Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona with Jatin continues searching Dev and reaches Dev’s old rented house. She reminisces him it is their old rented house and is very dear to him and thinks where to find him. Soha prepares chocolate cake for Sona and Dev’s wedding anniversary. Golu says it looks yummy, they should cut it. Soha says let mamma pappa come sand cut cake. Golu says they have not come home yet. Soha says what if they are celebrating in some other place. Jatin tells Sona that Dev is not even here. Sona says Dev proposed at this place and got her and thinks he lost her, so he must have gone where he lost her, so they should go there.

Ronita sadly informs Sourav that maa and baba were talking about Sona and when she entered, they stopped as if she is stranger. Sourav says he will ask them.

She says she is not sad and is fine, not to stretch issue. Bejoy enters and asks what are they talking about. Sourav says Ronita is missing her family and wants to meet them. Bejoy says even they are his family and if she gets sad, they will get sad, she is like Sona for them. Ronita smiles and Bejoy leaves.

Vicky shirtless after a bath asks Elena to give his T-shirt. She throws T-shirts on him. He gets romantic and says bhai and his wife will not celebrate their anniversary, so let us celebrate. He holds her intimately when Golu and Soha enter and insist Elena to tell a story. Vicky gets angry. Elena says she will tell him story tomorrow and leaves with Golu and Soha.

GKB continues following Sona and Jatin. She tries to stop taxi, but it does not stop. She stops a tempo and gets in forcefully. Driver asks if she wants to die after fighting with her husband. She shows him money bundle and asks to follow a car which she shows. Her drama continues.

Golu and Soha insist Elena to their favorite story and say they will play tug of war and whoever wins, their story will be recited. They use blanket and pull it on their side. Mamaji comes and gives them milk. They finish it and Soha wins tug of war. Golu angrily leaves. Mamaji praises Soha that his princess is strong.

During dinner, Sourav fights with Bejoy and Asha that Ronita is sad, but they are not bothered, for them only Sona’s problem is problem. Ronita says she is not sad. Sourav continues he is though. Bejoy warns to stop. Ronita’s parents enter and mom asks Ronita what happened. Ronita says she is fine. Asha says she can share her problems with her parents and tells she and Bejoy were discussing about Sona sadly when Ronita entered and they stopped thinking they should not upset even her. She tells Ronita that she did not forget her promise and for her, she is also her daughter like Sona. Ronita hugs her and apologizes. Sourav continues fuming and Ronita’s mother looks jealous.

Soha calls Sona and asks when is she coming home. Sona says she is far away but will soon. Soha asks if their story will have a sad ending like other usual stories. Sona says their story has still a long away to go, it will see a happy ending.

Vicky gets intimated with Elena. Elena says she has important work and shows Golu’s marks card. Vicky asks what is in it. Elena shows Golu’s low marks and says Dev is busy in his life and Golu is missing him, he needs their attention. Vicky fumes he will slap Golu. Elena says they should spend time with him instead. They go to Golu and try to talk him lovingly, but Golu says he does not need them. Vicky fumes and yells at him that Dev does not like him at all and is worried just about his daughter. Golu leaves shouting they are bad parents. Elena scolds Vicky that he did wrong.

Khatri get out of auto near house #12. Sona also reaches there and sees Dev’s bike, reminisces inebriated Dev fighting with her 7 years ago and breaking their marriage. Khatri smirks at Sona and rings door bell.

Precap: Khatri tells Sona that he grabbed money from Ishwari telling he will tell her truth to Dev, will grab money from Dev telling he will expose his mother’s truth to whole world, shows CD and says it has Ishwari’s confession.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Aarti32

    Baap re!! Elena ne Vicky ko bhi samjha diya!! Koi Noble peace prize leke aao yaar!!

  2. Asmita...

    Ye Vicky itna sudhr kese gya… I thnk he is up to something…may b he has some hiddn motives in this ???…

    Golu n Soha ~ tug of war with blanket… Smart kids

    XGKB ki to O MY MATA hi ho gayi aaj ???…

    Khatri is very Smart… Making money by both ishwari n Dev ???…

    1. Asmita...

      But i dont understand ki ye Saurabh dada ko kya ho gya… Itna wierd kyun behave kr rhe hain…angry bird ki trh…

  3. Aarti32

    Ye kya h MA!! Aajkal tum Roz late krti ho??

  4. Rekhadhir

    Ye sourav ko kya ho gya…..ye do din main hi badl gya……

    finally elina ko gollu ki yaad aayi….par vicky woh nhi sudherega

    Soha n gollu u r the best

    Best dialogue tumhe aaj bhi meri batte chubhti hai …..????

