remembers how happy ishwari was when her pregnancy news broke.

At Home GKB is doing drama before the God , trying to impress Dev but he gets irritated and walks off , Vicky asks his maa to stop all this drama.

Dev sees sona returning home in auto, sonanis in bad shape with al the crying. She tels dev that maa was at shiva temple, she was refusing to come home. She tried to pleade her, convince her but maa refused to return. Dev rushes to temple to get back maa. Dev reaches temple amd starts pleading her, reprimanding her for this kind of irresponsible behaviour.

At Dixit house GKB is Shouting at sona, blabbering and spouting poison at her. Elena asks maa not to accuse sona di , GKB asks Sona not to spoil her Bahu , and make elena like her
Elena then says sona di is quiet because she can never do anything wrong and she would never tach elena any wrong thing , elena is sure sona di has nothing to do in this current matter too. She knew her sister very well. GKB gets disappointed amd walks off

At shiva temple Ishwar refuses to return home as at home there was no one for her , her own beta had not become his wife’s , he was taking his wife’s side, he was lying to his mother for saving his wife.

Dev explains that all this was his doing Sona had nothing to do with this , dev Reveals to maa that he knew about Sona’s infertility before marriage. Sona had only 7% chances of getting pregnant.He did not want sona’s condition to come between their marriage , he even hid it from sona, and her family too. Her pregnancy report too was hidden from Sona , He had lied to every one.
Sona came to know about her reports only yesterday. Ever since then Sona wanted to tell everything to mee , dev himself was stopping her. Dev says he was at fault m he was now standing before his maa with bowed head.

Precap: Ma says she would return only if he did what she asked him to Dev agrees to do what ever she wished , he just wanted ehr to return home.
Ishwari asks him to fulfill the dream he had shown her…(To make her a grandmother …)

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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  1. iswari bhi hadh karti hai. Pehle dev ko shadi nahi karvana tha… uske bad beta aur bahu ko sath nahi rakhna tha… abhi usko achanak pota poti chahiye matlab chahiye… Ee halwa thodi hai jab socha tab banakar jabardasti kilaooo… Sorry if I offended any one…. Hi to all Sonakshians………………..

    1. exactly even i didn’t get this thing what is she upto?
      i wish sona ko sorry bole .sona khud itne ghum mein hai n i don’t think ki koi bhi aisi situation mein yeh deserve karta hai. ishu agar kehti ki its k we’ll manage n hav proper treatment thn also its fine but this was more of an order….

    2. Ye Ishwari….. vo aise hee karthi thi….
      BDW We r not only Sonakshians……We r all Madly lives Dev…… Soo it’s DEVAKSHI’ANS…….?????

  2. Junee


    Today’s episode was indeed close to reality! No matter what…… the daughter in law will always have to bear the brunt despite being innocent! She becomes the target in the blame game. When it comes to the son, a mother in law like Ishwari would always be biased and unreasonable.
    Ishwari did not listen to the entire conversation between Dev and Sonakshi yet derived a conclusion that it was Sonakshi who resorted to lies. What a tragedy! I call her IMPULSIVE and JUDGEMENTAL for this! Ishwari’s accusations actually exposed her, if you analyze carefully, as Sonakshi queried her whether the love and bond was only because of the baby? But then, this is reality and it exactly happens this way in most cases. A daughter in law is blamed for every little thing at the drop of a hat because the son is always so truthful for a mother. Illogical is the other adjective for such people!
    Sonakshi was chasing an illusion when she believed that Ishwari loved her and bonded with her. Her love was always CONDITIONAL as she wanted the grandchild. Past precedence should have made her skeptical about this love. What startles me is, how come Dev believed that this bond between his mother and wife would be strong enough not to break because, his mother’s love for his wife was CONDITIONAL as it revolved around pregnancy.
    He too like his mother is IMPULSIVE as he did not listen to Sonakshi fully, before blaming her for not getting his mother from the temple. Dev might be a good soul but definitely lacks the courage to face the inevitable. He lacks the courage to call “ “A spade a spade”. I feel, he has in the past and will in the future, concede to his mother’s unreasonable demands. That is why his wife will have to suffer a lot!
    Bijoy was still right, worried about his daughter because as an experienced person he could foresee what was in store for his daughter. Why should he believe Dev rebutting that Sonakshi is his wife and he could take care of her? Mr Dixit your past precedence doesn’t convince us, so how can it convince Mr. Bijoy Bose? Besides, how could you allow your Mami to insult your father in law? Were you taking out your wrath against Bijoy for being rude?
    Radharani, I only hope, both Vicky and Elena teach you a lesson by refusing to have a child so that you will keep your big mouth shut forever!

