Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mamaji comes to Ishwari’s room and asks why did she stop Dev from going on a honeymoon trip. Ishwari says it was Dev’s decision and he does not want to go on a trip when Neha’s marriage in turmoil. Sona comes and tells she needs to check Ishwari’s blood pressure. Nikki calls Sona to come out soon. Mamaji says he will go out and check. Sona says Nikki is calling her, so she will go. Mamaji walks along. Nikki calls even Dev and asks Neha why brought out Dev and Sona’s bags. Neha shouts at Dev and Sona that they should go honeymoon and should not stay back because of her. Dev asks what happened. Neha starts yelling that Sona is jealous that she could not go on honeymoon beause of her and even her parents were angry. Sona says her dad

was suggesting to go on honeymoon as there are other family members to take care of Ishwari. Neha says Sona informed her dad about my breakup with Ranveer, how could she inform outsiders about her personal problem. Sona says dad was asking reason and she told problem, she did not mean to hurt anyone. Neha yells at Dev that he should go on honeymoon, she is there to take care of mom as usuall. Radha also starts yelling. Mamaji asks her to shut her mouth. Radha continues. Sona says for her and Dev, family is most important and they want to solve family problems first and a honeymoon trip is secondary. Dev says if everyone has understood what he and Sona want, nobody should create a drama again.

In the morning, Sona wakes up and sees it is already 9 a.m. She sees alarm off. Dev comes out of washroom ready for office. She asks why did he wake her up. He says she was looking so pretty asleep, he did not feel waking her up and even switched off alarm. She says she lost already half of her day because of him, she has a lot of work to do. He thanks her for handling situation well yesterday, he would have spoilt it. He suggests her to stop worrying about familly much and join back her job as nutirionist. Kichu calls Sona and she leaves laughing.

Sona gets down and sees Ishwari in kitchen. Sona asks her to rest. Ishwari says she is fine and asks if she is not sad that she canceled honeymoon trip. Sona says for her and Dev family is most important than a trip, they would have been tensed thinking about Ishwari and Neha during trip. She kneads dough and says their family is united like dough and should solve problems together first.

After sometimes, Mamaji takes juice for Ishwari. Ishwari says she is lucky to have a brother like him and son like Dev . He says he forgot to give her medicine and Sona reminded him. He says she told him to scold her when she does mistake, but he does not want to scold her. She asks him to be specific. He says she accepted Sona as Dev’s wife but as her bahu yet, Sona is a very good girl and she is part of family now. Ishwari says he is right, she could not accept Sona as her bahu yet, but she will. Mamaji says Sona loves our family and always thinks of family, she is perfect bahu they could have got.

Dev calls Sona and asks her to come into garden. Sona goes to garden. He says he hurt his leg while rushing to meet her. She massages his feet. Neha passes by and jealously watches them. She touches vase by mitake and tries to keep it back. Dev and Sona notice her and stop their romance. Neha jealously leaves.

Radha orders Kichu to serve food. Vicky comes and joins. Radha asks why did he come so early, if he is fine. He says he is, he does not want to work hard like laborer like Dev and wants to enjoy his position, so he came home to enjoy food. Radha says what if Dev wil know about this. He says nobody will tell him, except if bengalan informs. Radha makes her usual weird faces.

After sometime, Sona comes to Iswhari and says she needs her permission. Ishwari asks why. Sona says to massage her feet and insists. Ishwari agrees. Ishwari says she has magic in her fingers. Sona says even papa says same, he reads newpaper whole day and gets stiff neck, she assages his neck. After sometime, mamaji and Radha join Ishwari for tea. Radha asks Ishwari where is Sona, if she went to her parent’s house again. Ishwari says no, she went to market and says she massage her legs so well that her pain is gone. Mamaji says he told her Sona is best bahu for her. Kichu informs that Ranveer has come. Sona enters with Ranveer and says she found him in market and brought him home. Neha fumes seeing Ranbeer. Ranbeer tells her he needs to talk. She walks to her room angrily.

