Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 28th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari decides to go out with mamaji and Garib ki beti Radha. Garib ki beti Radha tells Ishwari that she does not have any good saris. Ishwari gives her sari. Garib ki beti’s eyes widen in greed and accepts it. Sona brings dinner for Ishwari. Ishwari angrily asks her to keep it and go, she is not hungry. Garib ki beti asks if she can try. Ishwari looks at her angirly. Mamaji watches Ishwari’s anger towards Sona from a distance.

At Sona’s house, Asha sees Bejoy tensed and asks what happened. He says his laughter club friend’s son is shifting to Mumbai on wife’s insistence, so his friend is very tensed. Asha says this is bad. He asks her to speak to his friend’s bahu. Asha asks how can she. Daadi says she helps everyone, so

should help Bejoy’s friend also.

Dev returns home tired and weak. Sona touches his hand and feels fever. She takes him to his room and makes him sleep on bed. He holds her hand and asks not to go away from him. She calls Ishwari and informs that Dev got high fever.

At Sona’s house, Sourav is busy on laptop. Elena insists to help her. He says no. She then asks Asha to help. Daadi comments Asha helps everyone. Elena says she needs Qutub minar’s pics in different angles durnig sunrise as college project. Asha walks away.

Sona continues serving Dev and calls doc. Doc treats Dev. Ishwari rushes home. Doc says he gave medicine to Dev and his fever is subsiding slowly, if it does not subside completely, they will get some lab tests. Ishwari asks Sona to go home as it is late now and she has come back. Sona says cold water compress. Ishwari says she knows how to take care of his and asks her to go. Sona leaves sadly.

Sona goes home and eagerly waits for Dev’s call. Elena asks her to sleep as Dev and even Ishwari must have sound asleep. Sona looks at mobile phone eagerly.

Ishwari holds Dev’s hand and pampers him. He in high fever asks her not to leave him alone. She says where will she go. He says don’t leave me alone Sona. Ishwari is shocked to hear that and realizes even Dev is in deep love. She goes into flashback where Dev says he cannot live without his mother. Dev’s phone rings. Ishwari thinks it must be Sona and picks calls hesitantly. Dev’s client speaks. Sona goes into deep thought.

Precap: Ishwari sees Sona in kitchen and asks what is she doing. Sona says she is preparing tea for Mr. Dixit. Ishwari says she already told her to take care of her and not her children and asks her to not go to Dev’s room and disturb him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. In the coming episode, there will be afamily photography season in Dixit house. Sonakshi will also become part of the photo as Dev invited her. However, this will not go well with Ishwari. First photo will be clicked with Sonakshi along with other familymember. Second photo will not include Sonakshi but there will be other family members. It will be now seen which photo will be choose by Ishwari.. My Guess.. it will be without Sonakshi…!

  2. Riyaa

    Ishwari have become irritating now a days….sona cares for dev….osm…dev murmuring sona’s name even in dream was good…

  3. Asmita...

    Finally ishwari comes to about Devna but in a very wrong way

  4. Esme

    Ishwari ji plz don’t separate devakshi. They r made for each other.
    My relative’s word for ishwari ‘jalkukkdi’ a hindi term for those who need attention and thus are jealous.

  5. Esme

    Plz check the intro of a coming FF ‘Its TWILIGHT. …….A Devakshi FF’

  6. Sonal

    This is really rude of Ishwari aunty ji.I feel she is behaving like a jealous wife. even if Sona is pampering Dev like a GF ,whats wrong in that?? Dev and Sona are two mature adults who are successful in their lives and they should be given liberty to find happiness in each other’s companies.Such kindda attitude is usually shown by mothers when their child is too young to fall in love and doesn’t pay attention to his studies/careers etc.Ishwari’s insecurities and possessiveness is totally unreasonable.This is seriously annoying.and above all ,talking of the serial she spoils Dev Sona’s romance always :(:(..whenever the viewers seems to enjoy the cozy talk b/w Dev Sona she pitches in and starts sulking.tooooo bad

    1. I agree, now I am somewhat loosing my interest in this series ?

      1. yea..same here.

    2. I totally agree with you Sonal. Seem like Dev isn’t suppose to be in love forever mother boy lol. A son will need a wife after all why getting upset n jealous of Dev n not Neha? She found her own love on her own right? Not nice to make parents be the problems in their kids life n most series concentrate on that fully! Sona only wants to care for Dev n his familys what else better Bahu cab you get Ishwari. This Garib ki beti what a name??? Lol does it mean poor beti? Funny she isn’t into her own son live only into Dev n Sona life…..
      Tired of swing series that has same dragging issues either parents not approving or intruding then at the end they regret. No good mortal I either loose the one you love or sacrifice in torture way too much drama

      1. seriously ya!
        This GKB is the most annoying character..but she has the most funny and sarcastic dialogue in this serial which makes me laugh to the core..

  7. Devga

    I am enjoying their genuine daily romance…… but still very worried seeing sona suffering so much …. now dev come on plz spill it out bcz of ur secret sona is suffering…. 🙁

  8. Asmita...

    I hav written detailed update for today’s episode… But i don’t kniw why it us nit getting updated on TU ???

  9. This is becoming like typical saas bahu episode

  10. Asmita...

    I hav written detailed update for today’s episode… But i don’t know why it is not getting updated on TU ???

