Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ria sees Ishwari awake till late night and asks why is she still awake. Ishwari says Dev went out to meet foreign delegates and she will sleep once he comes back. Ria says delegates left in the morning itself. Dev comes back and asks mom why is she still awake. Ria asks foreign delegates left in the morning itslef, then whom did he meet. He says they got stuck in Noida traffic and missed their flight, so will stay for 2 more days. He says Ishwari they are coming tomorrow for dinner. Ishwari says she will prepare something. Ria says mom thought he went to meet his girlfriend and starts calling names Meenakshi, Sonakshi, Anjali, etc…

In the morning, Dev gets ready for office and waits for Sona. Sona messages that she is not coming for work today as she is going

for shopping with Elena, she has explained everything to Bhola. He sadly says this is not done. Sona comes and he asks why did she lie. She taunts that he did not drop her yesterday home. Their conversation continues. He says there is something on her back. Sona says mom will scold her. He turns her back and writes Devakshi on her back and says Dev and Sona are together always. She says someone will see it. He says let them see. Dev leaves for office.

Sona goes to Iswhari’s room and sees her dizzy and weak but trying to prepare groceries for dinner. She asks her to rest and not exert herself. Ishwari scolds her that is her nutrionist and her children and should not bother her when she prepares something for her children. Sona SMSes Dev and informs him.

Ishwari goes to kiktchen and starts preparing food. Radha munches cashews and suggests her to prepare malai kofta for forgein delegates. Dev comes and scolds Ishwari for exerting herself and says he will order food from outside. Ishwari says Sona complained him and came all the way till office. Dev says she messaged him and says when her BP is low, she should not get up from bed and orders food from hotel. Foreign delegates come. Dev introduces family to them. They ask about Dev’s girlfriend. Ishwari says just by mingling with a girl, they don’t become girlfriend and it is not their culture. Dev explains same to delegates and says their culture allow arranged marriages. They say it is good. Radha comes and with her jokergiri says in English food is ready. Delegates say the came to have home cooked food. Ishwari taunts Dev that he listens to Sona and not her, she wanted to prepare home food, but he stopped her on Sona’s order. She sadly thinks Sona is more important to Dev than her.

Next, mamaji comes out of house and is shocked to Dev and Sona chatting and laughing together and thinks Ishwari was right, Sona is controlling Dev now.

Precap: Dev gets high fever and Sona applies damp cloth on his forehead and goes to inform Ishwari. Ishwari goes to Dev’s room and holds his hand. Dev thinks it is Sona and repeats Sona don’t leave me. Ishwari is shocked and thinks Sona has taken her place now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Esme

    Precap awweeeeeeeeeeesoooooomeeeeeeeeee

  2. Today’s episode had superb devakshi scenes….
    Love their chemistry….?

  3. Mubeen

    Finally aunty ji sun lijiye…….sona phool hai aur apka beta bhanwra…ab toh maan lo

    1. Esme


    2. Priya9876

      well said mubeen…
      phool nd bhanwara… unhe jitna alag karo wo fir se pass aa hi jate hai…
      soo this in mind Ish aunty ji & so called GKB…

  4. Sonal

    wow! Sona -Dev ..perfection personified ..GOD bless the couple!

  5. Mubeen

    Aj toh kiss hote hote reh gya…..roshni ho jaati har taraf

    1. Priya9876

      yaaa… hehehe…heheh…

    2. Esme

      eee….he…..he…he..phir se mila dev ko sona ka janlewa dhakka….ha…ha…


    nice episode

  7. Sonal

    Guys this written episode nowhere mentioned ki aaj Kiss hote hote reh gaya(as Mubeen said).looks like we are missing lots of Devakshi scenes in these [email protected] Author..please try not to edit /delete any Devakshi sequence,you may choose to edit other parts :):)

    1. Priya9876

      Hey Sonal, This Author is Mhaaaaaaaan…

  8. I wish ishwari aunty ji pehle wali hi aunty ji ban jaye plzzzz


    Plzzzzzz someone explain this ishwari, mama ji, mami ji and even to sister that dev also need to live his life according to his choice; he is not their money ATM puppet; who will work for them all tym and will live life as per they want…..
    Sona and dev secens were so romantic…????

