Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona comes for work as usual in the morning. Dev informs her that Neha’s marriage is fixed and feeds her sweets. Ishwari calls Kichu. He takes her aside and she asks how did this happen. He says her whole incident.

Neha meets Ranveer and tells she is very happy about their engagement. She continues that loves him a lot and is surprised with his change…

Dev at Ishwari’s room and discusses about Neha’s engagement arrangements. Sona brings juice for Ishwari. Dev leaves for office. Sona then gets a courier. She thinks she knows Dev must hav sent it. She sees a beautiful pink sari with beautiful necklace and earrring set. She sees a note to get ready wearing these. Dev sends movie passes for his sisters and asks Ishwari and Radha to Ranveer’s

house with shagun. Nikki insists Sona to accompany them for movie. Sona says she has work at home. Ishwari says she would have come if she was not busy, so Nikki should not force Sona. Sona realizes that Dev sent everyone out for a romantic evening alone. She looks at her jewelry set again. Garib ki beti Radha comes suddenly and Sona hides gift box in kitchen rack. Garib ki beti Radha yells at Sona as usual. Sona sees earrings on floor and tries to stop her, but she picks earrings and alleges her that she is eyeing on her niece’s earrings. She goes to Nikki’s room and scolds her for throwing earrings carelessly. Nikki takes them and asks Ria if they belong to her. Ria says no. Even Nikki says they are not hers. Sona comes and says she dropped earrings by mistake. Neha says they will look good on her. Sona asks them to enjoy movie.

In the evening, Ishwari, Radha, and mamaji get ready to go to Ranveer’s house with shagun. Ishwari tells Sona she will drop her home. Sona says she will go alone as her family called and informed that they are not at home now. Radha comments though they have big car, they cannot drop anyone and do charity. Her husband scolds her and all 3 eldes leave.

Dev while giving presentation sees Bunny written on one of slides. He says Nikki must have done it. Tina laughs silently. He then imagines Sona sitting in front of her and says he is coming. Sona thinks Dev wants to spend a romantic evening with her. She gets ready wearing Dev’s gifted sari and jewelry and enters Dev’s room, but tries to leave not seeing him. Dev calls her from behind and is seen lighting candles. She enters and asks if she is looking, she does not know to wear sari properly. He says she is looking beautiful in sari. She asks why did he buy such a costly sari, he should return it tomorrow. He says loves her for who she is and not by her looks. She shies. He asks if she shies also and says Ms. Sonakshi Bose I love you. Their romantic moment continues…

Precap: Dev and Sona dance and romance. Sona’s earring falls down. Radha picks and scolds Nikki that she dropped it again. Nikki says it is Sona’s. Radha thinks something is fishy.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Mubeen

    Wooooooww wt a episode…….m blushing still……..bst show evr……day by day its so romantic love u devakhsi

  2. safia

    I dont like this serial anymore. Its getting boring day by day. First i thought it had a different concept but now i feel its all the same.

    • Shilky

      Are u serious?
      I feel their sweet ,innocent romance is what keep the flag up an high for this show.It is just so b’ful and subtle. I hate saturdays n sundays when I dnt get to see this L(.

    • saurav

      Safia.. Wat type of story/concept u want to see..?? This concept is really good n different also frm other shows.. Bt if they nt show any other things also then how will it b called a serial.. There should b sm twist n turns..

  3. Shilky

    Cannot wait for episodic analysis..please upload it soon.
    GOD I have been wiating for this episode since the time I saw the promotions on youtube.
    Shaheer and Erica make a wonderful ,mind blowing couple.

  4. RituM


    |Registered Member

    i started watching this show frm few days only…..i just love their chemistry……dev smile…uffffccc

    • priya

      hii Ritum, aap kaun se episode se dekh rahe ho????
      plz watch episode 77 in you tube if possible…….
      My fav episode till now…..
      hey FRNDS i have n idea 4 u all also share ur fav episode till now….
      sooooo much excited to know……..

  5. Harish

    Have patience there is eveything for a reason in this serial people behave boring sometimes when in love but they dont mind it

  6. Aritri


    |Registered Member

    Ufff.. Garib ki beti Ko aur koi kaam nhi. ??…
    Dev stay away from Garib ki beti.. Else.. Ur gone.. Pakka pakda jayga ?????

  7. erica

    well frnds i am a silent reader and do not commnt often…though i am a very big fan of this show….i read somewhere that ranbir is faking his love towards neha for devs property…. I jst wanted to confirm that is it so?