    1. Aarti32

      Ye kya h Junee!!? Tum mein itta sara likhne ki himmat bhi h!!

    2. awwww u can’t even imagine how much i missed ur long informative comments.i just love to read them.
      n fingers crossed hope that this time dev will not break trust of not only sonakshi but also hamaraaa.he need to speak his mind

    3. Manya

      Junee Di ka Lamba wala msg waapas aa gya??
      Sab Koch Sahi likha hai

    4. U said it all…… Even I have the same complaints against Dev and Ishwari….. Aur aik aur complaint hai Ishwari ke khilaaf ke……. Why she was moving from pillar to pillar in today’s episode…..? ??? And I also think in whole drama we only got
      Mama ji
      Elena, Nikki & riya ( sometimes )
      Vicky (nowadays)……. Only these characters are sensible…..

      Aur teen bewakoof maharaniyan

      Ishwari the great player
      Neha saaru
      Mami ji the vigilant hawk
      Hate them…..?

  3. Manya

    Aaj toh sabse Sahi Vicky tha???
    And Haan hum bhi Mamaji Ko miss Kar Rahe hai ek wahi toh hai jo iss GKB Ko band Kar sakte Hai??
    Oho Radha rani ki drawing!!!!maza aa gya Dekh Kar??
    And jab Elena use mooh todh jawaab deti hai tab toh Kya kehne??
    Aaj toh Dev Ko mana padega kitne style se kaha asha Ko ki woh bejoy Ko yaha Ae le jaaye??Sahi bezti Maari hai uski??

    1. for the first time i liked vicky for what he said.lik r u serious?banda samajdar ho gya……
      bande ko lagta hai elina se sachi ishqwala love typz hogya hai sangati ka asar.

    2. Han agreed???? aur bejoy ko tou Har koi Jane ko kehta hai…. Pehle sona ne aur Aab dev…?

  4. Hell man..I am going to stop watching this show. I can’t see both of them in pain. It’s better to read FF than watching the episode. I m getting frustrated. Why so much pain God…I know it’s a serial but I love them.

    1. Priya12

      Di, love has a sweet as well as pain that’s what the serial title is different shades of love or kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi

  5. Manya

    And Ishwari aur Sona ke cove ki toh baat hi mat Karo
    Uski baate sunkar I was like ki purani Ishwari waapas aa gayi Hai Jise hum Sab Maarna chahti hai
    Bicahri Sona Ko aisi aisi Baate Bol Rahi thi Jabki uski koi galti hi nhi thi???
    Chalo dekhte hai kal Kya hota hai
    Main pehli baar chahti hoon ki Dev Ishwari ki baat maan le(if it is in a positive sense)

  6. Manya

    And Haan guys don’t forget to read my ff intro
    The story is of both DEVAKSHI and SHARICA
    Do read mad comment especially piya,Ganga,Priya and Junee Di????

  7. Shalinibose

    Hi, Happy new year all of my friends.
    Today’s episode was ok type. But mujhe lagta hai Dev itna rude behaviour unki father in law ke sath kia or Mami ko kuch nehi bola.

    1. Mami ji ko kuch bolo tou uss me kon sa chup kar jana tha….. Mami ji ki zuban bas kut sakti hai…..chup nhi kar sakti ?????

