Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev calls Sona to his room and shows shirts of different colors. He says he asked Tina to buy these of him on her advice and is confused which one to wear. He did not know pink has so many shades. She says when he has so many shades, why not pink. He asks which one to wear now. She gives him orange shirt and says it will look good on him. He says he will look orange and asks who will wear it. She says normal people who look outside balance sheet.

Elena waits for her chat mate at a restaurant. Vicky comes and says he is her chat mate Vikram and says he fooled her with his friend’s pic and buttery talks. She scolds she did not know she was chatting to a creep, throws water on him, warns not to meet her again and leaves. He feels insulted and thinks she did not do

right and will repent.

Dev comes to Ishwari’s room. She asks if he spoke to Neha. He says yes and she told Ranveer needs 2 days to speak to his family, she is very happy. Ishwari says it is good Neha forgot her bitter past and is moving ahead in life. Dev says Neha told he should also marry Natasha. She says he should if he likes but he should not mix personal and professional life. She continues giving him some moral gyaan.

Neha and Ranveer walk on street. She asks to show his new mobile and he shows basic mobile. She says he would have bought smart phone, she would have sent her pic. He holds her hand and says her face is always in his eyes and he does not need any pic. He continues expressing his love for her and she smiles looking into his eyes.

Asha comes to kitchen and sees Bejoy preparing rotis with dough smeared to his face. She scolds him and he says he is not getting newspaper, so he was getting bored and thought of preparing food. Sourav comes and says he will get him laptop. Bejoy says he likes reading newspaper in the afternoon and sleeping keeping it on his face, playing crosswords and marking important news in toilet, etc.. Sourav says he can do it on laptop also. Bejoy taunts him and Sourav runs behind him to confront.

Natasha comes to meet Dev in the evening and finds Sona there, asks if she does not get bored being workoholic. Dev says Sona’s life is so boring as she does not have any boyfriend. Sona says she has. Natasha says then they can go on a dinner date together and asks Dev to invite her. Dev says Sona that they all 4 can go on a date and she should agree. Sona nervously agrees.

Sona goes home and informs Elena and Sourav that she lied Dev and Natasha that she has a boyfriend. They are shocked. Sona says when busy man like Dev can have girlfriend, she felt even she should lie. She continues that when Sourav had girlfriend and Elena has chat friend, she is left behind, so she lied, etc.

Natasha sees Dev silent and asks if he is alright. He says she is a good daughter, so he is sure she will be a good wife, but he is not yet ready for marriage yet. She says he can take his own time and now he should go and rest. He says yes.

Sourav continues his drama. Elena says when she can find so many boyfriends, she will arrange one-day boyfriend for Sona. Sona says how can she go on date with any stranger. Elena says she can mingle and if the guy is fine, she can make him boyfriend, says he is her fiend and is trustable. Sourav says he cannot find boyfriend like Elena. Elena asks Sona yes or no.

Precap: Dev tells his sisters that Sona has a boyfriend. Nikki asks how is he. Sona says he is workoholic and dedicated. Nikki says like Dev.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. tara

    wow..thanks MA for the fast update..thank u thank u thanku… today i was in need… wow i loved the epi..bt sadly have to wait for monday..

    • Nishi

      Exactly.actually don’t you think sona is a bit idiot?she gets so many chances to express her love,but she makes the situation more worse.by introducing this New boy,neel,her so called Boyfriend,will actually fall in love with her.

  2. disha

    Nice episode dev can’tt understand sona loves her dev such a idiot ..sona’s family is very funny

  3. Tanya

    Hii frnds,….wow thnx for super duper fast update……………
    ..Finally today on television I saw the latest promo…….

  4. Rrr

    Thanks for the superfast update relaxed to read
    Waiting for tomorrow episode ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  5. krishna

    He sona..u hav a bf!!!!so interesting mood.i cant wait for monday..opps thanks for fast updating..good night to all nd mr. Dixit

  6. Devga

    Oops expectin a lot more frm krpkab team….. Quite boring episode…….
    Plzzzzz show some spice in the shw…….
    and wat is neha’s past? Do any one knw abt this krpkab fans????

