Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ronita asks Sona whether there is any problem. Dev says he wants to get proved wrong today. If Sona loves him, then she will definitely come. Golu and Suha want to play. Dev gets somewhat mad and says don’t they have homework? He will check their homework in 10 minutes. Ronita thanks Sona for being with her and asks she doesn’t need to go anywhere, right? Sona says pregnancy is a journey. When she was pregnant, no one was with her. She promises Ronita that someone will always be with her. Ronita says she’s world’s best nanand.

Dev’s competitor informs Vicky that he has given him a dummy software. Vicky says it’s not possible. He took software out of Dev’s laptop himself. Dev’s competitor says then maybe Dev knew and he purposely put

dummy software in his laptop. He threatens Vicky. Vicky asks who he is to threaten him. He reminds Vicky that he has given him 10 crore rupees.

Sona and Ronita return home. Family ask what happened. Sona and Ronita are quiet. Everyone gets worried. Sona tells Sourav that he has struggled a lot and the world has taunted him a lot, but now he’s going to become a father. Everyone gets emotional. Sona tells Sourav to always keep Ronita happy. If she will be happy, then baby will be happy. They all are happy. Other side, Dev is not happy.

Sona is leaving, but her family stops her. Sona says she will have to leave. Dev is waiting. Sona’s dad says he will wait a bit more, but her mother lets her go.

Vicky is confused as if Dev knew about all this, then he would have thrown him out of the office. He’s not sure what to do.

Golu asks Suha to play with him, but she is not in mood. Ishwari comes there and asks Suha what happened. Suha asks husband and wife should talk nicely with each other, right? Ishwari says yes, what happened? Suha and Golu act of Sona and Dev and show Ishwari how they talk to (fight with) each other. She asks that means all is not well between them, right? Golu says when they fight, it means all is okay. When they do not talk, then that means something is wrong. Ishwari says arguments happen between the couples, it’s normal.

It’s night now. Sona is finally home. They both again fight on the same topic. Dev says she doesn’t love him enough. Sona says she called him, but he didn’t pick it up. She knows he turned off his phone purposely, but if he had picked up her call, then he would know that she was with Ronita because she is pregnant. There can be times when she has to hold back her emotions, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him. She wants Ronita to get all the happiness which she didn’t get while she was pregnant. And for that, if she has to hold back her emotions 1000 times, then she will.

Vicky comes home and asks his mum whether Dev was angry when he came from office. Just then Dev comes. He informs Vicky that someone tried to steal the software and asks him to find out who that person was. He figured that and that’s why he put dummy software in his laptop.

Sona’s mum calls her and asks why she didn’t come with Dev. Sona asks Dev came there? Her mum says yes in morning and he brought like whole garden with him for Ronita. Such a beautiful flowers. She should have seen how happy he is for Sourav and Ronita. He was a bit upset that why he got that news late, else he would gone along with Sona for Ronita’s appointment. He said for next appointment, he will go with Sona. She wonders if Dev was with Sona during her pregnancy, then what all he would have done. Sona says he’s very crazy. Elena asks Sona what happened. Sona says Dev is completely unpredictable. He went to her house with flowers and all. Sometimes he does things which angers Sona and sometimes he does such cute things that get rid off her anger. Totally mental.

Vicky calls Dev’s competitor and says he was wrong. Dev has no doubt on him. Now Vicky threatens to give this deal to someone else. Dev’s competitor apologises Vicky. Vicky says Dev may be a king in business world, but there is only one person who can manipulate him and that’s me. 7 years ago, who was responsible for Dev-Sona separation? It was me, Vicky. First he created misunderstandings, when they fought, he took more advantage of it. And it was him who made Sona believe that her house was taken away by Dev and no one else. That poor Dev was drunk and crying in farmhouse. Sona may have agreed before, but once she saw her family breaking, she broke her marriage only. Vicky turns and is shocked to find Sona and Elena there. Both stare at him angrily. Sona recalls 7 years old events, Sona’s family having to leave their house, her and Dev separation. Vicky says what they heard wasn’t true, he was just joking. Sona slaps him, grabs his collar and says you did such a big betrayal with me and Dev. I was his wife. Vicky thinks if he doesn’t beg and stop them now, then his software plan would finish. He apologises to Sona saying he made a mistake. At that time, he thought what he was doing was best for them. Their relationship had almost ended, they were fighting, so he thought it’s best to separate them. But now after 7 years, everything is okay. Sona asks who he is to decide to separate her and Dev. He made Sona and Dev against each other. They were separate for 7 years. Dev stayed away from his daughter for 7 years. Why he did all that? It was their life. Sona cries. Elena goes to Vicky and says she’s ashamed of calling him her husband. Vicky says he made a mistake. He didn’t know what to do at that time. Elena says a mistake? Because of which Dev and Sona lived separately for 7 years. For how many mistakes he will say sorry? She tells Sona to go with her and tell truth to Dev. She wants Dev to punish Vicky. Everyone should find out Vicky’s truth. Vicky begs Sona not to go to Dev, he won’t spare him then. She can punish him. Elena tells him he should have learned something from this family. He himself should tell the truth to Dev. He might slap him, but then eventually forgive him. He has such a big heart. But she will never forgive him for what he has done. All the respect she had for him is gone today. She asks Sona to go with her. Vicky apologises again.