  8. Aarti32

    Happy new year belated.. kaash..nhi I’m sure hamara pyara KRPKAB is saal bhi chalega..poore saal

    Coming to d episode, aaj to saas bahu hi 15 mins le gyi..but Elena was really hilarious..Jaise hi Radha Rani ne vansh badhane ki bat ki, Elena Vicky k piche chup gyi!!??

    1. Happiiee New year to u…..????✨

  9. Priya12

    Today, I loved vicky’s character……he teached agood lesson to gkb……..I can’t see sona crying. ?…my heart was paining and I was also crying …..

    1. Hii @Priya12…….
      Wr is [email protected]….???????

  10. aaj ka written update bhot acha tha n upto the mark.keep it up saptpasima.kya hua MA chutti pe hai.waise toh i never read her updates sorry to say this but aaj mujhe zarrooorat thi n i m satisfied.waise MA hai kaun?i’m really interested to know abt her

    1. sutapsaima*

  11. dev plzzz samajdaari se kaam lo coz sona sona apna part bhot ache se kar rhi hai patience show karke.

    guys aaj sbs ka acha bhala segment aana tha ain time par modi uncle ji ne apni speech chalu kardi.hawww woh segment segment hi rehgya.waise toh its good spoilers nhi hai but dekhne aise laga ki on the set shooting hai

  12. Today’s episode was so awaited and I think is the most touching episode of KRPKAB so far. The misunderstandings between Sonakshi & Ishwari are so sad. And I’m so sad that Sonakshi has been through a lot.
    In all the emotional outbursts, there were quite a few truths which surfaced
    – Ishwari is right that Dev only started lying to her because of Sonakshi. Right from their secret love affair to the pregnancy track.
    -Sonakshi is right that her and Ishwari’s relationship was only cemented because of a dream of a grandchild.
    I wish Dev didn’t lie to either of them because they both deserved to know the truth and indeed he is the reason for all these problems.
    Overhearing only part of a conversation and listening to GKB’s rubbish put a lot of rubbish thoughts into Ishwari’s head which further cemented her fear of losing her son.
    She made a statement a few episodes ago that not only did she loose the chance to choose her bahu but now her dream of being a grandmother is shattered.
    Oh but Ishwari if only you can see the pain of Sonakshi. Imagine not being able to be a mother. Her tears today moved me to tears. Erica Fernandes is getting better and better as an actress. Superb acting today.
    It’ll be nice to see how this track will pan out. Now Ishwari wants a grandchild and Sonakshi wants a baby. 7% is not bad and miracles do happen. I thoroughly enjoyed the trust saas and bahu shared and it’ll be nice to see how it would grow again in the midst of adversity.

    1. Sonadi

      I beg to differ in this. I have to defend Dev here. Everything happened because of Iswari . If she had accepted Sona as her daughter this would not have happened at all

      1. We can agree to disagree.
        It would have been hard for any mother to accept Sonakshi in the circumstances. Dev lied to his mother about his relationship with her even after she asked. And she must have been hurt to be the very last to find out as she was ambushed by Sonakshi’s parents and grandmother.
        The beginning of all these problems starts from Dev’s lies. Truth is so powerful and lies only cause pain as can be seen in this episode.

    2. Junee

      I beg to differ Noorjahan! This is my opinion you may disagree too!
      Ishwari is responsible for her own condition. She is one of those mothers who could never instil confidence in her son for that matter even in Neha. A mother should be able to create an environment where a child will feel free to discuss every thing! She always wanted things her own way as she is basically selfish and is not willing to forgo some of her own wishes. Only when she is pushed to the corner , then she yields that too there is a motive behind that. Look at all the incidents so far , she has never been able to create that congenial environment. The fact that GKB influences her so much also reflects her inability to rationalise on her own.
      Her love for Sonakshi was conditional it could never result in love or syrong bond. At the end of the day only in professional conditional demands work not in personal life where you need to actually sacrifice for the sake of your child’s well being. Why did Dev lie? Ishwari failed to give him the confidence to come up with truth.Though a lie can lead to a string of lies and I am not prescribing it but sometimes it can make people realise the worth of another person. Sometimes it can benefit a situation for who knows whether we will see the face of tomorrow. Therefore discretion is the better part of valour!

