Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona tells Elena that she still senses Dev’s presence around her. Elena curses that Dev should get 10 problems. She says she took right decision to marry Rithik as he does not have mother and she is free from mother-in-law’s torture. Sona says Rithik must be missing his mother. Elena says she will not have problematic mother-in-law like Ishwari.

Dev panics reminiscing Sona with Rithik. He checks Rithik’s profile and finds Sona’s pic with him with a note that marriage is on the way soon. He panics more and breaks laptop shouting Sona cannot do this to him. Ishwari comes hearing sound and asks why did he throw laptop. He says it stopped workinng due to water, so he threw it. She sees him wet and asks why. He says his car tyre got punctured

and he had to change it. She says she will bring tumeric milk for him. He reminisces Sona giving him turmeric milk and says no need.

In the morning, Dev leaves for office without meeting Ishwari. He goes to office and hires detective to spy Rithik and get his info. Ishwari wakes up in the morningg and servant tells Dev left for office long ago. She thinks how can he and calls. He sees her call later and calls back, but she is trying to call him. He calls mamaji and asks to give phone to mom. He gives phone to Ishwari. Dev apologizes her for going to office without meeting her and says she knows what she means to him. She says it is okay, he need not panic.

Rithik and his dad/Sen come to Sona’s house to fix marriage. Sen and Bejoy discuss about actor Uttam Kumar”s acting skills. Asha asks when will they discuss about marriage. Sen says they can finalize date and venue themselves. Asha says Bejoy cannot see anything beyond Uttam Kumar and Sourav Ganguly. Rithik says there are some people who like Amitabh Bachhan and others who can only think of Uttam Kumar. Bejoy asks Rithik what he has taught about his job. He says he is planning to set up a clinic and may one day open hospital. ejoy asks Sona to help him as they have to help each other eventually rest of their lives. Bejoy drops Sen and Rishi out. Sen says his house his a ghost house with only him and Rithik and once Sona comes, it will be house. Dev stops his car far away and panics seeing Bejoy with them and their conversation.

Sona reaches Dev’s home reminiscing all the incidents before. She enters house and calls Ishari. Ishwari is shocked to see her.

Precap: Ishwari asks if she got her anklet. Sona says no, she has nothing here. Ishwari asks if she knows she has nothing here, then why did she come here.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. CuteKrishna

    Pls writers dev should know who send alliance for sona, then only he will know who is understanding his feeling well….

  2. Hi all feeling good to be a part of this group. I am a big big fan of shaheer. Krpkab is just awesome. Essence of the drama seems very real. @shalini it would be really nice if ur wishes come true

  3. It would be nice if I can meet shaheer.. as arjuna also he rocked.. I used to read the comments u ppl post. Now I wish..

  4. pls , dev ko mat tadpavo . He loves very much sona. All of you want to see devakshi meet again soon

  5. It seems they are showing bit more…this situation could b real bt dealing with this situation definitely will NT same…

    I guess I am going to b d first one to say bt dis track is leading many viewers to quit watching dis show..leading couple in so mch pain is so disturbing…we jst don’t gt GD nite sleep after watching dis horrifying state of dev…and after all this is all fiction…and we are living it…i request makers to bring bk dev sona together asap…so we end our day wid smile…else I am d first one to quit watching dis show until their union and I am sure no one would like to compromise their mental peace and sleep for fiction show.. once sharer said I an interview dat viewers end their day with smile after watching dis show….it does hold any truth any more…..ISHWARI WE ALL HATE YOU FROM CORE OF OUR HEART…YOU JUST CANNOT BE A MOTHER…CHICHI DISGUST YOU…

    It see

    1. Exactly the point! Very well raised!!!??????

  6. Piss shwari should get a solid slap! Audacity of the woman to play mischief from time to time turning each ones life Dev/Sona’s into hell and has the guts to talk rudely!!!! She said in the precap if u dont have anything here why have u come? Witchy mother ko solid answer dena chahiye by Sona! She should not tolerate these loysy remarks by Pss shwari orGKB. The mother and son claim that they love and understand each other yet the witch doesnt understand that her son is in pain? What kind of love is this??? Insult to all mothers!!! Yes , she has not done anything much for u Dev as all mothers have a do or die attitude when it comes to her children! A mother will do anything for her childs happiness and what kind of mother is this female?? ? She goes pale with so much mischief on her sleeves !!!
    I really dont want Ritwik to suffer nor Sona to go through this hell!