Precap: Elena is taking Sona with her. Sona turns back seeing family members happy. Elena says she must tell truth to Dev. Dev asks tell what?

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Wohoo finally Vicks ka parda fash waiting for tom episode eagerly

  2. Hello all.
    Good episode.I like sona’s costume today. That blue and white.. was JUST PERFECT ?

  3. Ganga

    Golu & Suhana ?????…. little bit sad when dev ne vse daatt rahe na….??

    Suhana & Golu ne Dev nd Sona ka role play kiya…. it’s Awesome….
    Dev nd Sona ka convo emotional nd at a time it’s true bcoz Sona knows about Dev from her heart ? ( max in all situations)…..

    Vicky tujhe na…..kehne ke liye kuch word’s bi nahi bachaya tu….. Idiot ??

    Precap pe San kuch acha hona chahiye….. plsssss makers do something good for Devakshi relationship bcome veryyy much strong ????

    1. yes!! dev ne hamare soha golu molu ko dat diyaa…kitna bad.

    2. Priya9876

      Arey Golu is our Tiny shaheer/Dev love him so much

  4. Neha1

    Finally, Sona slapped Vicky…????

    But I know Sona will not say the truth about Vicky….

    It’s quite possible that Sona and Elena will not tell the Vicky’s truth to Dev…in Precap…!

    Waiting 4 2mrrow episode…!

    1. Priya9876

      Aiyooooo..!! DP ??

  5. Subhashini

    Today am not telling dev was right and sona was wrong…and am not telling sona was right dev was wrong….they both are ryt and wrong…

    When we see deeply dev ka life is different from childhood…he doesn’t have family like sona because her family is always support her…

    Hum iss 7 saal ki baari mae baath karti tho iss mae sona bouquet struggle kiya as single so she has matured…but she has support of soha…but dev has no support even uska sisters bhi ussae chod kar chalegai for single mistake…they also didn’t tried to know the reason for dev’s frustration…so obviously dev ka dar sahi bhi ae….uska pyar aise ae….

    Technically har jaaga follow karna kalath ae lekin tracker wala baath sahi ae because when she was in danger he know easily where she is….ho kalath nai ae…

    But yet i didn’t get the answer is how sona easily trusted vicky uss din and not trusted dev…..how she thought dev will do that….issmae ek cheese clearly hum ko batha horiyae gussae mae lega har decision kalath hoga….uska result bhi itna pura hoga….

    So,Both took out their own ways to get through that pain. So nobody is wrong. But they need to understand each other

    1. Yeah…you are right.
      I am also surprised as Sona told about her pregnancy period no one was there to support her. She was not alone at that time…. Her father, mother, Daadi, brother, and childhood friend … Then why she feels that she was alone. Everyone was supportive to her and can visit hospital alongwith her. Today also, Ronita has everyone including her husband, but first time visit to hoapital, sona came not her husband but she was not sad.

      In some sense, it is wrong to follow your partner everywhere but Dev was not like that before. Only after that night incident, he was worried about sona. And, this is natural with anyone. If our family member will face such type of incident, we all worried about their safety and may be ask about whereabouts. There ia no big deal, but the problem with Sona is that she has experienced her lufe independently and always thinking about her past 7 years. Thats why she is getting irritated about devs current nature. I understand that Dev switched off his mobile but Sona can ask Ishwari or Elena to give the msg to Dev as his mobile is swith off. But she has not done like that. However Dev will definetly do the by calling Asha.

      Regarding believing Vicky 7 years before, I know the reason behind it. Vicky believed Sona that Dev has done all that as Vicky expressed one more swntence there “Sona bhabhi, you know that Dev can do anything if his mother hurts”. Just few hoyrs back only, Ishwari fallen on floor by mistake by Sona in front of Dev and Dev angrily told Sona to leave his house. Sona immediatelt felt the same.