Precap: Ishwari tells Dev that nobody knows Neha better than her, Neha is not ready to speak to Ranbeer yet. She tried to explain it to Sona, but she did not listen to him. Dev says don’t worry, I will speak to Neha. Ishwari says even he did not understand what she told just now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Pisswari. Teri problem hai kya? Nahi aaj to tu batade. Kya chahti kya hai apne hi parivar ko todne me lagi padi hai. ???? aur ek wo neha hai jisko kuch samajhta nahi hai. Apne bhai se kaun jalta hai yaar

    1. Priya9876

      yaar iss family ki sari ladies sona ki sautan bani padi hai……. sab log sautan ki tarh jealous hote hai………yukkkkkkkk…….cheapooo ladies…….

    2. Sahi mein….
      Pisswari ka dimag kharap ho gaya hain kyu ki uska patidev nahi raha isliye dhusro ki romance kharap karta hain…
      aur wo neha apne ap samjhti kya hain.khud toh romance nahi kar sakta na isliye dev aur sona ka romance dekh ke jalti hain…is ghar sab pagal hain sibai dev,mamaji aur sona ke..

      1. Priya9876

        thoda pagal too Dev v hai,,,,hahahhaha

      2. Nikki immature aur Riya invisible . Yeh koi alag type ki pariwar hai. Sab ki leader Jealoushwari.

  2. Devga

    Oh so wat do u mean other than u no one understands neha well haan …. wah wah …. JOKE OF THE YEAR….

    if u wud hv understud u wud not hav given her this much hatred and jealousy from childhood …. u r worstest mom …. bcz full love for one son and nothing for ur girls … then y the hell u gave birth to those poor girls….

    And not evn pure LOVE to ur son too …. bcz if u had u wud not try to brk his heart r not try to brk his small happiness…. in fact u r trying brk his marriage….

    Ur deeds will return to u …. remember””evry action has an equalent and opposite reaction …””

    Y to take ur hands behind ur head to touch the nose …. tell straight away to dev tht sona is wrong …. finished… y to waste tym by making dev mad ….

    1. Manya

      Devga Di Apka comment toh mast hai but Shayad aap physics zyada pad Rahe Ho isliye apko physics ke side effects Ho gye hai??

      1. Priya9876

        Iss comment se phsyics se kya connection h??

  3. Wow wow wowwww dev and sona you are the best and bestest…. Love u guys awesome acting….perfect chemistry…..super understanding…..mama ji thanks for always supports truth…..

  4. Manya

    Devakshi Aaj chah gaye❣
    Starting scene and Gkb aur Vicky wake scene Ko chod Kar pura epi acha tha?
    Tha khud Mamaji ne thoda dimaag ishwari Ko bhi diya but guys Aaj Mujhe lag raha tha ki Pisswari phir she Ishwari ban jaayegi but precap dekhne ke baad I was like yeh toh kabhi Ho hi nhi sakta??
    Dev babu Ko koi farak hi nhi pas raha chahe wo honeymoon par Na Gaye Ho lekin inks mood pura wohi hai??
    Mere favourite scenes❣
    Aap sote hue Itni cute lag Rahi thi ki uthane ka man hi nhi kiya aur yeh stupid alarm bhi mere haatho hi band Hua hai
    Kichu bhaiya part 2?
    Pasand toh Mujhe dono hai?
    …Sabse zyada imp. Hai Mujhe samajhna woh bhi Kareeb se?
    Aur woh deewar de khud ke aane wala scene toh????
    Dev babu romantic hote jaa Rahe hai??
    Dev babu jab Sona Ko tickle Kar Rahe the❣❣❤️
    Dev babu main toh aapki aur badi wali fan Ho gyi??guys ADHM release gone wali hai??
    Aap log zarur dekhne jaana yeh Meri taraf se Diwali gift?
    Thank you Bolne ki koi zarurat nhi hai?

    1. Priya9876

      Yessssss devakshi to chaaaa gaye… ??❤?

      Bachaa!! Tickets courier karo fire hoga na gift ….?

