Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari gift wraps Sona’s bracelet and asks servant to courier them to Sona’s house. She thinks when Sona is not in Dev’s life now, why should her things be in Dev’s cupboard.

Sona leaning her head on Rithvik’s shoulder continues crying and pouring her emotions out. He tries to cheer her up and says he used to drink tea and someone told she makes perfect coffee, so he wiill drink coffee from today. She smiles.

On the other side, Dev weeps on his bed reminiscing Sona. Ishwari comes and asks why is he crying, what happened. He says nothing… She shows her fake concern for him.

In the morning, Elena taunts Sona and their nok jhok starts. Sona leaves for job. Elena says Asha that Rithvik is a very nice man and Sona

will be happy with him.

Dev’s detective gives him Rithvik’s info and says he is a nice man and respestable, says he did his work as he said. Dev says he needs one more work. Detective calls Sona and says his daughter is ill and he needs to consult her urgently and asks her to meet him and his daughter at a hotel..

Dev reaches hotel first and waiter says he usually sits on different table with Sona, what happened today. Dev gives him 500 rs and asks him to serve Sona onn same table like before and keep the table empty for her. Sona comes and sits on table. Waiter wishes her and asks if he should get her favorite capucino and coconut cookies. She asks how does he know. He says she is their elite customer and comes with Dev here often. Sona asks him to bring plain coffee.

Bejoy receives courier, opens it and sees bracelet with Ishwari’s note that since Sona has moved ou of Dev’s life, her jewelry should not also be with Dev and blesses her for her brighter future. Bejoys fumes and kicks furniture angrily. Asha asks what happened. He says Ishwari sent jewelry to Sona and showing her richness, who is she to bless Sona. He will go right now and confront her. Asha says it is not right time to go and calms him down.

Waiter gives plain coffee to Sona. She sips it and asks to bring her usual capucino. Dev hears that and gets happy that Sona has not changed yet and still loves her. Rithvik comes and joins Sona and says some people come to restaurant with friends to enjoy and some to escape from bill, she came alone. She says she had come to meet client, but he did not come at all and is not picking calls. He says next time even if he invites her to restaurant, she will pay bill. She smiles. Their conversation continues and try to leave. Waiter asks them to go from other side. Someone greets Dev and asks how is he. Sona hears that and tries to peep in, but Rithvik takees him. Dev says someone he is fine and smiles.

Sona reaches home and at night, Elena tells her about a new Chinese restaurant and suggests her to go with Rithvik. Sona says she does not want to go with Dev, then says Rithvik to restaurant. Elena says she should forget Dev as he must have already moved on and found a new girl. Sona says Dev broke up as he cannot see her mother unhappy, his mother sacrificed her life for him and other children and he sacrificed his love for his mother. She says he comes wherever she goes and waits for her glimpse and tries to talk to her. She starts weeping and continues….Dev in his room thinks Sona still loves him and he will not let her forget him easily.

Precap: Dev takes Sourav in his car in lieu of dropping him home and says he heard Sona is engaged and is marrying soon. Sourav says engagement has not happened yet.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. YogaPriyadarshini

    it’s getting better now.. quite interesting

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    At least Sona knows that Dev still loves her 🙂

  3. 4nshika

    Episode was really a drop of water in our drought life after two weekend days….What they did with 2 min eye contact and marriage done… is actually of Iceland…and they copied it from Permanent roommates…but PR guys did it in a better way….actually the best way…and i love TANKESH !….but finally we can say they are married!….DURJOY DUTTA get some original stuff or quit the job ! 🙁

  4. Oh GOD !!! This ppl ?????? I can’t see them like that !!!!! They know that they love each other but ??????? and ishwari my God she too much ??? I miss DEVAKSHI !!!

