Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Elena drags Sona to lawn and stop seeing Golu and Soha playing with Ishwari and GKB. Sona returns. Elena stops her and says she has to tell truth to Dev bhai. Dev comes and asks what she has to say, if Vicky did anything. Sona says Vicky told adding more sugar is not good for her nutritionist career, she will serve him coffee with less sugar. Dev walks away. Elena asks why I she trying to save Vicky who ruined her 7 years and kept Dev away from Soha, she will not stay with Vicky. Sona stops her and she cannot see family breaking again. Vicky says she is right, they should not, he will try to become good brother for Dev. Sona says if he does mistake again, before Dev punishes him, she will punish him. Vicky agrees. Sona and Elena walk out. Vicky smirks that he will become good

brother and will steal software.

During lunch, Nikki sees Sona engrasped in thoughts and asks if she is thinking of bhai. Ishwari scolds her not to taunt bhabhi. Nikki serves food. Ishwari asks if she learnt serving food. Nikki says Laksh just orders her to bring things and does not do anything. Sona says when she went to their house, Laksh was serving her. Their discussion continues. Sona returns to room and gives coffee to Dev. Dev says he has to go back to office as someone tried to steal his software from his laptop, luckily he had kept dummy software and thief stole it.

Ronita throws things at Sourav and scolds why did not he bring her choc ice cream. He says he brought vanilla ice cream and she ate it yesterday. Ronita continues throwing things at him. He runs down and tells his parents that Ronita has gone mad and explains issue. Asha says mood swings are common in pregnancy. Bejoy scolds him to go up and behave well with Ronita. Ronita comes down. Sourav runs again. Asha and Bejoy scold him. Their drama continues.

Elena goes to GKB and asks if she knew what Vicky did 7 years ago. GKB thinks she never asked her like this, if the issue is serious. Elena asks if she knew that Vicky is reason behind separating Dev and Sona and all the problems in this house, she wanted to tell his heinous acts to Dev, but Sona stopped her as she does not want family to break. GKB says Sona did right. She walks towards Sona emotionally reminiscing troubling Sona from the beginning. She thanks Sona for hiding Vicky’s mistake. Sona says she did not do anything great, they are part of family and has to stay united, though Vicky did wrong, even he is part of family. GKB says she did right by hiding.. Ishwari enters and asks what she is she hiding. Sona says Dev is consuming too much sugar, so she is trying hide sugar from him. Ishwari says she can do anything which benefits Dev.

Vicky searches software in Dev’s laptop and panics that his effort will go in vain and Thakkur will sue him. He sees news where Dev launches his software. Thakkar calls him and warns to return his money, he is fit for nothing. Dixit and Bose families watch news and feel proud of Dev.

Precap: Vicky panics that Dev did not take his name, means he knows everything, this chance cannot go from his hand. Dev enters and says he lost his chance. Vicky gets tensed seeing him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Fenil


    Wonderful episode.

    Sona should expose Vicky and GKB in front of Ishawri and Dev.

    Fun to watch Pregnancy drama and mood swings of Ronita.

  2. Minnel Noorsai

    pls dont drag on in regards to vicky behaviour, he needs a real dishoom dishoom.

  3. Subhashini

    Vicky na abhi bhi bacha ae…..dekho kaise bachi ki thara itna flop plan against dev….bachi bhi acha plan karaega….

    Usko patha nai ho kissi sae panga leriyae ho Dev Dixit….itni hassan nai ae ussae fail karna…..Dev ko thakkar karna vicky ki pass ho dimak nai ae….

    Precap wala baath omg…
    Vicky:Yeh mauka mere haath se nai Nikal Sakta
    Dev- par Nikal Gaya naa Vicky ????
    Dev ?
    Dare not mess with Mr Devrath Dixit ❤?

    Abhi vicky ka al kya hoga….patha nai dev sae bhagwan bhi ab ussae bacha nai saktha ….vicky tum tho gaya….???

  4. Subhashini

    Harae ishwari achi hogayi iss ka assar humare page mae pada kiya….when she was bad humare page sae itna comments aathi….but when she become good tab sae humara page ka comment bhi less hogaya….???

    I think humare frds ko waapas karni kiliyae ishwari ko phir change hona padega kiya….

