Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Power goes at Dev’s house. Everyone panic clashing with each other in dark. Ishwari and Bejoy clash. Bejoy yells if she thought he is.. Asha says ghost. Bejoy says he knows it is Asha. GKB speaks to someone over phone and asks to come soon. She clashes with Vicky and shouts. Sona hits his leg to a swinger and shouts. Dev makes her sit on swinger and massages her leg. Sona says he hated this swinger. Dev says he is, but did not threw it as she bought it. GKB notices them and thinks soon Sona will be out. Sona tells Dev that she likes this. Dev asks what. She says they are not fighting with each other and are speaking peacefully. He continues massaging foot. She says she is fine. He helps her stand up. She says she wants to ask one more thing. He asks what. She says

his hair are longer than him, which conditioner he uses. He asks what she is this.. Ishwari notices them standing aside. Power comes back. Soha and Golu run and hug her.

Mamaji notices GKB waiting for someone near door and asks whom she is waiting. She says none of his business. Vicky yells at Elena that everything was going fine, but since Sona and her family came back, his life is hell again. She says it is his bad thinking. He asks what he needs, turns and sees Sona standing near door. He shouts Sona will tell everything to family. Elena says she is her sister. Sona says Vicky is right, she and Vicky need space and their argument should not go out of room, she could not do that, but they both can do that.

Ishwari serves starters and asks Bejoy if he is dieting. Bejoy says he ate. She asks Sourav to take some more. GKB sees her friend Kalpana and her daughter Aarti coming, eagerly walks towards them and greets them in. She introduces Sona’s family as guests. Mamaji says he is Radha Rani’s husband. Kalpana says Ishwari that everyone know her and her son. Ishwari takes GKB aside and asks who are they. GKB says she called Aarti for Dev’s alliance, soon there will be children playing in this house. Ishwari says already children are present in this house. GKB says some more will be good. Ishwari says she should not have called them this time. GKB says she trusted her, then why she is questioning. Ishwari says she wants someone who can understand her family. GKB continues yelling against Sona/bengalan and says she spoilt Dev’s life. Ishwari says she is Sonakshi and because of her, she is breathing freely. GKB continues. Ishwari asks her not to create any drama as she does not want Sona’s family feeling weird. GKB continues, but Ishwari leaves.

Dev hear their conversation. He goes to Ishwari and says he heard her talking good about Sona, if she really meant hit. Ishwari says someone even jeweler does not recognize diamond, she wants to correct her mistake, ,Sona did so much for her family and she understood it late. Dev says when Sona came in her life, he was alone and learnt love from her, but he could not hold her. Ishwari says she has come back. Dev says she has come back with his life’s most beautiful part, Soha. He loves Soha more than maa. Ishwari says even she loves Soha more than him. Dev asks if she knows how Sona his related to her.

Ishwari and Dev join back family. Mamaji asks Aarti what she can do. Aarti says she can do anything, she can sing bhajans. Kalpana says she sang in bhajan album. Bejoy asks Kalpana when did they meet GKB. Ishwari says GKB told they were in their area and went out for sometime, where were they. GKB stammers. Bejoy continues questioning Kalpana and asks what she wants to talk here Kalpana says some other day. Everyone sit for dinner. Sona tries to sit, but GKB stops her and asks to get normal water as she is having coughing. GKB asks Aarti to sit. Aarti says she will sit only after serving elders. GKB praises her sanskar. Sona says there is nothing wrong having food with everyone. She serves water to GKB. GKB yells what is in it. Sona says she mixed medicine as she told she is having cough. GKB fumes. Ishwari smiles looking at Sona.

Precap: Dev takes family selfie with Ishwari, Sona and Soha. Ishwari looks at Sona smilingly. Dev asks to look at camera. Soha says this is world’s best selfie. Ishwari smiles looking at Dev’s happy family.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ngkrishnakumari

    Thanks ma for your fast update
    Devakshi swinger convo was mindblowing
    From today onward we can see new shade of halwashwari

    Tommorow epi going to be an outstanding epi
    New girl is fake as lady papida

  2. Thnkz ma fr super fast update…devakshi scenes were superb…overall the episode was good…but not much of devakshi?

  3. Aamu

    Wohoooo…unition day is cming closer i think…superb epi..
    N ye radha ko to me samandar me duba du..nai nahi…ise to chullu bhar paani me hi dubaadu..itni ghiri hui hai??..
    Well isse bhi devakshi ka kuch profit to hoga hi????…so itna zyada bura b nahi bolti

    1. Riti1107

      Are wo GKB chullu bhar pani ko pollute kar degi

      1. Aamu


  4. Thanks for ur fastest upload..???????

  5. Neha1

    Aaj ka episode toh Bht MAST tha….Amazing Superb..????

    Hide n seek mei maza aa gaya…Thanks to kids… I thought Ishwari phir se jealous hogi but she’s quite happy..? Strange na..!??

