Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari enjoys tea with Mamaji, Radha, and Neha. Ranveer comes and gives documents to Ishwari. Ishwari asks what is this. He asks her to ask Neha and says Neha has send divorce notice to him.

Sona at her parent’s house asks her parents why did they hide Sourav’s problems with her. Asha says she told Bejoy to inform her, but he did not. Sona says Bejoy told he considers Sourav and her equal, but he did partiality. Bejoy apologizes. Daadi brings rasmalai. Sona says she is getting late and asks Daadi to pack rasmalai.

Dev enters and is shocked to see divorce papers. Neha asks Ishwari if she thinks she is wrong, she sent divorce notice after thinking thoroughly. Ranveer says he just wants her back to his home. She says she will not come. He asks

what about their love. She says it vanished like her hand prints vanished with hard work. He says doing household chores is not called hardwork. Dev shouts he cannot talk to his sister like this. Ranveer says Neha is only his sister hereon and leaves angrily. Sona enters and greets him. He does not reply and leaves. Sona asks what happened to him. Dev says Neha has sent divorce notice. Sona says she should have thought 10 times before sending divorce notice, divorce is not a solution. Neha yells if they all think she is wronng, she will leave this house and go, this house was never her house. She leaves yelling she will leave this house. Radha starts yelling at Sona that all this happened because of her, why did she bring Ranveer home, now Neha is more angry and will divorce Ranveer for sure. Mamaji asks her to shut her mouth. She continues. Ishwari asks her to be quiet, Neha is very tensed and goes to check Neha. Radha continues. Dev asks her to shut up, if she did not listen what mom told.

Elena walks out of restaurant and sees Vicky entering. She scolds him for stalking him. He ays he loves her and proposes. She stands in a shock. He cotinues that he loves her a lot. She ges a call and she leaves.

Ishwari goes to Neha’s room. Neha yells that she always ignored her happiness. In childhood, whenever she used to get stomachache, Ishwari used to give her pickle as medicine and when she used to get Dev a new shirt and get her just ribbons. She always ignored her happiness and even now she is ignoring her. She has decided to part ways with Ranveer.

Dev goes to his room. Sona asks if he thinks she did wrong by calling Ranveer home, she justs to solve their problem. Dev signals her to be quiet and hugs her. She says once Ranveer and Neha will stay away from each other for some time, they will realize they cannot stay away from each other. Ishwari comes. Sona walks out. Dev asks what did Neha tell. Ishwari says she wants divorce from Ranveer. He asks if he should speak to Neha. She says no, she wil not understand. He says he will speak to Ranveer then and will not let his sister’s marriage break.

Precap: Ishwari tells Sona that whatever is happening is very sensitive and they need to act very carefully. Sona says even she thinks same. Ishwari asks her to stay out of Neha’s issue and let her handle it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. If Sona says same thing as Neha did to Ranveer what would Dev and family react!!! Means get a house seperatly and lets live out live by ourself. Will dev think same or Ishwari think same that Sona is right and Neha is wrong or she will still think Daughter is Daughter and Daughter in law can never be a DAUGHTER!!!!

  2. Manya

    Chahe kuch bhi Ho I am HAPPY bcoz firstly DEVAKSHI are together??and secondly Maine ADHM Dekh li guys and seriously it is AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE agar tumbe Lagta hai I am saying this bcoz I am a ranbirian u can read the reviews??
    Tum bhi Jao Dekho jaldi

    1. Azzuu

      congo 2marrow iam going with my friendz
      hows it
      very excited

      1. Manya

        Azzuu I loved it!!!do tell me ur review!?

    2. Junee

      Good tumne Ranbir ke upor tab rakha! Adhm acchi bani? Then i will watch it dear!tumhari padhai aur tutions thik chal rahee hey na manya dear Mani??
      Tumharee happines ki first karan se mey sehmat hun! Second not yet seen so will have to wait!!????

      1. Manya

        Kk Di but yaad de dekhna and do tell me ur review???
        Padhai and tuitions Sahi chal Rahi hai?

    3. Devga

      Wil surly watch … aftr al ranbir aish nd anuska are thr … dhekna bantha hey boss ….

      1. Manya

        Kk Di??