  5. Mrinalini tagore


  6. – We dunno when was the last time we saw Sonakshi(Erica Fernandes) and Dev’s(Shaheer Sheikh) romance on Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi. Probably, there is no love left at least if the recent happening are anything to by. While Dev is regretting the fact he broke up with Sona and is trying hard to get her back in his life. Sona on the other hand has moved on in life with a certain Ritvik and is also ready to get married at the earliest. However, wait until you check out this latest update. So we hear in the coming episodes, one will get to see Dev chasing Sona whereas the latter will avoid him big time. Not only will she lash out at him for being an ‘interference’ in her life but will even convince herself to have feelings for Ritvik and try getting closer to him. Word is that Dev and Ritvik will be getting engaged and also be seen sharing an intimate moment in the coming episodes. However, the question is – Is Sona doing all of this wholeheartedly? Or is it a way to make Dev realise his mistake and see how far can he go to get her back in his life?

    We wouldn’t be surprised if Sona is actually doing this deliberately to make Dev jealous. In fact, in one of the recent promos, we even got to see Sona yelling at Dev and asking him to stop controlling her life. She reminds him how they are no longer together and that he needs to stop telling her what’s right and what’s wrong. Dev will then ask her to not call Ritvik as her ‘Mangetar’ to which Sona will furiously assert that he’s nobody to decide that and further promises him that she is definitely going to marry Ritvik.

  7. Today episode is good

  8. What an understanding yar Sona…….really u don’t know about ur son ishwariji……..Sona knows Dev is alone in his pain and everything after breakup…….

  9. Manya

    I loved the restaurant scene ❤️????and what is Ishwari up to why is she creating more rift b/w DEVAKSHI ?and now she thinks that Dev is fine and back to normal ?how can she yaar?????
    And guys I didn’t knew that the business tycoon Mr Dev Dixit can turn into detective Dixit ???and soon he will turn into Jodi breaker Dixit ??????I hope u guys know that he will do things that will break Sona and rithwik’s marriage ?and he will also get pissed of by knowing that Ishwari was the one who chose rithwik and will be heartbroken ???Awesome track what do u guys think and any new spoiler ??

  10. OMG..!!!The way dev is restless to see his lady love sona…..awww.!!!
    Today episode finally Sonakshi said that dev still loves her….he still waits outside her home, he’s following her everywhere….. and lastly I saw dev when he says that sona still loves him and he’ll not let forget him so easily…. it expressed that dev is becoming mad in sonakshi love…crazy dev….
    Dev plz go and get back your sona…..forget everything… specially Ishwari…. Omg… she crossed her limits…. Now what she want…she never wanna see Devakshi together… they get seperated…. AB KYA DEV KI JAAN LEGI KYA ???
    I can’t see dev crying….. he’s missing sonakshi very badly….I can’t see him crying this much…..his tears makes me cries….
    Now I cant able to see dev jealous and restless….. enough now….I can’t bear his tears, pain…I’m missing dev who’s smiles makes me smile….missing Devakshi romance…. missing when dev calls sonakshi as Ms. KHARGOSH :- AP KITNI CUTE HAI…!

    1. Missing Devakshi Flying Hug..?

    2. Hi Neha,
      Dev ko jealous rehne do. He’ll do something to bring back sona only then. Otherwise daily he’ll just see her outside her house and keep quiet.

      1. yeah,, I think you’re right Faz….Ritakshi’s closeness makes him realise importance of sonakshi….

    1. Seriously ishwari razi Ho jayegi. I don’t think so.mujhe lagta hai ye ishwari Ki koi chal hai

  11. Priya9876

    see duniya me 2 tarh k log hote hai… 1st jine bhagwan thoda sa dimaag dekar bhejte hai,, 2nd wo- jinhe bhagwaan dimaag to dete hai but wo unka use nhi karna chahte…..
    soo my point is,,, Ms.Ishwari dixit aap 2nd category me aati hai… dev k AANSU dekh kar v aapko kuch samjh nhi aa raha…… Huhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God is illitrate lady ko dimaag diya hi kyu jab use hi nhi karna chati……..

    1. OH….!!! ADORABLE???
      AAIRAH and SHAHEER MAMU….???

    2. Priya, sahi pakde hai….!!? Ishwari is ignoring his son’s pain and as a mother its not good at all….let’s see how long she’ll ignore his own son’s pain…knowing that he’s still loves sonakshi and can’t able to forget her….

      1. Priya9876

        Feeling like aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!??