    Radharani se me yahi expect kr rhi thi…I knew that she’s planning to call New Bride for Dev and the BEST Scene was Ishwari herself denied and back off…?????????????????itni sari claps toh aaj Ishwari ke liye hai…! Finally she understood Dev’s love towards Sonakshi and Suhana… and planning to REUNITE the Couple but Unfortunately, MOGAMBO & LATEST NAME-BHOOT BIJOY is the main hurdle in Devakshi Reunion… Sad..! ????

    Bijoy baba plz maan jao…na..!????

    And JHOOLA Scene was very nice and loved it…for a change, Sonakshi thanked Dev…! Ab tak toh sirf Dev hi Thank you bol rha tha Sona ko…????

    Wow, Precap simply Superb… PERFECT, JUST PERFECT…. PERFECT and COMPLETE FAMILY SELFIE….????????
    Really interesting can’t wait 4 2mrrow episode…!

    1. Riti1107

      Your dp is amazing as always Neha di❤❤❤❤

      1. Neha1

        Thank you dear Riti..?

    2. Priya9876


      The KHARGOSH family…

      1. Neha1

        Thanks Priya…kaha ho ajkl comments kiya kro…really missed your funny comments..

    3. Lizaa

      Nice dp di?????????

      1. Neha1

        Thank you Lizaa.?

  6. I’m Sabari
    I’m reading this updates since starting and happy to see some comments in tamil as I’m from TAMIL NADU….
    Inga ethane per ini ellam vasanthame pakuringa

    1. Kesavsivakumar

      Naan paakuren nanba

    2. Anna naanum paakren..

    3. naanum paakuren bro??

  7. superb episode.ishwari realised her mistake.sona puts water on GKB pln.waitng fr 2morow episode

  8. The best thing is that this week is so good for all of we fans as this week episodes are just awesome with positivity shades of Ishwari and everyone except of three persons….Bijoy, GKB and Vicky…but whatever they have done it was a humor one for us.

  9. episode was perfect just perfect!! everyone is perfect except Bijoy!! seriously ye mukambo kab khus hoga??!?

  10. Riti1107

    Aaj to Ishwari pe pyaar aaya hai
    Beyhad aur beshumar aaya hai
    Waah !! Ishu
    Jab bimar thi to kahi behoshi me sar par chot to nii lagi
    Kya bina surf-detergent ke dhoya hai GKB ko

    DevAkshi moments????
    Golu’s face when Sona said ‘Prince Charming’ looked so cute❤❤❤

    The candle lightening scene

    IshJoy ka Hide & Seek moment????

    A power pack episode

    Aarti ko to???????
    Aarti ki thali pe baitha kar UGANDA bhej dene ka irada hai

    1. Priya9876

      Itna v pyar nhi lutao ishwari pe…

      Nd dont worry about Aarti ki thaali uske liye to ishwari hi kaafi hai i guess… I’m sure wo use DEv tak paunchne v nhi degi. ????

      yaha v ISHjoy ???? lol ????

      1. Riti1107

        Thoda to pyar aana banta hai
        Specially last scene me jo Sona ke dawai wale move par usne victory wali smile di thi??

        Bas ab isi mode me rahe ishwari

  11. Neha1

    Wow… FINALLY, Ishwari ne THAAN li Dev-Sonakshi ke rishtey ko phir se JODEGI NAYE RANGON SE….!?????????????


  12. Superb epi…Love u devakshi…

  13. woww first time ishwari radha rani oda pecha neglect panraaa… semmmmma… dev and sonakshi awesommmme today as like everyday….

  14. Aryana

    Damn true riti……. I also feel d same way . Lol

  15. Priya9876

    Guys vote for shaheer plz..


    1. Lizaa

      Vote done

    2. this vivian dsena has got more votes than shaheer.. Thats was indeed a crest fallen news..(sorry if any vivian fans are here)
      But voted for shaheer??

  16. Priya9876

    Well, ye too puri Fandom janna chahti hai SHAHEER ki aap kon sa conditioner use karte ho?????????????


    1. Riti1107


  17. Priya9876

    After watching new promo, was like SOMEBODY pinch me ????

    KAhin ye 4din ki chandani to nhi???

    Dev & Sona cum Devakshi I’m warning you guys plz plzzz ‘ SHAKE WELL ‘ (Ishwari) before using her..
    You know na she is dangerous for u SOMETIMES..

    Dev– dont trust her (talking about PWR) so easily?

  18. Priya9876

    And…………Today is the day whn I learned a new proverb

    ” GREEN TEA ka jala v JUICE phonk phonk kar peeta hai ” ??

    like seriously..!
    Oh! GKB k script writer tussi na waqayi gr8 ho…

  19. Rekhadhir

    Awesome episode….

    Devakshi scenes were superb…????

    Finally jo dev chahta tha woh use mil raha hai …on the way hai….???

