Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Neha thanks Sona for taking Ranveer’s side and making her realize howmuch she loves Ranveer. Sona says she is lucky to realize her love, else for some people it is one-sided love. Neha says she can just pray for her to get her love soon, she leaves. Dev comes down and Sona says he did not have to apologize Ranveer. He says he can bend his head in front of anyone for his family, he leaves. Sona says silently I love you.

Dev goes to Neha’s room and apologizes for overreacting. She says she realized she loves Ranveer late and she wants him to make Ranveer rich so that she can lead her life peacefully. Dev agrees. She says he can marry Natasha anytime he likes, even before her marriage.

Bejoy watches cricket match with family and jumps in happiness with

Kolkota team batsman hits sixer. Asha leaves for cooking. Batsman outs. Asha comes back. Bejoy scolds her she left for a min and his batsman got out and orders her to sit till match finishes. Sourav ccomes and jokes. Bejoy says he kept his name on world’s #1 cricketer Sourav Ganguly. Sourav and Elena say #1 cricketer is Sachin Tendulkar. Family’s nok jhok continues.

Garib ki beti Radha goes to Neha’s room and asks how can she marry Ranveer. Neha thanks her for making her realize love for Raveer Radha continues yelling that Ranveer just wants Dev’s money and does not love her. Neha confront and sends her away.

Dev calls Sona at midnight and says he is standing outside her house. She hurriedly wakes up, wears earrings, applies makeup and goes down. Dev asks if she sleeps with makeup and jewelry on or forgot. She nervously smiles and asks why he came at this time. He says to drink coffee with her and offers her coffee. He chitchats with her and says he is confused with Neha’s marriage. Sona suggests him to listen to his heart like he does.

In the morning, Sona comes back to work and seeing Vicky asks him to pick something he dropped. He starts his jokergiri and says he is owner’s brother and she is employee, she cannot order him to work, she does not know its impact, etc. Sona says she does not need to explain him who does not even know spelling of impact. He says IMPAKT. Sona says she got her answer. Dev comes down and clashes with her by mistake and asks if she is fine. Their chit chat continues…

Precap: Natasha asks Sona how she handles her boyfriend in this kind of situation. Dev says Ms. Bose does not have boyfriend. Sona says she has a boyfriend.

Update Credit to: MAroic

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  1. today’s episode was good but I’m eager to watch next episode. hope, my wish’ ll be complete!!!!

  2. Hey MA, thnx for this….today I saw the epi at 9:30 pm ….very happy…….but guys the word was respect and not impact I think……….pls write also chit chat MA….and also sona picks the handkerchief of Dev and she tries to hide this………..In precap when dev tells to Natasha that Miss.Bose ka boyfriend nahi he and added that sona was boring…..hearing this sona replied hesitantly said that I’m not boring mera bhi boyfriend hai….hearing this our cute dev questioned her that do you have boyfriend????I think this frnds……

    1. I submitted the written update for this episode with all the dialogs before 10.30pm bt it was not published. ? dont knOw why.

  3. too late written updates

  4. I can’t understand garib radha ke problem kya hai………1st sona ke peche padi thi uska insult karti to thi he but now 2nd Radha aab ranveer ke peche bhi padi hai……what’s her problem……… Khud ke Vicky ko to thik kar nahi pati uske marriage ka pata nahi hai aur neha dev ke pechee padi hai….sticky garib ke beti Radha rani…..
    ……begane shadi me abdula devana…lol..

    1. Garib ki beti jald hi samaj jayegi jab uske beta chori ki elzam mai pakad jaaye gi aur waapas apne gar jayegi

    2. Hey Tanya. If you want to read the complete chit chat than read kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi 26th may episode analyis nxt to this update.

      1. Hey Asmita I also wanna read

      2. thanks yaar….

  5. Nice episode
    How cute u r Dev….
    ND plz realize ur love ❤ soon as possible….

  6. Sony TV plz. ..
    Plz show the precap also on repeat telecast….
    Plz plz plz its a humble request ?

  7. hope sona says that he is her bf by da wy devakshi scenes were so cute like them

  8. Ek baath tho,Radha bhi gareeb hai…but jis thara Se sona aur ranveer se gareeb hone ke ehsaas dilvaathihai,biklul galat hai.pehele baat,apna ghar samajrakhe harr baath pe apne nose dalthihai..and i really don’t know why she prefers Natasha and not sona.but guys,do you on one side,Radha is a good person and wants her Son and Husband to lead a good life,but because she is poor,she cannot afford the things which lead to the happiness of selfish and arrogant vicky who cant even spell respect. I strongly agree that Radha is a good person because she doesn’t have any other way to give her Son a happy life,which her Son basically doesn’t appreciate and goes loafing around sona and Elena.

  9. sheela tiwari

    Waiting to know when Dev is going to realize Sonakshi’s love for him.
    But really Dev means shahir shekh looks like a real business man.

