Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev on news channel announces about his new software and gives credit to his family. He takes each family member’s name except Vicky. Family watching news feel proud of him. GKB thinks why did not Dev take Vicky’s name, if he came to know about Vicky’s crime even when Sona did not tell him.

Vicky panics in his cabin that his plan failed, how can it be. Dev enters and says it is obvious for his plan to fail as he betrayed his brother. He scolds Vicky royally and drags him home. Vicky pleads to forgive him. Family asks what did he do. Dev says Vicky betrayed him and instead of being his secret keeper, he broke his secret to his rivals. Mamaji asks to be specific. Dev says Vicky broke his and Sona’s relationship 7 years, he got Sona’s family out and blamed me.

Mamaji slaps Vicky and hits him. Sona stops him. Dev continues and says Vicky cannot stay in this house. GKB pleads to let him stay and holds Ishwari’s feet. Ishwari stops her. Dev says Vicky tried to sell his software to his rival and was getting crores for it, whoever will support Vicky can go with him. GKB pleads Sona to explain Dev and then Ishwari saying everyone in this house made mistakes in this house. Ishwari says it is up to Dev to forgive Vicky or not.

Vicky walks to his room and packs bags. GKB enters and says she will not let him go, where will he stay, if he really did the mistakes Dev alleged him of. Vicky says he is not in a condition to reply and not make situation difficult for him. She leaves. Golu in his room asks Elena why big cha was scolding papa, ask papa to apologize big cha and stay back here. Vicky enters. Golu asks him to apologize big cha and stay back. Elena sends him out. She asks Vicky why did he do such a big mistake. Vicky says it is for her and Golu’s future. Elena says Dev would have done a lot for Golu, and Vicky is wrong, she loves him, but it is better for him to go out and see what wrong he did to his family.

Dev shouts at Sona if Vicky went out, if not he will kick him out. Sona stops him. Dev shouts whoever tries to come between them, he will destroy them. He warns her to inform her whenever someones tries to interfere. She gets afraid. He asks if she heard it and hugs him. She feels his overpossessiveness.

Precap: Golu sees speeding bike towards Soha and shouts. Dev scolds Sona that when Soha needed her, she was not present with her. Sona says she was stuck in traffic. Dev says it is better for everyone if she works from home.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Minnel Noorsai

    red gone yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  2. Nice epi

  3. Such a nice episode….

  4. What happened to dev? Is there any problem.really I’m confused ? about dev’s new avatar.

  5. What happened to dev is there any problem.really I’m confused ? about dev’s new version

  6. OMG!!!
    What happen with Dev?
    He acts like a physico lover….
    Damn guys plz don’t spoil the story….

  7. Loved dev in today’s epi

  8. Sona was looking awesome in precap..
    Waiting for tomorrow… and again weekend is coming:-(

  9. Shahina

    Why is dev behaving like Maya???
    I was really scared just like Sona when he was talking?
    Coming to that Idiot,
    “Karma is a Boomerang”

    1. shahina tuu bhi dev ko maya se compare karre.i know the attitude was same.but maya was so different from dev.maya ke liye sab kuch arjun tha lekin dev ke liye aisa nahi.from day before epi dev clearly states that “tu aur suhana mere priorties hai aur kaam apnii jagaaa”this says that dev is totally different from maya.agar vicky achee person haoti tho jarur dev hi wapas le aayega gar .elina concludes concludes with it”shayad dev bhai yehii chahte hai”.dev ko thoo bahut dil hai wo apnoo ke liye aur dusre ke liye bahut deta hai.agar maya jaisa hoti tho ab tak vicky mar chukhi hoti.
      daatna mat shahina bahut bada hogaya naa.lekin mee sarii doubts clear karna chahti huuu.

      1. Shahina

        Arey…main toh bas mazak kar rahi thi.
        I’m not comparing Maya’s character with Dev.Thats impossible.
        But , yesterday when dev was speaking to Sona, his behaviour was like Maya??
        Meri phool jaisi Sona Ko dara diya usne?

