Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ranbeer comes home with Sona to reconcile with Neha. He touches Ishwari, Radha and Mamaji’s feet. Ishwari says good he came. Radha he came as Sona brought her here, else he would not have come. If he had come before, Neha would have thought of reconciliation. Ranveer says he called Neha many times, but she did not pick his call at all. Ranveer then gos to meet Neha. Neha says he always ignored her happiness and was worried about his family, she needs her own house and does not want to stay with his family, until he gets her a separate house, she will not return. He says he will not leave his family and asks if her decision is final. She says yes. He angrily leaves. Sona hears their conversation and stands dumbstruck.

Ishwari infront of mamaji and Radha

scolds Sona that she should not have brought Ranveer home. Sona says she wants to reunite Neha and Ranveer and anyways someone had to make a move first. Mamaji says Sona is right. Radha yells she is wrong, Ranveer did not come by himself and is not worried about Neha. Dev also comes home. Ishwari says she knows Neha well, she will not agree so easily, so they should let her take her own time and continues scolding Sona. Dev says he will speak to Neha once. Ishwari says if he did not hear what she told, nobody wants to listen to her, they should give some time to Neha.

Asha tells Bejoy if they can get some job for Sourav in Dev’s company. He says no, already Dev’s family created so much drama and if get get job for Sourav, they will to live under their favor. He will never agree for it.

Neha starts yelling at Sona to stop interfering in her life and says she cannot come back to her house now and Sona is jealous of her. She lost right on her brother completley now and will go and stay in hotel. Sona says father says girl’s parent’s house is also her house and she never feels any difference. She and Dev want her to lead a happy life. Neha starts yelling again. Ishwari hears their conversation and asks Neha to calm down and reconcile witih Ranveer. Neha angrily leaves.

Sona sadly goes to her room. Dev starts joking with her. She says bad joke. He says let us go out. She says no. He says he was planning to go to her parent’s house to have bengali feast. She says really. He says he was having some work near her house and thought of visiting her parents. She agrees.

Sona reaches her parent’s house and helps Asha in cooking. Asha says she has learnt cooking so early. Sona says she had to learn. Bejoy enters and asks if Dev and his family is troubling her. Sona jokes that Radha beats her, Ishwari does not give her food, Dev’s sisters lock her in a room. Bejoy gets angry and says he will call Ishwari right now. Sona laughs and says she was just joking. She and Asha serve food. Elena comes and gets very happy seeing Sona and jokes she should be surprisist instead of nutritionist and hugs Sona. Bejoy says it is his turn as Elena goes to meet Sona often. Sona asks what is happening, Elena hides her face and Sourav does not call her at all. Sourav comes running and locks door. Family asks what happened. Sourav says he went for a product demo and client’s dog attacked and bit his hand. Bejoy jokes. Sourav holding his hand asks him to stop pestering him. Bejoy leaves laughing. Sona asks what happened. Sourav tells her that his partner betrayed him andhis cheques started bouncing when he paid her marriage bills, dad paid back with his PF money. Sona listens to him silently.

Precap: Ranveer comes to Dev’s house and informs that Neha has sent him divorce notice. Sona sees him and greets and he walks out ignoring her. Sona asks Dev happened. Dev says Neha has sent divorce notice.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Loved just dev and sona moments…bose family talks nice….ishwari want to ruin our dev’s life that’s why she will not get neha problems solved so easily…. But nowadays our lovely dev always with sona….liked it loved it

  2. Junee

    Neha is really arrogant and stubborn like her mother! Materialistic too as Pisswari finds an opportunity to tell Neha that all sisters of Dev have full rights o er his property! Poor Sona could not perhaps understand Pisswari ‘s motive! Lousy woman. The more wicked she is the more she will get it back from destiny/ fate! All her daughters will suffer becoz if the mother is so shrewd and materialistic the brunt has to be borne by the daughters.
    It was nice to see Dev Sona bond briefly but beautifully! This is the most encouraging part of the serial! Dev Sona’s togetherness and their trust on each other! This keeps the serial going! Otherwise Pisswari is truly a rubbish character stretched beyond limits!