  12. Priya9876

    last scene was soooo emotional…..
    pitty sona n dev 🙁 🙁

  13. Priya9876

    nd the #dream sequence…
    # 2 min eye contact & marrige comelete….just waooooooooo!!!!!!

  14. Hahaha……you going good ha MR.DIXIT….????
    FULL ON planning and all….???
    When ishwari came and said mene tujhe apne dukh baatna nhi sikhaya to i was like..JUST SHUT UP YOU CREEP…..????
    Khud ne to dukh share karna sikhaya nhi aur jo sikha rhi thi usko bhi bhaga diya….????
    Shaheer actually loves to shoot maa-beta scenes with supriyaji….?
    I also remember one IV in which he said tht dev ki aadh me shaheer ko bhi maa se thoda laad/pyaar mil jata h…i was like awwwwww?????
    And the POV(imagination scene) was the best part of the episode….??
    And sona yaarrrrr……i so wanted to hug her….?????she is soooooooooo understanding…..she should be named as MS.UNDERSTANDING BOSE…..??????
    And when dev said jab tak mein tumse pyaar karta hu tum kisi aur se pyaar nhi kar skti to i was like ha bhai kyu nhi tere liye hi to jindagi bhar bethi rahegi….aur koi kaam dhandha to h ni use…..????..
    And the precap…..???
    He just got relieved to know tht she’s not engaged yet……to pagal kya hua… nahi he to ho jaaegi…tu khush kyo ho raha h dhakkan??!??????

    1. Very well said Shalini…? like the way you commented…??

      1. Priya9876

        Tussi gr8 ho…?

      2. thank u thank u neha and priya

  15. if ritvik is out from sona life…then all problems will be solved ?no…with ritvik has in there…dev turning to obsessive and not realise his mistakes…or what to do….to get back sona in her life or trying to talk to his ma….always we got scnes of sona understanding dev very well and also his problems…..and when dev think of sona like she think…? and….may be so sad of devakshi…but the questions arising in me making to wait for new spoilers and episodes for sharica….and today got sharica IV and may be it’s not like old IV….and still ok….

  16. Aaru

    Don’t wanna talk abt Ishwari n spoil my mood..Dev was looking so cute when he was crying while sleeping..hayee!! Ye Dev aur Sona duniya bhar ki cuteness apne andar le aaye!! Precap mein jab saurabh ne bola ki Sona ki engagement hui nhi h, tab Dev ne kya shaitani smile di..main to uski AC ho gyi..fan to pehle se thi hi..

  17. And yesssss a biggggg waala CONGRATULATIONS to the whole cast and crew and the whole fandom of KRPKAB on the completion of 6 MONTHS of the most lovely show tht has ever aired on indian tv…..
    Love KUCH RANG PYAAR KE AISE BHI from the core of my heart….❤❤❤❤❤❤
    A sweet journey of devakshi started on 29th of feb 2016 and hooked up soooo many audiences in it….and became the highest imdb rated show till now in the indian tv history….and still maintaining the NO.1 position…???????
    I will pray to god that #KRPKAB raises more and get all the deserved love and success….??????
    Kudos to the KRPKAB TEAM…??
    #LOVE KRPKAB…????
    #LOVE DEVAKSHI…??????

    1. Priya9876

      Yeah!! Congratulations krpkab??????
      Absolutely correct The king of all show…
      Lots lots lots of love to whole team… ????

      But plz a request plz give us devakshi back .. .? badly miss them…

      1. hehe….they’ll be back soon dear…..nd you know tht….

  18. HarSHaN

    Dev again strts searching The hidden luv from The scribbles..Ur Saga is only leaving U..Bt her Pink Bear is not..Still now she tries to touch ur cheek by Pink Bear’s soft hands..U must strt tension to Ma..Automatically magical snow is coming to see U for uniting U n Ma…Hope it ‘ll on Soon..

  19. Nice episode.

  20. Unite devakshi…this is only we want

  21. Ritvik ke aane se hi dev ko sonakshi ki value realise hui and he’ll do something to get her back. Any man cannot tolerate another guy with the girl he loves even if they have broken up.