      2. yup.i agree.dev tho maya se beyhadh ho gaya.while talking to sona i was scaring.mujhe laga sona tuu tho gayee .bagho waha see .
        bechari sona devil dev babu..

  10. Subhashini

    Aaj mae itna proud hue kyunki mae shaheer ki fan hue….
    Omg what an acting no one can’t beat him…..He is superlative best ae ….

    1. shaheer ke baare me kya baat karu.he was beyond his excellence.jab me epi dekh raha tha for total epi i was seeing only him and hitting my head to the wall.rock kar diya shaheer nee.his atitude was so excellent.
      dosre baar shaheer ke bare me mat kaho kyunki mujhe sharam aa rahi hai.

  11. Subhashini

    Harae harae k i agree beyadh aur krpkab next to next show ae lekin isska assar issi thara hotiyae kya…..Aaj maenae Arjun ka fear sona ki eyes mae dekha aur maya ko poochi math ho tho puri thara dev ka anthar kussgaya kya???

    God aaj dev sona ko bhi darathiya….really i am also scared…abhi bhi ho dar ae

    Seriously apart from jokes we can’t blame dev for his condition now because his situation and his experiences bring him like that…even though I agree now dev was wrong….we don’t know how sona will handle this calmly and understand him….
    Dev is extreme from the very beginning.. his basic nature His love, anger, anguish, and now possessiveness. That’s Devrath Dixit.

    1. yes u are right .dev always gives his extreme love,hatred….but we cannot say he was wrong as he was correct at his aspect.

  12. Yvonne Codner

    WOW…What an episode it was so dramatic…Dev was not playing with no one tonight. GKB is acting all innocent when she was the one who created the monster. I will never forget that she burnt her house down to move in with the Dixits and since then all hell has broken loose. So GKB you reap what you sow. So sorry that Dev and his family have to suffer from your evil.

    Sonakshi looked so scared, but she need not be afraid of her dear sweet hubby, because he would never intentionally hurt her. He really loves her.

    See how easy it was for Vickky to leave his family (Elena and Golu) he doesn’t care, because he has no remorse, he will still try to get even with Dev. Does he have the brain to do that though? I don’t think so.

    Dev looked awesome in his anger mode!!

  13. dev ko kya ho gaya?? kya phir se separation dekhne ko milega?? sona to khud dari hui hain!! wo dev ko kaise calm karega? hi me bohot dino bad comment ker rahi hu. piya neha ashmita sab purane fans kaha ho?

  14. Ganga

    Dev ki DIWANGI ….??part 2 shuru hua ???

    Tremendous actors yaaar….koyi bi kam nahi iss total cast me…..hatsoff to u all ??????

    1. Chanpreet0815

      Yes U r right. Nice Title.


  15. writers ke maturity was too high.they have planned very well.7 years brought them a new angel.all were changed very quickly.for us it was very difficult to adopt the seven years change in a just two days.they have shown the correct transformation.yesterday and todays epi indicates it very well.yesterday i was so dissapoint with sona as she was correct according to 7 years leap.the leap has changed her completed.coming to dev it is not the behaviour because of night accident it was just influence of 7 years for which he left sona.he was afraid of sona losing again as he know the importance of sona in his life.they are potraying the leap very well.the leap has very well meaning according to them.
    actually alredy cvs has already hinted about this:
    dev:mein tum se itna pyar karti hu shayad tujh se sambhalaa nahi jayega.iske liye mujhe tiny sonakshi ki jarurat padegii.
    by this track was fixed along agoo.aab shayad suhana hee handle kar sakte haii…
    aree kya mujhe kya hogaya mee tho gnaan bodha hi start kar diyaaa..

  16. Shahina

    Fuze article for yesterday’s episode
    Here is the link?
    Don’t miss it?

    1. Shahina

      After reading this, I can understand why dev was behaving like that yesterday.

    2. Thanks Shahina ….. I read it . its so well explained yarrrrr . After reading this I realised it can happen to anybody .

      Seriously makers hats off for this Unique Story , hats off for the actors , hats off for the dialouges . hats off for everything. this serial is a trend setter in Indian soap .