  3. Aaru

    Y does dis Neha always hv to overreact..N I’m sure dat Ishwari ji will support Neha but mamaji will ask her, dat wat if sonakshi was in Neha’s place n she would hv asked Dev to leave his family n stay wid her..??jst hope dis Neha gets lost soon.. ja tu hotel mein hi reh..N Ishwari har baat ko ghuma phira k ek hi conclusion pe aati h ki Dev apni grihasri mein khushiyan nhi manaega..negative vibes aati h in maa beti se mujhe..??

    1. Aaru

      *Grihasti not grihasri

  4. A woman like Neha will never be happy in this world and she is blessed to have a mother like Ishwari who never allows her stubborn daughter to learn things adjusts with her inlaws family but at the same time wants his own son to be with her always even not allowing him to be with his newly married bride Sona. I really pity Sona. The love she has on Dev makes her ajust everything. It is better Ranveer divorce her and marry a homely adjustable girl. Neha type character girls are born to suffer and not for enjoyment. Ishwari is neither a good mother nor a good MIL. She wants her son to be sticked to her pallu but wants her daughter to enjoy her ego.

    1. Noorjahan

      Stop making Ishwari out to be an evil mother. She might be over-protective but she’s not wicked. She has never asked Neha to make Ranveer leave his family. If anything, she has been trying to reason with her that Neha should adjust and stop making Sona out to be a saint. She is a know-it-all who does not have what it takes to be a good daughter-in-law.

      1. U r ryt noorjahan…..
        guys plz don’t think about ishwari like this…

      2. Erina

        What r u saying i don’t understand u…nd what this ishwari is not like that so stop making her like that. Dear its u only nd some more like u who think ishwari is ryt but if u want plzzz turn back nd see their r many person who can’t even imagine about this for eg erina , ganga, manya, azzuu, asmita, priya, neha, bani, junee, aaru, sakthi, maria, anshita, pothik, devu, yashfeen, tessie, nagarani, shalini, nd many more r their nd we all love devakshi not that ishwari… So dear if u think u can say but don’t tell her anything bcse we all think
        what sarika is saying…. Hope u don’t mind nd if u r hurt that i said like this then i only request u to think once bcse we madly love our sona nd can’t even imagine to
        compare her with that ishwari.
        U r free to express ur feeling as this site doesn’t belongs to my papaji?? ????but don’t tell this type of thing bcse we r not trying to make her evil but hmlog aisa usko aisa bana nhi rhe h but kya kre vo aisi hi h. If u want just go to any site either Forum, instagram, twitter, facebook anywhere u will find fans like us only who doesn’t feel sona is wrong nd that ishwari is ryt… Its my first time to know that their r person who think that ishwari is ryt ???nd sona… Dr. Sonakshi bose is wrong???? i think u understand what i want to say but i shared my views with u bcse i think we belongs to same family (krpkabians family)

    2. totally with you…………….

  5. Ishwari must be the worst mother in the world. She does not have the motherly love for Dev but she in “Love” with her son. It’s sickening to watch that she finds every oppertunity to distance Dev and Sonakshi.

  6. so Sona will ask Dev for a good job for Saurabh and ask that Vicky should be a trainee. What is the difference between Vicky and her brother? if Vicky is a school drop out, then Saurabh is a business failure irrespective of his so called experience?
    Let see if the do good Sona will ask that Saurabh should be a trainee? If she does, then all my incorrect notions about her being an awful daughter in law in change?
    A daughter in law that does not seek advice from others before acting in a new family is a failure. She thinks she knows too much.

    1. Erina

      Its ur opinion but sorry to say i totally disagree with u how can u ever raise ur finger against my sona. I can’t understand ur point of view. So what u think about ishwari????? Is she so called mahaan for u??????

    1. Yes….. Hats off to u Shaheer ??

    2. Junee


  7. Noorjahan

    I just want to know if Sona is going to recommend Saurabh for a job in Dev’s company. Is she going to suggest that he be a trainee as well? because if Vicky has been a failure in school then Saurabh has been a failure in business even if he has experience.
    Let’s see if the Almighty Sonakshi will be as fair as you people paint her out to be. I keep saying she is not a good daughter in law. A know it all who does not know how to seek for advice before doing anything. Bakwas.

    1. Erina

      Wow congrates dear mjhe nhi lga tha koi sona pe v finger kr skta h but hats of to u ???. Wooooow what a thought seriously U think like this??????? Nd point out anything in which u think my sona is wrong nd ur so called mahaan ishwari is ryt… Plzzz don’t mind but seriously i’m qurious to know what u think….

