kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi 27th june analysis


Dixit House –
Sona comes and doe not find Dev. She thinks that he left for office.
S?- mr. Obhodro, thoda wait nahi kar sakte the.
She receives a msg from dev
D- wait hi to kar raha hoon, garden me aaiye.
Sona smiles and goes to garden. Dev closes her eyes.
S – what…???
D- pehle main…. neha ki shadi pakki ho gayi… ranveer maan gaya.
Sona is about to say something but dev makes her eat sweet.
They both listen Ishwari’s voice and go behind the plants.
S-omg.. ye to bahot hi achi news hai.
D- neha bahot khush hogi na.
D- haan, finally, neha khush hai, humesha ke liye.
S-main ab pehle neha se milungi.
D?- mujhe pata tha. Neha, nikki, riya, maa. In sab se mil leti to meri bari kab aati ?
Both smile and look at each other. Again Ishwari’s voice.
S- mujhe jane dijiye na.
D- kyun ?
S- aunty ji, aa jayengi.
D- fine, wese bhi mujhe office jana hai.
S- aaj aap late aaoge office se.
D- kyun ?
S- nahi….wo main…. bas aise hi.
Sona tries to go but dev holds her hand and pulls her.
S?- mujhe jane dijiye.
Dev keeps his both hands both sides of sona so that she can not go.
D- kyun?
S (gets nervous) – wo aunty ji aa jayengi.
D- to
S- mujhe jana hoga
D- jaao
Sona escapes bending herself. Dev smiles.

Ranveer’s coaching class –
Ranveer and riya talk about importance of love and their marriage.

Dixit house –
Ishwari is worried about preparation of neha’s marriage. Sona comes and asks her to take juice. Dev comes and asks her not to take tension as he will take care of all things. Nikki comes and hands over Ishwari her shopping list and says that she has done the most important work. All smile.

Sona receives a gife and guesses that its from Dev. Sona opens and is super surprised to see a lovely pinj saree along with a beautiful neck piece. She is so happy. She finds a note with the gift in which dev requests her to wear that saree in the evening for him as she wore saree before but for someone else.

Ishwari is going to ranveer’s house along with mama and mami. Dev booked movie ticket for trio sisters. Nikki asks for sona to accompany them but she makes excuses.

In the evening –
Sona sees the earings and suddenly mami ? cones. Sona drops an earings and mami finds it. She asks nikki and riya about it but bith deny. They asks neha also but she also denies. Sona comes and says its her.
Trio sisters leave for movie and other elders leave to go ranveer’s house.
Sona understands why dev has gifted him saree.

Dev’s office –
Dev imagines sona showing him he timing.
D- main aa raha hoon. Aap taiyar hain ?

Dixit house –
Sona is getting ready. She likes saree a lot. She too imagines dev.
S- are you sure main achi lagungi ?
D- pata nahi.
S- pata nahi to mujhe ye kyun dia…..
Sona realizes that its her imagination. She smiles.

After getting ready sona enters into dev’s room but finds no one.
S – dev….. gadi ki awaaz to suni thi…. oh no… koi aur to nahi aa gaya… sona tu to gayi.
She turns to go and suddenly lights off. Its dev who is lighting candles. Sona smiles. “Is tarah se…” plays.
Dev comes to sona.
D- mujhe pata tha ki jab ye simple se earings aap pehnengi to ye special ban jayenge.
S ?
D- thank you. Inhe itna special banane ke liye. Itna khoobsurat bnane ke liye.
S- pata hai aaj…wo
Dev is Compltly mesmerized to see her.
D- mujhe pata nahi tha ki aap sharmati bhi hain ms. Bose.
S- ye saree… wo… thik to lag rahi hai na ?
D- mujhe to laga tha ki ye saree aap par bahot khoobsurat lagegi.
S?- o god… aapne itni mehngi saree kharidi mere liye… aur achi bhi nahi lagi.
Dev continuesly staring her.
S- actually mujhe saree achche se bandhni bhi nahi aati. Last time ti nikki ne aur Aunty ji ne…
Dev stops her.
D- ofcourse aapki saree bahot khoobsurat lag rahi hai… but that is not a point. Saree chahe jitni bhi khoobsurat ho, main to last me hi notice karunga na…
S(such a stupid)- par itni mehngi saree koi notice na kare to kya fayda ? Aap na ise kal lauta dijiye.
D- aapke earings, aapki saree…. inse pyar nahi karta main…. aap kitni khoobsurat hain… aapka man kitna khoobsurat hai… ye janta hoon main. Ms. Sonakshi bose “I LOVE YOU”.
Both smile and look at each other with love.

