Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev assures Ishwari that he will not forget about his sisters’ happiness and asks her to rest. She starts thinking how can Dev leave her for 15 days. Dev enjoys dinner with other family members. Nikki says if bhaiya and Bhabi were not going for honeymoon, she would have gone with them. Radha comments kichu left Bhola here and left for village as if he went for a honeymoon. Mamaji says she should not bother at all as she just eats and not work. Nikki continues joking that she needs all her listed gifts and Dev and Sona cannot forget her list. Ishwari comes walking slowly. Mamaji asks her to join them and tells Nikki has become very mischieous. Ishwari falls unconscious. Dev runs and picks her and makes her sleep on sofa. Whole family gets concerned. Sona checks

Ishwari’s BP and says it is very low and at this age, it is dangerous. Dev calls doc. Sona calls Asha and informs about Ishwari’s condition. Asha tells Bejoy that they need to go to Sona’s house. Bejoy says they had to go to airport, why house. Asha says Ishwari is not well it seems and she fell unconscious.

Ishwari gains consciousness. Dev asks her to rest and scolds that she takes tension unnecessarily. She reminds him about his childhood when she fallls ill and Dev does not get scholarship. She gets Dev admitted to a bigger school and discontinues Neha’s studies for him. She continues how Neha sacrified her childhood for Dev and says she sacrificed everyone’s happiness for Dev and Dev also sailed through all exams, he even married his lady love Sona and is leading happy life, but what about Neha, she married her love but could not lead a happy life. In all this tenison, how can he think of going to honeymoon. He says she is right, how can he go to honeymoon when Neha’s life is turmoil. Sona enters with other family members and is shocked to hear that. Mamaji asks Dev how can he cancel his honeymoon trip, they are all here to take care of Ishwari.

Bejoy and Asha enter and greet Ishwari. Ishwari replies back and asks how come they are here. Asha says Sona told about her health , so they came to see her. Sona takes them out and asks what would they like to have. Asha asks her to finish her packing soon, else she will get late for flight. Sona says they are not going. Bejoy asks if Dev fought with her. Sona says no, Neha is having a marital issue and left Ranveer’s house, so she and Dev need to sort of Neha’s problem first. Neha hears that and fumes in jealousy.

Elena with Dada gets ready to go to airport and asks Sourav why is he not yet ready. He says he does not want to go. Elena says if he has any business problem. He tells all world outside is bad, he went to give demo of his product, people made him cut all their vegetables and did not buy even one product, one of them even blamed that he is eyeing on his wife. Daadi asks really. He asks if she thinks he can do. Asha with Bejoy returns home and says they are not going to airport as Sona and Dev’s honeymoon plan is cancelled due to family tension.

Sona cries in her room while unpacking her bags. Dev enters and starts panicking. He says he does not a place even to stand in his room. Sona moves aside suitcase. He asks where is his laptop and blames Bhola for keeping his laptop away. Sona gives his laptop. He starts crying that he could not see Neha’s problem and wanted to go on honeymoon. Sona says they thought Neha would solve her problem herself, now they both should solve Neha’s problem first and then think of their honeymoon. Dev says she is right and thanks her for understanding him and his family.

Precap: Neha packs her bags and tries to leave house. Dev asks what happened to her. Neha yells they can go on honeymoon and forget about her, she does not want Sona badmouthing that honeymoon trips canceled because of her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Junee

    @ pankti
    Ishwari is a disgrace to the term ” mother” ! Sorry words don’t help its actions that speak! The way Ishwari parted Dev and Sona , the way she has been troubling Sona clearly indicates her insecurities! If u love someone u don’t hurt that person u rise beyond insecurities . She definitely couldn’t rise to that which a mother would do becoz to see a child happy is the biggest achievement for a mother! Therefore, i would call her selfish! She is not bothered to solve Neha’s problems or cousrl her for that matter which all mothers do ! She is troubled becoz Dev’s togetherness with Sona haunts her. Everytime she creates a scene by fainting and she is fake if u analyse her words none of it is genuine! I find her to be a sly shrewd woman and such people ( even if they behave a fraction of what is being shown) end up with miserable lives in reality! A mother who lies to her own conscience is not fit to be in that role! The meaning of mother lies in her act and her ability to rise beyond everything to see her child happy!!” Self” does not come in her dictionary when it comes to her child!

    1. Kalpana

      True Junee… I want Sona to start observing ishwari closely and expose her soon… Or… Build trust in Dev’s heart, regarding her… Slowly Dev should starting Sona more and more…

  2. Junee

    Counsel and not consrl!
    I think Ishwari does not satisy any of the above mentioned by me to be a ” mother” ! I just cant forgive that character for the damage she is causing and I hope she is actually the ” step mom” of Dev becoz atleast the Makers would have a reason to justify for portraying her character as a wicked individual!

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