      1. Priya9876

        *fire = firr

      2. Manya

        Aap address bhejo toh sahi

  5. ek sita ( sonakshi )……aur 4 raavans ( so called GKB radharani)(ishwari)(neha)(vicky) in the same house……it’s not fair …..badi nainsaafi hai…..tabhie to ram ( dev ) bechara confused hai kon hai sabse bada raavan

    1. Priya9876

      Hahahhaa?? kya comment….??
      Mind blowing…?

  6. Of course this will be a problem with having two ,three kids. One always gets special treatment. Mainly in indian family boys always gets a special treatment.. That is what Iswari did. She did not love all her children equally. Even now she still favors Dev.She had made Neha like this.Now the whole family is suffering for this.Today’s episode was really good.Mamaji brought the truth from Iswari.I want the makers to create like this episode.
    Like Sona kneading the dough and impressed Iswari. And massaging Iswari ‘S legs.Very nicely done. The makers should show that slowly change Vicky and Mami also.
    The makers should also show that she brings Neha and Ranvir together.
    Excellent episode this was.I really liked it.Especially the way Sona handled the Neha situation against Dev.The makers did a wonderful job. They should keep doing this and show Sona as do Goode.

  7. NEHA apni BHABHI se jealous…..ISHWARI apni BAHU se jealous……
    YEH HO KYAA RAHA HAI BE…?????????????


    1. Tessie

      Haha yes.. Actually ab dev sona ko tym spnd krna b muskil gar me agar neha dekti hai toh ishwari bolegi dev pls tu sona se dur reho neha tumlog ko deke duki ho jati hai jaise old days huh..

    2. Priya9876

      Sautan bani padi hai…

    1. BUT no its not…..

  8. SONA:aap yahan kya kar rahe ho?


    OMG….that was epic man…??????

    dialogue writer man….!!! you nail it everytime….

  9. PRIYA guess what…????

    i think your NEW DP….??


    1. Priya9876

      hmmm……omg……..kitne hansome lag rahe h…….?????????

      tumne iss bike ride ka clip dekha.. youtube pe availaible hai…
      Shaheer ji fir se INDONESIA me hai…

      come soon………shaheer…….

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBfEWxS2t4w


  11. kya kabad macha ke rakha hai neha ne……!!!

    but i’m happy that DEV raised his voice…..

    1. Priya9876

      dimagg!!!! me kachra……!!!! bhar rakha hai. to kabad hi machayegi na ar use aata v kya hai……

  12. only one person has the ability to call a leading CEO a BUDDHURAAM…!!!!;-p;-p;-p

    1. Priya9876


      1. SONA re….she called him buddhu raam…


  14. Howwwwwwwww………..??????Dev first time maybe Sona pe nahi chillaya… ??
    I hope always Devakshi be like dis….. Pleasant episode…. (except Vichy ND GKB)……….

    Mujhe aisa lag raha tha ki Our old Sona will be back ????

    Pleasant kyo kaha ki Devakshi ka convo ND understanding Awesome…… Isliye……..
    Kya meine kuch galath nahi bola naaaa??

    1. Priya9876

      Bilkul bhi nhi ganga…..?

  15. @ ERINA…

    ap se personally muje ek baat discuss karni hai…
    us din apki ek comment me apne kuch point mention kiye the…jese ki..
    kabhi kisike pyar me mat pado..aur by chance agar pad bhi jao aur vo apni maa ka remote control ho to usse marry mat karo….aur agar marry kar liya to shaadi ke baad kabhi bhi usse love respect aur support expect mat karo…aur IN LAWS se zyada expect mat karo ..bcoz vo log hamari family ki place nahi le sakte..IN LAWS ke liye kuch sacrifice mat karo bcoz unse return me apko kuch nahi milne vala hai…
    ye sare points jisme ap believe karti hai erina..