  3. Sona do something to unite ranveer and nega ….

  4. Azzuu

    neha is mad
    it is proven that she is ishwaris beti
    and sona did something to unit them
    and precap i guess ishawri should tell sona to handle

    1. Junee

      Hehehe Azzu ??????

    2. Hiii Junee….. Hiii Azzu…..
      Diwali shopping was very much priceful ??

      I love Diwali very much…. But am not interested in krackers bcoz it’s waste of money…… Main thing is too much of pollution…… So only I doo pooja… Eating favorite food with family members….. Lots of fun time…

      It’s my Diwali…..

    3. I don’t think so Azzu……. Ishwari tells Sona better to stay away from Neha’s matter…….. Wait ND watch what going to happens….. ?

  5. Junee

    I was happy atleast Devakshi understood each other! Dev has mellowed down for good! But Ishwari still does not consider her a member of that house when she comes to speak to Dev! Sona us intelligent and walks out! This inability to integrate the bahu into the family is certainly a sign if a possessive mother in law who loves to treat the bahu as an outsider! This us a common trait! But the son will tell everything to his wife and thats the irony!
    Neha has had a traumatic childhood and is stubborn because of Ishwaris partiality towards her son! But she should have counselled her gradually and carried on talks with Ranveer too but she is not interested ! Her aim is to separate Devakshi! She will agree to her daughters divorce and ask Neha to claim her rights from Dev! What if Sona and Dev walk out and leave a separate life as Neha wanted hers to be , would Ishwari agree to that? Gkb the commotion maker should next be threatened that an investigation about the fire that broke out in her house is on!!! That will send her scattering! Vickys intentions are evil he wants to corner Sona thru Elena looks like!
    Neha dear when your brother asked u before marriage whether u will be able to adjust in Ranveers house u gave a speech to him! Where are those words now? Take a step and then repent so u deserve it Neha!!!! Your focus is your bhais house, lifestyle and property! Wonderful objectives in life!!!

    1. You have written my exact thoughts

    2. Azzuu

      srsly yaar too much
      i guess someone should remind her of her speech
      i really hate those type of ppl who say 1 thing at time and other thing at other time
      yaar be stable on one
      in ishwari mansion no one wants to see things from other eyes
      what i feel that i want
      and i totallly agree wuth u junee di
      and thanks for your wishes that u gave me
      i hope i do well

    3. Devga

      Yup but v can’t jump into conclusions abt dev soo soon … have to wait … lol

      1. Junee

        Sure Devga ! Me too have some reservations about him but what ever has been shown of late, i think they have mellowed down Dev’s character to a great extent! Its a pleasant surprise for us becoz I am enjoying his bond with Sonakshi at present . But I still feel, he is unpredictable!!!!!Lets wait and watch to see if its consistent!

      2. Junee

        Devga i am unable to view my private msgs if i click on them in my account! They are not opening! Any suggestion???? Tried logging out but doesn’t work

    4. Not once has Ishwari told Neha to live with Ranveer seperately. In your bid to make Sona look like a God, you’re saying untrue things about Ishwari.
      Ranveer doesn’t have to live seperately with Neha in my opinion. She wants ease and comfort which every wife needs. If Ranveer can get a bigger house, then he should. At least Neha would have her space and she won’t have to sacrifice so much in such a way that reminds her of her childhood. If a relationship is between two people and we are advocating that Dev should understand Sona and vice versa, we should want the same for Neha and Ranveer. Their egos are so big and bruised that they cannot see reason. Neha should understand Ranveer’s self-respect and he should understand her childhood. A woman shouldn’t always have to make sacrifices to keep her home.

      1. Junee

        @ Noorjahan
        How is Sona’s glorification coming in this context of Neha ? It is her brother Dev who had warned her before marriage that a situation like this could crop up Nd she should reconsidered her marriage to Ranveer? Kindly have a dispassionate view and don’t jump to conclusions!
        Besides Which sacrifice are u talking
        about! Neha chose her life with
        Ranveer ! She was aware of these hardships! When Dev had put his foot down she was the one who rebelled and wanted this marriage! Its not a question of getting space here it is a question of understanding the situation , the hardship in this case. Why did she marry him ? She has see their condition! Besides, she is materialistic and loves the comforts of life but refuses to support her husband to achieve those comforts . She should help Ranveer achieve if she has contributed to Dev’s success as claimed by their mother . Ishwari’s manipulations will get paid back with the same coin, that is her daughter such is the irony of fate!!!!

