Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

At Sona’s house, Asha serves dinner to Bejoy. Bejoy says he will have dinner with Sona as only she loves him in this house. Sona returns holding Dev’s gifted sari. Elena says it is very beautiful. Sona says Dev’s mom gave it for dry cleaning as shop falls on the way. Elena asks if Dev’s mom wears such funky saris. Sona says maaa Elena is questioning like a police woman.

Radha goes to Ishwari’s room and tells her she is not happy about Neha and Ranveer’s alliance as Neha may not get adjusted in Ranveer’s poor family. Ishwari says she is thinking too much, money is not everything, Neha will be happy with Ranveer. Dev goes to mamaji’s room and asks how was the meeting with Ranveer’s family. Mama says marriage is

fixed after a week. Dev says it is too early, but he can do anything for Neha, asks if he liked their house. Mamaji says their house is small, but their heart is big. He hugs Dev and congratulates him for his sister’s marriage. Radha continues her interference and says Ishwari she should get Dev married after Neha’s marriage immediately. Ishwari asks why is she worried so much. Radha shows Sona’s jewelry and says she found it in Dev’s room. Ishwari says Sona works her and wanders in whole house, it is not a big issue. Did not she see how Dev and Sona fight like kids. Radha says it does not take much time for kids to grow up. Ishwari says she is thinking too much and brushes her off.

Dev goes to Ishwari’s room at 12 and wakes her up. She asks if he did not sleep yet. He says he knows she would be awake and waiting for him to wish her birthday first and wishes her happy birthday. Ishwari smiles and thanks him.

Dev goes back to his room and calls Sona. Sona is asleep and picks his call leaning on bed. Dev apologizes her and asks to continue sleeping. She asks if he wants to stare at her. He smiles and reminds her that they have to go for mom’s shopping at 8 a.m. She says shops won’t be opened. He says they will open for him. She says he can do anything and asks him to sleep now, it is doc’s order. He asks her to sleep and continues looking at her face. In the morning, he wakes up early and leaves for shopping.

Ishwari’s daughters greet her happy birthday and Nikki and Ria give their gifts. Neha says she wil buy her 6 slippers for 6 marriage functions. Ishwari says what will she do wearing 6 slippers, she wears slippers for comfort. Neha asks then why she shops sari every year with Dev. Ishwari says she likes Dev finding time for her from his busy schedule and taking her for shopping, it shows her son’s love for her. Mama comes and wishes her happy birthday.

Dev comes and touches her feet and says this time he did different and brought sari for her. She gets sad seeing sari. Ishwari asks Dev if he went alone and brought sari. He says Ms. Bose helped her. Ishwari asks why did he bring such a costly sari, she would have shopped anyways for Neha’s marriage. Dev says maa…Radha comments he would have taken any of his sisters instead of bengalan. Mama brushes off and changes topic, asks Ishwari to go and get ready.

Precap: Sona asks Dev if aunty liked Sari. Dev says yes. Ishwari comes wearing different sari. Radha says this is not the sari which Dev gifted.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. eshani

    Less of devakshi scenes today but sona was looking so cute sleeping and dev admiring her was super

  2. Devga

    Gkb ko pehle iss show se brush out karo Na … plzzz ….

    Can’t tolerate her …. yuck talking abt her is itself a waste of time…..

    Awwww yar …. day by day ths romantic dev is killing me …. he is too much ….

    But also the fact that iswari is realising also makes me al the more scared …. worried about future confusions and misunderstanding due to iswari ….. hope she understands tht sona will not seperate her son from her ….

    Unique show….. Erica and shahherr u guys nailed it…. not to forget other actors as well ….



      |Registered Member

      I think she is from those category which want hold on her son more than his gf/wife… and sometimes i feel same for all characters of dev’s family, who want him to work as per their wish and work like machine for money and better life for them, while dev should forget his personal life….



    |Registered Member

    Now this will create problem b/w dev and sona…. plz someone kill radha and neha, becoz they both are the big prblms and brain washer of Ishwari…..

