Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Soha tells Sona that she enjoyed a lot being with whole family. She does not like juggle into both places for week and wants to stay with whole family. Sona asks her to sleep. She sleeps. Sona comes out and sees Elena standing and comments. Sona asks what happened. Elena says she is concerned about Golu, what will he feel seeing his parents fighting, she is happy seeing Dev and Sona adjusting for Soha’s sake, hope even Vicky understands that. Sona suggests to fight like they used to for silly reason, who will get Sourav’s last laddo, who will get favorite clothes, etc., says don’t know how they used to get these ideas. Elen says because of her, Sona gets ideas to fight. They both chat. Elena leaves to check guests.

Ishwari comes and says Sona that Golu and Soha got

tired and slept deeply. Sona says yes. Ishwari asks if she can have coffee with her, coffee sounds so better than tea. Sona says if she prepares it, then who would not like to have coffee. Elena on the other side goes to kitchen. Asha comes there. Elena says gives her water and says she was bringing it. Asha says seeing Dev and Sona together, even Ishwari is hoping they reunite. Elena asks her not to worry, things will move on their own, she did not think she would settle with Vicky, but now she has Golu with them, similarly life surprises and moves on.

Iswari gives coffee to Sona. Sona says let us go and have it with everyone. Ishwari says let us talk. Sona says let us sit on sofa and chat and says she does not to hear sorry from her. Ishwari says she helped her so much, so sorry is a small word. She opens her heart out and says she was insecure thinking Dev would forget her for Sona, but realized it too late that Sona is unique. She continues. Sona praises Ishwari that she stood for her family alone and fought with the world for her family alone, she is very happy to meet her. Regarding her and Dev, they could not handle their relationship and it was their mistake and anyone else’s. They continue chatting smilingly. Dev notices that, goes to home temple and asks god if he wants him to thank again, then he will. He gets emotional.

Bejoy’s family gets ready to leave. Ishwari says she felt good seeing them at her home and invites them to come often. Asha says she has to come with family first. Ishwari says okay. GKB fumes in jealousy seeing both families uniting. Bejoy tells Sona if Sona has slept, she can accompany them. Sona says she has some work and will come late, has booked cab for them. Ishwari scolds Dev how can he let guests go in taxi and asks him to drop Sona’s family first, be with Sona until she finishes her work, and then drop her home. She assures Bejoy that Sona will reach home safe. Bejoy thanks her and others and leaves.

Sona thanks Dev for being so confident and making an effort to lessen both family’s bitterness, says soon both family will forget their anger and unite. Dev says he did not do anything great. both chat and leave. Ishwari hears their conversation. She goes to her room and takes out Dev and Sona’s wedding album. She looks at photos and imagines Dev’s marriage. She thinks Sona is afraid that Dev will do same mistake and Dev is worried that Sona will hate him again, it is her duty now to reunite both and will have to make an effort.

In the morning, Sona asks Dev why is he not ready to drop her school, get ready soon, even she They will. He asks if he can come in track pants. She says no. He says he will get ready then. Sona is in office and gets Dev’s call. She scolds Dev she told him 10 times that he has to go with Soha. Ishwari speaks and says Dev does not understand easily and needs to be explained. Sona is surprised and asks if everything is fine. Ishwari says yes and says she wants to meet her. Sona says she will come home. Ishwari asks if they can meet outside somewhere. Sona agrees to meet at a restaurant. Ishwari says she will come in her car. GKB fumes hearing Ishwari’s conversation and follows her. Ishwari meets Sona at a restaurant and says she saw Dev happy only with her and she taught Dev to live truly. Sona nervously says she did not do anything, Dev did it himself. Ishwari says she is telling truth and even she knows that. GKB hears their conversation sitting in next table.

Precap: Sona tells Dev that Ishwari wants her to find a girl for him for marriage. Dev says maa wants him to marry Sona.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Swarna494

    Wow sona’s long earring… And new costumes..
    Today’s episode was not good ,not bad but nice..
    I think ,dev’s scences were less than the saas-bahu convo..

    1. hi swarna
      how r u darling
      yes I too felt that Dev part is less today dear

  2. Sona’s dress was horrible today.. creative’s please took at the heroines of ishqbaaz and other serials… sona has a beautiful figure!!! Please dress her accordingly please..

  3. Neha1

    Ishwari ka masterplan fail na ho jaye coz GKB had listen their talks….?????? but Honestly, the show has impressed me day by day…!???Today episode was good but precap looking interesting… waiting 4 2mrrow episode.

  4. I think ishwari is playing a drama to reunite Dev and Sonakshi… I am waiting for that episode… Oh God when will be it????? Please will?you say what does this ” of air ” means … Please

    Their relationship is like this…
    Hate – love – hate – love – marriage – separation – hate – friends – and know what is going to happen????

    Please makers reunite them as soon as possible….. please

  5. Ek ques ishwari aunty aap shaadi ki photo album dekh re they yaa scrap file…..

    1. Prads

      Woh shaadi ke album hi dekh rahi thi…. par gajab ki baat hai ki agar ussey Dev aur Sonakshi ke shaadi se problem thi ya phir agar ussey lagta tha ki Sonakshi ke kaaran hi Dev uss se door hua tha, toh abb tak usney unki Shaadi ke album ko inta sambhal kar kyun rakhi thi… Agar woh Dev ke room se yeh album uthati toh samaj aata par usney toh apne room ke almari se nikala… !!!!!

