Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev calls Sona to his room and shows shirts of different colors. He says he asked Tina to buy these of him on her advice and is confused which one to wear. He did not know pink has so many shades. She says when he has so many shades, why not pink. He asks which one to wear now. She gives him orange shirt and says it will look good on him. He says he will look orange and asks who will wear it. She says normal people who look outside balance sheet.

Elena waits for her chat mate at a restaurant. Vicky comes and says he is her chat mate Vikram and says he fooled her with his friend’s pic and buttery talks. She scolds she did not know she was chatting to a creep, throws water on him, warns not to meet her again and leaves. He feels insulted and thinks she did not do

right and will repent.

Dev comes to Ishwari’s room. She asks if he spoke to Neha. He says yes and she told Ranveer needs 2 days to speak to his family, she is very happy. Ishwari says it is good Neha forgot her bitter past and is moving ahead in life. Dev says Neha told he should also marry Natasha. She says he should if he likes but he should not mix personal and professional life. She continues giving him some moral gyaan.

Neha and Ranveer walk on street. She asks to show his new mobile and he shows basic mobile. She says he would have bought smart phone, she would have sent her pic. He holds her hand and says her face is always in his eyes and he does not need any pic. He continues expressing his love for her and she smiles looking into his eyes.

Asha comes to kitchen and sees Bejoy preparing rotis with dough smeared to his face. She scolds him and he says he is not getting newspaper, so he was getting bored and thought of preparing food. Sourav comes and says he will get him laptop. Bejoy says he likes reading newspaper in the afternoon and sleeping keeping it on his face, playing crosswords and marking important news in toilet, etc.. Sourav says he can do it on laptop also. Bejoy taunts him and Sourav runs behind him to confront.

Natasha comes to meet Dev in the evening and finds Sona there, asks if she does not get bored being workoholic. Dev says Sona’s life is so boring as she does not have any boyfriend. Sona says she has. Natasha says then they can go on a dinner date together and asks Dev to invite her. Dev says Sona that they all 4 can go on a date and she should agree. Sona nervously agrees.

Sona goes home and informs Elena and Sourav that she lied Dev and Natasha that she has a boyfriend. They are shocked. Sona says when busy man like Dev can have girlfriend, she felt even she should lie. She continues that when Sourav had girlfriend and Elena has chat friend, she is left behind, so she lied, etc.

Natasha sees Dev silent and asks if he is alright. He says she is a good daughter, so he is sure she will be a good wife, but he is not yet ready for marriage yet. She says he can take his own time and now he should go and rest. He says yes.

Sourav continues his drama. Elena says when she can find so many boyfriends, she will arrange one-day boyfriend for Sona. Sona says how can she go on date with any stranger. Elena says she can mingle and if the guy is fine, she can make him boyfriend, says he is her fiend and is trustable. Sourav says he cannot find boyfriend like Elena. Elena asks Sona yes or no.

Precap: Dev tells his sisters that Sona has a boyfriend. Nikki asks how is he. Sona says he is workoholic and dedicated. Nikki says like Dev.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. @ absent wise….firstly sona ke family vale stupid nahi hai…vo ek happy together families me se hai yaar…….aur sonakshi se dev mil ne 2 baje aaya kyunki he starts loving her……………and u can see its just a serial why director took focus on small small things because serials main theme was devakshi and a different color of love……….sare serials me esa hi hota hai yaar koi directors etni choti bato par dhyaan nai deta…………..don’t even dare to comment like this about krpkab………………GOT THAT MR AUR MISS whatever………stay away……

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  10. what a cute story ,!!!

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