    2. Shahina

      I agree with u subhashini.
      Life mein emotional hona galath baat nhi hai,but some people have gone through a lot,so that the emotions inside them have slowly started to die out.
      I can relate to that , because my mom has become like after my nana’s death.She started to dump her feelings within herself and has become less expressive now

      1. Shahina

        Like Sona*

    3. you are right.as there is fault in every one.i too got angry for the word “bhabhi ! bhayya aapne maa ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hai.”for this word i totally depressed .agar dev apne maa ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hai tho sona not becoming pregnent kisi se nahi chupathaa.he tried very well in balancing the both.but the situation didnt favoured him.
      by this i only says is dev doesnt do any bad work from hand but he do by his words and mouth.his words hurts him and sona.isliye mee ek suggestion dena chahte hu dev abhi see centrefresh aapne pocket me rekhdee.agar apke pas nahi tho golu koo pochu…

      1. Shahina

        Center fresh???

  6. Subhashini

    Am surely telling u guys tomorrow sona will not tell the truth to dev but after she knowing the software details definitely that day she told this truth also to dev….i think so…vicky tho uss din kya hoga kudh usko batha nai….dev ussae nai chodaega

    But apart from all this i want sona and dev will cry in each other arms after knowing this truth….because kabhi kabhi life mae rona padega….

    Sometimes crying is the best medicine for the pain in our heart….when we cry sometimes it will show the true love of each one….

    Life mae itna emotional hoga kalath nai because sometimes we want to get that emotion and give back to that emotion….ae baath sachi pyar mae hoti ae….but that emotional moment is the most beautiful moment in our life….

    1. nahi subhashini.dev ko pata chelegaa.its confirmed news by tv serial updates and desi raita.they always give the correct news.
      hamare writers se ehee problem hai .hum kuch sochte hai aur vho kuch kar degaa.but i think kal epi me nahi dekhega might day after.
      coming to crying seen we are waiting from such a long time.we want see this.

  7. Minnel Noorsai


  8. Na na no doubt sona madam ki mahanta jaag jaye gi aur vicks ki goli ko wraper se nikale gi hi nhi.like seriously sona tum vicks ko protect karna chahti ho?if i’d have been to ur place tab toh main kabka vicks ko gatak ke burp maar ri hoti n trust me sona golu ko bhi usme koi interest nhi hai n jaha tak elena ki baat hai toh tumne kayi saal phle usse warn karke samja liya tha.mujhe yeh nhi samaj aata ki main vicks ko zayda hate karti hoo ya main maa hoo wali ex ishwari ko….haayye kya time tha woh…uske constipated looks..humari frustration

  9. @priya
    Meri behna kaha hai tu mehfil ka samay ho gya hai.main ithe tera wait kardi hai tey tu kithe luki hui hai.

    1. Priya9876


      ab yaad aayi tujhe…..

      baaprey kab se bula rahi mujhe v idea nhi hai.

      kaha hai aajkal…kaha busy ho????????

  10. Love KRPKAB yar…….
    1000000 serials will come and go ……. But KRPKAB will remain in our hearts forever. So genuine serial and one and only serial which you can relate to your day to day life and also from which you can learn life lessons .

    1. True true true

    2. Shahina

      ?% true

    3. Definitely true

    4. i think this the only serial which deserves it title.they kept the name very exactly .they have shown all colours mostly.

      1. Yes, almost.

  11. @shahina
    Ohooo see ur magnetic love pilfered my heart..ab i will always come n i have realised that my lyf was sooo good when i used to come here on tu.u ppl r love
    shuks aapka hum bhoole bhatke logo ko kheench ke leke aane ke liye …thanks that u undertook this duty n i can see the change
    so ppl lets celebrate n silent readers ko jealous karate hai n lets become raahgero ki mashaal for aalsi old wale krpkabians.
    Raahgero ki mashal se yaad aaayyaa mera fav topic sona ke kapde!!!!!chalo aaj kuch nhi kehti bass in short sona was looking damn beautiful n so was shaheer.itne ache look mein ek toh romantic scene banta tha boss

    1. Shahina

      Thanku Piya for coming back
      And keep commenting?
      I really missed your comments,especially the names given by u for ishwari???
      (Behoshwari,halweshwari,pardha wali rakshasniPWR???)
      Anyway, now this lady has changed a lot??

      1. Priya9876

        now she(ISH) become a good ”GYAN MATA”

    2. Priya9876

      aalsi old wale krpkabians. ???? Included you Mrs. India

  12. Shahina

    I just loved the way Sona slapped that idiot Vicky.
    I wanted Sona to slap that idiot,when he told that by chance she has becomea mother,when Sona entered dev’s house after 7 years.
    Anyways I’m happy????
    Loved Soha and golu’s convo as sona- and dev.It was cho….chweet???
    Yes,this DevDixit is really unpredictable,only Sona can handle this guy’s mood swings.???