    But sorry erina…me apke ek bhi point se agree nahi hu..infact completely disagree hu…

    bcoz ….i believe..love is beautiful..life me ek bar to kisise true love karna hi chahiye….
    now second thing…apne kisise pyar kiya hai matlab bina kisi condition ke kiya hai..vo jesa hai apko pasand hai..right..to phir mom ka remote control ho to marry nahi karne ka..esi condition rakhne ka kya matlab hai !!

    now third…love ..respect & support vo to kisibhi healthy relation ka base hota hai…ye teeno esi cheeze hai jo bina expect kiye mil jati hai & believe me ..real me bhi milti hai…

    now forth …in laws hamari family ki place kyu nahi le sakte..ofcourse le sakte hai..agar hamne hamare husband ko as a family accept kiya hai matlab uski family ko bhi apni family accept kiya hai..aur ap unko man se apni family manoge hi nahi to vo apni family banegi kese…banane ke liye pehle manna padta hai..

    & now fifth…husband ki family ko apni family banane ke liye sacrifice karne padte hai..me manti hu ki..starting me hame shayad return me kuch na mile…but jis insaan se hamme pyar kiya hai…aur vo bhi hamse pyar karta hai to uski family ke liye ham itna to kar sakte hai…jese ki sonakshi kar rahi hai….
    Me sonakshi par kabhi bhi comment nahi karti..bcoz muje lagta hai..SHE IS THE BEST !!

    believe me erina…marriage is a beautiful relation..ap to bahot sweet ho…to phir ap nagative kyu ho rahe ho..

    & last thing..dev jesa bhi hai…par uska dil bahot saccha hai…dev ki baat baki ladko se bahot alag hai…vo sona ko love ..respect & support deta hai bus jaha par bhi uska past ya mom ki baat aati hai..vaha pe thodi gadbad ho jati hai…lekin imperfection kisme nahi hoti.dev me bhi hai…infact dev jesa PURE aur SACCHA ..EMOTIONAL insaan jiske pas bhi as a life parter ho..she is a lucky girl…dev esa insaan hai jo…apne past aur apni maa ko chodke..puri duniya ke samne sona ke liye lad sakta hai…
    THATS IT !

    1. Yeh swtheart thanks for mentioning ur point of view on my comment…but swtheart still i’m on my words..
      1 . maine kaha tha love mat kro nd trust me swtheart mai personally issme love m believe nhi krti y sirf tv ya filmo m hi pasand aati h mjhe but in real i don’t think ki aise v boys hote h. I don’t know what will happen in my future but still i believe that love jaisi koi cheez nhi hoti
      2. Maine kaha tha ki agar by chance kr v liya to kbhi mumma’s boy means remote boy se shaadi maat krna nd swtheart see i still believe in this bcse i think how can a girl be happy in that situation jb uska hubby har baat apni maa k kehne pr kre kbhi uski baat na maane to choro sune v nhi then. Dear i agree ki hubby ko apni maa ki respect krni chahiye but usse apni wifey ko v to importance dena chahiye na… Nd maine y breakup vale scene ko mind me rkh kr kaha tha….
      3. Maine kaha tha ki kbhi respect, love nd support ke baare m kbhi mat sochna bcse i personally think ki love, care nd support to akele m nhi balki sabke samne dikhna chahiye nd if u remember maine y baat tmhe pehle hi clear kr rkha h what i think about it…
      4. Maine kaha tha ki apne inlaws se jyada Expectations mat krna bcse vo apni family ki place kbhi nhi le skte bcse i personally think ki aisa kbhi nhi ho skta ki inlaws apni family ki place le skte h kbhi na kbhi vo y ehsaas jarur krva denge ki aap dusre k ghar se ho jaisa ki dev ne nd ishwari ne sona ko feel kryaga h…
      6. I truely believe ki inlaws k lye apni self respect ya kch v sacrifice na kro bcse isse kch nhi hone vala but at d end u will regreat for that…
      Nd sweety apne mere comment ko carefully read kiya hoga to maine mention kiya tha ki krpkab se maine kya sikha ……
      But i personally also think so. I also believe that marriage is beautiful thing. But sorry to say dear that even i also disagree with u… Hope u got ur answer nd sweety i don’t want that type of love, care nd respect which dev generally gives to sona in bedroom bcse akele m to bht log aapko aisa feel kra skte h but jo real m yahi in presence of everyone karaye i love that… Nd i seriously love krishna love, care nd respect for pratigya in pratigya show bcse vo dusre k samne apni wifey ko kbhi let down nhi hone deta tha not like dev jo ki sirf chup rehkr sunta h…. Bolne ko bht kch h but now i need to go nd sorry for any typo error bcse bht lamba type krna para mjhe nd ek baat mai y as a normal kr rhi hu bcse maine login nhi kiya tha. Hahaha mai forget kr gy ty ????login krna