    The insecurity of ishwari to loose dev when another lady comes in his life as his wife is now shifted to dev when Ritvik entered sona’s life.

    Dev bhi ishwari ki tarah will make sure there’ll be no one in sona’s life apart from him.

    Sona’s character is too good yaar. Whatta girl.! Confident, mature, her self-respect and love for parents. Brilliant characterisation and perfect enactment by Erica.

  22. Nice episode with no GKB and bery little Ishwari! The less evil the less filth you get to see. Ritvik till now is really an adorable character giving a tough time to Dev with his cool attitude with Sona! But looks like some planning by Dev ought to take place as the Detective gave a clean chit to Ritvik’s character. We shall wait for that just dont do things in a silly manner Mr Dixit! Interesting to watch our adorable Mr Dumbo becoming a detective aur kamm dhanda mein to koi man hi nahi hai! So go ahead and get back Sona Mr Dumbo!

  23. waiting for devakshi reunit

  24. Why has sona to visit private patients wen she is working as nutrionist to some company?

  25. Priya9876

    I don’t understand ki tv pe pura promo kyu nhi dikhate h….. Last time v spuriya mam wale promo me… Kitna short kar k dikhate h…

  26. Priya9876


    Guys I have a beautiful song for u all…
    I know this is not a right place to post this link….
    But I want to share dis beautiful track wid all of u… Naamkaran title song– Aa leke chalu tujhko ek aise desh mey jaha milti khusiyan pariyon k bhesh men….

    1. Hey….. I to love diz song….. Acting of d girl child also awesome yar…..

    2. Bhoomi

      Thanks for the link Priya ….. I was searching for this…. Thank u ??

      1. Priya9876

        Happy feeling…?

    3. Thanks Priya! Indeed a beautiful song!

      1. Priya9876

        Ur welcome ?

  27. How cheap of pisswari ..when she said…my son is working hard for everyone of this family..but he never does or want anything for him or his happiness,,i didnt teach him this…Goddd,i was like i just wanted to hold her neck like WWE KAne and pin her to the ground when she said this..Disgusting ,cheap woman…

  28. Priya9876

    Aaj koi v news aaya ho sbs pe( only krpkab ) too plz mujhe batana… Maine miss kar diya…?

  29. Seriously.. How stupid a mother could be.. Dev was crying in front of her.. she is saying all those useless dialouge… mera beat.. ajtak apne liye.. apne khushi k liye jeena nahi sikhaya.. arey dusht lady.. jab bechare ne apni happiness ke liye ek decision liya wo to bardasht hua nahi tumse.. aur ab sye sab faltu dialogue bol rahi hai…
    vaise bolti h ki mein apne bete ke dil ki baat bina bole samajh jati hu aur ab beta saamne ro raha h aur is lady ki akal mein kuch nahi aa raha..
    she does not deserve to be called a mother…..

    aur dev bhi…. Ro raha hai pagal… decision le aur aage bade… Samjhaye apni maa ko ki use kya chahiye life mein… aise mushkilo se bhagne se kuch nahi hoga

  30. Recent update…
    Dev after listening that hritik is looking for bank loan for his clinic.. calls Hritik and offer him bribe to open his clinic and leave Sonakshi…
    lets see what will be Rithik’s reaction for the same.

    1. YogaPriyadarshini

      Seriously… Oh God nooo… If Sonakshi knows about that, she ‘ll be furious

    2. Priya9876

      O teriiii ??

    3. pagal ho gaya h dev

  31. i miss dev-sonakshi sweet romantic scenes:-(

  32. Can someone tell me what actually ishwari wants?? Y is she nt happyfr sona and dev? Is she planning to keep dev with her not giving him married??

  33. shalabh saxena

    30 Aug 2016 wale episode mai sona ke father ki acting behad acchi lagi…

  34. Esme

    Dev was just checking sona whether she still loves him or not !!! I thought he will see sona n ritik together n so he will argue with sona. Sona ll shout at him. Heartbroken Dev ll go, drink n ll turn Devdas….
    Also sona told waiter to bring her favourite coffee n the way Dev smiled….ufff….maar daala

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