      Please others especially Ekta kapoor at least learn how to make good serials and strong story lines from our KRPKAB .

      1. Shahina

        There’s no use dr.
        People still love to watch shows like PPK and EK shows.
        Kabhi kabhi mujhe Aisa lagta hai ki, shaayad Mera taste hi Karab hai.
        All my friends watch that annoying kkb,devanshi,etc etc….
        Yuck….vo log toh kabhi nhi sudharenge

    3. kya yeh eee.itna bakwaas article kaun likhta.all is rubbish….sochoo agar me aisa wala frnd hota tho.
      maarna nahi mujhe i was just kidding.i am feeling so happy some one are feeling the same what i felt.very very nice article.thank u shahina for sharing.
      aab tho cool ho jayoo.agar cool nahi hua tho …mujhe kaise pata tu bhi kuch kar lenaa

      1. Shahina

        Your one-liners are very funny.

  17. @preet
    frnds ko aisa sorry aur explanations nahi dethee.so from next time no explanation and no sorry.i was just kidding and missing u.

  18. @shahina
    actually at 9:30 my dad watches news.so remote wont be in my hand.
    vaise bhi serial akelaa dikhta hai bahut mazza athi hai.ek epi ko forward backward karke dekh sakhti hai.mein tho each epi 4 times dekhti hu breakfast lunch snacks dinner ki tarahhh

    1. Shahina

      Even I too have the same problem.
      In my house, I’m the only person who can understand Hindi.
      So, snatching the remote from my dad that too at 9:30pm for watching a Hindi serial is almost impossible.

      1. duniyaa ke sari problems ham dono ko hi agayaa.kya bagawan yee …ekta kapoor serials dekhne wale koo remote hamesha milte hai.lekin hamko nahii..mere frnds bhi tumhare frnds ki tarah behave karta hai.hamko taste nahi usko nahi hai..

  19. Neha1

    Yesterday’s episode was awesome…. Finally, Dev threw Vicky out of Dixit house…. GKB is changed and realise her mistake but not Vicky…!

    But what happened to Dev..???? He became so possessive towards Sonakshi… this will surely effect their relationship…

    Dev becomes overpossessive… Soha’s accident news will again triggers Dev’s anger for Sonakshi…
    Honestly, I don’t want Dev to be overpossessed Hubby…. Last time Ishwari’s possessiveness effect Devakshi relationship…!

    Where’s Priya9876, Piya, Shalini, Shalinibose, Varalakshmi, Rekhadhir, Ngkrishnakumari..??? These girls are missing… plz come and comment..!

  20. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice episode!

  21. Chanpreet0815

    Dev ko kya ho gaya h. pura pagal ho gaya h vo. Ek kaam usne acha kiya ki Vickey ko ghar se nikaal diya. Usko galti thi.

    But vo his tarah se sona se behave krra tha. Matlab mai toh shock ho gayi.

    ab se jo kuch bhi his samay chalra hoga vo usi Samay mujhe maalum hona chahiye. Or tum mujhe choti si chotI baat pehele aake btaaogi. taaki mai situation sambhaal SaKu.

    Yeah pyar h yaa pagalpan. Matlab kisi ki apni koi privacy hoti h. kya yeh baat dev ko nhi samajti h.

    Nd precap:- aaj se tumhe jo bhi kaam krna hoga tum yaha ghar se hi krogI.

    Us waqt mujhe bht gussa aaya. Ab Sona kahi bahar bhi nhi jaa sakti h kya.

    Sona ne 7 saal Soha no akele sambhaala h. Or Dev ne SOHA ka accident ka blame sona Pr daal diya. How could he?

    1. Shahina

      In Sona’s words,
      “Dev,Tumi akdom impossible”
      While watching precap I feel like Dev’s pagalpan has reached new heights.
      “Dev ki deewangi part 2”

      1. pagalpan tho height se bhi jyada uper gayii.ham dev ko ek naam dete hai hatrick ddd(dare devil dev)
        exclusively for u :dikheye ddd in dev ki dewangi part 2only at tu page .produced by tu frnds.catch at :mujhe kaise pata kab free ho aab dekh lenaaa

  22. Chanpreet0815

    Feeling vry sorry for Golu. Bichaara how innocent he was looking while crying.