      2. Junee

        Sorry some typos there in the form of grammatical mistakes! I hope u overlook those as typing from phone has certain limitations!!!

      3. Love is only to certain extentNeha is so used to riches Ranvir should understand Neha.If he really loves her,he should do something to keep her happy. He should sacrifice little it to make Neha happy. He fails to understand that.Love can not bring everything in life. Atleast Ranvir should try .The way it is shown that Ranvir supports the family. What is happening with his brother? Why does not support. It seems like that he is in the army or air force. They provide you with very good housing. Why can’t his wife and children go and live with him. This does not look logical.

      4. Kalpana

        Hmmm… Seems like you don’t really like Sona… Let’s forget Sona for a moment… Only take Dikshit parivar…
        First, Ishwari… I know she lost her husband when the kids were young… Seeing how bright and only son in her family, she decided to give prominence to Dev… She went to work and Dev getting everything, Neha always had to give up her rights…. I don’t exactly blame Neha… Whatever has happened to Neha, during her childhood, was the direct result of Ishwari’s partiality… I know they were very poor… So they couldn’t have afforded buying new stuff for everyone… But if Ishwari had maintained balance – say one birthday Dev gets new shirt and next year Neha gets her new frock… Explain the kid Neha, she would have understood… But, giving good shirts to Dev and only ribbons for Neha, no kid will ever digest that… That was Ishwari’s first failure….

        Second, like Junee said, when Neha was entering the relationship, she knew Ranveer’s financial and famly background… If i remember correctly, she had been to his house even before marriage… When she knew the realities; warned by Dev ; she didn’t pay any heed… Even Ishwari at the time of marriage, stressed that Ranveer’s family is amazing; just gave few words about relationships and sent her away… What happened to those thoughts now?

        Whatever happening now in Neha’s life now can be resolved… Both are angry… That’s all… What they need is proper marriage counseling… Ranvir and Neha love each other.. Yet, they are not able to see that… In many ways Ranveer is just like Dev… Ishwari needs to sit and talk to Neha… Pacify her… What sacrifice are you talking about? Remember, Neha wasn’t forcibly married off… She chose him… Moreover, Ranvir’s family never tortured physically or mentally for dowry etc… Whatever happened was a misunderstanding… Even the court will ask them to go for marriage counseling… They won’t grant divorce so easily…

        Why can’t Ishwari sit and talk; to both Neha and Ranvir separately and then talk to them together? Any relationship has its own ups and downs…. If everyone starts thinking like this and opting for divorce, what’s the point of being in relationship or getting married? You will be forever in search of a perfect partner – never to be found!!!! Okay, she gave divorce, then married to a rich guy… Then what? She will find the family issues again… Again divorce? Till when?

        Now Neha is asking for divorce and pacifying her that Dev’s company shares are hers; go for divorce is the most stupid thing you can suggest a person… You can solve the problem in hand with this solution… Take twenty to thirty years down the lane… Ishwari dead… Dev with his family… Ria and Nikki married and happy in their own families… Vicky with his family… What about Neha? Who will be there for her? It’s easy to tell -” i can live alone… I have money”… No… When a person is ill and nobody is there to ask how are you, is when you feel so bad… Money can buy everything… But it can’t replace family…

        Ishwari’s way of pacifying her daughter is same as working parents buying expensive gifts and pampering their kids for eliminating their guilt for not spending time with the kids… They just spoil their kids who become stubborn n demanding… Ishwari is just trying to make up for years of neglect…. By letting her daughter do anything she wants… Neha might be pleased… But it will just harm her…

        Nobody is cursing Ishwari… We are all against her actions and manipulations… Sona isn’t an enemy… She has been given freedom at her house… Now, she thinks Dev’s family as her own… So she’s trying to resolve the matter… If nothing works, then Neha can opt for divorce… Divorce out of ego issues will harm only Neha… Then forever she’ll spend feeling jealous and envious of Devakshi…

        Please try to understand everyone’s points of view… It’ll be useful in your relationships… If i were in Sona’s place, i would have done the same… When you love someone, divorce is the last thing that you want to consider…

      5. Junee

        Kalpana , Kali Dear superb !!!! Very well explained! I completely agree with u!????

