Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suhana comes to Dev’s house holding Ishwari’s hand. Dev is busy playing with Golu and stands in a surprise. Golu says he is lost again. Dev says god heard his prayers. Golu sees Suhana and says this is Suhana. Dev shuts his mouth and to keep silent for sometime. Ishwari sits on sofa with Suhana. Mamaji asks who is this angel Ishwari says she found her in temple, she felt dizzy and was about to fall when Suhana held her and brought her home. GKB speaking in broken English over phone asks who is this girl. Ishwari repeats same. Suhana says her language is funny. Mamaji taunts GKB and she fumes. Elena is about to leave for job when she sees Suhana and greets her hi beautiful. Suhana replies same. Ishwari asks Elena to bring something for angel. Suhana says she does

not need. Ishwari insists and Suhana goes in.

Elena brings cold drinks for Suhana. Suhana takes it and says she likes juice, but mamma does not let her drink cold drinks. Ishwari brings halwa. Suhana says if this is the one which has lots of ghee and dry fruits, it is her favorite. Ishwari says it is even her son’s favorite and asks her to finish full bowl. Mamaji says he used to get some when Ishwari used to prepare it for her son. Suhana asks Ishwari how many sons she has. Ishwari says one son who stays here and daughters who stay abroad. Suhana hopes her father’s family is jovial like this family. Ishwari hopes her granddaughter is like Suhana. Elena clicks Suhana’s pics with family. Dev smiles and thinks Suhana brought happiness in his family’s life for sometime at least.

Suhana tells Bejoy and Asha that even she wants Suhana to mingle with her father like others, but she is afraid Dev will take Suhana away. Bejoy says now Dev knows Suhana is his daughter, what she needs. Dev did not badmouth about them in front of Suhana, that does not mean he is a good man and changed, people like him will not change.

Ishwari asks Suhana if she needs more halwa. Suhana says no, she will leave now. Ishwari asks when will she meet her next. Suhana says if she goes to temple daily, she will meet her there. Elena says she will feed her new dishes if she comes here daily. Suhana agrees and Ishwari drops her till car. Dev comes down. Ishwari says she found an angel girl in temple who helped her, she even came here. Mamaji says he felt as if they know the girl since a long time. Dev smiles at Ishwari and asks how did she feel meeting her granddaughter Suhana. Ishwari is surprised. Mamaji and Elena also are surprised and get very happy. GKB fumes in jealousy. Ishwari asks Dev when he saw Suhana coming, then why did not he stop her, if he did not feel like hugging her and telling this is her family. If she knew, she would not have let Suhana go. Dev says that is why he did not tell her.

Ishwari asks Dev if he does not want Suhana know about her family. Dev says he wants and is eager. When he told Suhana that he was her father, she was in a shock, she will be in a more shock when he will tell that this is her family, she is her grandma and Elena is her maasi and chaachi both, Golu is her cousin brother. Ishwari says relationships are not that complicated, etc..etc.. Dev says if Suhana had known this is her family, she would not have spoken so freely. Ishwari says why he thinks so..

Sona serves pasta to Suhana and talks about dance class. Suhana is engrasped in thought and says parantha is good. Sona says this is her favorite pasta. Suhana says she is thinking about Golu’s big cha, if she can talk to him. Sona gets disheartened and asks what if he wants to meet her after a chat. Suhana promises she will not meet him.

Mamaji asks Ishwari to have patience, god sent her granddaughter to her, soon she will be with her. Ishwari says she was knitting sweater for her grandchild and did not know if it is boy or girl, so she knitted blue and pin sweater, when Suhana will come here if she will like. Mamaji says Suhana will wear whatever her daadi prepares. Ishwari gets emotional hearing daadi and says she will prepare sweets for everyone, dal halwa. Mamaji just today she fed halwa, Suhana will be bored. Ishwari laughs and says he will prepare something else. Dev watches her happy and thinks maa told her life changed when he came in her life, now he realized what she meant.

Dev goes to his room and smiles reminiscing Suhana. He gets Sona’s call and asks how come Ms. Bose remembered him. Suhana speaks and says she felt like speaking to him. Dev gets very happy hearing Suhana’s voice.

Sona over phone tells Dev that she is at passport office and not at home. Dev says he is coming right now and rushes to passport office. Sona leaves before he reaches and smirks.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Sneha1

    priya dear… aj tum kahan ho… kahin apna cake akele khane mein busy to nahi ho….

  2. what the hell sona ne soha ko dikchit house m sift kr hi diya n ish khus to h pr sona pr naraj bhi ki usne soha ko apne usulo k niche daba diya sona ne soha ko sikha kr bheja h uska khna h vo esa ni hone degi vo soha ko apne tarike se parvarish kregi

    plzz makers kuch to raham kro sona pr plzzz esa mt kro hm soha ko sona se alg hote or khaskr bigdthe ni dekh skte

  3. One year down and several more to go! KRPKAB completes one years!!????????? Kudos to the makers, music composers, singers, writers, production house people, and undoubtedly, all the actors!!???? There has never been a wonderful show like this in the past and never shall there be one!
    Congratulations to all of you!!!???????