Precap – sona and dev dance. An earing is dropped unknowingly. Mami finds it and comes to know that it belongs to sona. Mami becomes james bond now to find out what is going on

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  1. Thank you ,thank you thank you!
    awesome episode.Cannot wait to watch it once I am back home.

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks Shilky…

  2. thanku thanku thanku soooo much Asmita…..
    actually i missed the starting litle bit…..
    but ur update full fill that…soo tenku….

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  3. As usual ur update is osssamm….

  4. how cutley say dev- wait hi to kar rha hu….
    hmmmmmm dev becomes too naughty day by day,,,, n sona nervousness expresion was awesome………….
    hawww i love dis this toooooooooooooo muchhh…..
    ise dekhne k baad kuch ar dekhne ka mann hi nhi hota Tv pe…..

  5. hey Asmita, mujhe kuch yaad aa gya….
    MA is written their that saree is rs 50000…..
    bt aisa to kuch dev ne kha hi nhi…..
    maine unka update avi padha,, mai v sochne lagi ki kya sach me dev ne aisa kaha tha kya??
    bt fir aapke update se clear hua ki naaa dev price tag thodin na hai, jo price bataye… its to cheap na…. i mean MA aise KYu likh dete ho aap????

    1. actually I was also lill surprised..how could he tell the price..that soo awkward..I would never take gift from my partner if he tells the price..

    2. Asmita...

      may be MA misunderstood it…but Dev did not tell the price…

  6. Really disappointed waited for ur updated after cng nt n eng feeling sad

    1. sorry bt can i ask u what is cng???

      1. Ooo seeing…

    2. Asmita...

      you can now see in comments below……….. i wrote devna dialogs in english and the reason also is there for not writing bilingual…

      1. It’s k……yep saw it…

  7. HI Asmita, can you please update with english translation as well .. please please

    1. Asmita...

      See in comments below…. i wrote it…

      1. thank you soooo much.. you take care aswell… Get well soon 🙂

  8. Aritri

    Devakshi part was totally awww ??? Thnx asmita.. Actually thanks is not enough for u… Seriously… U deserve something more Dan thanks ?????
    Lots of love to you ???????

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  9. I dnt know whats d use in writing in Hindi everyone cs tha serial in Hindi only and still update in Hindi I know dnt think it’s useful…if write in eng many r cng d serial who dnt know hindi also,so it may help them. …useless update and waste of ur time ..dat day u got 100+ comments only bcz of eng update….. useless and waste of time in writing also

  10. Better u could stop cng dis useless work…and do something useful

    1. Asmita...

      I think you had a lot of expectations from me….. thtsy u looking so irritated…..sorry dear to disappoint you……. 🙂

      you can now see in comments below……….. i wrote devna dialogs in english and the reason also is there for not writing bilingual…

    2. May be I expected a lot from u….sry for harsh comments…..I know it would have hurted…. u gave a valid reason for it….and one more thing if u nt going to do in eng first itself say in MA update so dat there won’t be disappointment…..

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        Its ok Kiru…….. It happens sometimes…

  11. Awaited for ur English update ya… Badly disappointed!!!

    1. Asmita...

      you can now see in comments below……….. i wrote devna dialogs in english and the reason also is there for not writing bilingual…

      1. Thnk u… good effort and don’t be upset Asmita, as many of us r reading and waiting for ur English update. As u r describing In a good way, it created expectations… u r doing good, take ur own time and post it!!!!

  12. Tanks dr, 4 the update.i tnk is episode mein most of the convo btvn devakshi aankhon se hongi.mujhe yae dekhno ka chance nahi mila,eagerly waiting for weekend to c repeat telecast.Asmi wo last convo mein,dev kehra ki” Saree chahe jitni bhi khoobsurat ho, main to last me hi notice karunga na…”.is dialogue ko english mein translate karo yaar.main usae nahi samaj patha . . .