  10. Devga

    Vry complicated …. 🙁 y dev y can’t u tel ur mom evn aftr her repeated indirect questions….
    Ufff I really get goose bumps in each and every episode …. I get scared to the core don’t knw y … 🙁
    devaksi jaldhi open hona chahiye……

    1. Priya9876

      mee too yaar… tht time whwn Riya said, — bhaiya ki koi GF to ho sakti hai naa, koi kareena katrina, koi sonakshi…omg…dev k expression dekhne layak the… nd aunty ji k v…..hhaha hahaha hah

  11. The DevAkshi tattoo!! <3
    Precap!!!!!!!! So so so awesomeeeeee!!!!!!!
    Love DevAkshi!!
    ShaRica & KRPKAB roxz 🙂

  12. JITHA

    Precap? atleast now ishwari ko samaj ayegi

  13. I Love you sona……….. I am badly addicted ..Devakshi……

  14. hey guys its my frist comment but i read all comments devakshi scenes r wonderfull

  15. I like this serial very much.I become totally mad about it.I thought that mamaji will understand dev and will try to explain it to ishwari. But he will soon creat problems for devakshi.

  16. Precap is awesome????

  17. Precap literally made me shout..OMG.. Dev revealed unknowingly to his mom.. All smiles on my face.. But Sona s gonna face a tough time handling Ishwari.. But Devakshi tattoo,SMS prank.. Too good…?

  18. sahi kaha mubeen…roshni hi roshni ho jati….;-D;-D
    and what is this mamaji scene now….???
    now he will also behave like GKB…..
    ek auntyji, ek mamaji,aur ek GKB khud…
    teen teen GKB kaise sambhalenge devakshi….

  19. The precap was breathtaking legit???

  20. Subhashini

    I think if dev tells earlierly to his mother about sona she is not reacting this much bad ,y dev hidden this to his mother ,she expected that dev tell his decision about sona before he told to sona

  21. But in spoilers they said that very soon they r going to break up i think that us because oof ishwaru

  22. I like this very much I m eagerly waiting for next episode & the precap is awesome

  23. Ngkrishnakumari

    Hate this ishwari ek villian kya kam the 4 villian
    Vickey mamaji mamiji & ishwari
    Nevertheless devakshi scene rocksss in today epi

  24. It is really funny to see Ishwari a jealous mom like any other mom.still wondering how come Dev hasn’t told her about their love.also funny the lovers make it a point to meet and romance openly in the house where everyone can see them!!!!so Ishwari doesn’t want her son to choose his own girl because she will share her love for him! She should actually be happy for Dev.It is like it is happening 30 years back!!!!!!

  25. Nice episode loved it

  26. Guys you know what I just watched a single first episode 10 days ago and believe me since then I am smitten I downloaed sonyliv app and watched 104 episodes altogether in 9 straight days between work .. awesome Supriya madam .. awesome team . Great wriup as well

    1. Priya9876

      waooo yaarr… i mean in 9 day u saw all 104 episodes…gr8

    2. Esme

      Wooooooh 104 episodes in 9days amazing! !!!
      Welcome to die hard fangiri just like us.

  27. Priya9876

    superb episode…
    love u dev sona…
    n feels bad for dev…. use fever… hey sona, take care of him…

  28. Esme

    Prank n tatoo scene amazing. Phir aaj sona kiss se bach gayi….he…he….precap baap re….sonakshi mujhe chod kar mat jao…..dev is taking sona’s name in his sleep. ….sooooooooooo aweeeeeeesooooooooome.

  29. Esme

    But I feel we can’t neglect author’s work.has to give fast written update….so it is happening. ..but now I think its better to be a bit late and come with full detailed written updates. ..what do u think guys? ????

  30. pls dont forget to put 28.7.16 written episode
    or else it feels like cringggggggggg

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