  8. if somebody is noticing things precisely he/she will get to see a major turn taking place in the serial…..what i’m talking about is that DEV is very much growing with his character..he’s handling things in a bit cooler way as compared to before….and at the same time one can see some very like literally very very minute change in ishwari’s thinking towards sona….like what i mean to say is..she is listening to sona when she talks about family and relations and the other stuff….though after all this she’s still that filthy women who just can’t get off her son but i think some small changes are taking place in the unconcious and will surely come out in a better and a very much positive way…i feel that after this neha drama that will obviously be get sorted out by sona..ishwari will start or should i say will try to change her behaviour towards sona….atleast i hope so…..and also we all can see a different DEV now-a-days…he is like what should i say…like he’s not behaving impulsively on every single thing like he used to do before…he’s a little more composed with his thoughts i guess…and the best thing is that he’s standing by her….so this are the small small things which is surely showing us the BIG TURN taking place in the serial….and i’m very much HAPPY about it….

    i just fear one thing that when it comes to ishwari he should not start behaving like ISHWARI KA PYAARA BETA….rather he should deepen his thoughts and should start thinking more rationally…

    that was my take on the current track…if anybody disagrees then its fine with me…so NO OFFENCE…

    1. and i’m so sorry for the typos if any are there…

    2. Kalpana

      Yup… You are right… Slowly, he will become more calm and more patient… Waiting for that so much 🙂

  9. Ishwari wants Dev to do the same as Ranveer is doing taking care of her mother then why she is upset.

  10. I want the makers to show that Iswari realize what if the situation reverses that Sona wants Dev to separate from his family. She should explain the same to Neha.And she should also change her view on Sona and accept her as her bahu wholeheartedly.

    1. Junee

      Very well suggested Krish!!

  11. Junee

    @ Shalini
    Indeed there seems to be a mild change in Ishwari even I thought so but I would revert back to say that she is conniving becoz she reminds Neha about shares in Dev’s property. At this stage as a mother, she should have counselled her daughter to be supportive towards Ranveer who has a sick mother and give her example of the struggle but her motives are different. I feel after Neha episode the prenup agreement will come up and Sona’s medical problems as Dadibua was already on the call.Lets wait and watch before we pass judgement . I just shared what I thought could be a possibility!However I am happy to see Dev transform for better gradually. This is close to reality that love and care can transform a person.
    Now I am responding to why many of us call Ishwari wicked. I would go a step further to call her dual faced! What holds true for Sona is not applicable for her daughter otherwise she would have counselled her daughter by now and saved her marriage. But her intentions are far deep routed. She talks about shares in Dev’s property and assures Neha about the shares! Both mother and daughter clearly are materialistic and can be calmed with such assurances.Both suffer from insecurity and that’s why are erratic personalities.
    Why should a daughter in law ask everyone for opinion at home if she feels something is right and needs to be done to sought out a problem? That’s maturity and to assume that a newcomer would lack in it is being JUDGEMENTAL! Not only daughter in law but anybody for that matter as everybody has some experience in the family and above all a better sense called being “LOGICAL” or” RATIONALE”!
    A mother who is bothered about her self only as she says ” Kahi iss prabaha me behe nahi jaye aur hum kinare mey rehe jay” . She talks about her old age and her daughters security . What about her so called beloved son’s life? So Selfish and has doubts about her son. What kind of mother is she? This is typically a mother of 1980’s or pre 80’s becoz this attitude in the 2016 would definitely create not only distance but abandonment. We see lot of homes of the pre 80’s and 80’s going through hell as they are not cared for becoz of such expectations. May be that is what the Makers are focusing on that expectations should be minimal if things are done out of sheer joy and a feeling of responsibility take it gracefully!
    Gone are the days when daughter in laws and daughters would remain as door mats. They are competent and far more mature becoz of the exposures.
    She reminds Dev of how much she has done for him. All mothers do! Motherhood is such a thing that even the mothers in the animal world take care of their young ones let aside the humans! That means she thinks that it i

  12. Junee

    Sorry couldnt finish it went thru before that!
    But all i would say to sum up that Ishwari is WICKED and lets wait to see whether Dev is her son at all or not!
    Till then we can ” AGREE to DISAGREE “!
    Each one is entitled to his or her opinion nobody tells that Stop this and stop that in this site to other commenters! Leave ur ideas dont try to control is what i have to say that would always keep the discussions healthy and alive!!!