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  5. Mahi

    shoo nic dev & sona looks good together….
    this gkb RADHA RANI is jsst too much..irritating character of KRPKAB…hey guys where is asmita ? is any ff episode is posted by her…plz can any1 rply plz

  6. Blink

    This Radharani should be accomodated separately with her family on rent by Dev! Otherwise this nuisence will ruin his happiness!she should be out of that house. But Dev handled her very well by just disposing off her doubts. But Ishwari seems to be the real threat! Her ego and overpossesiveness about her son will also ruin his happiness and GKB is there to provoke her and add fuel to the fire.
    Sona’s mother has no other work but look for a match for Sona! Thats her other work apart from cooking!Ugh!!!
    I hope Dev and Sona overcome all these hurdles and stay happy as they are now!

  7. priya

    O god!!! Yesterday episode jitna hi acha tha aaj ka utna hi darwana….
    Iswari ji aap itne shocked kyu hoooo….
    * Is garib ke beti ne apna kaam shuru kar diya…my god !!!! Precap iss too much scarey ???
    Iswari dev se to naraz nhi ho sakti it means woo sonaa se naraj h……, isliye wo saree v nhi pehni….
    Devakshi ready ho jaoo ab khud ki mom k negative part ko dekhne k liye…..

    • Sahana

      Ishwariji is too much at times. She is over possessive. She says she wants her son to be happy but by not wearing the saree I feel she is egoistic. She behaves as if forever she will be With Dev. For all you know she doesn’t like Dev getting married.

      • Blink

        Exactly you have made the point Shahana! Thats the root cause of all this teouble! She cannot bear anybody coming into Dev’s life.

  8. Blink

    Why are they not exploring that GKB burnt down her own house! This side should also get reflected slowly to strike a balance.
    Neha also seems to be a trouble maker in the long run. Looks like both Ranveer and Neha will create problems.
    But Why should Ishwari feel so threatened if her son truly loves Sona. Sona is such a caring person. Hope she realises it eventually and not act dumb!

    • devga

      Hey tahira “‘garib ki beti”‘ means “‘poor’s daughter'” … me too know Tamil … ” yelaiyin magalz “‘

  9. priya

    Video calling part was awesome….
    Sona looks soo cute that time….n Dev tooo as usual ???
    Dev u r sooo romantic…
    How realistic…… Aisa sachii me hota h naa jb couples ko call disconnect krna hota h tavi,,,,, pehle tum pehle tum…..hahahahahahahaha……..?

  10. subhashini

    Omg,why ishwari’s reaction is this much shocked dev not ignoring her,he just wanted to surprise her tats it ,tomorrow wat an scary episode i feel for sona because if she knows her selected saree ishwari not wearing means how much she hurted and dev hurted so sad?

  11. Amy

    Why is ishwrai being an annoying insecure person. she knows that dev will always love her no matter what happens but still she is being a annoying brat. Can’t she just realize that dev wanted to surprise her. She goes around telling other people that being poor does not matter and that true love is always better than money(she tells Neha that as well as Rada rani).Then why is she judging sona in the promo and not wearing the dress she and dev choose? She is just being a big Hypocrate. Telling others love is more important than money but not knowing it herself. She’s actually even worse than Rada rani . She should just be happy about everything her son does for her but she’s not

    • devga

      Agree with you….. iswari herself advises …. then she should first implement it on her ….

    • Blink

      You are absolutely right but Ishwari is not bothered about Sona being from a middleclass family as she herself has seen bad days! The point is she is extremely possessive about Dev . Her ego is hurt that he didnt take her out for selecting saree rather he chose another girl for this! The fact that someone else is getting into the domaine of her son’s feelings, makes her feel insecure and therefore the tantrum if not wearing the saree. She wasnt happy either when Dev had agreed earlier to marry Natasha. So her over possessive attitude to having her son only to herself is her only objective.she is a control freak actually who finds things slipping out of her control! Therefore the insecurity

  12. Amy

    Oh by the way thahira the word garib ke bati means that she is the daughter of a poor person. Radha rani says that so she can manipulate people by them feeling sympathy for her.