  7. Its lunch time and I sneak an oppurtunity to comment again as this TU site has become so infectious!!!!!
    I desperately hope that GKB opens her big fat mouth in front of Dev and Pisshwari and spills out the beans that it was Dev’s mom who fixed this lovely groom for
    It would be fun to watch the reaction! For all u know The Dumbo might say ” ma tu ne badiya kiya, ekdam thik kiya”!
    The serial makers are now just making a big joke out of mother/ son love!!! This is becoming increasingly irrational!!!

  8. What is this in krpkab all heart broken people’s are good ,if we support dev then wat about ritvik because he is also good and nice guy ,Guys wat we do ?

  9. Seriously better to hv no bond with your parents…if this is so called STRONG BOND has to b there…this portrayal of a mother is a slap on all mothers face…so insecure filthy lady..
    She only loves herself for her ..her happiness is biggest priority…beta jiye ya toh mar jaye kya fhark padta hai…correctly said by blink she has done wat all mothers do..and it must b respected…lekin bacche ki life barbaad karna…ohhhh so sad… We WANT OUR DEVAKSHI BACK OR KEEP SHOWING DIS LOUSY MOTHER SON DRAMA…GOD ONLY KNOWS FOR WHOM…

  10. Asmita...

    I hate this Ishwari as well as this Dev…

    What the hell does he think of himself ? Who the hell is he to hire a detective?

  11. Asmita...

    Does Dev think that Sona is his personal property?

  12. Asmita...

    I want to make several cuts on Ishwari’s body and to fill red chili powder along with salt in those cuts…

    1. Hahaha ! We will all help u!!

  13. Asmita...

    I have stooped watching this show now… I do read only written updates…

  14. Asmita...


  15. Vasunthradevi Subaramaniam

    It is very distressing to see both and Dev suffering due to Ishwari’s doing. But believe me the climax will be out of this world…I agree that this is affecting our sleep and daily life…me too..but that what serila is about…..Im actually imagining that Sona and Dev will meet after few years…..and both still single and will get back together :o))…Happy watching!

  16. I just saw In IBN 7…… Sona nd Rithwik ki sagayi….. ? ? Sona clearly said mere family ke liye ye sab karthi hoon…. ???

  17. breaking news
    dev finds that ishwari sent ritwik proposal to sona. Then dev drinks and sleep in his office. Next morning teena saw him and informe sona . sona comes there and hold him as u saw in sbs segment. sona asks him to merry him but dev denies for his mother.then sona told him to forget her. The KRPKAB story getting interesting day by day

  18. OMG.!!! Finally RITAKSHI got engaged…. Today I heard on SBS that Rithwik and Sonakshi get engaged…. but Sonakshi is not happy, she’s yet waiting for Dev….and dev is calling sonakshi continuously… sonakshi too is restless but unfortunately for her parents happiness she did all the rituals… and finally get engaged with Rithwik….
    Poor Dev.!!! Feeling very sad for dev….Plz Ishwari wake up and plz let Dev and Sonakshi reunite…..Both are in pain and now I can’t able to see both in pain… want Devakshi back…

  19. Today’s episode beautifully brought out a brave Sona who is suffering as much as Dev but her approach is different . She is trying to move on plus she has a sense that Dev is in trouble she follows it and goes to see him keeping all the differences .. doesn’t hide in the dark to see him from a corner or hire a detective! even takes this step despite knowing she has to face Ishwari . Dev’s approach leaves you wondering if he really loves Sona or is just a selfish weak and mad man ..like his mom !! Loved Dev but this colour of his is not going down well !! spoils the character.

