Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona closes her eyes. Dev tells her, “look at me, Sona”. She finally opens her eyes. He says he’s talking with her. He’s boss. How she can ignore him. She used to say him rude, but in real, she is rude. He will start calling her “Ms. Obedro”. He then he forgot to tell her ‘gole ki kahani’. He now tells her that story. Sona gets interest and asks him questions. He continues with story and keeping her awake.

Elina is asking Dadi about dating. Sona’s mum says they will have to get her wedded soon. She says, marriage and her? Never. Saurav says are you like Sona too? Will marry when I find my soulmate. She says no way. If she finds Varun Dhawan, she would marry tomorrow only. Sona’s mum asks why Sona didn’t come yet.

Elina says she’s walking with Dev and such walk will surely be long. Her mum asks Saurav to call Sona.

Dev is still telling stories to Sona. Saurav says she is not picking up. Sona asks Dev..what was next. Dev continues..they were poor, so his mum started working. He also then started working cuz he felt bad. His mum scolded him, but he still kept working and first time didn’t listen to his mum. He helped his mum. One day, some goons approached to them and his mum took out knife and they ran away. That day, that boy grew up. Sona is in pain. He tells her ambulance must be on its way. He calls doctor and asks him to come fast.

Vicky doesn’t want to do course. Mami tells him everything will be over if he doesn’t do that course. Dev’s mum asks what will finish? Mami changes the topic and asks her what happened. Dev’s mum says he’s waiting for Dev. Mami says he will come. Dev’s mum tells her to go..she will wait little more. Mami and Vicky leave.

Dev asks Sona does she know whose story he told her. She points finger at him. Finally ambulance comes. They rush Sona to the hospital. Some people were clicking pictures and taking videos.

In ambulance, Dev takes care of Sona and asks her to keep her eyes open. They reach hospital. Sona is holding Dev’s hand. Their hands get separated when doctors take her in operation room. Dev’s doctor comes to Dev and says they will have to do surgery, he has talked with a senior doctor. She has lost too much blood. Dev says he can do whatever he wants..he can call whomever. Dev’s doctor leaves.

Saurav asks if she should call at Dev’s house. His mum says no and asks him to go and check where they reached. Saurav calls Dev. He picks up. Saurav asks where they are. A doctor comes and asks Dev for Sona’s bloodgroup. He asks Saurav and tells to the nurse. Saurav asks what happened to Sona. Dev tells him about the accident. Everyone is shocked at Saurav’s house. Saurav leaves to go to hospital. A doctor comes out. Dev asks about Sona. She says they are doing operation. She asks what’s his relationship with her? Is he her husband? Is that why he’s so worried? Dev has nothing to say. A nurse calls doctor and she goes inside.

Dev’s mum wonders where he is. What meeting he got. His sister tells her to sleep, but she’s still worried. She gets a message from Dev that he got some work and he will be late. She tells this to her mum and asks her to relax now.

Everyone is worried at Sona’s house. Saurav says he is not sure what happened. He will go and find out. His mum goes with her.

A doctor comes outside asking Dev his bloodgroup. It doesn’t match with Sona. She asks if he knows anyone with Sona’s bloogroup. He says it’s a big hospital, there is blood bank. She says Sona’s bloodgroup is very rare. They already checked in blood bank. They don’t have it and they don’t have time to bring it from anywhere else. Dev says what it means they don’t have time. She says Sona’s wounds are such. She has lost too much blood..if they don’t find blood, then……

Dev calls Tina. He asks her to ask his staff and everyone she knows. He has already asked in hospitals and blood bank places, so don’t waste time there. She asks what happened, but he cuts the call. He calls other people. Saurav and his mum arrive there. They ask Dev how’s Sona. Dev says she’s in operation room. He asks if anyone’s bloodgroup matches with Sona. Saurav says no. Sona’s mum is worried. He pleads Dev to do something. He says best doctor are doing treatment and asks her to sit.

Sona’s dad falls. Elina asks him to take care and sleep. He asks how he can sleep. Sona never did anything wrong, then why all this with her and he can’t do anything. He says he wants to go to hospital, but Elina says not now.

