Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev asks Sona how will he know when love happens. She says everything will look beautiful around you and u will be in pleasant mood, everything will look pink rosy. He says it is like saying with pink tainted glass everything looks pink. She says his heart will know when he is in love. He says seriously..heart’s function is to pump blood. He keeps her hand on his chest and asks if she senses something else than heart beat. She feels his heart beat and gets engrapsed in his eyes… She then gets conscious hearing his voice. He drops her home and leaves.

Sona enters her room and tells Elena that Dev is her friend now. She tells he asked about love and laughed on her when she told it is related to heart. She continues why can’t he see that she is in

love and know what love is.

In the morning, Sona gets back to work and gets busy in kitchen. Garib ki Beti Radha sees Ranveer and Neha chatting in hall and fumes.. She sees Ranveer wearing gold watch and thinks he stole Dev’s watch. She starts insulting Ranveer and says he is a thief and stole Dev’s gold watch, all poor people are thieves, etc… Neha asks her not to misbehave with her teacher. Ranveer says his students gifted him that watch. Sona comes and says this is different brand watch. Garib ki beti Radha then starts yelling at her to stay away from family issues, etc. Dev and Ishwari also come in. Neha warns Garib ki beti Radha again to behave with her teacher and agrees that she loves Ranveer. Dev is shocked to hear that. Garib ki beti Radha starts yelling how can she think of loving a poor man. Her husband comes and warns her to shut her mouth. Ranveer says he will leave now and asks Dev to check if it is his watch. Dev says it is different brand watch. Ranveer leaves. Dev asks everyone to leave as he wants to talk to his sister. Radha tries to speak, but her husband drags her from there.

Garib ki beti Radha’s husband takes her to a room and scolds her that he told her not to create trouble in this family, but she tries always. She tries to speak. He shuts her mouth and says if she tries to play her dirty selfish tricks again, he will leave her and her useless son.

Dev asks Sona why did not she inform about Ranveer before and if her decision is final. Neha says yes and tells mom that Ranveer proposed her before, but she did not accept his proposal, but now after much thought realized he is perfect for her. Dev then asks mom how can Neha do this. Mom tells Dev that she knows Ranveer is a mature man. Dev says he is poor and how will Neha survive without money. Mom says is important, but not necessary much to lead a happier life.

Precap: Dev calls Sona at midnight. She is surprised. He says if she is not busy, can she comed out for 5 min. She nervously says yes.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. thanks for the update..I badly needed it today….nd was waiting for it….guys whats all this…i thought something will happen..bt…well keeping the fingers crossed…

  2. Ngkrishnakumari

    Is bar not any dream sequence eagerly waiting for tomorrow epi

  3. dev sona scene r best

  4. Egar fr next episode

  5. Ty fr
    Super fast update?✌

  6. I luf dis story….egarly waiting fr tomorrow. …

  7. So sweet finally ranveer got Neha…………what precap!!!!

  8. I mean what a precap!!!

  9. When will u realize dev the u r in love?

    1. When he finally agrees to get married to Natasha but while Nikki and riya are preparing for the wedding,dev sees Sonakshi in Natasha and realises his love!watch the new ad

      1. what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      2. O god really? wat a gr8 news….really excited

  10. Wow yaar..late night meeting..

  11. So beautiful story lines…loved Dev n shona

  12. Tht heartbeat part was so childish and superb….
    And this garib ki beti radha idiot spoiled the mood ufffffff…. But something gud hapened coz of her today neha said her true words out… Wow she realised tht money dsnt matter….. Care attention love togetherness support is important…. I like ishwari for her right choice abt ranveer……
    Shit in precap Dev wil ask sona wether neha is correct or else nw neha is gona married thn can he say yes to natasha…. Noooooooooooooo cant think of it…..

  13. I wish garib ki beti gets kicked out by dev/ishwari! and her husband leaves her and her son!

    1. i wish same…she’s too much……

  14. Plz dev don’t say yes to natasha

  15. Anyone saw new promo? Dev realizes his feelings for sona but when his engagement gets fixed with Natasha and so he is happy and sad at same moment

    1. No he is not sad that his engagement is fixed,he is shocked that he loves sona!

    2. plz share the link

  16. Oh my I thought sona was about to propose to dev today

  17. I m very eager to see new promo…..I haven’t watched till shttttttt….but when this new promo aired????

    1. hey asmita thnx for sharing……

      1. Always welcome Tanya

    2. thank u asmita ……………love the promo……..

      1. Welcome Beth.

    3. wow..thanks yaar…loved it..

  18. yarr kya hoa dev kabhi aapne bare mai bhi soncho plz yarr dev soon realize u r luv for shona

    $ aaj mera result hai

    1. hey mahi, what’s ur result and for which std?????Share with us….wish u good luck…..

  19. Thank god kam se kam realization to hua..luvd d promo

  20. all the best for result

  21. what a promo!!!!!this is the best promo of krpkab till now…….background voice was also very sweet……now this will be interesting to see that how dev will come close towards sona………

  22. hey devakshi lovers think according to you what will dev do now after this beautiful realization????will he confesses to sona????or get engaged with natasha?????how will he stop this engagement???????hey all express u r thoughts and views.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. idk tanya..bt m so so sos soooooooo excited for this…aww loved the promo yaar..krpkab has the best sets of promo i must say..what do u think??

      1. yes ur right……..their promos r awesome….

  23. Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi | Episode 64 | 26th May 2016 Promo
    if anyone have’nt saw now then u can see…..

    1. thanks for link

      1. welcome simran

  24. New promo (written)

    Well, we have good news for all DevAkshi fans!
    Dev who was in a dilemma will soon heave a sigh of relief in the show as he will finally realize his love for Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes).
    As per a reliable source, “Ishwari will be thinking about Dev’s marriage decision. Mami will force Ishwari to say yes for the marriage and convince Dev too. However, Dev would be still thinking about Sonakshi and her fake boyfriend Neel. Dev would be really curious to find out about Sonakshi and Neel’s relationship.”
    Furthermore, Dev’s sisters would be teasing him with Natasha’s name and will tell him to close his eyes and imagine Natasha. However, when Dev will close his eyes he would picturize Sonakshi in his mind. This will make him realize his love for her.

  25. whn n wheere did surbhi u saw d nw promo??

  26. srry nt surbhi its nishi….can u all share me d link?

      1. Mane ab tak nai dekha ye promo TV par………but nishi saw on TV…….

  27. When Sona will propose to dev

  28. Dev nd sona sath main bhot ache lgte ha but ntasha bi prfect girl ha as a life patrn but jldi se dev ko relaiz ho jae ir wo sonakshi ko prpose kre or wo radha rani wapis apne ghar shift kr jae

  29. Dev nd sona sath main bho t ache lgte .nexct episod ka intezar ha dev ne sona ko kyun bulaya ha wo bi itni rat ko

  30. OMG !! According to promos Dev will realize his love for sona on 9th June…. My Birthday !! ❤
    I just cant wait for my Birthday….

  31. hope 9 June came early

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