    1. seriously correct

    2. Shahina

      100% true

  5. I dont think Sona and dev are apart coz of Vicky….they are apart coz of Sona….

    1. No they were apart caz of dev

    2. Both were wrong, they did not trust each other.

  6. Shahina

    Vicky is the most flop villain I’ve ever seen.
    All his plans after leap are becoming useless???
    Hey Idiot Vicky, don’t u dare to mess with Dev??

    1. yes we can give best floaped villan award to him.

  7. Shahina

    Sona, u have become a Mata ji in yesterday’s epi.
    Why do u want to protect that idiot??
    You told that if the family is incomplete without me,then it’s incomplete without Vicky also. By that time I was like” really”
    Comparing Sona and Vicky is impossible 4 me

  8. How? Vicky planned all nonsense plan

    1. i didnt got your point correctly.can u please ask me once again.

  9. Swarna494

    I thought sona would feel guilt of accusing dev for all the things. But not…
    And I thought that sona would lean on Dev’s shoulder and ask sorry for the mistakes… But it’s OK.
    And Vicky ‘S face while dev launched the new software.. ????
    Radharani you are becoming a positive character…

    1. Shahina

      Yes Swarna,
      Even I too wanted that to happen.
      But that’s ok,patience is required for viewers,as the makers of KRPKAB will not leave any track incomplete.???

  10. preet aap yesterday bahut late aaya.iskeliye aapke liye mee ek sajha dungii1.first aap is comment to padna hai agar nahi padoo kaise chelega dosra kya hai.2.aap ek comment likhna hai……

    1. Chanpreet0815

      Hello Chinnu. Actually kal late ho gayi thi. For that I m Sorry. And I accept ur punishment.

  11. i think yesterday epi was so bad epi ever.mene socha sona kalika roop daaran karagee lekin vo tho shanthiswarupini ban gayi.

  12. mujhe tho sona par bahut aaraha hai.maine socha jis din vo sach bahar aati tho sona jarur sorry feel karege.lekin vaisa kuch bhi nahi hua.i know sona apne feelings ko hold back hai lekin itna jyadaaa bahut jyada ho gaya.sorry ko chod usne vicky ko ek aur mauka diya usee barbad karne ke liye.agar es baar kuch hau tho iske zimmedar sirf sona hai.
    i felt so sorry for dev he punished for 7 years which doesnt do anything just he over uses his mouth.all says that sona was alone in her preganancy but the thing is that itself in the sentence preganancy was with her.then what about dev jho family uske saath rehna hai voo log bhi chood diya ek kast aane pee.i dont want to support any body cause both are wrong ,but from yesterday epi i hated sona as she forget the that much easily ,she might be forgiving vicky but she not teared for dev.dev tho saree galti uske upar dal diya.
    thoda jyada hua na thoda nahi bahut jyada hogaya.i dont want to hurt anybody as i know sona is my favourite.but for todays epi i didnt like her.acha ek kaam karte hai aaj maine dev ke baare mei likha naa kaal sona ke baare me likhungi tho hissa barabar.

    1. Subhashini

      U r right chinnu….
      Mae bohut upset because I expect that sona feel sorry for dev but writers nae ho scene nai diya humko….thoda sry feel karna banthiyae yaar

      Ek hug nai….ek emotional scenes nai harae thoda slow motion mae ae scenes tho banthiyae…..

      1. slow motion was hilarious .lekin dekhana chahiyee tha .itno din se devakshi touch me not plant ke tarah behave kar rahe …
        us red dress ab tak pata nahi chelaa .

    2. Shahina

      Even I felt the same??

  13. Neha1

    Yesterday’s episode was Good…nice…!

    OMG.! GKB has also changed…??? Yeh GAZAB kaise hua..??

    Finally, Dev had Launched the New Software….. ????????Bijoy was so proud of Dev by calling his Son-in-law..?
    Vicky ka face dekh ke I was jumping….
    Vicky–Tilli lilli, Tilli lilli….?????

    Precap was very nice…. Waiting 4 2day’s episode…!

    1. Subhashini

      Harae neha mujhae yakkin nai hora that how gkb feel sry feel karthiya sona ke liyae….

