Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev assures Ishwari that he will not forget about his sisters’ happiness and asks her to rest. She starts thinking how can Dev leave her for 15 days. Dev enjoys dinner with other family members. Nikki says if bhaiya and Bhabi were not going for honeymoon, she would have gone with them. Radha comments kichu left Bhola here and left for village as if he went for a honeymoon. Mamaji says she should not bother at all as she just eats and not work. Nikki continues joking that she needs all her listed gifts and Dev and Sona cannot forget her list. Ishwari comes walking slowly. Mamaji asks her to join them and tells Nikki has become very mischieous. Ishwari falls unconscious. Dev runs and picks her and makes her sleep on sofa. Whole family gets concerned. Sona checks

Ishwari’s BP and says it is very low and at this age, it is dangerous. Dev calls doc. Sona calls Asha and informs about Ishwari’s condition. Asha tells Bejoy that they need to go to Sona’s house. Bejoy says they had to go to airport, why house. Asha says Ishwari is not well it seems and she fell unconscious.

Ishwari gains consciousness. Dev asks her to rest and scolds that she takes tension unnecessarily. She reminds him about his childhood when she fallls ill and Dev does not get scholarship. She gets Dev admitted to a bigger school and discontinues Neha’s studies for him. She continues how Neha sacrified her childhood for Dev and says she sacrificed everyone’s happiness for Dev and Dev also sailed through all exams, he even married his lady love Sona and is leading happy life, but what about Neha, she married her love but could not lead a happy life. In all this tenison, how can he think of going to honeymoon. He says she is right, how can he go to honeymoon when Neha’s life is turmoil. Sona enters with other family members and is shocked to hear that. Mamaji asks Dev how can he cancel his honeymoon trip, they are all here to take care of Ishwari.

Bejoy and Asha enter and greet Ishwari. Ishwari replies back and asks how come they are here. Asha says Sona told about her health , so they came to see her. Sona takes them out and asks what would they like to have. Asha asks her to finish her packing soon, else she will get late for flight. Sona says they are not going. Bejoy asks if Dev fought with her. Sona says no, Neha is having a marital issue and left Ranveer’s house, so she and Dev need to sort of Neha’s problem first. Neha hears that and fumes in jealousy.

Elena with Dada gets ready to go to airport and asks Sourav why is he not yet ready. He says he does not want to go. Elena says if he has any business problem. He tells all world outside is bad, he went to give demo of his product, people made him cut all their vegetables and did not buy even one product, one of them even blamed that he is eyeing on his wife. Daadi asks really. He asks if she thinks he can do. Asha with Bejoy returns home and says they are not going to airport as Sona and Dev’s honeymoon plan is cancelled due to family tension.

Sona cries in her room while unpacking her bags. Dev enters and starts panicking. He says he does not a place even to stand in his room. Sona moves aside suitcase. He asks where is his laptop and blames Bhola for keeping his laptop away. Sona gives his laptop. He starts crying that he could not see Neha’s problem and wanted to go on honeymoon. Sona says they thought Neha would solve her problem herself, now they both should solve Neha’s problem first and then think of their honeymoon. Dev says she is right and thanks her for understanding him and his family.

Precap: Neha packs her bags and tries to leave house. Dev asks what happened to her. Neha yells they can go on honeymoon and forget about her, she does not want Sona badmouthing that honeymoon trips canceled because of her.