  5. Ngkrishnakumari

    Episodes was good
    Saurav dada itna tumse umid nahin thi but aaj tumhara anokha foothball ka rang dekha

    Lady papida toh gayi
    MA aapko kya hogaya hai roz rat late update
    Jabse halwashwari jatra par gaye hai tabse aal late update
    I think u r big fan of halwashwari so u affect her absence

  6. Rekhadhir

    Kisi ne shah ki nayi interview suni hai jo zoom walo ne li hai ? Woh aaj ki to lg nhi rhi…..par dali to inhone aaj hai internet pe…..mujhe woh purani lg rhi hai jaise feb ya march ki….

    1. Priya9876

      Yes wo feb last or march 1st week me hi shoot hui thi..

  7. Stop fighting guys its annoying
    Elena and sona dress better

    1. Rekhadhir

      Kon fight kar raha hai?

  8. Neha1

    In yesterday’s episode…. Golu and Soha are the best….!

    Atleast Elena understand that being a parent they both ignored Golu that’s why his result was so unsatisfied…! but Vicky as usuall–TUBELIGHT… Woh toh or instigate kr rha tha Golu ko uske Bigcha ke against…!

    But for which we’re excited, they didn’t show….I think in today’s episode Khatri revealed Secret/Crime which Ishwari did….Possibility are that Ishwari stolen the money on that @12 no.house…! Well let’s see…! Waiting 4 today’s episode..!

    M.A. What happened to you…Since 2 Weeks I had noticed that you upload written update soooooo late….Are you missing Ishwari..??
    Arey.! Uski wajah se humey pareshan mat kro….WU ka wait krke thak jatey hai…!
    Fan’s wants to know, Yeh Injustice KRPKAB ke WU ke sath hi kyu.???
    Plz try to upload WU asap…!

    1. Oh oh mad Neha 1 Still you are enjoying the show. U r so madly in love with Shaikh. I pitty u.

      1. Rekhadhir

        Woh akeli nhi hai jo show ko enjoy kar rhi hai …hum sab bhi show enjoy kar rhe hai….or agar tumhe koi problem hai to kyun dekhti ho show ko….

        Lady kajriwal…..

  9. Neha1

    Suhana to Blame Ishwari for Dev-Sonakshi’s Seperation in KRPKAB..!


    1. Juhi16

      Itna mst dp h neha…?????
      Kaha se milta h itte cute cute pics….

      1. Neha1

        Thanks Juhi…I found this pic from fb..!

  10. Agar Khatri Ko paise chahiye hi the to Usme Sonakshi se q nhi liye…. Why from Ishwari and then Dev. Even though she was offering him a lot of it….

  11. I think that Sourabh’s annoyance was justified yesterday.I agree his way of objecting was a lill weird but its good that the misunderstands got cleared between the saas-bahu duo.Atleast now asha bejoy will keep in mind that they can’t ignore Ronita like that.I know Asha’s intentions were not bad but Ronita has full right to be the part of each and every discussion of the Bose family no matter whether they are happy ones or problematic.

    I think that the inordinate involvement or interference of a married daughter in the courses of her maternal household is always problematic no matter whatever she does is in good faith.

    The situation in the bose house now is the same which was in the dixit house 8yrs ago.Devakshi were a newly married couple but because Dev’s sister Neha’s personal life was going through a turnmoil so the entire dixit household were intrested only in Neha and her problems and Ishwari never involved Sona in the matter exactly what Asha did with Ronita. I know that Asha’s intentions were not wrong but it hardly matters becoz the ignorance what Ronita experienced was same as Sona felt at that time. No matter what was the intention and motive of the mother in laws its effect on their respective daughter in laws was the same.
    Shonita couldn’t go for their honeymoon because saurabh was worried for sona exactly like devakshi couldn’t go to their honeymoon because ev was worried of neha.

    What saurabh did yesterday should have been done by dev 8 yrs ago but of course in a better way not in a weird was as saurabh’s.
    But at the same time we should not forget that dav babu is not blessed with a mother as intellegent and understanding as Asha who could understand all this.

    1. Prads

      Yes, you are right but it may be possible that because of the experience of Sonakshi, Asha understood the situation well & solved the issue.

  12. I don’t think this situation is same as one 8yrs ago. Here everyone is understanding and supportive of Ronita unlike Dixit house where no one literally liked Sonakshi. This was a misunderstanding. That was not. In Sona’s house people are mature, especially Asha who’s always there to correct situations and make family understand what’s good and bad. But Dixit house, everyone is immature. There’s nobody to tell Dev what’s right or wrong. Even his mother is possessive, immature and obsessive. His mama is mature but never told him that he was wrong in asking Sonakshi to get out and for blaming her that she left him. The root problem is his blind devotion for his mother due to which he has lost all ability to think clearly

  13. Priya9876

    Yesterday shooting started at 12 am and was done till 6am
    Sharica were there
    Probably we will get devakshi scene today….

    ?? They was working whole night for us ??

  14. Priya9876

    Seriously aapne aisa kaha shaheer ki mai to shooting m itna busy hota hu ki apni co-actor ( Erica) k sath baat karne ka v time nhi milta????????


    U r Seriously BOKA….?