  6. hmmm GKB ne sare bate sunli!!! per iswari ki plan thik se samajh me nahi ayi. usne sona ko ladki dhund ne ko kaha uski feelings samakh ne k liye!! ye thik hain. per usne dev se kuch nahi kaha!! spoiler me dekhata ki iswaru sona ko ye bat dev se kehene ko mana karegi!! agar iswari mana karegi to phir vi kyu sona ne dev ko bataya?? ab kya hoga?? confusion hojaye ga na un dono ko?? tab to ya to iswari sona ki samne pakdi jayegi!! ya phir GKB iss moka ki fayda uthayegi!! but very intersting serial!! hope jo bhi ho wo devakshi ki favour me jaye!!! aur peheli bar iswari acha kuch plan ker raha hain!! ab ye to successfull hona chahiye!! pata nahi mujhe lag rehi hain iswari pakde jayegi!! aur use help kerne asha aur elina ayegi next plan me!! kyu ki spoiler ne dekha tha na humne ki iswari shadi ki bat karegi aur Bijoy aur sona refuse karegi!! shayed yaha pe pakde jane ki bad iswari ghar jake bijoy se remarraige ki bat directly kar de!!! aur uski bad shayed elina unhe sona ki promise ki bare me bataye!! ayr tab shayed ye log sab team ban jaye!!! sorry me shayed kuch jayda hi soch rahi hu!! aur ap sab ko paka rehi hu!! but actually i am so excited!! hats off to krpkab!! kisi vi serial ki agli episode k liye itni craving pehele kabhi nahi hui!! bye

    1. Prads

      Hahaha…. sach me aap kuch jyade hi soch rahi hai…. Yeh sab plan Makers ko karne do….

  7. Aryana

    Episode is very good …. Soma’s costume is ok today though . Ishu and Soma’s combo was vgood . Makers please dress Sona well

  8. Storywise the track is going good , in fact on right track but who the hell is the costume designer of the Bose sisters? They dress pathetically, even their mother Asha is well dressed as compared to them. No one dresses so monotonous even in real life except for the uniforms you wear. Elena’s dresses are unbearable, inexplicable – it seems as if we are seeing same photo in different colour shades. Same goes with Sona. Please if someone from the team is reading this it’s high tech to get it changed.

  9. really horrible dress sense……. eleena aur sona ki……… sonas shirt ws ok…… bt skirt…. party mey bi eise chamkeele dress nahi pehanthe koi…….
    pehle jab wo middle class they, thab jo dresses pehanthi thi wo is se achi thi….. ab high class ho gaye tho dress low class ho gaye……

  10. Rekhadhir

    Aaj to matlb attack aate aate reh gya…….ishwari ki itni midhaas….hey bhagwan kahi diabetic na ho jaye……humlog?????????

  11. Oh wow…… Ishwari aunty please be like this only …. waiting for devakshi reunion

  12. Ngkrishnakumari

    Dev ka tension regarding ballet outfit
    Finally dev know the value of god
    Sona & halwashwari convo was good
    Best moment when sona was smiling on her swinger
    Lady papida nahi badalegi
    Hope maker jaldise 7yr pahele devakshi ka separation ka raaz khol aur vicky hire goon & beaten in order to stop dev from office work
    Plizzz expose these 2 mystries
    Eagerly waiting devakshi reunion

  13. Ngkrishnakumari

    Halwashwariko jis tarhase sweet sweet dialogues dekhar kahi hum devakshian diabetics patient na hojabe

    Less comments
    What wrong with you guys?
    Where are you all?
    Asmita,chanpreet, june, salini,amu,ganga,other devakshian

  14. Neha1

    U, Me aur TV :- Suhana and Ishwari together to UNITE Dev and Sonakshi in KRPKAB…!


  15. Neha1

    OMG.! Suhana agrees for Dev’s Remarriage in KRPKAB…!


  16. Lizaa

    Nice epi…
    Ishwari aunty toh puri change hogye….
    Dev babu ko ab samaz aaya bhagban jab v deti h chapar faad ke dete h??

  17. Prads

    When Ishwari asked De to drop and pick Sonakshi at night, Bijoy accepted it and didn’t raise any objection. Guess, he has somehow started trusting Dev with Sonakshi’s security and this is just a start.

    1. Sneha1

      but I want that scene to be shown that how r their on d way talks… something similar to what they used to have when dev dropped Sona home everytime….
      Hope aisa ek scene jald hi future mein aaye ya phir night outs with coffee par charcha….

  18. I expected that that they would also show sona and dev’s car journey as well…but they didnt??
    Suhana was asking dev to do belly dance??lage raho dev bhai….hope to see some good moments of devakshi in today’s epi

  19. ye serial to ab kuch kuch hota film jaisa horaha hain!!! ab to dev ki shadi ki din hi sona use propose karegi! aur phir reunion ho jayegi!!

  20. Nice

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