Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Husbands on baby-sitting duty

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Episode starts with Ishwari taking care of Shubh. Sona comes n takes over the baby from her. They wonder why Dev was taking so long to return.

In kitchen, Sona prepares the baby’s feed.

In the hall, Vicky suddenly comes across the video game that Golu was playing on a News programme. The news reader informs that this game had caused three kids to suicide. Some people had hacked in to their system and got the admins caught by police. The reader informs that the person who got this done by hacking do not wish to reveal their name.

Dixit family heaves a sigh of relief that their kids are now safe. Mama ji tells both the kids that in future they get caught they should tell their family, parents. Elena informs every one that a emergency PTA.

At school the

parents n principal n teachers discuss better controlling the kids, watching over them.. Better interactions .. Spending time with kids. They discuss how mobile was for kid’s safety .. But many kids got attracted to these dangerous games. Soon every one learns that it was Mr Dev Dixit who had hacked into the system of the challenge game admins n got them caught. All thank n praise Dev. He appears humble. He says he had done this for all kids. Dev then assures all parents that he will soon device a free APP thru which kids who get caught i to such dangerous games could seek help quietly. He says it would be free for all parents.

At Dixit house, Sona praises Dev for all the great contributions towards the kid’s safety. Dev replies that he did the same that she did. Even she planned nutrition diet for numerous poor kids. Sona says he did such a difficult task so easily. Devakshi have some cute moments..

Next morning Vicky looks at Elena hugging Golu in deep sleep. He wakes up Golu n asks him to be ready for school. Suha was already dressed up n leaving. Golu wakes up with a start and runs to meet suha. Elena wakes up n reminds him that it was a holiday today. Vicky says he wanted to romance with Elena. Soon Golu returns complaining that it was his holiday even Suha was sleeping. Golu asks Vicky to run as Big cha was calling him urgently.

In devakshi’s room Sona is getting ready. Dev reminds her that it was holiday from earning money today. Sona replies it was not holiday from spending money. She was going shopping with Elena Maa n Maami.

Vicky n Elena have argument over who should take Golu. Elena does not trust Vicky so she wants to take him along but Vicky wants Golu home. They have fight. Dev suggests he would take care of both Suha n Golu at home.

Bose family arrives at Dixit mansion and Ronita suggests even she n Asha would like to join the ladies for shopping. She asks Sourabh to join Dev n take care of Mishti. All the ladies are seen shopping for sarees n clothes excitedly.

At Dixit house Sourabh is baby sitting Shubh n Saunita. Dev is taking care of kitchen while Vicky is watching T.V with Golu.

Sona and Ronita call up Dev n Sourabh inquiring of their babies. They are assured by Dev n Sourabh that all was OK and they should relax.

After completing shopping the ladies decide to go over to Asha’s house for tea n snacks. There they get into the mood for a few games of cards. Ishu n Sona are reluctant but GKB insists.

At Dixit mansion some more dads with their kids come over to watch cricket match on TV. All watch TV and only Saurabh is left taking care of the two babies. Golu n Suha are playing and they end up shattering lots of glass items … Their fathers watch TV un-mindfully. Soon the match gets interesting and the dads realise they had not given any meals to the children.
Dev. Vicky n Saurabh run

At Bose house Ishu says it was quite late and all of them had to prepare for Laxmi pooja .. So they better take leave from Asha’s place.

Precap: The babies are shown wailing … Dev n Vicky run to feed the kids. Sona calls up home to check on Dev but gets no response from other end. Ronita says even Sourabh was not taking her calls. Elena says Vicky was not responding either. All three are left scared n wondering what was going on back home !!

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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    after so many days title sona played..i liked it..
    vicky:voo iss season may be romance karne nahi dehrahee..
    dev:tuu mujhe batayaaaa subh ko nahi batao hasne lagee gaaaa

    elina:mujhe vicky pe doubt hai..
    rounita:mujhe bhi..
    rounita:areee sourabh pee…

    golu and soha:phat phat..
    vicky: aur phatnaaa

    yee kya sabhi phone bajrahee..
    yee hamara biviyankaaa siran bajraheee

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