    5. Latha

      Agree with u junee……..

  6. Junee

    Sorry for several typos:
    Is and not us
    Of not if
    Not leave separate lives but lead separate lives
    Ughhhhhh the android syndrome is really bugging me!!!

    1. Junee di, if your private message system isn’t working, you can possibly write to TU. They’ll reply to your message and help you find out a solution, if possible.

      1. Junee

        Thanks Anshita! I could figure out the problem! Solved!!!??????

  7. I think they are not understanding each other.Ranvir thinks Neha should understand him. Same thing with Neha.Iswari let this happen. She should have been proactive in this. Again she was more interested in separating Dev and Sona than sorting out Neha ‘S problem.She needs this. Still she will not understand, how important it is to accept Sona.

    1. Yes, they definitely are not understanding each other; and their thoughts too did match. However, when you’d mentioned the point in which Neha is seen making sacrifices, well, she definitely hadn’t been forced to. Wasn’t she stopped for the marriage by Dev? We even had GKB who’d been trying her best to prevent Neha from marrying Ranveer due to his financial conditions; yet, Neha had given no heed to anyone’s suggestions. All she wanted was to live a happy married life with Ranveer, irrespective to knowing about the problems she’d have to face. Wasn’t facing such difficulties after marrying Ranveer obvious for Neha? Or is that all her love was fake and now, after having a good couple of weeks at his place, she wants to be back with all her luxuries at Dev’s place?

  8. Tessie

    Aaj kal muje episode deke kuch bolne ka mann nahi krta.. Wese ishwari ji ne finaly acpt kia ki she is the one to spoil her Childrens life… Aur ek baat kahu.. Aap jo bol rahi hai sonakshi ko dur rehne ko neha k problms se ap khud kuch nhi kar payegi at last sonakshi hi karegi… Dekna aap… Aappse kuch na ho payega ishwari ji… bas chakar kha k girjaa natak krti rehna bas..

    1. Erina

      Tessie i totally agree with u nd to good ?????????comment i’m laughing like mad after reading ur comment ???

      1. Tessie

        hehe.. laugh dear good for health…

    2. Priya9876

      ????????? bilkul sahi..

  9. Latha

    Happy Diwali friends to you all????

    1. Happy diwali to you too..!!?

  10. How come they show this divorce episode on the Divali day.
    I thought they will show Divali celeberation as per promos. I do not understand this.

  11. Chanpreet0815

    Hello guys.
    Happy Diwali to all of u.
    Kalpana vry nicely u explained everything.

    1. Manya

      Happy Choti Diwali to u too?

    2. Kalpana

      Thank you dear 🙂

    3. Happy diwali preet…!!???

    4. Erina

      Happy diwali u to dear ????????

  12. Manya

    Guys Sab log kaha Ho??
    I guess Diwali celebration mein busy Ho??

  13. Neha1

    Hello guys…! How r u all.?
    Happy and Prosperous Diwali to Devakshi fan’s and all KRPKABian’s….??????
    Junee, I completely agree with your comment…!

    1. Haiii Neha….. How r u

      Happy diwali to u ND ur lovable family…….. Celebrate dis diwali with lotss of brightness ?…. Colourfulness…. ND happiness dear…..

      1. Neha1

        Thanks Ganga, and same to you dear..?

      2. Neha1

        My condition is stable…Doctor sad that I had panic attack…. means all of a sudden I felt fearness, anxiety or mood swings…. sometimes very happy but sometimes I got irritated, frustrated….so I’m taking Anti-Depression pills…..but not to worry dear I will be fine soon….. I just had to avoid/ ignore or control my weak points….by doing such things in which I had interest… or feel happy…!

      3. Hey Neha di!
        Hope you’re doing better now and get fine really soon!
        And di, with us on your side, you need not get depressed about anything! You can share all your concerns with us, of course???