  16. @ JUNEE DI…

    di…apko lagta hai na ki..dev inconsistent…immature aur ego vala hai..
    me manti hu ki dev esa hai..
    par di..ap dev ki purity dekhiye..ap uka dil dekhiye…
    aur bahar duniya me bahot sare log hai jo mature hai par unka dil saccha nahi hai…
    aur di..esi maturity kis kam ki..jiske pass dil ki sacchai na ko..
    agar koi insaan mature nahi hai to time ke sath ban jayega lekin gar dil ka saccha nahi hai…vo sacchai time ke sath bhi nahi ayegi..

    di…mature aur practical insaan es duniya me bahot mil jayenge..but ekdam pure aur man ke saaf inssan rarely milenge…
    aur agar kisiko ese log mil jate hai to unhe kabhi jane nahi dena chahiye..bcoz vo bahot precious hote hai…believe me..
    me manti hu di ki …aj ki duniya me..smart aur practical rehna bahot bahot important hai…lekin di ese to hum time aur experience ke sath bhi to ban sakte hai na…
    i mean..dev jese apne past ko lekar hyper ho jata hai aur shout karta hai..i agree ki vo galat hai..lekin di..past ek bahot gandi cheez hai..jab tak hamare samne vo na ho tab tak sab kuch think hai..par jab bhi vo samne ata hai hamari duniya hilake hi jata hai..

    log kehte hai ki…hame apne aj me jeena chahiye..par believe me di..ye bahot muskil hai…specially un logo ke liye..jinka past accha na ho aur vo bahot emotional log ho..tab aur bhi zyada muskil ho jata hai..
    dev bilkul sahi kehta hai..YAAD RAKHNA ASSAN HAI..BHULANA BAHOT MUSKIL !

  17. Junee

    @ pankti
    Tumne mete liye jo discussion chodee hey meh kafee haadh thak sehmat hun! Tumne jo points raise kiye hey woh Sona koshish kar rahee hey Dev ko apne past se nikal ne ke liye! She is teying to transform him towards being ” rational” and ” consistent ” thru live , care and understanding! Sachha pyar milna bahut mushkil hey lekin sachha pyar milne ke liye insaan ko khud ko sachha hona hota hey! Honesty and goodness gets reflected on your face and also theu your character! An intelligent person will immediately gauge u after talikng for a few minutes! But when a spouse/ partner lacks in a quality which can affect not only your own life but others around u can create turmoil u as his partner have to rake the responsibility of changing or transforming him thru love and care! Ofcourse only with rime that change comes that realisation comes! Sona is trying to do that becoz she loves him and is not only teying to adjust with the weird people at his home but to a great extent influencing thru her understanding to ” change” ! We can already see that change in Dev! Traits can be changed if u have an excellent and understanding partner ! You or he can make u the star of everybody’s eyes! But to have an excellent partner to some extent depends on luck but also to a great extent depends on the kind of person u are! As i said honesty , intelligence and goodness gets reflected thru your face and character so that attracts an intelligent soul towards u! I personally believe u can transform ur own people thru love and care as i have been cery successful at it and am telling u from first hand experience! No gyan dear just experience!

    1. Superb di !
      apke sare points ekdam sahi hai…
      ap sahi kehte ho honesty aur goodness apke face aur character par se reflect hota hai…aur ek intelligent person usko pakad hi leta hai…

  18. Junee

    Sorry for the ” typos”! Plz make sense out of it as some t have become r as times has become rime and lot of other mistakes!