  13. mujhe tho kuch bhi yaad nahi hai episode.sirf that slapping voice given to vicky.mujhe tho laga kii sona aur doo tappad takii uske teeth bahar aa jayee.aur golu aakar kehee ga papa aapka teeth kaha gayab hoo gayaa.

    1. Priya9876


  14. title matlab eek yad aaya.when serial was going to start i saw the promo.and got very excited .iss excitement me naam bul gaya .at that i was so bad at hindi.so kept most of the time to see serial title.jab bhi dekhti huu tho tukuda tukuda karke likhti hun,i mean i wrote one time kuch pyar bhi another time pyar nahi rang soch kar kuch rang bhi.aise lekh diya sab tukde tukde words ko rak kar finally i got it kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi.

    1. Shahina

      Why were you bad at Hindi??
      Because your Hindi is pretty good now?

      1. thank u for ur compliment.actually at that time i used to understand it but never spoke hindi.kuch rang and all your comments mujhe hindi bolna bhi sikha diya.

  15. Shahina

    I thought of sharing something,
    KRPKAB is the only show which runs in 6 languages in parallel.
    Tamil-Ini ellam Vasanthame
    Malayalam-pranaya varnangal
    Telugu-amma nenu o ammayi
    Arabic-?? I don’t know the title
    In Indonesia-Dev Sona
    Our show may get low trp because of excess drama shown in other channels.
    But it’s very popular worldwide.
    Congo to all KRPKABans????

    1. congo u too.i know the 5 languages but dont know about arabic.thank u for sharing.
      vaise bhi trp ke baare me baat karna hi bekar hai.trp goes to always strectched serials.
      by the way krpkab has highest imdb of all the serials with 9.3

      1. Shahina

        Yup, I know .
        It has the highest IMDb rating.
        I used to watch the show in Tamil sometimes,but the dubbing work is not that good.
        The dialogues are the best part of KRPKAB.If the dialogues are not dubbed properly,then there is no point in watching it.
        So, I prefer watching it in Hindi

    2. U can just check IMDB rating ….. its soooooo high . 9.3 with 2400 ratings.
      KRPKAB has a huge fan following . but I thing in the TRP race its totally value less, Kumkum bhagya ,ishqbaaz,yeh hai mahobatein are topping . loooollll

      1. Priya9876

        TRP ko maro goli…..
        Lets enjoy our one n only the fanatabulous show ?????

  16. another update ayaa.hamare writers tho hamko hamesha ollu bana rahi hai.we thought sona might not saying the truth but she tells it.vicky will be thrown out of the house.
    again i thought dev might be losing his over possiseveness after this truth reveal.but sudden shock for me he doesnt he make a office for sona near house which makes sona irk again

    1. Shahina

      This unpredictable Mr.Obhodro is very difficult to handle.Meri bechari Sona???

  17. suhana to meet with an accident.dont get afraid its just an small accident.she feels bad as their parents were not talking and gets an accident.dev reaches there and phones sona.
    i think this is the reason for their patchup.

  18. Hi dearest krpkabians nice going, vickeys truth revealed to sona and elina atleast.eagerly waiting for todays episode on sonyliv and TU.

  19. Shahina

    Where are u all today.?
    Without u ppl,well not be able to cross even 50 comments today.

  20. ??
    Knock knock
    Pehchana kaun?
    I am commenting after a long time
    Sorry maarna mat???
    But Sona slapped Vicky ???????????
    Nd I literally jumped with happiness
    I haven’t read the spoilers from a long time so I don’t know if Dev will get to know about Vicky but I so want Dev to hit Vicky & turn GKB’S red completely red,black & blue

    PS- GKB’s improving?

    1. Chanpreet0815

      Wlcm back Riti. Aapki hi Kami thi.

      Plzzz keep commenting

    2. Priya9876

      Riti our FF queen ?
      Aiyoooooio tum v aa gyi…..wooooo!!! hooooo!! maze aane wale h fir se…….??

      Dont worry koi nhi marega bcz koi nhi aata tha????

  21. Another good news is comment count is also increasing .

    1. Yes, Happy to view that.

  22. Chanpreet0815

    Sorry guys today I m late. But laughing by reading ur comments.

  23. Priya9876

    Comments are increasing ?

  24. Priya9876

    see thts y i’m not commenting…
    look at d time avi tak update nhi aaya…………

    1. Priya9876

      subah tak kya comment krna h mujhe yaad hi nhi rehta………….

  25. Minnel Noorsai

    updates are getting very loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooongggggggggggggggggggg to come

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