    2. Erina

      Happy, cheerful nd lovely diwali u to my swtheart ?????????????nd kaise ho aap????? Missed u so much

    3. Junee

      Neha, i am happy that u are recovering fast and u feel good! Never get upset as realisations make u wiser! So Cheer up and enjoy each moment of life becoz its worth it!!! Have a wonderful happy diwali??????

    4. Happy happy diwali neha…???
      Always stay healthy and happy…!!?

  14. First of all, a very happy Diwali to all the lovely and crazy Devkashians!!!!<3
    Now, coming to the episode, guys, if there's once things I've noticed, then it's Dev's concern towards Sonkashi and her feelings.
    Finally, he spoke to GKB just to prevent her from hurting Sonakshi any further…
    He understands her situation very well I assume and thinks it to be the best by not blaming her, which infact is very good!
    I'm waiting for the further episodes…however, Neha's drama is surely creating chaos in the house!

  15. A veryyyyyyyyyyyyy Happy Diwali to my dear All Friends……….

    Asmitha… Junee…Manya…Erina…. Esme…… Sneha…….. Neha…..subhashini….. Nagarani….. Azzu…… Shalini…… Maleeha….. ND all my KRPKAB friends…………

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      1. Sorry yaar……. Meine priya name Bhi miss Kiya….. ??

    5. NagaraniPandiyan

      Happy Diwali dear miss u all……..

  16. This is for Kalpana.
    I never said that I do not like Sona.Her charecter is the best.I feel every family should get a Bhahu like her.Iswari is fortunate to have a Bhahu like her. She does not realize it.As for Neha I agree with you all that you said.But Neha’s character is shown as that she values life’s comforts more than anything as she did not have a good childhood. Love blinds everything.At that time she wanted to marry Ranvir she was blinded by love. But still she tried through Dev to do something about giving life’s comforts she seeks. Dev tried. Ranvir would not accept anything.Even now he can make Ranvir understand that Neha owns a share of his riches. And that is what he is giving her.Even though self respect involved. Compromises have to be made in life. Otherwise marriage will not work.Everyone things that only women have to make compromises. I feel this has to be from both sides. Otherwise the marriage will not be a happy one . I have seen our Indian women suffer and go through this as if it is their destiny.Present day generation is not like that. In order for Ranvir ‘S marriage to work he has to make compromises.He expects Neha to make compromise and live with him.I still feel that these are all Iswari’s fault as she had accepted in this episode.Iswari deserves this for the way she is treating Sona.

    1. Kalpana

      Hey Krish!!! That not liking Sona part was for Noorjahan dear… Actually, i can understand your views… We can’t blame anyone but Ishwari for hurting Neha so much… What i wish is that somebody talks to both of them and make them understand… Especially Ranveer… I agree with you… Ranveer should understand like how Dev is trying… At the same time, I wish someone to talk to Neha and make her understand too… Whatever happened in childhood, can’t be changed… Ishwari can’t be changed even now… But neha can change her present and future…

      1. I wholeheartedly agree with you Kalpana di!
        Yes, Ishwari doesn’t seem to stand much of a chance to change or improve herself. Yet, in Neha’s case, she stands a chance good enough to change her present as well as future. She still has a lot in her life remaining and if she messes up a single bit in her current situation, I bet she won’t be able to make up for it throughout the rest of her life!

      2. Junee

        Your points were perfect and it was for Noorjahan and that was pretty clear! Anyways u explained beautifully!!???

    2. Junee

      Well Krish while u are entitled to your own opinion , I would disagree with your point on ” Compromises in LIFE” in this case.
      I agree compromises in life ought to be made by most but it would depend on the individuals choice! While its not a girl’s destiny to suffer, its also not good to compromise on things which might hurt you in the long run. That’s my personal opinion!!
      Why do I say so?
      Its not about ego but definitely self respect and a little bit of time and patience is all that one looks for. If you achieve something by toiling on your own you feel ” ACHIEVED” in Life ! That gives you the confidence to soar high as nothing comes on a platter! I think every individual deserves the scope for that sense of achievement ! People should be given a chance to prove themselves and in this case Ranvir should be given that chance ! But this girl Neha is impatient and thats where the trouble is . As u rightly pointed out that the main problem is Ishwari’s failure to groom Neha properly! Now she wants to offer that lollipop to Neha by giving Dev’s share!
      I can tell u leave aside Ranvir, many women in India who are ” COMPETENT” will not receive such help even if offered on a platter. SELF RESPECT to them is far more important than such compromises! Fair chance to prove is what every individual deserves and only patience , time and hard work can get you to the top! Neha must realise that. I feel she is extremely immature though she might have struggled but that was not out of choice. Neha needs emotional support to face challenges , lollipops wont help as Ranvir I think will refuse that!