    Not able to move on is not a sign of weakness ..Sona too till now at least hadn’t moved on but she is strong…Dev ‘s condition leaves you feeling sorry for him but somewhere losing respect for the character . He is not truthful to anyone . he is destroying everything..himself and sona too!! not fair !!

    1. Very well characterized!! True to the hilt.

    2. I said this previouly also and niw again i’m saying this i’m not liking the way of CVs of portraying DEV….
      They are showing him so abnormal like if he will sooner or later become a psyco lover….i mean really….???
      He was a strong personality though an introvert one but still yaar….he is not tht kinda guy…who will spy over her girlfriend….oh sorry my mistake…his EX-girlfriend…..follow her everywhere and if find her with someone else then strat breaking things and drinking and all tht stupid stuff……

      1. Now*

      2. Asmita...

        Shalini it happens in real dear…

        When smthing or someone belongs to you, you know its only yours… And you lose it coz of your stupidity… Thn you really become psycho… You cant cntrl yourself…

      3. Dont know…..?
        May be you r right….☺
        But still cannot get DEV correctly…??

  20. Priya9876

    Sona ar rithvik kaa ho gya Roka..?????????????????
    Just saw in sbs…?????????

    1. Priya9876

      Koi to rok loo iss roke ko.


      1. Priya9876

        But Erica looks soo gorgeous in yellow n pink saree…. N the heavy traditional bengali necklace n maangteeka…waoooo!!!! She looks really beautiful in this getup….?

      2. Ab ye ROKA kisi ke ROKNE par bhi nhi RUKEGA.. ?????

  21. Exactly it gives me pain as well to see sona and dev in pain so I skip 3 episodes
    Just in hope that some new twist will come and they will be together

  22. Asmita...

    @shalini…. They are not portraying Dev’s character in wrong way…

    The way dev is behaving is 100% true which happens in real life too…

    So many lovers behave like this…

    1. U r comment is 100 %true…. I saw some ppl like dev in real life….. ??

    2. I said i dnt knw….
      I hv always seen all these things in the idiot box(TV) so cannot say that such kinda people exists…..
      Neither i want to see people like this….???????

  23. Asmita...

    Dev deserves this all…

  24. Do not worry..gradually everyone will start skipping episodes..in d hope…and when all b hopeless will quit forever…at d end we watch this show for devakshi and not for some one else…irrespective HW GD ritbik is…no ne can love sona as dev loves her and apna too can’t love anyone else..
    Beside all this we can’t keep burning our hearts and shed teats for something which os NT worthy of it….yaar koi mataji ji lko theek karo…warna trps toh gayiiiiiii

    1. Priya9876

      Hope makers understands all these things….?

  25. Esme

    I wanna see Devdas Dev !!! Plz Plz …this episode bhai plz come na….I m waiting !!!

  26. Esme

    Hw can you say this ???? Dev ne ek baar piche mud kr bhi nahi dekha chod kar chala gaya….arre bhai dev toh roj aapke ghar ke saamne khada rehta hai ….aapki sona ko hi tadte rehta hai n uske piche uski car parked hai …piche mud kar parked car ko dekhe kya ….lol…

    1. Exactly….

  27. Hey guys!!!! It is the best phase going on…… I love devakshi

  28. Pagal ho gaya hai uske pyar mein

  29. Aur kitha time lagega aaj ka episode ke liye ?

  30. Priya9876

    wats going on??????
    this TU has gone mad……. where r bhai,,, when u posted??????

  31. Priya9876

    lagta hai maa ossam sa episode dekh kar shhock me chali gayi hai… ishhwari ki tarah 🙂 🙂

    1. Kaash ishwari shock mein chalee jathee .tab dev sona se ye keh payega ki humare break up ki vajay se ma phir se shock mein chalee gayee.

      1. Priya9876


  32. hi guys todays’s episode was awesome ,sona blamed pisswari and gharib ka beti for being reason for her’s and dev’s seperation… thiss tu is hell…idiots taking hours to moderate…and still if u want reap update its available at

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