  13. Junee

    @Noor jahan the above comments were for u and the first few lines of my forst comment was for Shalini

  14. Junee

    Shalini only the first few lines about Dev’s teansformation was a response to your comments rest were for Noorjehan!!

    1. tht’s what i was thinking…i cannot understand that why are you explaining too much….i didn’t said anything like that…but i totally agree with you on your thought…

      1. Junee

        Ha. separately comment karne gayee fir woh post ho gaye before correcting it!!!

  15. Shalini. Like you said , let’s agree to disagree. I’m just of the point that Ishwari is not a bad mother and nothing in the show has shown that’s she’s one. When you’re a mother yourself and you sacrifice so much for your children, you’ll most likely do the same.
    As for Sona being a mature daughter in law, I disagree with that. Maturity does not mean you necessarily know more than your elders. In her bid to solve problems, she makes it worse. This is Dev’s family. She needs time to understand them, their story, their pain, their travails which she hasn’t done. Until then, the least she can do is put ideas out there to those who make up the family before making a decision.
    Ishwari has been giving Neha time because she understands the pain and struggle Neha has been going through. You don’t rush to fix a problem without thinking it through and knowing the person. If you notice Neha, her character doesn’t get swayed by talks. How did she realize her love for Ranveer? She’s protective of him. If they will be reconciled, that’ll be the only way to make her see things. But apki Goddess Sona doesn’t think things through. Still maintain she’s not the right person for the Dixit family.

    1. Junee

      @ Noorjahan
      Why do u say that Makers have not shown Ishwari to be a bad mother ?Are the following points not enough to prove that she is a bad mother?
      1. She tried to part her son from the love of his life! She never understood his needs , his sensitivities becoz insecurities of loosing her son always loomed on her . The fact that someone else can also love was unbearable for her and therefore she resorted to all kinds of rubbish !
      2. She never accepted Sona as a daughter in law and agreed to this marriage to keep get son happy. Ecoz she needs him and that was the motive behind it
      3. Why did she get that prenuptial agreement signed in a cunning manner which Dev was absolutely unaware about when he signed becoz she diverted his attention! Isnt that cheating becoz taking consent ethically is the norm ! Therefore she is UNETHICAL!!!
      4. Why does she want Sona or her child ( Would also be her grandchild) to be denied of the claims in the property! What kind of monkey trick is this??? Dev’s own wife and child have toforgo rights in case of an eventuality! Has to be a STEP MOTHER to make such demands!
      5.Her own brother tells Ishwari that she should make efforts to keep the family united
      6. Why did she have to prevent them from goung for honeymoon when other members are there ? Becoz she doesn’t want Sona to be close to her son or her son to be happy with Sona! Isnt she depriving her son of some basic needs in life? No mother in the present day will do this!
      6.Why does she feign illness repeatedly when it comes to her son getting close to his wife? Is this a normal behaviour? Definitely not! Medically Ishwari’s symptoms fall in a category called ” Compulsive obsessive disorder”!
      7. Maturity is not about taking time to understand becoz remember “Time” is precious! Act always on time otherwise you muss the bus! Thats a part of maturity and to take steps rationally makes it wholesome! Age should not be a factor it depends on whether one has an evolved faculty or not! That comes a lot eith your grooming , background and education! Earliar times parents would insist on backgrounds and there was logic in that. An individual hailing from a stable cultured background would have seen a good amount . Ofcourse i am not ruling out experience but to say that a newcomer needs to understand so as to take steps is disagreeable!!!
      Any step towards healing by any age group is a welcome and Sonakshi is trying to do exactly that!
      The crux of the matter howerver lies in the insecurity in Inshwari becoz Sona is far more competent which disturbs her as it scrambles her motives! The older generation should remember that they need to earn respect not try to grab it and definitely space needs to be given to the ypunger souls and not control their lives!
      The inflexible approach can disturb the stability of any house!
      I maintain after all this that no body should get a mother in law lor a mother like Ishwari!

      1. Kalpana

        Excellent view Junee 🙂 I totally agree with you!!!

    2. Erina

      Yeh for ur kind information d person is not said matured by looking at his or her age. So i don’t think ishwari is so much matured that my sona if she will then she should understand how to handle situation not to spoil situation. Nd i think not u will agree with me nor i will agree with u bcse u r south nd i’m north in thinking… I don’t want to hurt u but ur words r shocking for me……. I can’t believe there r some person like u who think ishwari is ryt… ?????