  17. Erina

    Meri tmhri sabki diwali…. Wish u all a very happy and prosperus diwali ?????? ?????????
    Nd one thing junee nd kali plzzz aap log maat smjho yaar vo bandi nhi smjhne vali h….. Swtheart u know na mai sona ke against kuch nhi sun skti but c maine usko rply nhi kiya just bcse mjhe vo bht aazeeb lgti h nd i know, u know ki hmri sona kahan hai nd vo ishwari and neha kahan h so let it be sweety. Chor do….. Whatever aaplog ne kaha we all agree but vo nhi smjhne vali… ?????

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you Erina 🙂 True… What to do… V automatically defend our Devakshi n their decisions!

      1. Erina

        Yup i understand nd i hope u also understand my point nd doesn’t taken my words in wrong way….
        Gud ngt kali, take care nd sweet dreams

    2. Junee

      Well , Eri its Ok to have heterogenous view points! That adds to the spice! I love debating and I am sure Kali enjoys that too! So chill yaar! Mazaa ata hey debate karne mey???
      Its good to have different opinions dear!

      1. Erina

        Well if u wish u can continue swtheart… Aap lo maaze i’m ok. I said bcse i feel that but if u r ok then i’m ok nd swtheart i also like to debate but i’m choosy so what i felt i said… Hope u understand my point of view….
        Nd gud ngt dear nd swt dreams

    3. Junee

      Eri Good night???sweet dreams and merry debating for ” Our Sona”! ???
      I shall try ???

    4. Manya

      Happy Diwali eri Di!!❤️
      ADHM Dekhi??nahi Dekhi toh kab Dekhoge??

      1. Erina

        Nope maine nhi dekha swtheart but i will try to watch for u only


    6. Priya9876

      kis ki baat ho rahi h kaun nhi samjhne wali?????

      1. Junee

        Upar comment pado Priya ! Dekho meyne aur Kalpana ne dono ne eply di! Meri mey mentioned bhi hey???

      2. Erina

        Noorjahan h vo swtheart jiski baat ho rhi ty

    7. Manya

      Okk Di and plzz dekhna agar nhi Dekh paaye toh online Dekh Lena but zarur dekhna?

  18. Junee


    1. Happy diwali to you too JUNEE…!!??

      1. Junee

        Happy Diwali Dear Shalini!??????

  19. Junee

    I am glad that the Makers are showing Neha’s problems becoz I can see a similar situation in reality known to me. Exactly, I would say a copy cat situation. Married for love, went overboard and unreasonable when explained before marriage and took the plunge like Neha but soon realised that she wanted more! Both from her family and spouse! Family helped but couldn’t last in the long run as it hurt the spouse’s self respect which surfaced later thru bickering s!!!
    I would contribute the following reasons to this misfortune:
    1. May be impulsive to some extent.
    2. Such people get used to the comforts of life and are superfluous becoz they want nothing to be disturbed.
    3. They want their prince charming to achieve great heights overnight and fail to realise people who have risen to those heights took time, worked hard and got immense emotional support to be there.
    In this serial Dev rose to those heights exactly the way I mentioned. It didn’t come overnight. But people like Neha just can’t take challenges on their own although contributed towards her Bhai’s success thru compulsions!
    1. They want an easy solution and if a mother is there to kindle her thoughts and toe her line then Voila, it ends up in a divorce.
    2. Little do these mothers realise that they should counsel in a way which will save the marriage as breaking up may not be a solution so long as there is no abuse in a relationship! Also pointed out by Kali ( Kalpana).
    3. Well, one has to work towards a happy life and providing emotional support and encouragement is a part of that journey for nothing comes on a platter.
    Ishwari couldn’t give Neha a pleasant childhood for whatever reasons but she wants to give into the unreasonable demands of her daughter without working towards retrieval by counselling her. Easy way out indeed, becoz she suffers from the guilt of depriving Neha of the goodies offered to Dev.
    Anyways, Neha and Ranveer are both upset right now and I would agree with KALI ( KALPANA) that Divorce is not the solution but talking it out and patiently finding a solution mutually is desirable and I believe a rational and sensitive person like Sona will help in achieving that!………….