    • priya

      Hii devga,
      Neha’s past:-
      Jb dev n Neha chote the tavi wo log bahut garib the…. Uss mushkil tym pe ishwari ne akele Din raat mehnat krke dev KO ache school me padhya ar Neha ko nhi padha Saki, sath hi Riya or Nikki bahut chote the tavi unhe v Neha ne hi sambhala….isliye Neha dev ar ishwari se naraj rehti bcz usne apna childhood ache se nhi jiya….
      Hope this is helpful for u…..

      • Devga

        Of course NOW it is cleard thq u…. Actualy i misd some of the earlier episodes wen these fb’s wer shown so i might hv misd this one too….

  7. priya

    Yaar Elena problem me padne wali…vicy is dangerous….loffar type…..
    O god this 2 days without KRPKAB? is very difficult to time pass
    Eagerly waiting for Monday

  8. friends have you seen the latest promo of krpkav?ok i an telling the main point.nikki and ria disturbs dev about natasa.they force him to imagine natasa closing his eyes.finaly dev closes his eyes and sees sonas eyes ,earrings,and whole face.he smiles.the man who speaks in promo tells that ‘so finaly dev is in love with sona but is it too late?’then dev gets sad and walks towards sadly.niki and ria look surprise…,the promo ends.soo cute and emotional.

  9. Here is nehas past.devs family was so poor.his mom worked in houses as a servent.but she wanted to make her children highly educated specialy dev.she had no more capacity to bring neha in school. When devs mom went out for work neha manged her sisters and house.but niki and ria also went in school thout it was not famouse like devs school. Neha till now thinks that dev and her mom are the main reason of her being illiterate.so dev and his mom even full family members give her priority for her great sacrifice.

  10. Ru Bhattacharya

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii Guys!!!!!!!!!
    aftr a lng tym m hre….hw r u all????
    By d way m sooooooo happyyyyyyyy nd toooo much excited……my trip ws jst awesome!.!.!it ws fantastic….i cnt explain it…..i jst enjoy it….guys hw s our Dev nd hw s Sona????i ve a shayari 4 them(aftr a lng tym)…

    Tujhse mera mein mila tha
    Ehsaas ne tere kareeb kiya….

    Vada se ek vade juda tha
    Ankhon ne tere yaad kiya….

    Dil ke andar dil tuta tha
    Khwab ne tere ummid diya

    Tere aliva duniya me kya uska pata mujhe nahi

    TERE PYAR NE PHIR LAUTAYA…………………guys hw s it????do comment…..GOOOOOD NIGHT……

  11. good news!good news! Good news.all fans of devaksi it is to inform you that dev will cancel the angagement with natasa after his realization of love.his family will make the preparation and will be shocked at devs decision.and natasa will know about sona and devs relationship.i am realy exited.finaly devaksi’s love track will start .thank god otherwise i would be boared.

  12. absentwise

    Program ko start hoke 3 months ho gaye hai .. Is Kaamwali baai (DR. Sonakshi) ke 3 months abhi tak pure nahi hue kya ???
    Ab maata Iswari bhi thik thak lag rahi hai … wo bimaar hi kab thi ??? she is always ready to give gyaan …so she is fine …

    In Today’s world .. who will miss the job of being head of the department with more than 100+ clients and triple salary???