      1. Junee

        Nobody is a holy soul as humans will err at the end of the day!
        Yudhishteer who is considered to be the epitome of truthfulness, also had to lie! So Dev Dixit did all this with good intentions. Had he not lied, things would have taken an ugly turn much before because Ishwari is insecure about her son and is also mean minded and there are no two ways about it

      2. Well replied Junee…..Ur comment is 100℅true……??

      3. Yes Junee. It is your opinion and your own perspective.
        Ishwari is not perfect and if you decide to look at the kind of upbringing she gave her children, you will see that it is not perfect because of certain circumstances. Her children are her life esp after loosing her husband and having to suffer with little to no help. She did not have the time to instill values or anything as you’re saying because she was too busy working to keep a roof over their heads and food in their mouth. Every one blames her for Neha’a situation esp with not sending Neha to school but the writers addressed that scenario.
        Dev was supposed to write a scholarship exam and fell sick. She didn’t want to lose such an opportunity to send him to a good school and Neha suffered for that.
        That led to Neha’s insecurities. But you see Neha has the chance to take charge of her own life right now. Her brother can afford to send her to all the schools in the world and she can turn her story around.
        Sometimes in life you make hard choices and Ishwari has done just that.
        She’s selfish and thinks of only herself and her kids but life happened to her.
        He’s a ruthless businessman Dev, he’s extremely close to his mother and never used to hide anything from her but somehow his mother did not give him the confidence to tell the truth?! Pretty small scope to give his character. Ishwari will continue to be insecure in as much as Dev lies to her esp for Sonakshi but yes, it’s your perspective. GKB will continue to influence Ishwari as long as her ‘conspiracy theories’ seem to always be true.
        So thanks for the opportunity to reflect.

  13. Sonadi

    Today’s episode exposed how much selfish is Iswari.Without hearing properly blamed Sona for everything GKB added fuel to the fire when she went told Iswari about pregnancy.
    As soon as Dev explained she agreed to come conditionally. What kind of double standard.
    Whatever she told Sona about her love for her all lies.Hope she apologies to Sona.
    She could not answer the question by Sona whether her love for her because of the baby..
    Dev today acted differently. He should stopped GKB blaming Sona instead he was shouting at Bijoy.What kind of man he is . I understand that he is worried about his Mom but what Bijoy said was right. Iswari acted like a child leaving the house without telling anybody instead of facing the situation confronting Dev and Sona.
    Bijoy was Roget all along.
    What is the difference between a child and a matured person. This is the sanskar she taught to her kids. I think Vicky has become better than Dev after getting a job.
    He did the right thing by scolding GKB for telling Iswari about pregnancy.
    I did not like Dev at all in this episode. He did everything and did not defend Sona at all against GKB.
    Iswari’s behavior against Sona happens all the time in reality but mother in laws treating their Bhahus as daughters also happens in real life as it is shown between Asha and Bijoy’s mom.
    There was one promo I saw which I had provided link in the previous Tu.But there are some promos also which says Dev and Sona getting divorce on the insistence of Iswari. Are they all real ?
    I do not know which one to believe.what they said about Sona getting pregnant at night may be true. Everything happened to Sona only at night.lLike Dev expressed his love for Sona at night.Dev coming and telling Sona that he told his mom about their love also happened at night. The breakup also happened early in the morning.
    Sona ‘s acceptance also happened at night. So I think there is some type of pattern here.
    One thing for sure that the makers make Sona cry more than anybody else.

  14. Sonadi

    Typo- he should have stopped GKB

  15. Sonadi

    If the promo is true that Sona gets pregnant she should not entertain Iswari at all.