    1. Completely agree with your Junee di!
      Neha has expectations that’s are set just a bit too high. She expects her spouse, Ranveer to provide her with all amenities and luxuries, saying that this is the place where she’s gotta live for the rest of her life. Meanwhile, she demands full rights to luxurious facilities and all other sorts of luxuries being Dev’s sister. Mustn’t she compensate as well? How can she simply go demanding from everyone while doing nothing that can possibly help them? I agree she wasn’t fairly treated during childhood, however, her current behaviour does not cover up for her misfortune during her past. All her behaviour proves it that she is highly selfish and can only demand.
      I strongly feel the need for both Neha and Ranveer to think to themselves and see whether they really think all they’re doing is right. Although counselling would do good for both, their ego problems might not allow them to freely express. I expect nothing from Ishwari in this case, knowing that she doesn’t really care about all of it pretty much.
      And yes, despite not having the ideal support from the family, as per to what Neha thinks; she’s still gotten Sonakshi who wouldn’t leave her if she’d simply ask for help. But it seems people in the Dixits family just seem to think that they are a bit too smart and independent enough to handle their own ‘personal’ matters.

      1. Junee

        I completely agree with u! You actually expressed my thoughts too which were on similar lines! ??????

    2. Kalpana

      Thank you Junee 🙂 Have uploaded the next part… Will be available soon after moderation 🙂

  20. Junee

    TU Happy Diwali !!!! Plz moderate fast ! All my comments are lined up!!!

  21. Junee

    Well , I narrated the incident of a person known to me which is similar to what is being shown!
    I just tried to analyse it!

  22. Manya

    Happy Diwali guys!!
    How do u all celebrate Diwali??and guys plzz don’t burn crackers for 3 reasons
    Bcoz we want a pollution free India
    Bcoz animals cannot bear the noise pollution created by them they become deaf…..
    Bcoz China is funding crackers and it is with Pakistan…….I hope u all know the current scenario
    So I hope u all enjoy Diwali and plzzz don’t burn crackers I know ki aap log bahut bade Ho Shayad jalate bhi nhi hote but do stop others too?

    1. Manya

      Crackers kharidne ki Jagah do some shopping and watch ADHM and do tell me ur reviews if y watch it!
      But mere liye zarur dekna??

    2. Happy diwali ayushi…!!???❤❤

    3. Junee

      ???Happy Diwali Manya!!!??????

  23. HAPPY DIWALI TO YOU ALL… ???❤❤???????


    LOVE #KRPKAB….????
    #KRPKAB ROCKS…!!!????❤❤❤❤?????????????

    1. Junee


    2. Erina

      Happy diwali shalini ???????????

  24. Asmita...

    Wish you all happy n safe Diwali dears…

    1. Erina

      Happy nd safe diwali u to asmi dear

    1. Junee

      Thanks Priya ! Wish u and your family a very happy and cheerful Diwali!!!??????????

    2. Manya

      Happy Diwali to u too❣???❤️

    3. Erina

      Happy diwali swtheart ?????….. Nd kahan tye aap????? U don’t know how much i missed u……. ????

      1. Priya9876

        Yaar busy in diwali saaf safai…

  25. unfortunately i thought that pakistani and indian people r different from there governments but i was wrong even u guys promote wars and such stupidities sad

    1. Erina

      What r u trying to say????? What type of war??????

  26. Devga

    Frnds …. how r all ur Diwali celebs… how did u all enjoy … share it with devakshi fandom …… I wish v gud have had the chance of watching Sharica celebrating Diwali…..
    But tht is not possible I think soo …..
    Atleast v wil watch as devakshi …. soooo HAPPY….

    The new promo was superb …. but again this jealous iswari wil do some nonsense. .. . .