    Bht bura lag raha h Golu ke liye.

    Mujhe ek baat ka doubt h. ki dev ka pyar Golu ke liye kam na ho jaaye.

    I mean to say. Golu should not feel that Dev’s all love is for SOHA. This can create differences in their relation.

    No Doubt Sona will treat Golu and SOHA equally. But Problem is with Dev.

    aisa nhi h ki mai sona ki side HU. But Dev ki harkatein gussa Dilaa rhi h.

  23. Chanpreet0815

    Ab se mai bhi Ganga ne diya hua title hi use krungi jab tak yeh track chalenga.


  24. Varalakshmi

    omg what a scaring episode kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi is a master piece show
    shaheer kya acting karthe aap you deserve all awards sonakshi’s scaring expression omg mujhe bhi bahut darr lag raha hai next week kya hoga dev’s obsession increasing day by day it is not good for each & every relationship

    main nai ek spoiler padha tha after suhana accident principal scold sonakshi after that dev scold principal because the way she spoken sonakshi
    jab ek waqt tha sona ko koi bhi dant the tab dev chup byta tha aur ab ye sirf pyar nahi obsession hara hai sonakshi iss situation ko kaise handle karogi wait karna hi padega

    dev ko kaise patha Vicky ka ye dhoka elena batha doubt hai mujhe iss bath pe

    now a days dev sonakshi ko baat karne ka mouka bhi nahi dera sirf wo bol raha hai sonakshi sun na aur samaj na sirf had hogaya

    now a days devakshi ka romance bahut kam hai
    phir se weekend i am eagerly waiting for next week episode

  25. Varalakshmi

    Dev Setup Office at Home Sonakshi-Dev Big Argument Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi UMT 28th July Video WU


  26. Chanpreet actually what is the meaning of deewangi?I wished to ask its meaning earlier but couldnt,so now asking….pls

    1. Chanpreet0815

      Deewangi means Madness.
      Means Madness in LOVE

  27. Shahina

    Deewangi means being obsession or madness.

  28. Ganga

    Guy’s don’t missed it….plsss take a look in it…?????


    1. haaha what a trio.all the colours are looking in them.sona ko dekho is picture me bahut has rahe hai.
      lol ..aisa kaun banataa.this was hilarious.

  29. Varalakshmi

    Dev Turns To A Psycho Lover | Sonakshi Gets FRUSTRATED | Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi


    1. Neha1

      OMG.! Yeh Psycho Avtaar Dev ka tab achcha lgta tha when They both are seperated… but not now…I want to see Mature and understanding Dev instead of a Psycho Lover/Hubby…..!

      Mamta Yash Patnaik, Are you thinking to copy Agnisakshi movie story… In that movie Nana Patekar was psycho hubby of Manisha koirala and somehow she ran away from him and changed her identity and place….she comes Mumbai and fall in love with Jackie shroff, who’s so mature and understanding and also gave respect to womens…
      Well, I really hope that Mamta mam will not copy that concept in our favorite show….I really wanna see Dev’s mature and understanding hubby side….not a psycho hubby…! let’s hope for the best..

      1. Neha1

        Or trying to copy Jennifer Winget’s aka Maya in Beyhad…!???????
        Hope so not…plz changed Dev’s character slightly…We have seen Sonakshi as a Mature and understanding daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and wife ….but eagerly waiting to see Dev just like a Perfect Hubby…Enough of this “Deewangi” now..!

  30. Varalakshmi

    where is jatin
    sonakshi ke sath jatin kaam kiya tho dev ka reaction kya hoga

    1. Chanpreet0815

      Varalakshmi u r right. mai bhi vhi soch rhi hu. Dev ka reaction kya hoga

  31. Thank you so much Chanpreet, Shahina. One more question, Shahina are u from Kerala? If u dont mind

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