      Mae tho socha tha sona feel karaegi sry dev ke liyae….lekin ulta hogaya gkb feel karthiya sry sona ke liyae….ae chamad kar ki kam nai

  14. @priya
    mujhe tu harkat dek kar bahut gussa aa raha hai.itna late kaun update karta isliye meine raat ko comment karna chod diya.paata hai ek din kya hua i was waiting for epi as set india not uploaded the epi.it was 12 mere maa akhar light off kerke daat diyaa.actually it was the epi where sona comes to know the thruth that she cannot become pregnant.so i was eagerly waiting for epi .atlast epi uploaded.maina ek bedsheet aur ear phones nikhaala and started seeing the epi.suddenly by mistake ear phones slipped and sound came outside with kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi.mere maa ne pucha kyun sa avaj he yeee.thoo maine kaha mujhe kaise pata shayad bahar se aarahe hai.
    tab se aab tak mee wait karna band kar diyaa

    1. Shahina

      Nowadays,SET India has changed.
      krpkab episodes are uploaded within 11 o clock.
      Sometimes,even b4 beyhadh and other shows.
      Chinnu, u can watch it on TV,is there a problem??
      BTW, I watch it on TV and the next day I watch the same epi online.???
      Kind of obsessed with KRPKAB??

  15. Subhashini

    Harae mae iss page mae mere chotti ko bohot miss karium….agar mere choti thu issae silent reader bankar read kariyo tho waapas aaja..

  16. Shahina

    Comments upload karne keliye aapko kitna tym chahiye.
    Why are u testing our patience??
    Kam se Kam,do ganta lagta hai.???

    1. Ganga

      Yaaar sach me TU ??????
      TU ki wajah se KRPKAB ka lots of family members gayab hogaya….??

  17. Dear KRPKABians Dev has put a drastic and wonderful step that his rivals are stunned and freezed to move a little bit.Hatsoff you makers.you steered the story in a different way.I am happy with the episode.Truth cant be hold back for a long time, it will be get tevealed at the right time.waiting for that right time.

  18. aaj jab sona table pe kaam rahe hai mami aaya vahi pee.mujhe laga us laptop se iskii head thod duu.aab hogi laptop ki hatrick break.(i mean dev ne thoda doo baar rithwik aur jatin ke vajhe se).aise seen hua tho acha lagega with bgm kuch laptop ke life aise bhi….

    1. Shahina

      Kuch laptop Aise bhi….lol

    2. Ganga

      Ha ha ha chinnu ???

  19. I forgot to mention one thing, Welcome back MA, and chinnuuuu, you are becomibg tooo naughty nowadays.. . Hahahaha……keep it up…..like our cure Golu…

  20. Is Radharani turning good!!!!!!

  21. Chanpreet0815

    ???? OMG. Yeah chamatkaar kaise ho gaya.

    Mai toh soch soch kr pareshaan ho rhi hu.
    GKB Sorry EX-GKB. Kaise kya sudhar gayi. Mujhe toh vishwas nhi ho raha. H. Plzzz any one pinch me.

    Matlab mai kal bht shock hui. GKB ko dekh kr.

    1. Ganga

      Even am also little bit shocked….. but it’s true….GKB sudargayi ?? dis is d speciality of KRPKAB…… everything solved in a positive way…..

  22. Chanpreet0815

    Aap sab keh rahe ho sona is wrong. Dev is wrong.

    But it was not like that.

    The problem was ki vo dono ne ek dusre Pr trust nhi kiya.
    Or vickey ne unke bich me differences create kiye.

    1. Shahina

      U r ri8 Preet,
      Both were wrong,both didn’t trust each other,both hurted each other.
      Vicky just used the unstable situation in favour of him.
      Dev and Sona are beautifully flawed characters

  23. Chanpreet0815

    Hello guys where r u?

    1. Shahina

      Ganga- absent?
      If u guys are irregular like this, then I’m going to severely punish u
      PS- just 4 fun??

      1. Priya9876

        Present mam ?

      2. Ganga

        Gud evng everyone….

  24. Ganga

    Aaj kal Dev(Shaheer) zyaadhaaaa Kam dikra na episode pe….kyo ki vo Indonesia me bahut busy…… isiliye….. Devakshi ka scenes nahi hei….. Shaheer ne Tuesday wapas Aya Indonesia se…..maybe aaj se shah ko dekhne ko milegi……

    U know guyd shah return from Indonesia he was looking very sad ??….. don’t know Y???

  25. In some spoiler I read that ex gkb will turn positive but itni jaldi OMG what a drastic change in short krpkab fantom shocked ex gkb rocked wala episode that ye and be bechara bucky saare plan flop hai iske worst villian ever seen on TV

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