    Kya bakwaas story hai .. There is nothing to feel proud of as a woman .. I am more proud of her BOSS .. who has “SO CALLED” very big empie with one business called ISWARI enterprise..
    By the way .. what exactly this company do ? The BOSS and his new GF were talking abt discussion w/ Sales Team .. what are they selling??? At least we know DR’s cartoon brother sells
    ladies lingeries .. and FATHER makes roties…1 question though .. why Bejoy shakes his body so much while talking .. Kuch “Dhila” hai kya ????

    and that FUNNY ELLENA .. I have never seen her going to college .. which college does she go to ??? and what course is she doing there ??? same for BOSS’s little sister ..
    Which college does she go to ?? ohh I see .. selfie College ….

    and what is this?? BOSS kaamwaali ko milne raat ko 2 baje aata hai ???.. wow .. aur BOSE family main kisi ko bhi pata nahi ke GHAR ki IZZAT raat ke 2 baje ghar se bahar jaati hai ..
    “kisi se ” milne .. wow .. kitni deep sleep main hai sab jan … GREAT MAA .. DHILA BAAP..IRRETATING COUSIN… MOTU BHAI .. and over educated KAAMWAALI BAAI …

    WOW .. what a pariwaar

    • tara

      how dare u say all this..i dnt understand if u dnt like it..dnt watch it..y waste ur time..
      nd u said sona a kamwali bai?? dare u say that again..i had warned u earlier..
      its eminent from ur description that u watch it on regular basis..now my question is if its so boring so vague y on earth do u watch it…??
      juts get the hell out from here..we dont need such creeps in this page.. guys plzz protest..tanya. simran. ru. jo..devga di..plzz say something …

      • beth

        Tara don’t worry , I guess absent wise just cranky coz the love story has not started. It s on its way…….. Yepee. Ignore the negativity n ve fun….

    • Ru Bhattacharya

      ys tara u r right….i think absentwise is mad who alwys thinks world nd evrythng will go as her/his wish…absentwise u r nt a celeb…..i knw u hv brain bt plz stop usng it whn u r wtching a show….ok absentwise i’ll support u….bt plz mke a serial wich hsnt any imprfction….u r vry intelignt….prmise we all will mke it super duper hit….krpkab s nt a bakwas….if u hvnt liked it,it’s only ur prblm…..u r so irritating…JST GET OUT FRM THIS PAGE….nd plz check 4 a Doctor as u hv a strng ‘MENTAL PROBLEM’……….

    • priya

      Simple hai Mr or Mrs absentwise agar show pasand nhi hai to matt dekho na kisne force kiya hai….
      Waiae v tum jaise felling less human ko ye sari baatey samjh nhi aayi gi ….
      Soo stay away from here…
      M really very shocked Ki log apni personal life ka gussa yaha pe nikalte hai….huhh!!!

    • Asmita...

      You are really absent mind person. Dont see the show if you don’t like. I think you are such a vela (person who does not have any work) with no work. Coz you are wasting your time in watching such a serial you dont like and upon this you are wasting your time in writing such a lengthy comment. No one is forcing you to do so. What you think of yourself ? I think you like this show but this is the way you want to grab attention of others.

    • Tanya

      But actually what does it mean by sona….she’s telling that tina uske bare me nahi padh rahi thi???pls explain me…

      • Asmita...

        Sona means that the particular is not about the colors that is it and Dev is so dumb that he does not understand anything.

  13. Falaqnoon

    Nice episode but wasn’t too good….promo is different and episode is different I can’t understand this issue…..

  14. Moon

    In one of the promos Sona is shown to be working in a hospital and Dev comes to return her pen. She asks him pen to louts diye lekin jo pal ek sath bitaye usko keyse loutaoge? So why isnt Sona going back to the hospital now that Ishwari is fine. This distance might help Dev to realize his love faster. Its impractical for a doctor to continue in house privately for days. Show some practicality Mr Director. A doctors place is in the hospitals or vlinics with patients.
    I am happy that Sona’s boyfriend will now enter let Mr Dumb realize atleast! I still couldnt understand Natasha’s pisitive role in this story so far as it has been claimed thru promos! No pisitive contribution by Nuts so far!

