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Sona comes for work in the morning and asks Dev if he spoke to mom about them. He says not yet, but will soon. She says she does not think he is serious about her and does not want to discuss about her with family. He asks why is she fighting with her.. She walks a bit and act as sticking her dress to plant pot. Dev comes and frees her dress and asks why she is not understanding. She says their family should know about them. He says he will speak to mom soon.

Ria comes to kitchen and sees Ishwari cooking on traditional stove. She scolds her why she is working on old stove and exerting herself. Ishwari asks if she speaks to her friends. She says yes via social network. Ishwari says even she was missing her old friend stove and is working with it. She asks her

to go for work now. She walks out of kitchen and sees Sona outside. Sona gets in and asks why is exerting herself. Ishwari says her work is to look after her diet and not what she does and she should not bother even her children, she used to work at home and then 5 other houses, she will not get tired. Radha while munching cucumber tells Ishwari that now a days girls will always be loyal to parents and don’t respect in-laws. Sona asks Ishwari to call her if she needs any help. Radha yells why will she call her instead of family members and asks her to mind her business. Ishwari tells Radha, she was right, girls always are loyal to parents and not in-laws. Radha leaves smirking.

At Sona’s house, Sourav tells Elena that Sona should tell about Dev to her family. Elena says boy always should inform his family first and then girl will inform her family. Sourav says she Sona should not hide this from family. Asha hears that and asks what is Sona hiding from her. They both say she is hiding nothing. Asha asks them not to lie.

Sona standly stands aside reminiscing Ishwari insulting her often. Radha comes and taunts that during her times, they did not have a job where they get paid in lakhs just for doing nothing. Sona says she will go home now. Radha asks without completing her. Ishwari says let her go as her work is done.

Mamaji goes to kitchen and says Ishwari he was searching her in her room and asks why is she exerting herself instead of resting, if she has any problem. Ishwari says nothing. He asks why is she lying. She turns and says no…He says Sonakshi. Ishwari turns. He says her doubt about Sonakshi is correct and says they teach children to walk holding their hand and when they start running, they leave children’s hand. She should understand Dev has grown up and can take decisions of his life without her.

Dev comes home and sees Ishwari coughing and cooking on traditional stove. He asks what is she doing. She says none of his business, why is he troubling her, this house is even hers. He asks what happened, why is she talking to him like this. She asks him to go out and let her alone. He walks out tensed.

Sona in her room continues thinking how Ishwari insults her often. Dev calls her and she does not pick. He calls her repeatedly. She picks and he says why she is ignoring her. She says phone was in silent mode. He says she is lying and asks what did he do, if mom told her something, mom is angry on her. She says she did not tell anything and says he did not tell mom about her yet and she feels he is not sure about her. He says both women of his life don’t understand him. Their conversation continues.

Precap: Mamaji tells Dev that he is solution to Ishwari’s all problems and should not hide anything from her. Dev asks what did he hide from mom, asks Sonakshi..Mama nods yes.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Esme

    What will happen next? ?? Waiting for next epi. Yes breaking news dev n sona are going to have a fight coz of ishwari.i read it somewhere. Is it correct? ??

    1. Hi I also read it
      I guess bcz of halwa or something

    2. I read it too.. But I guess that will not be the reason for their break.. That will just be a small fight.. I think many more are there to come.. It seems like Sona will go thru a hell alot of pain during all this.. I hope Devakshi moments still remains.. Becoz the show s incomplete without their moments..

      1. Hiii guys aaplogo ne kaha new padhi link bata sakte h i also want to read it

    3. I heard that too. Currently it looks like the writers are taking this show towards the usual saas-bahu sagas. They are dragging Dev’s confession to his mother about Sonakshi. Please don’t turn this into another unrealistic drama.

    4. Priya9876

      Fight kahu ya narazgi wo to aaj hi najar aa gya….
      Really worried, aisa feel Ho raha jaise mere life me kuch bura Ho rha h..??

    5. I also read it on twitter..

  2. Mubeen

    Guys jisko boring lag raha tha show….lo confession episode aa gya

    enjoy….bcz tmrw cute devakhshi scene s also thr

    1. Priya9876

      Finally dev’s in orange t-shirt.
      Aaj confession n tomorrow lift wala dance…yeyyyyyyyeeeeee yipeeee???