  13. eshani

    Wow I was d 1st one to comment….everybody complaining abt ishwari….but u knw wht she wanted to spend time with dev on her birthday she likes it when dev takes her out of his busy schedule but this time that didn’t happen so that initial disappointment was OK bit dev kept repeatedly asking hope u liked it as he did it for d 1st time she shd respect his feelings also n shd have worn that saree for sure dev is gonna be very sad and so as sona

    I liked it when dev enquired mamaji abt ranveers house meeting he is a responsible brother and then taking blessings and wishing good night to mum responsible son last but not d least best boyfriend back to his lady love to wishing to keep seeing her sleeping not disconnecting the call super how could he even cut d call when sona was indeed so cute and sona caring for dev’s health telling him to sleep very nice

  14. priya

    really mujhe bahut tension ho rhi hai………….
    But i think ishwari avi naraz to hai bt mujhe lagta h wo maan jayegi ar jyada gussa nhi hogi Sona pe,,,,bcz ranveer n Neha ki shadi me to sona invited rehti hai…it means ki ishwari ne hi sona ko invite kara hoga…..
    uffffffffff lekin waha v to panga hone wala hai,,,,, wo v bada wala…..god plz save devakshi…………
    Isse pehle kuch jyada bada drama ho jaye,,,, DEV ko bata dena chaiye……….
    what say guys?????

  15. prit

    Yes priya u r right. But meri thinking thodi si alag h. Ishwari ko ye baat ka gussa aaya ki dev har saal unhe saree ki shopping krvaane lekr jaata h or is saal nhi lekr gaya. It means ki vo thoda ishwari ki nazar me change ho gaya. Or dekha jaae toh sahi bhi h becoz ishwari ko dev ne gift ki hui saree se nhi, usse pyar h. Ishwari ko dev ka unke liye time nikaalna, unke saath time spend krna ye sab pasand h or iss saal vo sona ko lekr gaya then obviously she will feel bad na.
    I know that ki dev ke intentions galat nhi the or ishwari bhi over possessive h. But this time i think that dev is wrong. Ishwari ko aisa hi feel hua ki dev ki nazar me ab uski mom ki importance kam ho gai.

  16. prit

    I know that love change the person. But agar dev itna change hoga toh definitely uski mom ko bura lagega and uski mom toh dev ko lekr kuch jyada hi possessive h. So i think that dev ko jyada change nhi hona chahiye sirf uski mom ko lekr.

    • Asmita...


      |Registered Member

      My view is different Prit. Ishwari should appreciate that his son has started enjoying life, he is learning to be happy. And she says that she is happy to see Dev like this then she should have accepted the gift. BUt she is only pretending that she is happy. i dont know what is the need of insecurity. She knows dev loves her the most still she is behaving like this. it means she is a two faced lady.

      • priya

        Don’t worry wo bilkul v change nhi hoga…..specially maa k liye…..
        Haaa but uski khud ki v ek life jo abb shuru hui h….aur yee bahut important h usk liye….
        Ar ye too universal truth hai….aisa sb k sath hota h….
        Dev ne jo kuch v naya kiya apni maa ki khusi k liye hi kiya naa ki sona k sath time spend krne k liye….
        Ab ye chiz too ishwari aunty ji ko hi samjhni padegi…..
        N woo samjh v jayengi….afterall she is sweet n caring MOM….

  17. subhashini

    U r ryt prit but dev is not wrong he is thinking to give surprise to her he not forget her bday and he is going to wish first on correct time and also he telling the truth sona is selected the saree his intention is good so actually ishwari is going to happy her son surprises her but she is sad

  18. subhashini

    I really feel sad for sona if ishwari not accepted sona means dev also leave sona wat happened to her then

  19. Juli

    Dev should hv takes her mother with him for shopping.he should spend time with her mother on her special day.that saree too should be of her choice but now dev is too much towards sona that he even not realizing his mother feeling he could have given another thing as a surprise rather than saree then it would be much better.