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  1. Vishu

    Ishwari is more concerned about dev dat he is leaving for 15 days …nt about Neha…in fact she is.using neha’s problem to stop dev… She is so annoying 😐

  2. Manya

    |Registered Member

    Yaar yeh pisswari Dev babu Ko baar baar flashback mein le jaati hai aur koi Na koi ghatiya si kahanu yaad Dilakar apne Ehsaan yaad Dilakar Bichare Ko emotional blackmail karti hai😀😀😀aur uske bad acha bane ki koshish karti hai😀
    Bichare DEVAKSHI ke saare Sapne toot gaye😩😩
    But atleast in dono ki Ladaai toh nhi hui😁But lagta nhi hai Meri Khushi zyada tikegi bcoz kal Neha ki vajah de DEVAKSHI ki Ladaai ho Sakti hai
    Kya zarurat hai use yeh Sab karne ki😀😀😀

  3. vini

    The bonding between dev and sona was awesome……..god only knows the ishwari intense…she always ruin the dev happiness and makes him feels guilty…sona will bring smile on his face….neha try to understand the situation….don’t blame sona blindly…please dev support to your wife….

  4. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    Dev– “Chal ab tu soo jaa, tu time se kavi soti hi nhi h”

    ** Beta dev aapko pata hi nhi hai firr late se to kya,, aapki maa soti hi nhi hai…isliye to bechari pagal ho gyi hai…

    ** Kya drama karti hai,,, pehle duniya bhar ka lecture de diya,, PURI TARIKE SE EHSAANO TALE DABA DIYA ar ab keh rahi h ki nhiiiiiii beta tujhe jana chaiye HONEYMOON…..

    # emotionalatayachaar

    best dramebaaz award goes to this MENTAL LADY…CREEP WOMEN

    • Erina

      |Registered Member

      Hllo swtheart nd agar vo aisa nhi kregi to hmre dev babu khud ko guilt m nhi jayenge na thats why sweety she through bouncer on our devakshi to cancel their trip nd she bold them……
      But i’m happy bcse of that i got such a awesome scene of our devakshi, their bond, their hug nd their cuteee nd lovely talk 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍. I just loved that part nd i wish to see this strong bond between devakshi not fight….
      Nd tmhri eri bilkul duffer h uss lga ki neha good hogi but c my swtheart was ryt nd now i also agree that vo kbhi kch nhi paayegi agar vo aisa hi behave krti rhi meri mishti k sth. I hate her nd her mom nd u know jb v un m se koi aata hai to mere papaa v kehte h ab to sab kuch bigaar k rhegi y dono maa beti. Hahaha my papa mummy also hate neha nd ishwari nd they also don’t want to c them nd i truely enjoy that moment πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  5. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    ishwari ka pride h Dev,, Ish ko itna beleiv h ki wo jo v bolegi Dev aankh band kar k maan lega…
    fir itna drama karne ki kya jarurat thi…

    sidhe sidhe v keh sakti thi ki beta dev tu avi honeymoon pe nhi ja…ye sahi waqqt nhi hai…nd pehle hi mana kar deti or pehle hi drama kar deti… main poinT pe aake ye sab kuch..huhhh!!! \

    roz roz ka drama BP LOW BP LOW……

  6. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    dID U Guyss notice?????
    DEvakshi k bed k back wall pe painting ko DEVAKSHI WEDDING PICS ne Replace kar diya…..

    waoooooo……. looked nice……

  7. Aaru

    |Registered Member

    Koi devakshi pe ek ehsaan kro..Neha ko maar dalo..naak me dam kr rakha h yaar..N Dev Babu ko aadat h hamesha Sona pe hi chillate h..at last sabka gussa Sona darling pe hi utarna h..

  8. Junee

    |Registered Member

    Pisswari has been blackmailing Dev with the past and Neha’s failed marriage! I decided to stop watching as everyday its becoming difficult to see Sonakshi being pounded by Ishwari and her troop! Just intolerable! So i will comment only after i watch a better track of this serial minus nonsense by Pisswari and Neha or any other Dixit house inmates! Bye folks till thenπŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

    • shalini

      hope the makers show something which will please us and will wait to see you commenting again…..TOODLES..!!!!😊