      1. Kalpana

        True dear… What makes me more angry is that Ishwari lectures everyone on the right behaviour, sanskar amd the stuff… But she never follows them… Erina, i have updated the next part of Piya ke Rang… Check it out….

    3. Kalpana

      Noorjahan… Hello… Nice to post your views here… I hope you have followed the serial from the beginning – watching/ reading updates here…. If you have, then you will understand the nature and character of all the four – Dev, Sona, Ishwari and Neha… Their characters have changed over the period and their true nature is more visible now…

      Ishwari always have been concerned only about Dev’s happiness and welfare… Her world starts and ends in Dev… She never paid attention to her daughters much… In fact when Neha used to get all stubborn and angry on Dev, Ishwari used to become a shield for Dev… That’s why Neha always has been so jealous, possessive, attention seeking… Ishwari ensured that Dev got best of everything…. Even though Dev worked hard for entire family, Neha only sees the lost opportunities… All because of poverty…. That’s why Neha is so materialistic… And wants Ranveer all for herself… All this is the result of Ishwari’s upbringing and partiality…

      Coming to Sona, she already has worked as nutritionist at Dev’s house… She has seen the positives and negatives of each person… Remember, she always has guided Dev on Ishwari’s behalf… E.g. The pooja incident… She convinced even Neha to wear lehenga gifted by Ranveer… When Ishwari herself failed.. Only Sona sees the true nature of everyone there… Her Dev is always treated special but more as a slave for family – in Ishwari’s words “Abhi use baut kuch karna hai – is parivar ke liye… Apne behanon ke liye”… These people are milking Dev’s goodness. Sona is raised to be fair, truthful and honest… She’s raised to confront problems and solve them…

      Neha’s problem can only be solved by confrontation; discussion and convincing… And when you don’t strike the rod while it’s hot; it’d be too late…. Increase in time and distance, will just increase the misunderstandings…. Moreover, GKB will keep criticising Ranveer and keep telling “Bichari neha”…. Sona knows all this…. That’s why she’s being proactive…

      To be honest, Ishwari doesn’t care about Neha’s welfare… She’s using Neha as a weapon to keep Devakshi away… Keep Dev in her hands… Very much manipulative…

      Ishwari has both OCD and paranoia…

      1. Junee

        Kali so well explained??????????

    4. Junee

      Any mother would sacrifice or forgo a lot of opportunities in life for the sake of her child but all will not remind their children if what they did or have expectations! Todays mothers are far more thoughtful becoz they don’t want to distance themselves from their children! Besides a mother sacrifices and that is her choice or conpulsion in some cases but both for the good of her child! As person when one evolves then expectations go down becoz with expectations comes baggage which becomes difficult to handle for parents! Atleast we can see from the society that we live in! So a ” mother” should do her duty and groom her child so well that she does not have to remind but the child will take care her and give her in bounty than she could ever dream of!
      When one does something for someone its a matter of choice , concern and love which needs no mention from self!!!!

  16. Azzuu

    hy how r u all
    yaar kall ka precap nahi dekhaya na .. i guess kyu ki maine nahi dekha
    and neha is madd mujhe laga tha ki woh thodi thodi samaj daar hai par nahi
    paka apni maa ki beti hai.
    and baki sab kaha hai yeh page ko nazar lag gayi hai kya
    this whole week soo less comments where r u guyz
    ganga priya ayushi asmita devga and erina . neha and rest all where r u guyz ….
    @Junee di u r extremely rite … no mother would always remind her son of wht she has done
    it was her duty which she had to fulfil and the rest dev is respecting her dev has given all the things …..and its not even like dev has forgot her or something ….he still cares for her and he will …she is the one who is not able to understand

    1. Junee

      Good Dearie! How were your exams and the competitions u mentioned about??hope things went well for u

      1. Azzuu

        exams got posponded di its from 13 …
        and competition are ther
        well my exhibition was good
        thanks for your concern

    2. Hiii Azzu…. How r u

      Diwali aa rahi haina….. Isliye shopping ND festival preparation me busy hu…….

      Lekin meine sab comments padthi hu yaar….. Pichle dho din se hamare Devakshi ke beech acha understanding chal raha haina….. Am feeling cool ?
      I have a doubt dears…… Devakshi ka suhagraath hoagyi na pehle se Dev Sona ki gulam…???ab tho poori tarah gulam bangay ??????haina guys…..?????