  3. Omg
    Mamaji well done
    2marrow will be a great episode
    Finally dev will say ishwari …….
    Waiting for 2marrow to see ishwari’s reaction

    1. Esme

      Yes mamaji very good step.

  4. Aaru

    I knew it dat Dev n Sona will hv an argument bcz of Ishwari..I also knew dat at last mamaji will tell Dev dat Ishwari knows abt Sona n he she’s restless bcz of her doubt dat u love Sona..u know, I know everything beforehand..hehe??

  5. Ngkrishnakumari

    Ishwari is the big problem of devakshi break up
    In today epi cry for the sack of sona
    How timid is dev?he blamea sona for his mother angryness

  6. Can’t wait

  7. Priya9876

    Very very Tough moments for our devna…?????
    Sorry to say but ish aunty ji aapse jyada samjhdaar mama ji hai, Jo humesa chizo ko bariki se dekhte h ar samjhte v hai..??
    Seriously itne dikhawe Ki jarurat h kya??
    I mean haa bura lagega but itna v nhi Ki ek hi din me khana banate waqt aapka 3 baar hath jal jaye…huhhh!!! I mean humne v cooking dekhi hai, agr jalna v hota hai to Kisi din ek baar hi jalta hai 3 baar nhi….bas v kijye aap bahut Ho gya…????
    Mama ji ne bilkul sahi kaha, dev ne life me pehli baar khud k liye kuch pasand kiya hai, ar aisi baatey Kisi KO v apne parents ko batane me thodi to hesitation hogi…i know dev KO ab samjnA padega, chize bigadti ja rhi hai…to plz dev jaldi…???

  8. Asmita...

    It is declared now that Ishwari has gone mad… Plz koi unhe AGRA bhej do… Aur dev bhi sona pr apna gussa kyun nikal raha hai… Bechari Sona ???…

    1. Priya9876

      Hey Asmita iss weekend pe lekar chalte h naa?
      Koi ar nhi too hum dono hi sahi Ish ji ko sahi jagh bhej dete hai..?

      1. i m from agra mere pass bhej do ishwari ji ko mai pahucha dungi

    2. Priya9876

      To fir done? hum log hi lekar jayenge …
      Its final…

      1. Yes and after that a ride to Ranchi.hi hi….

      2. Yes and after that a ridr to ranchi.hihihi……

      3. What I m logged in bt I m not logged in. Eeeeeee grrrrrrrrrrrr

  9. Priya9876

    Don’t know makers ka ye kaisa track hai, iss had tak possessiveness Maine ek maa ka to nhi dekha..ek maa KO uske bete Ki khusi dikhayi nhi de rahi….
    Hope? Ki jald ek bang on track aaye…
    Starting se pata tha ek din aisa track aayega..but ye nhi pata jb aayega to fans itne disappoint honge..?
    Miss the romantic song ? in these times

  10. Oh Esme I can understand that u can’t digest this,,, bt truth always bitters…

    1. Esme

      Hehe …….

  11. Is serial me bus ek hi problem hai dev and sonakhi ka itna kam part dikhate hai and torture iswari ka pure episode me bhara rahta hai.we just want to see only dev and sonakksi part.aisa lagta hai ki iswari aunti serial ki heroine hai.dev and sonakhi ka muskil se 5minute ka part hota hai.and pure episode me faltu bhara rahta.koi director ko kahe ki we are interested only dev a andsona part please.m.

  12. Ye dekho…aaj phir drama….
    Mamaji to sahi insan nikle bhai…
    Waiting for the nxt episode…

  13. In this serial they had shown a height of possesiveness of a mother…..i mean it is fine to be a little bit possesive for her son but ishwariji to just unbelievable yaar…..
    Matlab sometimes i couldn’t understand what is going in her mind…
    Why is she taunting and ill treating sona again and again….??
    It is who needs to talk to her,who should tell her everything…..
    I am really not getting the thing that why sona is being badly treated by everyone….??
    Aur ishwariji k part ko itna strong banae jaa rhe h jaise ki sona k parents to halwa h…koi importance hi nhi h unki….

  14. Losing interest now…Dev along with his Mummy is getting annoying. and seriously Ishwari is getting on our nerves.. Itna drama kaun karta hai yaar..why cant she tell her son that she is not mentally prepared to share her son with another woman? and the way Ishwari is talking to Sona, It takes hell lot of guts and badtamizzi to talk to someone like that specially who is an outsider..no manners at all..writers are showing it beautifully that how uneducated Ishwari and Radharani are..Now is the high time and Sona should give it back to them.