    • Erina

      |Registered Member

      Hllo dear mai sirf ek cheej bolna chahti hu tmse ki –
      “Mere sth chalte chalte y kaha theher gye tm y safar kate ga kaise abhi se daar gye tm “……..
      Swtheart abhi se fed up ho gye u remember dev ne kya kaha tha he is a difficult man to deal with na so vo apne family ko v include krke bola tha na sweety. So aap mjhe aur meri mishti ko chor ke jaa rhe ho…. Tusi na jao bcse we both need u na. Sona for ours support nd me for ur support. So think again dear nd i
      can’t come regular😞😞😞 but i want u to support my mishti in my absent 😊😊
      I comed bcse ur comment force m… So think nd if u made ur mind then we will definitly miss u (sona😝😝 +erina 😒😒😒)

      • Junee

        |Registered Member

        Dear Eri how can i stay away from all of u! I couldn’t take our Dear Mishti being pounded from all quarters in that house! Don’t worry i will comment becoz i will miss my friends here so i will still comment by reading ap logon ki comments Sweetie!
        Studying for exams?? All the best and my prayers are there for u ! Do very well Shona!!!

    • Erina

      |Registered Member

      Awwww thankque swtheart for ur cuteee wish nd finally i complete my first step nd entered in next phase of my life nd seriously i want my sweety wish for that…. So thankque swtheart once again swtheart for ur nd mai life k next phase ke exam ki preparation kr rhi ty nd i got success in that but not yet conformed officialy so still my finger crossed 😬nd now u guess what i’m talking about?????? Bolo bolo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚I think u can guess so i’m waitingggg for ur answer……

      • Junee

        |Registered Member

        Ahhh is the good and interesting phase of ur life of getting a life partner on???? Is my guess close?? Wish you all the best sweetie my prayers for all ur wishes will always be there!!!!

      • Junee

        |Registered Member

        Manya my Dearie I will comment don’t u worry! You keep a tab on zRanbir ! ADHM songs are awesome!!
        I will make GKB and Ishwaris bharta don’t worry sweetie! Hope ur studies and tution both are going strong! I wish u all the best for ur exams! My prayers are there for u too!!

  9. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    ” Tujhe uska dukh dikhayi nhi diya dev,, tujhse ye umeed nhi thi ”

    haa mata ji Apki BATMEEZ BETI ka dukh to humne v dekha h:—–

    # ishwari mention aakar sare facilities milne ka dukh..
    # apne room me aaram se AC me rehne ka dukh…
    # haye itnaaaaaaaaaa jyadaaaa dukh ki,,, EARPHONE se music ENJOY karne ka dukh…
    Haye kitni dukhi h aapki beti……. Wo to dikh raha hai………

    Acha Excuse mil gya h Psycho koo……….

  10. shalini

    SONA SWEETYYY…..love you yaar love you……πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
    what an understanding wife you are….!!!! AMAZING…..!!!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
    if somebody else was in sona’s place she wuld have reacted abruptly on this decision of MR.IDIOT DIXIT but youuuuu……i am becoming a hardcore SONAKSHI SHIPPER..!!!!😘😘😘😘

    Dev….man i pity on you yaar…..what great MAA you have got…..you have shown #DEVKIDEEWANGI to ishwariji and now she’ll show you #ISHWARIKIDEEWANGI…!!!

    so just see what else she is gonna spoil in your life and make worst and worst like H E L L…!!!

    but since as far as sona is with you….you dont worry..everything will be fine…..😌😌😌

    PRECAP:: yeh NEHA’s maternal genes are getting heavy on her i guess…..😝😝😝

    ishawari aunty has redefined the short form MIL as MONSTER IN LAW….!!!πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    BHAI BOHOT DIKKAT HAI JEEVAN MEIN ISKE…..BHAGWAAN ISKO UTHALO NAI TOH MUJHE UTHALO….!!!😝😝😜😜( this is what i feel after watching the serial now-a-days)

  11. shalini


    so its a humble request to the witch from my side that JUST DO NOT MAKE HIM FEEL BAD AND TROUBLE HIM BY YOUR FAKE DRAMA YOU CREEPY FEMALE….!!!!