      1. Azzuu

        ooh .. you might be busy
        i dont celeb. diwali but gotta visit lots of houses ……and as i dont live in india for the first time our school has given 4 days diwali leave so enjoying it …….and helping my friendz…
        by the way happy dilwali in advance

    3. Erina

      Bcse we all r bsy swtheart. We all r having something important na thats why i guess but we all come when ever we get time nd i’m happy to see u nd i missed u to much… So u will comment from nowadays na??????

    4. Junee

      All the best for ur competitions Dear

  17. Azzuu

    guyz due to my schedule i was not able to watch and nor even commnet i was totally relayed on updates and i felt that serial is getting little bored but then i thought nahi abhi toh suru hua hai the main thing is set to come medical reports sonas reaction and ishwaris action
    but what i feel is makers should make it little more interesting just more 2% then it will be al set

    1. Junee

      Agree with u

  18. Junee

    Eri, Neha, Priya, Esme, Devga Aaru, Manya ( my mani) , Maleeha , Ganga , Asmita and others where are u all Dear???

    1. Erina

      I’m busy na but see i mai aa gyi nd i asked something na so ans of that is job ????hope u remember that nd so i’m busy in that only nd i will comment from 7:00pm – 8:00pm

      1. Junee

        Yeeeeee!?????Eri i am so happy for u!!!!! I was missing u all becoz today was my off day!!!!

      2. Junee

        Congratulations Eri my Dearie!!!?

    2. Erina

      Thank you cuteee nd its my pleasure to have frnds like u all in my life….. Sachiii krpkab ko mai kabhi nhi bhulungi apne whole life m bcse isne mjhe aap jaise frnds diye h ?????

  19. Junee

    Neha are u ok? Havent seen ur comments for quite sometime! Missing u !!

    1. Azzuu

      i guess her exams r going on she said from 23 octoober it will begin

      1. Junee

        Thanks Azzu!

  20. Junee

    @ Noorjahan
    I think u haven’t gone thru Anshita’s comments on Neha! She has analysed it beautifully ! It was there yesterday and u will find logic as to why we call Neha arrogant and materialistic!!!Neha has completely forgotten the good Sonakshi did to her and she decided to give her a reward the way she is behaving now! Just disgusting!!!

    1. Kalpana

      Junee, that’s the direct result of Ishwari’s partiality…. Money isn’t everything… The writers have forgotten something… Do you remember when Neha was newly married, Dev goes there… Asks her whether she’s okay… Neha tells I am fine and asks why do everyone feels that she can’t adjust… I thought she’ll slowly realize the importance of love, through Ranveer…
      Alas, they have made her a drama queen…
      For daughter – it’s okay to split from family and claim property shares
      For daughter in law – how dare she think of splitting the family and think of property?
      Wah re ma ki mamta…

      1. Junee

        Kali Absolutely ? I was shocked to see Ishwari stressing on the rights these daughters have on Dev’s property while she got the prenup signed where The daughter in law is completely deprived as per the agreement! So unfair and such lousy mindset!

  21. https://youtu.be/uh9QhLJYigI

    Diwali episode shooting….. I hope all r njying it….

  22. Junee

    TU taking too much time for moderation

    1. Hiii junee….. Am here….

      Moderation ke liye ithana time ???

      1. Junee

        Ganga, How is Diwali shpng going on?? Today i had chutti from work!?? But tomorrow work again??

    2. Azzuu

      i agree

  23. @ junee di …

    di yaar ap na best ho…
    apne noorjahan ko jo reply kiya na vo bahot mast tha & ap ekdam sahi the..har point..specially maturity ki baat apne jo bhi kuch mention kiya…OWESOME !

    Sonakshi pe me koi comment nahi sun sakti ki vo right person nahi hai dixit family ke liye & all..ye point of view bilkul disagree karnevala hai…

    & Junee di sonakshi jitni hi respect me apki karti hu..

    1. Erina

      Yeh dear i hope u remember that u have asked something from me on my comment So i have rplied to ur question nd if u wish aur want then u can see that in yesterday epi only

    2. Junee

      @ pankti
      Dear you are also a sweetie ; all my friends here are sweetie pie! I consider myself lucky to have u all as my friends! These interactions make my day!!!!???