    1. Oh yaaa ?? Why ??? Really really miss ur detailed update Asmita ??

  11. Priya9876

    Today sona looks like a perfect wife.. How carefully she taking care of him…
    Get well soon dev…. M sure Dev ko aise bimaar dekh Kar, fans v low feel Kr rhe honge..??

  12. Priya9876

    Aunty ji plz give some time to both of them..
    Aap dev se v naraz Ho lekin aap sona se hi rudly behave kiye ja rahe Ho….
    Hate precap….very very rude ????

  13. Asmita...

    The serial is going no where nowadays… So i am also feeling loosing interest in it ???

    1. Priya9876

      Hawwwww really??

  14. Kalpana

    Wow! Just Wow!!! Neha was right! Ishwari does partiality… When Neha fell in love, she had no issues. But when Dev wants love in his life… She’s so aghast? Is she mother or wife of Dev? When she married and came, her mother in law didn’t separate her and her son na? Who said loving someone else will replace mother’s place in heart? Dev needs them both.

    Ishwari should stop behaving like a kid. Dev and Sona are adults. Sona takes such good care of her. Dev constantly worries about mom. Yet, Ishwari has problem with Dev not telling her about his love… Arre first let him live his life… Already waqt se pehle he had to take up responsibilities of managing household… Only now he has started enjoying his life… How can she be jealous of Dev’s happiness caused due to Sona? He’s a grown up guy. He needs a life partner. Who can be better than Sona? She’s not like other girls who separate mom and son after marriage. Even before marriage, Dev’s family is like her own family for Sona. Ishwari is so ungrateful. She should grow up.

    If Ishwari continues to be stubborn and tries breaking their relationship, she will lose her son. He might give respect to her words and not marry Sona. But he’ll never be happy and won’t marry anyone else.

    If she understands Dev’s heart, she’ll gain not only son’s total faith but also one more daughter!
    May God give her sadhbuddhi!

    1. Priya9876

      Totally agree with you…
      Neha time she had no issues at all….then why she doing like this….very annoying

  15. Mubeen

    So cute
    dev ko fever hai aankhein sona ki nam thi…..dev so raha tha n jaag sona rahi thi….dev s lucky to hv sona as partner

    n those who want devakhshi kiss intimacy scene…. pyar aise bhi hota hai
    Hume b kiss scene dekhna hai bt time aayega…. iska mtlb yeh nhi ki serial boring ho raha hai…

  16. Subhashini

    Always ishwari ji telling i just want my son’s happiness thats it whatever it and,also telling enjoy your life when dev doing that whats her problem please ishwari ji ithana rude math

  17. Subhashini

    Always ishwari ji telling i just want my son’s happiness thats it whatever it and,also telling enjoy your life when dev doing that whats her problem please ishwari ji ithana rude math karo ,I feel sad for sona because in this all problem sona is,affecting so much ?

  18. Guys, v knew from d vry beginning dat Dev n Sona will hv a breakup bcz of Ishwari..so now how can v say dat it’s not right(Ishwari’s possessiveness).. c I hv read in Google dat Dev n sona will get married in d show but, dat will happen after some months..so hv patience..n enjoy d show..

    1. Priya9876

      Yeah, m eagerly waiting for those moments…plz come soon…

  19. First of all when Dev likes and respects his mother so much, why he would not tell about his feelings for Sona. Just to create the story? Unnecessary conflict. If he would have told her, she might have reacted differently.

  20. Priya9876

    Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) and Sonakshi’s (Erica Fernandes) romantic love story will now see some difficult times.

    The makers of Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi (Beyond Dreams) have planned some interesting surprises for all the viewers.

    As per a reliable source, “Ishwari (Supriya Pilgaonkar) will be seeing old photo albums along with Mama (Mushtaq Khan). She will realise that they don’t have a perfect family picture. Hence, Mama and Ishwari will decide to get click a family picture together. Everyone in the house will get ready for the photo.”

    On the other hand Dev will call Sonakshi and would tell her that there is a surprise for her at the Dixit house. Sonakshi will be very excited. The photographer will be about to click the picture, soon Dev will call Sonakshi to join in the family portrait. This will irk Ishwari.

    Furthermore, the perfect family moment will be captured but annoyed Ishwari would want a picture without Sonakshi so she will tell her to get something from kitchen. As soon as Sonakshi would go, Ishwari will tell the photographer to click the photograph.

    Now, the point is which picture will get framed and placed in the house – with or without Sonakshi! That will be decided by Ishwari.

  21. Ngkrishnakumari

    Hate this ishwari character
    Lastly love the way dev hold sona hand & beg her not to go away
    We are watching this serial only for devakshi today precap is irritating

  22. Y d TRP is very low……. I hate it

  23. kuch to bhi ho raha h serial me….
    aise koi karta h kya…
    bhayanak tarike se insecure h ishwari ji…

  24. Juggu

    Wow sona…..behaves as a typical wife……no girl friend will take this much effort fr her ill boy friend. ….nbt I want ishwari to knw that even sona din sleep tat ni8 thinking abt dev

  25. if the writers will continue showing this side of ishwariji ji then soon the TRP will go down and down….

    1. Priya9876

      Hmm… I also think soo

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