  12. Amii

    Ye kamini ishwari ki to aisi ki taisi.. pata nhi mar kyu nhi rhi h.. zbrdsti ka keeda rehta h ise.. i jus hate this blo*dy women.. yr ma wali insecurity alag hoti h ye to esa lg rha h sona ki sautan ho.. had hi ho gayi.. pagal ab to mai updates b pdhna bnd kr dugi.. dekhna to kaafi time s bnd kr dia.. dimag kharab kr dete h yrr ye log.. padhai s thoda fresh hone k lye ache shows dekhte ye log or dimaag kharab kr detee h.. or ye neha k kya natak h .. mai to sochti thi ha bhai neha sahi h apni jagah pr is pagal ko to hr kosi s hi pblm h .. dikhana kya chahti h.. ab dev faltu sona pr gussa karega.. acha h hai esa ho ishwari ki bachi k sath dusre ki beti k lye galat sochogi to khud ki beti thodi khush rahegi.. sale notanki ki dukaan.. acha sequence to ata h nhi h .. isse to scha shaad8 karate h nhi.. or y sona ko kya ho gaya h self dependence kaha gyi iski or job kaha h . Ishwari ko to goli mar du mai agr mil jaae to..
    Us admi ko wapas laao ishwari ka bf h jo. Tb sukoon aaye ise huhhhh blo*dy helllllll

  13. shalini

    sonakshi ke muh se MR.DIXIT aur dev ke muh se SONA aisa lagta hai maano ke mere kaano mein janam janam ki shaanti pad gyi ho….😝😝😝

    i mean its so pleasant to hear that….😘😘

  14. Krish

    As per Iswari Neha sacrificed everything for Dev.Is it Dev’s fault. It is Iswari’s fault . Dev would have gone to a regular school if Iswari had told him to do that.But Iswari took that decision.
    Now Iswari is using that to touch Dev’s feelings.
    It is also natural that a mother to worry about her daughter.Is she not worried about it before.
    Everything is Neha’s fault.Knowingly she agreed to marry Ranveer.If she really loved him should try to solve the problem. Neha innocently tells the problems facing Dev in the family.
    As per precap Neha took it offensively and blaming Sona for her leaving.Sona made a mistake here. Hope this makers do not show any rift between Sona and Dev.
    It was realy a nice scene between Sona an Dev. Sona consoling Dev. Very nice acting by both.It just brought tears in my eyes..Kudos to makers and the actors.

  15. Devga

    |Registered Member

    I was just happy noticing devakshi …..
    THE GREAT GRAND PICTURES on The wall …….

    Sona love u for ur behaviour and support to dev ….

    Dev don’t start shouting Tomo …. understand tht she in fact supported u in ur decision washing out all her dreams of PARIS …….

    MAMAJI aapke rehthey huye bhi keisa yeh iswari ki dimaag pehle se karab ho gayi ??? Kudh tho bachpn mein ithna partiality Karliya ab dev par emotionally blackmail kar rahi hey ….

    Dev bhi bichara uska bhi kudh ka dimaag kho gaya hey isliye toh iswari ki chaal mein phass jatha hey….
    I knw sona u wil get him his own brain back ….

  16. preeti

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my god this ishwari is so stupid she feel insecure as if dev is a little kid he’s married leave him now and concenstate on your daughter

  17. Tessie

    |Registered Member

    Feeling so bad for neha.. She really have sacrificed everything but thay doesnt mean dev is at fault. Dev is not her father but still he took care of everything since childhood when ishwari had to take care about it.. Even a single mother want make his children work like this. Nehas situation now is just coz of ishwari she should have removed dev and put again in a simple school.. Till she gets money. There was no need to remove neha out from school. I feel that ishwari wanted neha to take care of niki dats y she removed her… Huh she made her own daughter see her sister like a mother. Are agar bache sambala nhi ata toh durso ke upar topte ho.. How mean… I n secondly she is using nehas issue here coz she dont want dev to go agar itna hi concern tha toh jab neha ayi usi din tu kuch karti ya dev ko bolti.. Khud maa hoke kuch kar na payi abi dev sabkuch karega tera aur tu kya karegi kesi maa dikhaya haai ye tv chanalone..