    • priya

      hii erica, welocome to our devna fan group…….
      plzz do comments….if u have some free time…plz dear….
      avi tak too aisa humne kuch nhi suna….
      god plz bahut mushkil se neha khus hui hai….ab uski khusi me koi problem naa aaye…. soo plz director sir ye twist neha k liye nhi lana…..warna fir se sbse gussa ho jayegi…. n dev se v…aur dev se koi gussa rahe ye mujhse bilkul v nhi dekha jata….. sooo plzzzzz

  8. saurav

    Lovly episodes especially devakshi scenes as usual.. Infact office scene was also very cute when dev thinks abt sona.. Suprb..

  9. Mahi

    widowed.such an amazing update …thnks MA for the update…hey by this ISHWARI & RADHA RANI will suspious our DEVAKSHI……hey DEV ka romantic avatars is killing & also his expression…..I can’t live without this …totally addicted to it & also I can’t control my smile & also blushing alot

    SHAHEER is so o cute

  10. priya

    thhanx 4 d update…
    N sorry MA tody m didn’t read ur update….bcz i already watched d episode…..
    HEy @ asmita m waiting 4 ur detailed update…..

  11. somu

    Js loved d episode… Dis serial is becoming my fav day by day.. N d songs are also fabulous…

  12. priya

    really DEv u select a gorgeous sareee for sona….
    soo beautiful….
    how romantic line—
    thanku so much itni simple si earrings ko itna khass banane k liye…:)
    awww dev expresions is killing day by day…..

  13. Aarti

    Wow..romantic episode ahead..n guys I’ve posted my ff so plzz do read n I’ve also commented on your ffs so read my comments in my ff..

  14. snow

    No way,it’s not like others.All other serials r dragging,out of concept and unbelievable.KRPKAB is just awesome,we can correlate the scenes wit our life.wat s the similarity?

    Asmi waiting 4 ur analysis year . . . .

  15. priya

    scarey precap– i knew it,,, ye duffer Garib Ki Beti Radha Rani ko hi sb se pehle pata chal jayega…. god plz save devakshi…..
    Is garib ki beti radha rani ko koi kaam nhi h, sirf idhar udhar earrings dundhte rehti hai….stupid women….soooooooooooooooooooo iritating…………… gadhi kahin ki………….

  16. saurav

    @priya.. Yes ofcourse m a boy..? n ys I love this show.. I m watching it frm the very first episode.. Generally I dnt watch serials much bt this serial is diff.. Only few shows r here which really shows sensible things n krpkab is one of them.. So as in ur wrds m in love with this show..

  17. sadaf

    Ye stupid garib ki beti Radha Rani ko to dusre ke maamlo me apni taang adana zaroori h, especially sona k maamlo me…..
    Lgta h sabse pehle isi ko pata chalega devakshi k bare me…………
    Pata nhi kya kya drame kregi sach janne ke baad….
    God! Plz save devakshi…….
    Hatinggg garib ki beti tooooooo muchhhh…..

  18. eshani

    Finally d saree scene thy were looking so pretty….sons was actually looking very cute in that orange salwar also and the 1st scene of devakshi dev was looking so so chwwet

    Waiting for the next episode..seems pretty interesting

  19. Blink

    Lovely episode! Dev and Sonakshi just look awesome and please Director keep working on their chemistry! Its beautiful! Specially the romantic garden scene after Sona enters Dev’s house was very cute!
    Its quite irritating to watch Garreb ki beti calling Sona ” naukar ” or ” Bangalan”! Ishwari and Mamaji should stop her from calling names! Radha rani seems to have become the FBI agent in that house! Please keep her role minimal otherwise this show will become like other shows! It should keep the balanced approach as it has been doing till date!
    Its great to watch these DevSona romantic scenes! Both Erica and Shaheer have emoted so well!

  20. kk

    The best show ever….I haven’t seen any series like this…in whch I’ll get bored soon…here its a diff plot…loving it…becoz of their chemistry…devakshi??..hope it continues lyk this….

  21. Hitasha

    hiii friends , i started watching the show from the natasha and dev’s meetings and sona getting jealous and i was like its something different and wonderful ever seen before and the way dev proposed to sona , the best dialogue ever was”I Love You as a Man loves to Women” ohh i loved them both so much than i have watched all the episodes..Our devakshi is the best and thier story is different from others …loved it so much..waiting for today’s romantic dance;)

  22. ❤deepika❤

    frankly if i say how come dev b this romantic suddenly nd so fast :p.. bt shaheer is cute*_*

  23. prit

    Priya mera mobiledata on nhi ho raha tha. Aaj hi thik krvaaya. So thats why i had not comment

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