  15. Because iss desh mein mothers are like that about their sons. Totally possessive. Especially someone like ishwari who raised the children alone. Believe me. Maine aise bahut mothers dekhe hain, jo bete ko bas apne pallu mein bandhke rakhna chahiye hain, even when the son is 50 years old..


    Nothing but dragging… if dev is not telling atleast sona should tell everything to her family….
    Sometime i feel good that atleast sona’s family is so such understanding and free minded (in good way) & sourbh is their son but they do not control him and equally love to both imcluding elena.. but ishwari is just partial; she controls dev and do not much care about her daughters…
    And only Mama ji is sort minded in dev’s family who knows about right and wrong…


      I told all of about promo about ishawri asking about promise to marry girl of her choice….
      here is the link for confirmation…


  17. With the sizzling chemistry of Dev and Sonakshi, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is not leaving a single moment without excitement.In the coming episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, a rumour claims that Ishwari will apparently seek promise from Dev to marry her (Ishwari’s choice of girl) and it will make Dev shocked completely. Dev will be very confused as he is not getting courage to express his relationship with Sonakshi. It will be now seen how Dev will handles the situation.

  18. Her all… I respect your views… But I have to say that this is the first time m watching a serial representing the complexities of Human relationship so beautifully.. Hats of to everyone who are related to the show

  19. Feeling sorry for Sona & Dev.

  20. soooo sad episodes r going on

  21. please don’t t break up dev and sonakshi i cant see it. Hope Today they understand each other.

  22. I also agree With u all. It is only showing side of ishwari and dev not giving much importance to sona and her family. But seriously guzz i love sona family and i want to see sona side. Plzzz give equal importance to them. Not interested in ishwari at all.

  23. Ngkrishnakumari

    After watching tommorow epi i think dev want sona only for chats & stare her face
    Remember he told to sona in yesterday epi
    For sona you should
    Leave dev bcoz u face lots of trouble from ishwari & radharani for dev

  24. epi 1 se epi 109 tak kuch na kuch aisa hota tha epi me ke 24 hours ka wait zaya nahi hota tha lekin kal se lekar itna gussa aa raha ha ke epi dekhne ke baad mera dill kar raha tha ke me apna sur diwaar me maar duu. lekin mujhe aisa lag raha ha next epi ya uss ke baad vali me dev bata de ga maa ko. iss liye wait to me karr rahi huu me harr epi do se teen baar dekhti ku lekin kal se to ek baar bhi dekhne ka mann nahi kar rah ha mera uhm uhm uhm uhm uhm uhm ???

  25. Ya Dearie’s,all if you are right in ur own ways but,this is a daily soap n the makers need masala to stretch the show.they also want to make money..
    Pls be realistic all r characters.

  26. Srry to say but more than ishwari dev is acting weird. …he should just say abt sona for which even ishwari is waiting …feel sad for sona

  27. What a painful episode

  28. This drama is beginning to get draggy and boring, the story does not seem to be moving much, the writers better do something about it fast. Dev is beginning to look like a spineless guy, who is scared of his mum’s response to his love for Sonakshi, which does not look good. The mother and son relationship portrayed originally was that they understand each other without words and they are so in sync in mind and emotions, the mother was shown and always saying that her children’s happiness is very important to her, now the way she is portrayed is like a hypocrite and a very selfish mother. Writers should make up their mind how they wish the characters to be developed, they better not wait too long, if not what happens to most Sony Tv dramas will happen to them, the famous premature ending!
    P.s A separation track might help. Once Sonakshi leaves as Ishwari wishes, she might be in for a surprise as to how her son will react to the separation, he becoming a very quiet, depressed and cold person might help.

  29. why is Ishwari making Dev guilty conscious of not telling her abu Sona?
    you cannot really tell anything or everything abu all your affairs/crushes /relationships to your parents.she just needs to chill and enjoy that her son is happy rather than creating hue and cry in the house.

  30. Ngkrishnakumari

    Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi show is one of my favourite serial ever but after watching yesterday epi me gonna lose its addiction bcoz of ishwari character

  31. Let’s take ishwari on a ride to ranchi.

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