  16. Mami aka gkb is gareeb still she has the liberty to abuse sons and her family, what happened to Dev now he won’t listen anything against Sons and I have never seen Dev warning her to be in her limits. And this Ishwari was,is and will be selfish she will never change….witch!!! in the past few days she was just a show-off!!! I love Bejoy he always talk sense and BTW how can Dev let GKB treat his in laws like that.how dare she.. She deserves a tight slap

  17. Sonadi

    One thing I found strange is that after Iswari refuses to go with Sona ,Sona just leaves. I did not expect that from her charecter. I was expecting her to call Dev and asking him to come to the temple.
    This is some what not the charecter of Sona. I think the makers made a mistake here.

  18. Hi everyone… Hope had a very good new year start..

    As usual today’s episode was as close to reality as possible. It’s just sad that it’s always the women who often don’t see another woman’s pain and loss, they are the ones who make life hell for other women. When a guy isn’t able to produce a baby, nobody says anything, but a woman is always treated as a breeding machine.

    A lot of people comment on YouTube, etc. about how can a girl not know she is pregnant or not. As a girl, I just wanted to share my opinion on this. There could be a lot of reasons for a girl to not get her menstrual cycle after marriage, not necessary she should always be pregnant. A lot of girls go through hormonal changes after marriage due to the changes happening, be it physical or psychological. Still a lot of people think they could be pregnant and get disappointed.

    As for today’s episode, ishwari just did what she is good at, manipulate her son into following her. When she knew about dev-sona, she manipulated him by taking pills and now this, no wonder there. Now we just have to see if she succeeds or not.. As for dev, not lot of hope there, he would just hurt sona and say sorry later.

    1. Sonadi

      Dev takes after her.She always fails at the end.She tried to break the love but in the end she had to go and beg.
      She is always wrong. She had been proved wrong again and again.

  19. Junee

    TU Thanks a lot for a good and prompt moderation last night! Plz keep it up. Can you plz include a scrolling option in the writing box? That would make the writeup look cleaner and with less mistakes. Reviews can make it crisper as well

  20. Junee

    Noorjahan you are not a registered member! Therefore you will not receive notifications! Please look up the reply to your comment. There are two of them where I expressed my views.

  21. Asmita...

    A superb Good Morning …


    Aaru… Aashi… Aayushi… Aila… Aisha… Akangsha… Akanksha bhardwaj… Alia… Alka… Amii… Amy… Anam… Anj… Anita… Anshita… Anu… Aradhana… Archi… Archita… Arjumanbanu… Arpita… Arrjay… Ashriti… Avni… Ayesh… Azra… Azzuu…

    Bala Chitra S… Banno… Beth… Dr Bhalchandra Thakkar… Bhoomi… Bunny…

    Chandra… Chari…

    Daksha… Devga… Devsona… Dhanu… Dhira… Dibya… Divya… DJ789… Dolly… D.Seeba…

    Erika… Erina… Esha… Esme…

    Fareen… Fatso…


    Hafi… Halima Yahaya…

    Ibtesam… Imran Shah Jillani… Indradev… Ishita… Ishram… Ishu… Iswarya Santosh…

    Jeni… Juhi… Junee…

    Kalai… Kaarnuha… Kaira… Kalpana… Karnika… Karthika… Kaya… Khusi… Kiran Kumari… Kittu… Kitty… Krish…

    Labiba… Lakshree… Lalitha Manasa… Lata… Latha… Leesa… Lotika… Lovinglt…

    Maggie… Mahi… Malathy… Maleeha… Maria… Mika… Mohit Kalra… Moni… Mubeen…

    Nabanita… NagaraniPandiyan… Nandini… Neha… Ngkrishnakumari… Nida… Nidhi… Nikki… Nikita… Niki645… Nirmala… Nishi… Noorjahan… Nutu Tekhil…

    Pakhi… Pankaj Grover… Pankti… Pinky… Piya… Piyali… PK… Pothik… Pradishma… Preet… Preeti… Pri… Priya… Priyanka… Puja Bose… Punitha Ranjan… Purvi…


    Radhika… Rajdip… Rajesh… Raksha… Rakshita… Ramyakumar … Ratna… Ria.. Ridhs… Rishneee… RiyaDcruz… Roshni…