  15. Moon

    I find Natasha to be a tricky and smart character slowly trying to get a foothold through Dev’s family first and then him. She has so far not contributed in strengthening Dev Sona relationship yet she goes on saying ‘ my role is very positive’. We cant see that!
    What kind of doctor is Sona who is not dealing with different cases in a Clinic or Hospital! Just stupid! Bose family goes overboard about everything except for Asha! The father is a hyper!! Elena is also very irritating now!

  16. Fatarajo

    And the promo is kinda funny lol yeah Dev is in love with Sona haha and I read somewhere that Sona’s bf will really fall in love with her :O

  17. hi guys yaar sona ne one day bf ko toh laye par woh bhi sona koh pasand karne lagega aur unnki closeness dekh kar DEV JEALOUS hoga aawhhhh…….
    I think is jealousy mein woh aapna luv confess karraga

    waiting to watch it

  18. Angrita

    Thank you Tara.. 🙂
    N yeah i’ve also watched d latest promo..Devakshi jald hi ek ho jayenge.. 🙂 🙂 m so excited..

  19. prisha

    Hi…I love dev (shaheer’s) acting..dev slowly feels his love fr sonakshi..tat was great..bt dev needs to realize faster…

  20. Moon

    Well the last para of your writeup “Absentwise” reflects that you are probably living in the 17 th century! Raat ko Gyara ho ya do baje ho lafikiya bahar nahi jayegi is just outdated! Jab raat bhar night duty hoti hai hospitals mein tab female doctors aur male doctors ek sath hi hote hai! Are u going to question that? Wo bhi to two opposite s*x! Even scientific institutions mein raat bhar kam chalta hai and some mnc s too! Tab ladka aur ladki raat bhar ek sath kam karte hai! So get rid of such taboos Absent wise! Ghunghat dalke andar bethne wale women are becoming lesser and lesser in number. If your integrity and values are in place middle if the night bahar ek saath baat karna ta kaam karne mei problem hota nahi hai! Jab lfoundation weak hoti hai tabhi ye sawal uth sakta hai lekin gaye wo zamana ! I would say its fading out. So everytime dont point out female protagonist akele Mr Dixit ke sath hai ya raat ko bahar baat karne ke liye niklee hai! Foundations including trust and faith have to be strong and then only parents can sleep peacefully. Therefore abstain from making such itrelevent comments. Thats a request!

  21. Priyasha

    It was a good episode….. I loved it……
    But guys I am waiting for the episodeschool when Dev and sona will be ek saath…… and I saw a video in which shaheer says that is galat fahmi mein mat rahiyega ki dev and natasha ki shaadi ke time pe dev sona ke liye jo uski feelings hain voh realise kar lega and then shaadi tod dega and the reporter was asking him that is he really serious???? And he said yeah I’m really serious…… Oh god I don’t want that type of twist in the serial….. I’Lloyd start crying…… saare sapne choor-choor ho jayenge…….????????????

    • Devga

      Dont wory nothin wil hapen….
      And yet the story has not started…. Y dont writers bring the real story NOW its been long still they have not reached their first promo part…. 🙁

  22. Tanya

    @ Ru…welcome back….we missed u a….happy that ur vacations r awesome….
    …..well selfies lane ma maza aae???????ur today’s shayari was also fabulous as u are!!!!!!……and that last line superb totally suits on our Miss. Bose……..

  23. Tanya

    @ Tasnai…..ur right without devakshi’s love serial was boring……and without devakshi serial will off air….happy that dev realize soon!!!!but on engagement day how can he manage…..one side nuts ka dil tute ga and on other side sonakshi will lost in happiness……. waiting for that epi………………..

  24. Tanya

    @ absent wise……..who the hell are you talking like this about kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi ………….I totally agree with you Ru, tara,asmita,Jo di,beth,simran,priya,taniska……..u all had said true to absent wise who was really absent mind…. Lol..lol……but what happen to you absent mind oupppssss absentwise tume reply nai kiya aab tak ??????wht happen words nahi hai…..koi Baat nai….its okkkk….