      • priya

        Awwwwww!!!! Really u r cute Asmita love u yaar…..
        How much u r caring…
        Thanku soo much…..

    • Asmita...


      |Registered Member

      Priya…… drop msgs with your registered ID if possible so that you can get notification whenever someone gives reply to your msgs………. and dont worry about the username “priya9876″………… you will be the same “Priya” for us always………….an once you asked me about personal chat……… what happened to that ?

      • priya

        Actually I tried one day to do personal msg bt I dint get that….
        Actually I didn’t understand how to send personal msg in ur inbox….soo can u help me??

  20. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Oh no I think ishwari either didn’t like the sari or she is sad as her son didn’t go with her to buy sari I think now is the start of problems in Devakshi’s life and not ishwari Radha rani will be te major cause of it as she will be the one filling ishwari’s ears, I think at the end Ishwari will accept Sona for Dev sake but that will take a long time

  21. Kiru


    |Registered Member

    The main part of the story has started nw nly according to the promo(bfore beginning of the show)…hope it will not b smooth in upcoming episodes…becz of possessive mom…but anyway she loves her son a lot… Atlast she will accept sona…becoz of her sweetness… Hoping for the best …and lots of drama…???

  22. Satpush

    Every mother thinks in da same way because they love their son dat much… Pyaar me jealous hona Aam Baath hai… Chaahe woh koyi bhi ristha ho….I lyk dis serial very much… It depicts a mothers feeling when she is scared of losing her rights on him to some extent….yeh samajne keliye pehle maa ki feelings Ko samjalena… Jawaab apne aap miljayega… Ek baar apne maa se pooch lena patha chal Jaega… Its all about love …

  23. priya

    Hey frnds!!!
    Today I saw the In zoom channel—
    Kaise ishwari ko doubt hota h devakshi pe…
    Sona dev k room me hoti h tavi ishwari dev ko dudhte hue uske room aati h nd sona ko waha dekh kar puchti hai tum yaha kya kar rhi ho???
    Sona nervously kuch v bahane banti h, tavi ishwari ko doubt hota h….
    Hope u this is new news for u all….

  24. Asmita...


    |Registered Member

    Shocking spoiler –
    Kuch Rang PKAB:

    There is sangeet function going on. Neha is going to get married to the guy she loves. After praying to the Ganesh idol, the family members celebrate. They dance and are very happy. Neha’s parents dance on a retro song. Ishwari is happy that Neha got a suitable husband. She likes the guy and his family, and is content with Neha’s future. Dev and Sonakshi have a dance and have secret romance. Their love story is slowly going on. Dev is happy for Neha’s marriage. Sonakshi is attending a function at Dev’s house for the first time. She will soon turn into Dev’s family member soon. Dev and Sonakshi’s marriage will be next after Neha’s.

  25. Devga


    |Registered Member

    New spoiler …. hoe this happens soon …. but still scared ….

    Neha’s sangeet gets Dev and Sonakshi together

    There is sangeet function going on. Neha is going to get married to the guy she loves. After praying to the Ganesh idol, the family members celebrate. They dance and are very happy. Neha’s parents dance on a retro song. Ishwari is happy that Neha got a suitable husband. She likes the guy and his family, and feels secure about Neha’s future.
    Dev and Sonakshi have a dance and have secret romance. Their love story is slowly going on. Dev is happy for Neha’s marriage. Sonakshi is attending a function at Dev’s house for the first time. She will soon turn into Dev’s family member soon. Dev and Sonakshi’s marriage will be next after Neha’s.

  26. prit

    Asmita aapne jo kaha vo bhi sahi h. Yaa right. Agar vaise think kiya toh dev is also right. Her mother should also think. Sorry For commenting like that. U r right asmita.

  27. Simar Kapoor

    Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi is awesome . Shaheer as prince arjuna before now as dev dixit ,a business tycoon in this is so different but so cool.i l ❤ it.this is also telecast the beautiful relationship of mom & son.awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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