    Saamii… Saasha… Sabahnur… Sadaf Shamim… Saheli… Saibha… Saina… Sakshi… Sakthi… Sam… Samaira… Sammy… San… Sangita… Sarika Siva… Saurav… Savi… Shalini… Shahnaz… Shalini Bose… Shalini Senthil… Shalu… Sharica… Shivani… Shivansh… Shreya… Shruti… Shraddha… Shree… Shivani… Shubhi… Shweta… Simi… Simran… Simplesweety… Smita… Sneha… Sona… Sonadi… Sonal… Sonali… Sri… Srisatya… Subasri Gautham… Subhashini… Sudheer… Surti… Sv… Swarna…

    Tamnna… Tanu… Tapasya… Teena… Tessie…

    Vahini… Vaishu… Vani… Varsha… Varshini… Vini… Vishu…

    Yashfeen… Yogita…

    Zaara Ali Khan… Zahra Ismail… Zaraa… Zoya…

    Plz forgive me if I forgot any names and plz tell me your name sothat I can add on…

    1. Good evening ?? and happy new year

  22. NagaraniPandiyan

    Hi dears, how r u all, hope all will be fine…

    I wish u all very very happy new year, lets have more colorful year ahead ….!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hiii….. fine dear…How abt u….????

      Wish u a very happiiee New year ??????

  23. Happy new year guys!!! I am little bit disappointed with dev. First time he s being rude to bijoy and for the sake of his maa.. Seriously? By this makers again show he will never change when it comes to his maa. GKB is so cinematic yaar the comedy scenes seem to be inappropriate it doesn’t go with situation. For me Gkb character s just to make fuss n fun…. (yeah sometimes) . bijoy s rocking as usual. Why they are showing sona as a punchbag? Yeah i agree with the fact that she s married, mostly women are not supposed to show their independency, intelligence and all that (with some exceptions) even if they show it doesn’t matter. But makers r dragging it too much. When will they show her as a bold one like she used to be before marriage. Her all boldness work sirf with Vicky huh?. Where are the other characters neha, nikki, riya? They don’t have any say about this?

  24. I guessed that in that temple scene conversation would happen between three of them by which dev would come to know her mom’s conditional love for her bahu eventhough he wouldn’t accept the fact. It would be interesting if it was in that way. I guess divorce drama is gonna happen for sure. Whenever they stress the scene involves “i’ll be with u always” “we’ll be together forever”na definitely they will end up in Divorce or breakup. Let’s see what makers have in the store.

  25. I agree with u junnee. It seems much convincing yaar….

  26. indira chatterjee

    abhi tak kahani thik thak hai but sonakshi looking so ugly, looking so thin, she is not like heroine, why not she maintain herself?

  27. Realistic episode……

    Ishwari u’l never changed……Kya kaha ishwari ne…… Sachi dil ❤SE choudha beti maangayi….Ae tho badeee jooot…. agar aisa sach me hotha tho AAP kabi aisa nahi Karne wali……. Imagine karo Sona ke place pe Neha hothi tho….. Sona dilse AAP ko MAA samajgayi…. AAP vnhe Bahu….. galathi DEVAKSHI ki nahi Sirf Sirf sirff Ishwari…. tumhari galathi

    GKB nd vilena(Vicky+Elena) la Convo Sooo funny….??? Elena ne Kya gyan diya vo tho start HEI Total picture abhi baaki HEI Radharani (GKB)???

    Dev SAR jukha kar ishwari ko maafi maangi…….. But ishwari ur not first person yaar Mr.DEVRATH DIXITH la jukhane wali….. First thing Love (vo bi hamari Sonakshi Bose???)…….Ha ha ha ???

    Totally Emotional wala episode…..

    Precap SE mujhe dar laga I think Ishwari wanted her grandchildren with d processor of IVF……..???I Hope everything gonna be with positive….

  28. http://tvshowscoops.blogspot.in/2017/01/krpkab-devs-promise-to-ishwari-creates.html?m=1

    I’m worried….?kya kya bhaki height our Devakshi ko life pe…..

    1. Manya

      Nhi nhi nhi Aisa nhi Ho sakta kehodk do ki yeh jhuth hai plzzzz????