  25. Devga

    Tara dear cool down…. The way u answerd back was decent and was to the core a good comment….. Evn my anger was at its peak wen i read tht comment…. I too wanted to protest but think it dr as we all express our opinions every one has their own thoughts…..

    And some evn do this to become famous among Comments…. To such people its better v ignore thm…. So tht v avoid more cheap convos here… Its wonderful site of devna so y to waste tym in such persons rather talk abt lovly devna…..

    Hope i dint say anythin wrong! If any one feel wrong on wat i said feel free to reply…

  26. Tanya

    @ absent wise….firstly sona ke family vale stupid nahi hai…vo ek happy together families me se hai yaar…….aur sonakshi se dev mil ne 2 baje aaya kyunki he starts loving her……………and u can see its just a serial why director took focus on small small things because serials main theme was devakshi and a different color of love……….sare serials me esa hi hota hai yaar koi directors etni choti bato par dhyaan nai deta…………..don’t even dare to comment like this about krpkab………………GOT THAT MR AUR MISS whatever………stay away……

    • Devga

      Cool down u r infact making tht comment very valuable by replying…… U ignore such persons plzzzzz…. Calm down and talk abt cute devna couple…
      Such Comments just want attention….

      • Tanya

        Yaa devga…..ur right, now I’m understanding they do this just for taking attention……… If we ignore them then he or she never try do this ……..wow!!!devga u r great explainer
        ……….thanks devga…….

      • Devga

        Thank u tara and tanya for understanding my words…. Good to hve talked to u both….

  27. Fatarajo

    Hey happy u all remember me actually only today n tomorrow I m free so I can comment freely Monday I don’t think I can comment much as Tuesday I got quiz

    • Nishi

      I miss your comments very much di! And I used your name in my ff,just like how you used my name in your ff!dont worry,you’re positive in my ff!and Tanya di where are your comments?come on yaar!i miss all of you..nita di,Tanya di,joyee di,bhoomi di!

  28. Fatarajo

    Aww so sweet Nishi well no problem and me in KRPKAB wow that’s like a dream come true 😛 thanks my cutie pie Nishi and will read urs an all the ff in afternoon as after 10 mins I have to go and study so that I can write tonight as I have a quiz on Tuesday

    • Ru Bhattacharya

      Evry1 clls u di!!!!.ok jo di…hw r u??do u remmbr me?i ws also nt prsnt 4 sum daz….sam as u…..

    • tara

      lol.. i will never call u di.. coz i cant… it wont come out..anyway u r just a yr elder.. so i guess its ok with u..
      nd u knw pari lok wali is spcl..hahah 😛

    • Fatarajo

      I remember all of u yes I feel so old even I m confused why everyone call me di I think I have more people calling me dii here than the no of times I heard dii

      • Tanya

        lol……….okay from now i m going to call you “jo”…actually vo kya hai na fatarajo thodaa long hai…………………………..is this ok?????

  29. Ru Bhattacharya

    Thanx a lot Tanya….u r jst a awsm guy….i cnt comment lst ni8 as i ws vry tird….
    hey guys i m so saddy saddy nw…bcse we cnt c krpkab 2day….

  30. Tanya

    I m also very sad RU… Know 2 days without devakshi…. Ohhhhh….what to do???I’m addicted to krpkab and specially devakshi……

    • simran

      hi guys did u miss me mere ghar guest the isliye mene comment nahi kiya ye jo di kon hai me nahi pehchanti mujhe bhi di kahna aise bhi me sabse choti hu

  31. simran

    sabko di bolege aur aap log kisse itna gussa se baat kar rahe o mene padha nahi pehle wale comment meri behn ne kiya

  32. apurva

    This is the best show on television..
    Keep it up guys!!
    Thanks for the update.
    Me & my whole family are big fan of KRPKAB!!

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