  10. Hope that sony cahange retelicast time from morning 9 after hanuman.after rush drive i only get 5 min to watch and morning i leave at 10 🙁

  11. One more request guys its hard to find if this rate every one starts there own version of the story 🙂

  12. nice episode. but precap ke liye I think sona ko problem ho sakta hai matlab sona ne Kaha ki uske bf hai dev to confused hoga na its okay. main to new promo dekh ke happy hau. bou orange shirt bali nahi woh to old hogya .new promo hai ki dev &nuts ki engagement hogi aur jab dev ki sister dev ko kahenge ki bhabhi ko ek dress mai imagine karo aur ankhe close kar denge dev ko sona dikhae degi. its awesome na.

    1. yes its awesome…..

  13. Devakshi Lover♥

    Garib ki beti Radha Rani, jaa tu marr jaa.. How stupid you are. And this Vicky he can win the award of the most stupid person alive.. Thank god Neha realized her love for Ranveer.
    and the precap is amazing.. New entry is coming soon.. Udit Gaur will be playing the fake Bf of Sona, who will eventually fall in love with her, leaving Dev fume in jealousy.
    AH! can’t wait to see it.

  14. tanya garib ki beti ka niyat bhi garib hai

    1. hahaaaaaa..lol….

  15. Just love to see devakshi ??

  16. High voltage drama on Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) and Natasha’s (Roop Durgapal) engagement day in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise BhiThe upcoming episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will show that Dev and Natasha’s engagement get fixed.Dev is still confused overhis feeling for Natasha as he indirectly gets attracted towards Soankshi.Dev reaches to meet Sonakshi at her in mid night and tells her helping him taking right decision.Sonakshi is happy feelingDev loves her but she keeps silent and wait for his confession.Dev in dilemma choosing amid Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes) and NatashaOn the other hand, Dev and Natasha go on date where Dev misses Sonakshi only.Dev finally realizes that he loves Sonakshi but he is tensed because he cannot say no to Natasha.On the engagement day, Dev think to tell Sonakshiabout his feeling for her.

    1. Waoo…. I n really excited to watch all these things…..
      Wait karna mushkil Ho rha hai….
      Thanx preeta for sharing

  17. Radha Rani kisi ko khush nhi rehne degi..Neha se kehti h ki pyar vyar kuch nhi hota paisa sabkuch hota h..n phir bolti h ki ranveer Neha se nhi Dev k paise se pyaar krta h..ab Neha chahti h ki Dev ranveer ki family ko ameer bana de..agar ranveer paise leta h to radha Rani bolegi ki ranveer ko paise hi chahiye the..n agar wo paise nhi leta h Neha khush nhi hogi..kaise bhi kr k Neha to chik chik krti hi rhegi

  18. Start Promo main dev ki maa sona se nraz ha jb k episode main wo bilkul thek to aisa kia ho ga jo dev ki maa sona se nraz ho gi?

  19. garib ki beti radha rani ki kuch kam hi nehi hai

  20. MA plzz… Write the chit chatt also…
    Kvi kvi aap bahut short cut me likh dete Ho…..
    I mean kl k episode me dev sona ne kitni baate Ki bt aapne kuch v nhi likha….

    1. Check this link Priya for detailed episode and plz do comment whether i should writing detailed episode or not –

  21. so nyc epi…devakshi looked so cutee siting on d car…n drinking coffee

  22. Hi frnds..i joined with u all..how are u all ?

    1. yes krishna…we all r fine…most welcome to “devakshi lovers fan club”…….from whr r u and in which stduying?????keep commenting and enjoy devakshi…..

  23. vry nice episode specially devakshi scenes were superb.

  24. hello krishna we r fine wlc to the club tanya lol ka mtlb

    1. Lol means…L-lots…….O- of…….L- laugh………..it’s used when we need to express the situations which we found funny and seeing that we laugh…

  25. Happy times are back for DevAkshi!
    Good news for all the loyal viewers of Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi (Beyond Dreams).
    It seems that even after many hardships, Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) and Sonakhsi’s (Erica Fernandes) love story will finally have a smooth running.
    Wondering why?
    A source from the set shares, “After being in dilemma, Dev has finally realized his love for Sonakshi. Now, on one hand, Dev’s family will begin the preparation for his engagement celebration and on the other side Dev will call off his engagement with Natasha (Roop Durgapal).”
    Furthermore, Natasha will confront Dev about being in a relationship with Sonakshi. As Natasha will think Sonakshi is Dev’s best friend. Dev will be stunned with the same.
    Later, Dev will inform his family about calling off the engagement and the family will be shocked by this..

  26. It’s celebration time for all the devakshi fans!☺ ?

  27. Jealousy is the best medicine for realizing love.sona your way is absolutuly correct.love is imperfect without jealousy and sona you are right,love can change the life.i agree you….
    Lots of Love to all!!

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