  19. Junee

    I had almost decided that I wouldn’t watch the serial till I would see something pleasant and would satisfy myself by reading updates and interacting with u guys. But as soon as the clock struck 9:30 pm, I gave myself the benefit of doubt and switched on to watch the serial with a sense of apprehension; But “Voila”, I was amazed to see they actually showed what I longed to see!!! Thank U makers , I really liked this episode where Dev and Sona’s bonding dominated over Ishwari’s insecurities. We can see the transformation setting into Dev thru his wife’s love and Care! Beautiful and close to reality! He stood by her for the first time by rebuking GKB and Neha . He even suavely overlooked his mother’s comments about how he would manage without her for 15 days. He quipped and did not allow the conversation to linger and that’s where tact and maturity was shown in handling his own mother. Great going. These are the traits which improve and get honed with time and that happens beautifully when u have an intelligent and understanding partner like Sona. The biggest advantage for Dev is he chose his life partner becoz he fell in love with her and is undergoing those transformations for better becoz he respects her stands! I was longing to see the development of this bonding after marriage which is a gradual process with time but needed to be shown rather than focusing more on wickedness and insecurities of Ishwari. She still cannot accept when Sona kneaded the dough becoz any efficiency by Sona troubles her deep inside .The trouble of her son sliding away as she mentioned to Mamaji! She even goes on to say in the precap that nobody understands Neha better than her and that Sona never listened to her advice. But Lady u need to make an effort to make your dear daughter understand or make an effort to find some solution with Ranbir. Sitting tight on it and waiting for time will not fetch happiness surely. But U actually have no time for all that becoz u are more bothered about how much quality time your son spends with Sona. His closeness to his wife just sends u for a toss. That is the crux of the matter!
    The dialogues once again were mind blowing and I hope the makers of KRPKAB keep up this flavour and keep us addicted with the same intensity!!!!

  20. Ishwari is still not thinking even a little about neha. She was not tensed because of neha. Her thoughts are still not about neha. She is just using neha’s sorrow as her tool to hold back dev. Neha’s flashback is shown only when she reminds dev of her. And when she is tensed, she just thinks about dev and how to stop him. So she herself should know that she’s playing a game and neha is no reason for them to cancel their honeymoon. Its just ishwari. She can’t hide truth from herself.

  21. Hating Ishwari with a passion, can’t wait till Vicky ruins everything.

  22. @ junee di & all fans of kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi…sneha ..manya..erina..priya..devga..shalini.
    ganga..ashmita..u all..

    plz es serial se disappoint mat ho..bcoz jab ye serial start hui thi tab shaheer..supriya ji …aur erica ka interview liya gaya tha…jisme supriya ji se pucha tha ki…ishwari ka character kya hai..to unhone bola tha ki….ishwari ki pehchan ki DEV KI MAA es word se hai aur use bahot proud hai es baat ka aur vo es gurur ko apne kandhe par tang ke chalti hai..
    jab shaheer se dev ke character ke bare me pucha gaya tha to shaheer ne bola tha ki..dev ek pujari hai…apni ma ka bakt hai vo..uske liye puri duniya ek taraf aur maa ek taraf…

    aur phir supriya ji ne bola ki..beti ko ishwari kam importance deti hai as compare to dev..to shaheer ne bola tha ki..this is not phair…beti ko bhi same importance milni chahiye..
    to supriya ji ne bola tha ki..me apni baat nahi kar rahi hu..me es vali maa ki baat kar rahi hu..ishwari ki..jiska apne bete dev ke sath bond itna strong hai ki..vo koi dusri lady dev ki life me ati hai to dar jati hai..insecure ho jati hai..jab ki eski koi zarurat nahi hai bcoz unhe pata hai ki dev unse bahot pyar karta hai..but phir bhi ishwari ka apna ek dar hai…jisse vo khud bhi aware nahi hai…aur jis din ishwari ko es bat ka pata chalega vo khud bhi shock honevali hai..

    aur serial ke makers yahi dikhane k
    i koshish kar rahe hai…ki..kese ishwari ko time ke sath sab kuch realize hota hai aur kese dev ko bhi ye realize hota hai ki..vo to apni maa ko chodna hi nahi chahta..aur phir time ke sath ishwari aur dev me jo change ata hai..yahi es serial ki main theme hai..
    ye life ki ek journey hai..dev ..ishwari aur sonakshi ki journey !! BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY !

    1. Yessss….. I’ll totally agree with it

      All Stars if dis show are really “NATURAL STARS ✨”…….. AM proud to be fan of KRPKAB……… Madly love ? with SHAHEEE ?????

    2. main toh pehle hi iss serial ke support mein meri speech de chuki hu…
      to i toh love this serial….NO DOUBT….

  23. one of the best Devakshi Convo

    Sona wakes up and don’t find Dev on the bed. She looks at the alarm clock and its 9 am. She panics .
    Sona: 9 baj gaye. Late hogai. (She starts folding the blanket)
    Dev comes out of the bathroom ready for the office.

    Sona: Aapne mujhe uthaya kyu nahi. Aur ye stupid alarma bhi.

    Dev: Aap sote huye itni cute lag rahi thi, mann hi nahi kiya uthane ka. Aur ye stupid alarm mere hi haatho band hua hai.

    Sona: Arre hatiye na. Waise bhi aadha din aise hi waste hogaya hai aur aadha din aapki boring baayo me waise hi waste hojaega.

    Dev: Are you sure Ms. Bose ke main boring hun?

    Sona: Its Mrs. Dixit for you. Aur aap boring hai ya nahi to pata nahi. Lekin main late zarur hun. Aapko pata hai kitne kaam hai neeche.

    Dev: Hello ma’am. Aapke yahan aane se pehle bhi iss ghar me saare kaam hote the. Aur aapko aatey hi ghar ke saare kam kyu karne hai. Kichu Bhaiya part 2 banne ki koi zarurat nahi hai He pulls her towards her but she’s still busy in the blanket.

    Dev: Achcha thik hai. Ban jao Kichu bhaiya part 2. Waise btw thanks.

    Sona: Thanks? U’re welcome Mr. Dixit. Lekin thanks kis liye?

    Dev: Neha ke sath situation ko bahot achese handle kiya tumbe. Neha be gusse me pata nahi kya kya keh diya. Lekin tumne… tumne situation ko achese handle kiya aur shant rahi.

    Sona: Wow. Ab apni hi problems ko solve karne ke liye hum ek dusre ko than you kagenge.

    Dev: Tum mat kaho. Main to kahunga. Main aisa hi husband hun. Waise ek aur baat.

    Sona: Haan.

    Dev: Main nahi chahta ke tum ghar pe rehke ghar ki har chhoti chhoti stress lo. Mujhe meri purani wali Sonakshi wapas chahiye. Dr. Bose. Main chahta hun tum firse kaam join karlo.

    Sona: Bade confusing ho aap. Kabhi aapko office wali Sonakshi pasand hai to kabhi aapko family wali Sonakshi pasand hai. Aap ek baar achchi tarah se soch lijiye.

    Dev: Pasand to mujhe dono hai ( He pulls her towards him) Kyuki mujhe pata hai tum dono ko achchese balance karlogi.

    Sona: Actually main bhi soch rahi thi ke kaam join karlu aur iss baareme maine maa se bhi baat ki. Lekin ab soch rahi hun ki thode dino baad join karungi. Kyuki abhi main apni nayi family ko samajhne ki koshish kar rahi hun.

    Dev: Aur apni family ko samajhne ke lite tumhe sabse zyada zaruri kya karna hai pata hai?
    Sona: Kya?

    Dev: Mujhe samajhna. Wo bui kareeb se.

    Their eyelock and Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi BG.

    Sona gets shy and tries to leave. Dev holds her hand and pulls her towards him.

    Dev: Kahab jarahi hai Ms. Bose.

    Sona: Its Mrs. Dixit for you.

    Kichu bhaiya calls Sona’s name.

    Dev: Lo aagaye aapke Idol.

  24. Priya9876

    Aayeeeeee…….!!!!!!!! Hayeeeeeeeee…….!!!!! ?????? aise hi devakshi scens aate rahe too life aaram,,sukun se kati chali jayegi……..
    mazaaa aa gya…….???