    1. Erina

      Happy diwali devu ?????????????????
      nd kya aapne msg kiya h???? Nd agar kiya h to swtheart apka msg mjhe show nhi kr rha h ???. I don’t know why but apka msg show kr rha h na option de rha h msg krne ka ???

      1. Junee

        Eri log out from the device u are seeing messages from TU site! Log in fresh and then go to msgs and cluck ! It will show! If u are using more than 1 device then probably this problem starts! Just ligout from all devices that u are using to view TU updates! I mean phone and laptop! Then login from anyone! Try dear!!!!!???

      2. Junee

        Ughhh fir se typos ?? Par tum samajh gaye na mey kya bol rahee hun!!!??

      3. Devga

        No probs Erina …. kuch nahi …. try tht idea of Junee …. log out from evrywer ….

    2. Erina

      Nhi ho rha h maine vo v kr k dekh liya

    1. Junee

      Devga thank u! Happy Diwali Dear! Yeah the new promo on Sharica celebrating Diwali looks good! I am happy as Dev has been very supportive towards Sonakshi so far!!!Hope it stays this way!

      1. Erina

        Swtheart mjhe apne frnds ke msg show kr rhe h but only devu k nhi kr rhe h ????? ab batao mai kya karu???????

    2. Erina

      Which promo swtheart?????i think i missed that ?????

      1. Junee

        Sona gets hurt and he is applying some ointment and also Dev isharo mein baat kar rahe hey jaab Sona diya taiyyar kar rahee hey!

      2. Devga

        Don’t worry agar video upload huva toh link dhungi

      3. Priya9876

        Maine Bhi Nahi Dekha WO promo…

    3. Erina

      I don’t know prblm kya ho rhi h but i tried my best swtheart. I think aap kch der k lye apne wall ko public kro tb shayad maine apko msg kr paungi…….

    4. Dev ga…. Dis na dat promo….


  27. NagaraniPandiyan

    Sorry for wishing u sooooooooooooooooo late guys

    my belated Diwali wishes to all my dear cutieeeeeeeeeeeeeeees……… Have a Lovely morning dearsssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

    1. Devga

      No problem dear ….. v Knw all wer busy in celebrations …. belated wishes to u too ……

      1. NagaraniPandiyan

        thank u dear devga…

    2. Priya9876

      It’s ok dear happy Diwali to you too

      1. NagaraniPandiyan

        thank u priya dear

    3. Erina

      Happy diwali dear late se hi sahi tmne wish to kiya yhi bht h ?????????

      1. NagaraniPandiyan

        hi erina, thank u dear, but can’t understand what u wrote in hindi ya

    4. Erina

      Uuppss u also my tamil frnd????? I said its ok doesn’t matter how late u wished….. Finally u wished is enough for usus?????

  28. Devga


    Chk out rasagule chat with krpkab…..
    It was also Eli ‘s bday …..

    1. Priya9876

      Mami Ji said Bangali Babu K Bengali rasgulla????

  29. Devga

    awwww @Erina lagtha hey tu baba ney hamari bonding rokh Dhi. … varna kyun sirf mera msg nahi dhikra …..

    1. Erina

      Yup i also think so. Lgta h baba jealous ho gye h mra frndlist dekh kr ?????

    2. Priya9876

      Ye problem tu ki purani h… Kuch time pehle Asmita k sath v a is a hua tha…???
      Usk inbox mein meri koi messages Dekhte hi nahi The

      1. Erina

        So ab dikhte h swtheart nd dikhte h to kaise????? Kya kiya asmi ne bcse i’m new na ?????
        Nd strange na mjhe abhi new k msg show kr diya but devu k nhi…. ?????

    3. Erina

      Bcse mjhe sb k msg show ho rhe h…

      1. Priya9876

        I think Asmita ne tu ko mail kiya tha…
        Mail compalint

  30. https://youtu.be/tui3UseWda0

    Shaheer live chat…….. Havilah a look

    1. Devga

      Oiiiiii dear YEH toh naya promo hey Jo tv mein aya … no live chat of dev in this ???!!!!

  31. Devga


    This one is live chat …. I think ganga wanted to give this link ….

    1. Sorry yaar….. Wrong link send di meine…

      1. Devga

        No mention yar ….

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