Tina brings some people with Sona’s bloodgroup. Doctor takes them inside. Tina tells Dev that they are with her. Those people come out and tell Dev that doctor took blood and if they need more, they will come back again. Dev thanks them and Tina. Tina says he doesn’t know how good boss he is. They never expected they will be ever helpful to him. They leave.

Sona’s mum folds her hands to Dev. Dev tells her to control herself. She says he won’t understand. She’s her mother. Doctors bring Sona outside. All rush to her. Doctor tells them to have patience. Operation is successful, but she’s still weak and she needs rest. He says he can’t let everyone stay with her. Her mum says she will stay. She sends Saurav home. Saurav thanks Dev. Dev says no need to say thanks. Sona’s mum goes with Sona. The main doctor comes to talk to Dev. He asks Sona will be fine right. Doctor says she will need to take care of herself, her wounds were deep. Dev tells him to give Sona best treatment. Doctor says him not to worry and goes.

Precap: Sona wakes up. Dev sees and runs to her asking what happened. She hugs him tight.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Superb precap!!!!! Their love story started… Actually!!! V r thinking too much that ishwari or radha rani or new character will donate blood… But they r taking the story very practically… Waiting for tmrw’s epi…. The hug was very emotional… Both dev and sona nailed their character very well…

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    So emotional episode…. no words are there to say…

  3. OMG… Its too sad but lovable

  4. awesome episode…. n precap…… awwww….. i just cant wait for tomorrow’s episode…..

  5. OMG !! Such a quick update… Thank you Simmy ? Love the Precap… But I read somewhere that sona will go in coma then how can she wake up so soon… But iam happy to read that she will get well soon… ✌

  6. Nice summary of the episode..

  7. Wow waiting 4 2mrow episode

  8. Awesome! I want to see this episode ..unfortunate me!

  9. Nyc episode ??..

  10. mami is so cunnind fellow kick her out and her son …..

    director sir i tell one head injury heavy blood lose … right .. doctor asked dev to pressure that place to avoid blood lost . and talk not to faint the she will become coma right operation had done …. u after that if its serial …… what about bandage first head injury u should remove hair it is not but u should put very big head cover bandage .. and hand also plastof paris bandage .. bcz u build up about accident is so high …… u have to note ….. the dressup should take care .. if it serial small small thinks but must

  11. Mrunmayee behera

    Today finally found that dev is really very pure at heart and he had some feelings for sona which he can’t realise. His helping caring nature will surely impress sona parents .His childhood reflects struggle hardships as a moral to us .

  12. sona mother’s expression is not well .. bcz if daughter met accident …..automaticaly
    the 6 th sense work she has to know some things wrong for my daughter . what happened to her that feelings expressions acting ?????????????

  13. after this accident dev and sona relation become s strong …….. dev feel now only she love sona ……..dr bose ….. miss bose and bose ….. last sona ……..

    iswari is worrying about her son dev and some thing wrong happened to sona ….her character is real maa superb ..

    1. Hi BR MA I m Fatarajo aka Joyee remember me? Mam I m so happy u love this show , I love this show a lot too me and my mom always watch kuch rang Pyaar ka first once we r at home these days

  14. awwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! hope she get well soon n their love story begins!!!!!!!!!

  15. superrrrrrr…..thnk for faster update

  16. Very emotional touchy episode… Acting of Shabbir is mind blowing… heart touching… so realistic…!!!

  17. hi…kRPKAB fans….actually..i read only WU….sometimes watch youtube…..bt i must say….this is the best serial…wow…wat a story….and the eachvchr is so nice….oh god i was sad i have no sony channel…..

  18. awesome episode today. this is the best serial ever. both shaheer and erica nailed it. fabulous performance by both. kudos to entire team of krpkab .

  19. Thanks simmy ☺

    Wow today Mr. Dixit u touched everyone heart ❤. Tomorrow Ms. Bose will touch ur heart. And Tina thanks ? for bringing the same blood group people. Precap ws too good. Im waiting ☺

  20. first I thought dev’s blood group will match with Sona. cos every show shows like that.but they show something called reality in this show.