    • Erina

      |Registered Member

      Yeh swtheart i’m got some moment so i’m here nd i totally agree with u whatever happened its just bcse of selfish maa who doesn’t gave equal right to their child but it all comes on dev shoulder. I think y sab dikhna chahti h jo v vo krti h vo ryt h but jo v fault usse hoti h uske picheey koi aur hota h see na
      1.jb dev neha ki shaadi se agree nhi tha to uski fault
      2.jb ranveer ko money se help krne gya to uski fault
      3.jb khud ki marriage life yani khud k lye socha means for paris Visit uski fault
      4.neha shimla v na jaa payi uski fault
      5.sona k lye care nd love dikhaye to v uski fault bcse y maa insecure ho jati h ki unka beta unhe bhul gya h 😈😈😈
      So basically abhi bht kch hona h so swtheart be ready for that nd for some cutyyy nd lovely moments of our devakshi also… Mai to dil aur dimaag ko silent mood pe rakh kr epi dekhti hu but devakshi k tme y automatically general mood pe chala jata h πŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜œ

      • Tessie

        |Registered Member

        Good to see u erina.. Hope ur exms r goin great…
        Mera bhi theek chal raha hai..
        Yes re dear ur absolutely right now i also left saying anything jus watch episode kabi kabi lagta hai ki deko hi na aaj kal deku esa.. Bt i end up in watching πŸ˜† n jo kal dikhya maA aya but jaise wo neha dek rahi thi na ea laga muje ki abi devakshi ko tym spnd karna bi haq nhi hai kya kyu ki neha unko deke apne bare me soche…

  18. Ganga

    Total episode pe Sonakshi ND vnki parents ka convo…… Nice πŸ‘

    Sona wat an understanding wife u R….πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    I hope Devakshi always ithana si understanding pe hooo……… Devakshi ka Hug it’s really touching my heart πŸ’œπŸ’—

    One more thing Devakshi ka marriage pic on Wall Aap sab logo ne last episode me nahi notice Kiya hei kya……????????? Nikki.. Ele….ND Ria…. Sona Paris se gift 🎁 lane wala list banana ke scene pe πŸ˜ƒ

    Devakshi plssss always beeee TOGETHER with understanding (not with Shouting on Sona Dev πŸ˜’)

    Gud mrng guys……..

  19. Nikki

    Hi ! Guys! I’m agreeing all ur comments .
    I hate the b*******ish.&unki betiπŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£

    BUT,SONA WT AN UNDERSTANDING WIFE.πŸ‘©β€β€β€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘¨πŸ’……

    DEVAKSHI pair really awmmmmmmπŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’πŸ’“πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–β€¦β€¦πŸ’–β€¦β€¦β€¦β€¦πŸ’–β€¦β€¦πŸ’–β€¦πŸ’–β€¦πŸ’–β€¦

  20. Punitha rajan

    Very realistic track…this is absololutely what many a sasuma & nanand do in their real life.And the husband justifies them but vents his frustration on his wife…

  21. Junee

    |Registered Member

    I am going to read the witeups on this site and decide which episodes to view! I am really pissed off with Ishwari! Even in reality the mother in law isnt as persistent in her wickedness as this ! Here she is not behaving like his mother and thats the problem. She is psychotic and a patient of severe depression who cannot see her son happy! She is not concerned about her daughters! Neha is a pretext to block Dev from going. She is not bothered to solve her daughters problems ! I think Ranvir has given Neha and this family the right medicine they deserve! Anyways everybody happy viewing!!!! EnjoyπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘I will return when I feel the track is worth commenting upon! 😏😏😏I wonder how i will keep away from my dear friends!!! πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

    • shalini

      if you r not gonna comment on episode then also you can come or talk to us….so there is no need of staying away from us….AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT??