      1. Jhut hothi tho mei bhi kush??…….

        Still I don’t know it’s true r not….. but aisa laga tha ki vo Ishwari heina….. Soooo Maybe ????

    1. Junee

      Wow Ganga???Elena to be a surrogate mother? Not bad

      1. I don’t think Sooo….. Junee

      2. I forget to ask u Junee. … How was ur trip…..???☺

    2. Manya

      I don’t think so she was not at all ready??

    3. Sonadi

      There are so many tv promos floating around. We do not know which one will really come in the serial. So many divorce promos there for the last two months. And there is one news that Sona actually become pregnant late night.
      There was Promos that Neha going back to Ranveer which is not happening.

  29. Where is PRIYA and NEHA……?????

  30. The promise Ishwari is about to evoke from Dev is bound to shake Devakshi up. Wow. I hope they stay together and everything comes full circle.
    This is what happens when the foundation of your relationship is not strong. Lies will never be a good look and may not really achieve what it’s set out to.

  31. Junee

    @Fan I agree with you that GKB is all about fuss and fun! Only thing is her instigation just turns the events!
    I don’t think divorce will happen becoz if it happens the fandom will retreat! These are mere events which become the center point for a few episodes,around which the
    shades of the different characters are shown!
    For Ishwari there is one proverb ” old habits die hard” ! Her selfishness and mean attitude will surface from time to time no matter what…..,.!

  32. Junee

    True! Sonakshi is looking too sick , thin and listeless of late! She was so pretty when the serial started! Hope she takes care and looks better on screen!
    The designer of this show of late has been
    quite substandard in dressing the female characters!!! Plz get hold of a better one Makers!

    1. Sonadi

      There are so many tv promos floating around. We do not know which one will really come in the serial. So many divorce promos there for the last two months. And there is one news that Sona actually become pregnant late night.
      There was Promos that Neha going back to Ranveer which is not happening.

    2. Sonadi

      I think that because of sad phase she is looking pale. Must be makeup

  33. Hey there guys..Am Aysher
    I have been a silent reader but i wanna join you now.Can i???

    1. Most welcome…?

    2. Sure…… Welcome

    3. Manya

      Of course!!
      Welcome?? I am ayushi

  34. Junee

    Anshita, Priya, Shravanthi, Neha, Erina ( Eri), Erika, Juhee, Pothik, Esme , Pankti
    Where are you All???? ??
    Eri, your Sona is going thru rough times and you are missing????
    Shravanthi are you back??
    None of you commented on this page since the time I returned!!
    Are you all holidaying????
    If so ,Plz comment after you return!
    I miss you all!☺️☺️

  35. Sonadi

    Hi Noorjahan,
    I fully agree with Junee.You can disagree with me.Everyone has their own way of looking at things. In this case Iswari thinks that she is close to her son and can read his mind by looking at his face. Instilling confidence means ,she could encouraged Dev tell her the truth by asking him directly about his love which she knew from Mamaji.She was not straight with her son.
    If she had asked him straight ,which would given some confidence in him to tell her about his love.So here I would blame her only. And also she thinks that she knows everything,then why she is influenced by GKB. Does n’t she have thinking capacity. Most of the time the makers show that they all know about GKB but keep quite because of her relationship.
    She did do partiality between her kids. She could have easily put Dev in regular school and Dev would have come out good. Because that is in born.
    She all the time talk about sanskar. She did not do that .
    Even though GKB is money minded and was disappointed with her son selecting Eli ,still she accepted her and is little possessive not like Iswari.
    She tells Sona that she considered her as her fourth daughter which is really conditional.
    She could not answer the question.
    One thing I can not understand is if she is influenced by GKB then she should have been influenced by Mamaji also. She does not listen to him.
    I saw some old episodes where she acts like a kid when her son asks her to follow a diet.
    So I do not think anything wrong with Bijoy calling her kid.She can not face facts.

  36. Purvi128

    What the hell is this with Ishwari. .. I hate her and GKB … GKB is worst

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