  24. i think mom dad ka apne baccho ke sath es type ka relation hona chahiye ki…mom dad apne baccho se kahe…

    hamne tumhare liye aj tak jo bhi kiya hai..jitna bhi sacifice kiya hai..vo apni khushi se kiya hai…ye sab karke hum tumpe ehsaan nahi kar rahe hai balki ye to hamara farz tha …tum kabhi bhi ese ehsaan ki taraf mat lena…hame return me kuch bhi nahi chahiye..sirf tum khush raho zindgibhar bus yahi chahte hai…hamne tumhare liye itna sab kiya hai that doesn’t mean ki tumhari life me sirf hamara control ho..noo..hame tumhe jo bhi kuch sikhana tha vo hum sikha chuke hai aur tum sikh bhi chuke aur ab tumhari apni ek life hai aur tum ab bade ho chuke ho..tumhari khud ki ek soch ..samaj hai…aur hame tumpe pura bharosa hai…tum hame kabhi bhi regret nahi karvaoge…tum jo bhi karoge soch samaj ke karoge ye pata hai hame..tum hamari respect dete ho..pyar karte ho yahi sab kuch hai hamare liye…aur jaha bhi…life ke jis mod pe bhi tumhe hamari zarurat hai hum tumhare sath hai..tumhe agar koi pasand hai as ur lifepartner to tum khulke keh sakte ho…tumhe pura right hai apne life ke decision lena ka…bcoz tumpe hamara right zarur hai bcoz ham tumhare mom dad hai par
    tumhari life pe ham kabhi bhi control nahi karna chahenge…god bless you..

    agar mom dad ka apne baccho ke sath kuch es type ka relation ho to baccho se bhi unhe respect aur pyar apne ap mil jata hai..insecure hone ki zarurat nahi padti hai..never !

  25. @ ERINA…

    apke sath mene kal jo bhi kuch discuss kiya vo five points ke bare me..aur apna point of view rakha apke samne..

    usse agar apko bura laga ho ya insulting feel hua ho to..i m really very very sorry…mene vo es liye bola bcoz apki sari comments padhke muje lagta hai..u r so sweet..loving & caring..to phir ap esa kyu soch rahe ho bus esi liye mene ye bat ap se discuss ki..nothing else..

    aur me apke liye dil se wish karti hu ki..apko ek bahot accha life partner mile aur bahot acche in laws bhi..
    bcoz apko pata hai na..life ka kuch keh nahi sakte..kab..kaha ..kis mod pe kya ho jaye..aur junee di kehti hai ki..time aur experiences ke sath inssan ki soch badal sakti hai…aur dusri ek baat junee di kehti hai ki..TO HAVE AN EXCELLENT PARTNER TO SOME EXTENT DEPENDS ON LUCK BUT TO GREAT EXTENT DEPENDS ON WHAT KIND OF PERSON YOU ARE !!
    i wish karti hu erina apke liye ki..apki future life bahot hi acchi ho !

    1. Erina

      Yeh dear aap sachiii me aisa sochte ho ki mai mind krne valo m se hu?????? Dear mai kbhi kisi ki baat dil pr nhi leti bcse i don’t like its good nd dear aap to super cutyyy ho nd yaa i agree time aur situation change hote time nhi lgte so i hope but sweety mai sapno m nhi reality m rhti hu so jo mai ne aaj tk dekha aur suna h mai ussi k basis p apko kaha hai nd one more thing mai apno ki baat ka bhura nhi manti so i think u understand ki mjhe aap next time se sorry nhi kahoge nd thanks for d sweet nd lovely wish dear for me, for my future but mai future m nhi balki aaj ko jine vali bandi m se hu so i want to leave my this phase of life happy nd lovely with u all nd cuteee mai wish krti hu ki aap jaisa sochte ho usse v acha aur lovely future ho apka….
      Mai nhi aap cuteee nd sweet ho nd i love to talk to u so next time no sorry ok. Feel free to express ur views with me…. Hahaha aapki erina itni v duffer nhi h ki apno k baat se hurt ya insulted feel kre….
      Nd kahan tye aap????? Aur aapki preparation kaisi chal rhi h??????

  26. Kalpana

    Where’s Juhi??? I miss her!

  27. Junee

    Yeah how is Juhi now i wonder becoz she met with an accident! Juhi ajao !!!!

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