      • Junee

        |Registered Member

        Shalini and Priya I will interact as i cant stay away from u all! But the show is kind of stretching things too much with same act of ” fainting” and blackmailing! Its getting boring but not our discussions fortunatelyπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

    • Tessie

      |Registered Member

      Thank you so much shalini.. For sharing the artical.. I just loved the article jisne b likha hai ye artical na usne toh hamare dil ki baat boldi.. Such me sone se pehle ishwari toh unke bhaiya ne jo kaha wo soch rahi thi neha k bare me nhi tavi wo so nhi payi.. liar liar pants on fire.. Ishwari hate you for doing dis ur the one to spoil everything.. Huh

  22. Sneha

    Yaar.. i m fed up now… from waiting for something good..
    ye ishwari ka emotional atyachar.. ab aur nahi saha jata….

  23. Sneha

    Yaar but i feel very emotional when Dev came to his room and said… Mujhe lagta hai ki iss ghar mein mera koi haq hi nahi hai.. (or something like that)
    he was feeling so helpless.. surely he understand that nobody other than Sona values his wishes !!!!
    & Sona.. Big salute to you girl… Brave n supportive…
    there r lots of things we can learn from your character…
    Love both of u from the core of my heart.

  24. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    Today M soo soo happy……Finally downloaded all d episodes ( 1 to 169 )
    of @KRPKaise bhi………

    • Tessie

      |Registered Member

      Ary wah yaar tu bhi meri trah download karti hai priya.. But mene breakup wala download nhi kia uske baad se kia wo dekne me hi dil mera tot jata hai… 😐

      • Priya9876

        |Registered Member

        Ha Maine too sare kar liye, break up,, patchup all….. Jab v rone ka man hoga break up wale episodes dekhungi….. 😲

    • Erina

      |Registered Member

      How swtheart????? Kaise kiya mere pass kuch hi epi h bole to jb se devakshi bane the tb se but not pura 😞😞😞😞😞

      • Priya9876

        |Registered Member

        YouTube se download kiya…..😊
        Sare k sare….
        Ab jaise jaise episode upload karenge SET INDIA wale,,, waise waise download kar lungi……

      • Tessie

        |Registered Member

        Haa mene bo downloader ki madat se u tube me jake kar dia.. As episode bi nhi bahut kuch vm vagera wo bi nhi choda.. Haha.. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚

  25. Tessie

    |Registered Member

    Ishwari ne jo bi kuch raka hai banake dev k bache k liye kya fyda uska jab wo devsona ko ek hone hi nhi dena chati.. Pagal khud pehno ap kyu ki tu toh kush rehne hi nhi de rahi devakshi ko.. Toh wo lake kya kidko pehnayegi??

  26. Niki645

    |Registered Member

    Ishwari used to not pay any attention to Neha earlier…….Now to cancel DevAkshi’s honeymoon, she is showing her so called ‘concern’ for Neha..
    What kind of a Mother is this Ishwari😫

  27. Aaru

    |Registered Member

    Ishwari sab kuch suna kr, insaan ja pura decision apne hisab se badal kr phir bolti h ki nhi mera wo matlab nhi tha.. tu trip cancel mat kr..tu ja..arey behen tum usko hazar taunt marke phir aise bologi, to koi bhi mana kr dega..