    Dev kavi kavi to bilkul shocked kar dete h mujhe… jab neha devakshi ko chupk chupk dekh rhi thi,,, ar jelous hokar, muh fulaa kar chali gayi…hahahahaha…… uss time sona ne feel kiya ki Neha ko bura laga hai,,,,,,,but DEV…….hahahahahaa ???????????? Use to koi fark hi nhi pada……hahahaha ?????? that was mind blowing seriouslly…………jaise hi neha chali gayi DEV BABU fir se suru ho gye romance nd Hug karne me………?????? bohot maza aaya mujhe….

  25. Priya9876

    Mama ji ne kya solid line kahi—“” parivaar ko jod kar rakhne ka kaam tera hai””
    very true mama ji….

    but aapki mental KACHORI too koi kaam hi nhi karna chahti……. sara budden Dev pe hi daalna chahti hai… sabkuch dev hi kyu kare bhai…aap maa ho aap v kuch kar sakti hoo….HALWA banane k alawa pisswari ko ar kisi kaam me mann hi nhi lagta…

  26. Ngkrishnakumari

    Kuch rang ishwari ke aise bhi
    Hate this dixit ladies
    Devakshi rocksssss

  27. UGHHHH!!!! I’m seriously fed up of the way Neha’s current character is being shown!
    I agree that she too is having a tough time but that doesn’t mean she can go on causing more trouble to the lives of people who are already troubled, does it?
    How can she simply blame Sonakshi? Doesn’t she remeber Sonakshi’s advices to her throughout all times? Sonakshi played quite an important role in Neha’s wedding and look, this is what Neha has to give in return! Disrespecting someone who helped you earn some respect! Yuck! After all, it was Sonakshi who’d convinced Neha to go for english classes and step out of the house. Sonakshi helped Neha to learn about the outer world and Neha has done no good deed to her in return!
    Honestly, I think Sonakshi can definitely make things better for Neha and Ranveer but only if Neha gives any damn input as well!
    And why does Neha fume when she sees Dev and Sonakshi together? If things aren’t going well in her paradise, she should atleast not cause disturbance in the lives of others. I agree that she would feel miserable seeing any happy married cuple around but does the same imply for her own brother as well? The brother who tried to get her everything she even wanted gets such from his sister? Amazing.
    Leaving Neha aside, I must say that Mamaji is the best over here in the house (leaving Sonakshi and Riya)…he understand things and makes others understand as well for the sake of it…the way he speaks about Sonakshi in front of Ishwari really makes me soooo happy!
    And if there is one thing, then it is surely clear that from the inside, Ishwari can’t help but admit that Sonakshi is a wonderful daughter-in-law…after all, which other daughter-in-law would provide such kind and gentle serivces to her mother-in-law after all the harsh and unkind behaviour being given from her side? I sure did feel that Ishwari does admire Sonakshi a bit…may it be very little bit..but yes, she can’t help but admire Sonakshi..

    1. Junee

      She is compelled to admire as certain rxns are spontaneous but seems to be jealous too!

      1. Yup! I absolutely agree with you! After all, har insaan ko kabhi na kabhi to sir jhukana hi hota hai 😉

    1. Junee

      Hmm seen this!!

  28. All fans of krpkeb…sorry bcoz mene ishwari ko support kiya tha…but i was wrong…pehle ishwari ka jo positive character tha usko like kiya tha mene…
    par ab jo ishwari hai…she is so negative & bad…

  29. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CvvkwGQW8AArcpg.jpg

  30. hahahahahha????????
    see this what is she doing….


    1. Junee


  31. BEYHAD is having 0.7 TRP and KRPKAB is having 0.6….

    1. Priya9876

      Ohh!!! Nooo!!!??
      Makers ab to alert ho jaoo

      1. Nai nai…..wo toh pura barbaad karke hi chhodenge serial ko…aisa lag ra hai mujhe…??

    2. Junee

      Pisswari zyada khichne se TRP to giregee!
      Ghar bharke Sona ke dushman khada kar diya! Bechari ko to ladke jina hoga ????

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