    Guys read this thread ?


    1. Asmita...

      Tumne suna Priya… bokarath kya keh rahe hain about marriage… “JAB UPERWALA CHAHEGA TAB HOGI SHADI…”

      are abhi to unki sister hi lgi hui hai zor shor se unki shadi ka announcement krne me aur ye hain ki chhupane ki koshish kar rhe hai…?????

      1. Priya9876

        chupale puri zor laga le chupane me lekin kya fydaaa…….

        ok. upar wale kahenge priya se kar lo tooo…too kar lega kuch v ainvayi…?????

        nd ye to reel & real dono me boka ban gaye …haha!!

    2. Rekhadhir

      Bolta ki erica se shoot pe hi baat hoti hai….offscreen ham milte hi nhi……ye dekho sareaam jhoot?????

      Tabhi maine kaha ki ye aaj ki to lg nhi rhi interview…..

      Isse koi puche ki erica ke bhai ke birthday pe kya karne gya tha….?????

      Sajjan re jhooth mat bolo….khuda ke pass jana hai…..?????

      1. Priya9876

        ur song ?????

  15. Varalakshmi

    yesterday episode quite bore without dev kab dev ko dikhayega
    sonakshi said hamari kahani ka ending bahut door hai, kahani abhi abhi shuru hua
    it means there is lots of twist & surprises

  16. Asmita...

    you know guys what happend with me yesterdy –

    i was going home in bus after office… and suddenly i heard somebody singing KRPKAB title song… i got surprised and looked here N there for the person… but i found no one… then soon i realized the person who was singing is none other thn me…

    How foolish…

    I, myself unknowingly, started singing the song…

    1. Neha1

      Hehehehe..???So crazy fan’s we are… Hai na Asmita..??

    2. Priya9876

      karishma ho gya ye too………….

  17. Sneha1

    plz … plz… plz… dev ko aj k episode mein dikha dena… I m missing him like hell…. uski absence mein purine episode dekh dale…. Plz… dev babu wapas aa jao

  18. Prads

    Seriously, Dev ko Sona se ek “Jaadu ki Jhappi” ki sakt jarurat hai…. Mujhe aise feel ho raha hai ki jaise ki kal ke episode me Sona ka realize hua ki Dev 7 saal me move on nahi kiya waise Dev ko bhi realize kab hoga…. Shayad aaj ke episode me kuch realization hoga ek “HUG” ke saath….
    Khatri ko nipatne me Jatin bhi Dev ka help karega…. shayad kisi fight scene me …. I feel so … Jis tarah se usne Vicky ko reply diya tha ussey lagta hai ki bande me Daring bahut hai….
    Waiting for today’s episode …. eagerly.

      1. I just read the twitter update of todays episode. Finally, what I assume is become correvt that Dev will get a hug from sona….

  19. Prads

    After viewing some of the spoilers today, I feel that it is not that much easy to compromise between Dev & Sonakshi. However, Sonakshi has realized the love but I think it is difficult for Dev to confront or realize his love as he is fully misunderstood the relation between Jatin & Sonakshi and as per the Spoiler, GKB will influence Dev against Sonakshi blaming that Sona has joined hand with Khatri to spoil Dixit family status. It may be happened that because of liquor consuming (I feel that Dev will be seen in a drunk mode at farmhouse by remembering the past incidents); Dev will once again misunderstood the motive of Sonakshi and may be turn up a big problem for Sonakshi.

    I don’t know how much the spoilers are correct.

    1. Rekhadhir

      Ye to galt hai phir agar aisa hua to…..

  20. Hmmm. maine vi bohot sari spoilers pari. uss me ye vi tha ki khatri will be arrested. per sona or dev ki misunderstanding ka kya hoga ye koi vi nahi bata pa rahi hain. or radharani vi to piche piche aa rehi hain na! wo to kuch na kuch garbar jaror karegi. per phir vi ek hope hain. dev soha aur golu ko sad nahi kar sakta. i think at last anniversery ki waqt thoda to romance dekhne ko milegi. berna serial din va din boring hoti ja rahi hain! wosevi agar sona dev ki saath achese bat karegi to dev jada der tak gussa nahi rahe sakte. kyu mr obodhro bohot pyaar karta hain sona se. jo use khud ko vi nahi pata. we all miss you dev. aur tumhari bina to serial aur vi boring ho gaya hain. aur pls tum sonakshi jw satha misbehave mat kerna pls. radha rani ko khatri ki vare me pata chalna nahi chiye. wo waise hi ghumte rahe jaye pls writers we want devakshi love not their fighting. sorry for long comment.

  21. Devga

    Watch ERICA’S rapid fire ….


  22. Neha1

    Woah.! Dev and Sonakshi to Celebrate their Anniversary in Sony TV’s KRPKAB…!


  23. Neha1

    Ishwari to UNITE Dev and Sonakshi in Sony TV’s KRPKAB..!


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