    1. Asmita...

      Thnks Snow…….
      ” Saree chahe jitni bhi khoobsurat ho, main to last me hi notice karunga na…”
      in enlish – “does not matter how beautiful the saree is….. i will notice it in the last only 🙂 “

  13. Hi Asmita, devsona cnes alwaz rcks…..
    Thnks for ur analysis. Aap k analysis pad kr to esa lgta h jaise v r watching it on tv. Really superb, thnks for ur analysis 1s again

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  14. Plz spt dis useless update..dnt worry u further wnt get comments….u want comments for dis useless updates????and it will continue….u get atleast 20 comments only bcz of Priya and print bcz u 3chat…if u dnt chat u will nt get dat also…??….update in English if u want comments…r do dis use less up date in hindi

    1. If u don’t know hindi means,tat’s ur pblm.how can u say tat it s a useless update?if she writes n english,thn u wl tank her if not means started 2 scold her ah?it was vry useful to us(people can’t c the serial in weekdays including me).encourage her to write the translation,if she can she wl definitely do it.

    2. Ye koi pehla page nhi hai jaha pe comments me chat Ho rha h, samjhe … Jakar dusre pages me dekho isse 100* jayda chatting ar faltu Ki baatey hoti hai….

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  15. Thnks asmita, 4 ur analysis, main aaj krpkab nhi dekh paie bcoz I m out of town, so Thnk u asmita 1s again.
    Luv u asmita….

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  16. very well written asmita
    i liked your work ???

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  18. Good work asmita.thanks for detailed update!!

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  20. Thanks for the update Asmita..
    I think in the tomorrow’s episode maybe they will be caught.. Lets hope for the best!!
    And dev sona scenes were awsome specially the first scene…

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  22. Hey Asmita plz don’t affect by these negative comments….
    We love ur work nd very thankful to have u….plz don’t affect

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    ur analysis is really superb…..
    i am waiting more for tis analysis than the tellyupdates…..
    because of ur briefly descriptions!!!!!!

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  24. we will always support u for ur hard work!!!!!

  25. Hello guys… Thanks Ashmita fir the update… Dev sonas story becoming interesting… Day by day…. Love them both ??

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  26. IAsmita we all love your work . Please don’t get affected from this negativity. Continue the update

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  27. Tysm asmita.. yur analysis is just awesome.. love u yar

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  28. Asmita...

    Devna scene with English dialogs-

    1st scene – Garden

    Sona reaches Dixit House and receives a msg from Dev asking her to come to garden. Sona comes and Dev closes her eyes.
    S- What…???
    D- neha’s marriage has been fixed. Raneer is ready for this alliance.
    Sona is about to say something but dev makes her eat sweet.
    They both listen Ishwari’s voice and go behind the plants.
    S- OMG….its a good news. Neha would be happy.
    D- yes…finally neha is happy…….forever.
    S- I will go and meet neha.
    D- I knew it. Neha,nikki, riya, maa…… when my turn will come?
    Both smile and look at each other. Again Ishwari’s voice.
    S- I need to go.
    D- why???
    S- aunty will come.
    D- fine..i am also going to office.
    S- will you come late today ?
    D- why??
    S- nothing.
    Sona tries to go but dev holds her hand and pulls her.
    S- let me go.
    Dev keeps his both hands both sides of sona so that she can not go.
    S (gets nervous) – aunty will come.
    D- so….
    S- I need to go.
    D- go.
    Sona escapes bending herself. Dev smiles.

  29. Asmita...

    Sorry guys for not writing this detailed update bilingual. Actually I am not keeping well and no one is there to take care that is why is was so difficult for me write still i wrote in hindi. i knew that many readers would get disappoint with this as it is only me who makes your expectations high. but sorry guys i could not help it. I am extremely sorry for this. But it does not mean that you are allowed to say anything. I am writing this detailed update coz I like the serial very much and I feel that MA does not update in proper way sometimes in MA’s update meaning of the scene also gets change like in yesterday’s update MA wrote that Dev told the prcie of saree but Dev did not tell. Because of this only i started writing this detailed one. i am not forced so those who are saying it worthless, you people better not waste your time. i dont owe you anything. keep it in mind. i am not bound to do this. I am not well and still i tried to do. but i think some people dont understand. so better you dont read it and waste your time.

    1. Very good Asmita….
      N get well soon dear, take care of urself…..

    2. Don’t take that comments seriously,we all r with you asmi.Tank u 1nce again 4 writing updates even if you were unwell.take care ur health dr,get well soon.

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  32. Asmita u are doing a great job… Ur analysis is really d best.. Becoz MA doesnt update properly… Thanq soo much for doing this… Its like we are seeing the episodes in front of our eyes… N even other writers of other serials also dont do this.. But u give each and every detail.. Hats of to u.. I wonder how u remember each n every diaologues.. Bt.. Still u really made my day..

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