    1. That’s why this show is rocking

  21. Sarayu(honey)

    Wow, awesome precap.

  22. Omg i just love the precap i cant waite for tmrw episode

  23. Today’s episode was very heart touching the way Dev made sure that sona stayed awake love u denakshi OMG I m in love with this show everything was so good about this episode but I couldn’t see sona in pain but awesome precap

  24. Wonderful serial..specially bcoz of its simpl nature.no posh dressings, no over make ups, very simpl dialogues..tht makes it worthy.de nly thing i m scared of is, if ther is no good trp ratng, thy might clos dwn da serial..

  25. wow…..wat n episode……….finally love started…… tina s so caring………nd understands dev fast……….much faster than ishwari i think……… hope dev realizes his love fo sonakshi…….

  26. sheela tiwari

    Like to warch everyone s role.
    That means liked the story.
    First of all the actor & actress all r good characters.
    They act very very good.
    Shahir looks nice business man attach is child hood .
    Even Ishwari look sad …….. but she acts very very well. gone deeply in her role.

  27. Shruthi Ravichandran

    Nice episode waiting 4 upcoming episode☺?

  28. I believe Sony shows are not so bothered with trps unlike Star and Zee!
    Its a fantastic serial , very realistic in its approach, very balanced. So many guesses earlier with blood donor but they took a very realistic approach! Excellent! Dialogues are mind blowing! Kudos to the dialogue writers of this show for rendering awesome dialogues. The costumes are so simple but aesthetic as well fantastic episode! Director just keep up this trend

    1. Yes true star and zee shows r dragging and also boring now besides dehleez, vishkanya , tamanna

  29. Awesome episode

  30. Devakshi Lover♥

    This is it.. I am sure I will not get over this show ever. Each cast member protrayed their character so gracefully. Sona realised her love for Dev, from the precap what it seemed. Now its time for Dev..♥
    Holy, this is only sensible show in Indian television right now. No over drama (minus that Radha Rani).

    1. Even Radha rani’s character is not so negative like other drama negaie characters

  31. Devakshi Lover♥

    Exactly. You said it right. I mean I have noticed most of Sony’s shows do not go on and on. They pitch the story in such a way so that it is less stretched and balanced too. That’s a positive point. Hope it goes that way in future too..

  32. Ngkrishnakumari

    Awesome precap eagerly waitibg for today epi love u devakshi

  33. At wat time is the retelecast of this show?couldn’t watch it,please help.

    1. Retelecast timings- 11am ? & 1pm ?

    2. At 6 pm in da evening too..nd da entire week’s epi is telecastd on saturday @ 11 am

  34. really true thiwariji, everybody s acting soooo well……nd iswari(supriyaaiji)…. she s so beautiful as she came years ago n ‘thu thu mey mey’…….. nobody s so beautiful as her to act as devs ma……coz he s so handsome……..nd they hv selected iswari..soo simple yet beautiful…apt selectn…….

  35. This is the second serial I am watching in recent years.sony experiments with new story lines.kudos to the team.previously another serial reporter was also upto this standard n was a finite series.loving all the charactets.blended well n best of the actors are chosen here.

  36. True I’m watching supriyaji from tu tu main main. She is awesome. KRPAB is a very balanced and beautiful story. I’m luving it.

  37. just love d chemistry b/w dev nd sona. best show

  38. Shahirs acting in this episode is superb. Supriya ( dev mother)was first nach baliye winner. And she is very popular actress in Marathi industry. Superb supriya. Khup chan.

  39. U know I always wait so desperately for the next episode!its always so amazing.i mean honestly,I didn’t watch this show from the start,but it’s really heart touching and so attractive.i really wanted to donate blood to sona but lol obviously I can’t.i Guess I’m over reacting ??.and Writers pls don’t waste anymore time Dev and sona have to fall in love before this serene/roop durga makes an unpleasant entry to the sets.GO DevAakshi!!❤️?

    1. Same here Nidhi I also didn’t watch the initial episodes much and didn’t find it much interesting but now it’s good and awesome one of my fav shows in curent times devakshi rocks

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