  28. Junee

    |Registered Member

    Ishwari is a fake character! Actually lousy mother who constantly reminds her son of how much she sacrificed for him. Woman your repeated fainting should not work . Its high time u be exposed! I am eagerly waiting for those episodes!😬😬😬

  29. pankti

    Hiiii…junee di..sneha..priya..manya..erina…

    sorry me ap sabke point of views ke against aj comment kar rahi hu…

    but kal ke episode me muje ishwari ka pain dikha…dev ka bhi aur neha ka bhi..
    bcoz mene jab ye serial start ki thi tab sabse pehle jiske character ko like kiya tha vo ishwari ka character tha…bcoz first episode me ishwari ne bola tha ki..bhagwan garib bhale hi bana de par dil garib na de…
    esi owesome soch vali lady ko cheap me shayad accept nahi kar pa rahi hu..ab tak nahi…
    muje kahi na kahi ab tak ishwari pasand hai..

    • Erina

      |Registered Member

      Swtheart aap kyu sorry bol rhe ho plzzz don’t say sorry bcse y aap ki personal thought h nd i respect ur thought but swtheart aap pehle part ko chor kr devakshi k breakup hone tk aur uske baad shaadi k baad tk kya tmhe ishwari pasand h??????? Seriously dear mai baato pr nhi balki kaam pr vishwas krti hu nd from my point of view ishwari ne apna real face devakshi ke breakup k kch din pehle se hi dikhane lgi ty u remember jb usse pata chala tha vo sona ko kaise treat krti ty nd i can’t forget whatever she has down with my sona nd for devakshi also….
      Nd seriously aap kaha the i was missing ur comment. Yup i comed ryt now but i searched for ur comment bcse i love to give rply to ur comment…..

      • pankti

        erina…ap sahi ho….mene ek bar nai kai bar try kiya ki..ishwari ko cheap man lu..par nahi kar pati hu..dn’t y…
        shayad es liye ki serial ke starting se mera ye mindset ban gaya tha ki..dev aj jesa bhi..a good person..uske pass jo bhi values hai..vo sab uski mom ki vazah se hai…
        aur me personally ye strongly manti hu ki..hamari pehchan hamre mom dad se hoti hai..vo hame hamari pehchan dete hai aur duniya ke samne hamare kam aur hamari soch se ham hamare represent karte hai..

        so pehle se me dev aur ishwari ko sath ek acche insaan ke roop me dekhti ayi hu..bcoz they both r mother & son…
        shayad esi liye ishwari dixit ke character ko lekar ya es serial ke track ko lekar confuse hu….bcoz ye sab mere belief ko challenge karta hai so..shayad me ishwari ko cheap accept nahi kar pa rahi hu…

  30. divya

    I want sona soon leave dev…then only he will understand worth of sona…and please make iswari married to some old man

  31. Junee

    |Registered Member

    @ pankti
    Ishwari is a disgrace to the term ” mother” ! Sorry words don’t help its actions that speak! The way Ishwari parted Dev and Sona , the way she has been troubling Sona clearly indicates her insecurities! If u love someone u don’t hurt that person u rise beyond insecurities . She definitely couldn’t rise to that which a mother would do becoz to see a child happy is the biggest achievement for a mother! Therefore, i would call her selfish! She is not bothered to solve Neha’s problems or cousrl her for that matter which all mothers do ! She is troubled becoz Dev’s togetherness with Sona haunts her. Everytime she creates a scene by fainting and she is fake if u analyse her words none of it is genuine! I find her to be a sly shrewd woman and such people ( even if they behave a fraction of what is being shown) end up with miserable lives in reality! A mother who lies to her own conscience is not fit to be in that role! The meaning of mother lies in her act and her ability to rise beyond everything to see her child happy!!” Self” does not come in her dictionary when it comes to her child!

    • Kalpana

      |Registered Member

      True Junee… I want Sona to start observing ishwari closely and expose her soon… Or… Build trust in Dev’s heart, regarding her… Slowly Dev should starting Sona more and more…

  32. Junee

    |Registered Member

    Counsel and not consrl!
    I think Ishwari does not satisy any of the above mentioned by me to be a ” mother” ! I just cant forgive that character for the damage she is causing and I hope she is actually the ” step mom” of Dev becoz atleast the Makers would have a reason to justify for portraying her character as a wicked individual!

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