    Aaj to matlab ishwari ne kamal kar diya …

    Aarti to natasha se bhi jyada Boring hai …????????

    Exgkb apne jaise hi dhundh kar layi hai use…..

    Waiting for tomorrow….

  20. Dev and sona was super. After sona’s fake pregnancy now only ishwari aunty is smiling face for sona.

    1. Yes true she should not change her mind i am waiting for the day . Vicky and radharani are caught.

  21. Ganga

    Ishwari ji Aap Ko #Dhandawat pranam”#….?????

    I’m very happy to see it positive thinking about Sona……Tqqqqq for dat

    1. Priya9876

      Awww! ur DP ?
      Shah’s Chotu sa nephew. ?

      1. Ganga

        Yessss……AADAM? ?

  22. Wooow ishwaries reaction about sona loved it ???

  23. Lizaa

    Awesome epi…??
    Devakshi scenes were perfect??
    Hamare taraf se sona ne puch he liya dev se woh koun sa conditioner laga ta h??
    Pehle mujhe apne ears pe believe he nhi hua pwr ne exgkb ko bangalan keh ne se roka??
    Eagarly waiting for tdy epi…

  24. Sooo beautiful preview was excellent

  25. Ishawari’s sudden change is really interesting..
    Guys what is SANSKAR??

    1. I guess ,
      Sanskar means culture.

    2. Rekhadhir

      its ritual ….

  26. Priya9876

    Humare page ko kisi ki solid wali nazar lagi hai..

    koi aata/aati hi nhi..

    1. Neha1

      Priya me aati hu but koi nhi dikhta….

      “Jaane kaha gaye woh din, jab hum sab comments ki half/full century complete kr lete the.” ?

      Ab toh Comments ka AKAAL pad gaya hai…??

      Ya toh sab log bht jada busy hai ya phir busy na hoke bhi busy hai…!
      pata nhi mujhe k maine kya bola but ha, comments bht kum ho gaye hai…ab toh kisi din 50comments bhi poorey ho jaye toh AASHCHARYA Hota hai…!???

      1. Riti1107

        Aaj ho gayi half century puri??

    2. Ganga

      Surya Bhagwan??? ka nazar Priya ???

    1. Ganga

      Am done ???

  27. Chanpreet0815

    Hello guys how r u all. Priya Asmita Riti Ritika Ganga Subhashini Ngkrishnakumari Swarna Aastha Pallavi Neha Shalini Devga Shalini Bose liza Rekhadhir Erina Anshita Ayushi Pritha.

    Forgive me if i forgot any name. After long time I m commenting on this page.

    1. Lizaa

      Wlcom back preet..
      Tum kaha chali gai thi humne bahat miss kiya h tumhe….
      Ab toh regular cmt karogi na phir chali jaogi

    2. Ganga

      Hiii Preet….???

    3. Hi preet di! Wlc back

    4. Riti1107

      Swagat hai aapka??

    5. Neha1

      Hii Preet, kaha busy ho…plz dear daily ek comment kr diya kro…Old members mei se kuch hi log aatey hai..How r you dear..??

  28. Aarti was a big fool in yesterday’s episode…
    Mamaji–tum kya karti hu
    Arti–me sab kuch kar sakti hu(i am a god…i can do anything??)
    Aarti k sanskaro k chakkar me sona ne dev k pas vali seat le li ar mami jii ka plan flop? aaj to sachi me ishwari per pyar aaraha tha…ab kl ki family selfie me dekhte h kya hota h…ar uske baad ek ar weekend….??

  29. N i m confused….is there anything bw sharica…means they have many things in common..same glasses same clothes in yesterday’s live chat erica wore the same t shirt that shah had once wore in a pic….really confusing people they are

  30. Varalakshmi

    what a beautiful quit funny episode
    after long time ishwari character main ithna positivity omg jab sonakshi ka fake pregnancy time aur aab ishwari ka character & supriya ji ka acting simply super i like you ishwari ji
    dev aur sonakshi ka conversation i just love that but i expected much
    & the new entry kalpana aur arthi irritating
    whole family dinner super super super

    next week kya twist anewala patha nahi aur riya & nikki ka re entry kab hoga i am waiting for that more exiting about today episode

  31. Varalakshmi

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi : Ishwari’s Pledge To RE-UNITE Dev And Sonakshi! – NEW PROMO VIDEO


    1. Neha1

      Kya baat hai yar…! Sach mei Ishwari sudhar gayi ya yeh short time ke liye hai…!!! I hope k aisa hi ho….I’m eagerly waiting to se DEVAKSHI REUNION..!

  32. Nanu tamilnadu dha… Nanu Ini Ellam vasanthame pakren Anna.. Nice episode.. Waiting for reunion..

  33. Guys kal ka precap ek dream hai ish ka..??

    Maine abhi abhi dekha? i was so excited!!

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