  4. Neha1

    ABP News : Soha will bring Dev-Sonakshi together in KRPKAB..?

  5. Mujhe lakta hai now this show should go towards some constructive story line. TRP has gone down. New show Peshwa seems to be promising.

  6. Chanpreet0815

    Sorry Amina I forgot ur name.

    Firstly 44444 Nikita Panchali Tiwari. Whatever ur all names r there. Dekhi mai shudh Hindi me aap as keh rahi hu. Agar aapko krpkab ki buraaiyaa krni h toh yaha mat kro. Yeah sharif Or Sache fans ki jagah h. yaha pr badtameez logon ke liye jagah nhi h. Ham sabko ek dusre se bht hi politely baat krne ki aadat h. Or aise koi idiots aakr hamaare page or hamaare mood ko spoil kr dete h. Aapko krpkab bakwaas lagta h. Bekaar lagta h. Tho jarurat hI nhi h. Dekhne ki. Aapki parents aapko force krte h kya KRPKAB dekh ne ke liye yaa koi or force krta h. koi force nhi krta na. Tho dekh kr ham or koi krupa mat kro.
    Or rhi baat EDKV ki. Durr Durr tak EDKV or KRPKAB ka combination ya comparison nhi h. Or dono ke fans me bhi comparison naa hi kiya jaae toh better hoga. Hamaare group me yaane ki KRPKAB grup me jhagdaalu fans nhi h EDKV fans ki tarah.

    Jo sirf DusRon ke fans page or aake jhagde yaa buraaiyaa krte h. Ab tak EDKV sab fans ki KRPKAB fans se pata nhi kya baat ki dushmani h. Pata h aap logon se sehen nhi ho raha h. Andar aag lagi hui h. Ki KRPKAB ne 1 yr complete kr liya. aur is page pr aa aake apni aag felaa rahe ho. Lekin KRPKAB fans cool h. Paani ki tarah h. Jo aag ko bujaa dete h. aur aapke Gande Iraadon ko safal nhi hone dete.

    Isliye naa hi serial dekho or naa hi faaltu ki gandi bakwaas. Air apni Gandi baate yeh page pr kro. EDKV fans ko dusron kI khushi bardaash nhi hoti.


    1. Neha1

      Very well said Preet…??

    2. Neha1

      Same dp preet..???

      1. Chanpreet0815

        Yes Neha. Actually Maine aapki hi do copy krke rkhI h. Mujhe aapki dp bht pasand aai. ????

  7. Rajeevreji

    Hi All, Happy 1st Anniversary KRPKAB Fans.
    After the leap Dev is looking handsome in his new avatar.. new hairstyle, new bike, but with no brain.. At one point he lost faith in both the ladies whom he loved the most. But the thing is he still care and love the person who is responsible for all the problems in his life. Now as he know Sona came back to him with their baby girl 6yrs back but Ishwari dint allow Sona to meet Dev.. y doesn’t he apologise to Sona for his mom’s mistake.. y doesn’t he want her back in his life. His only target is his mom’s happiness and Sona’s custody. Really disappointed with the current track.

  8. Rajeevreji

    Sorry Not Sona …Soha’s Custody

  9. Aastha1704

    Yippeeee friends. Krpkab got extension for 1more year. It’s means our show ii there with us for one more year.
    And edkv fans like 444444,Panchali however it’s a slap on u our show has got extension even after being worst show as u guys said. On the other hand, edkv was on of the best show as per you guys Goan off air…????. Now she where you show stands and where our krpkab stands. Now for ur sake stop coming here on this page and spread negativity.

    1. Who said yr illogical show got 1 yr warranty. Be happy with yr imagination. It is till now running because of Dany_donkey KHAN. Otherwise kab ka June ke barish me dub jata

  10. Rajeevreji

    I think it will be better not to mention the names of those people who spread negative comments about our show. Let them comment what ever they like, it’s their opinion but will it lower the standard of our show definitely not… Then y do we have to get angry or tensed about them and their comments. Ignore them and they themselves will get bored and stop it. If we keep replying to them they ll think we read their comments and get irritated and it ll only encourage them to comment again and again.

  11. This time dev should stay with Sony’s family for suhana and prove that ha has changed and will neverleave sona and suhana for his parental family

  12. Sneha1

    Yaar mera Tata sky connection kaam nahi kr raha… somebody please help me… where the episode is updated online .. is it any option or app where we can watch love tv

    1. Priya12

      U can see in sony liv.com or in the app…or if u search as krpkab 28 feb epi…there will be some sites…in which u can see it..

  13. Sneha1

    i still cant understand why dev is behaving all normal with ishwari even after knowing she is the sole reason of all his pains, separation and hurt in past 7 years… how can he act so normally with her….

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