Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari tells Dev that Sona returned phone back. Radha starts badmouthing about Sona. Ishwari says she drags things out of nowhere. She tells Dev that she will convince Sona to take phone. Radha starts again. Ishwari asks her to stop now.

Sona enjoys dinner with her family. Saurabh says he wanted to talk to her, but her phone was not reachable. Sona says he can talk to her now. He jokes. Dad says Sona’s boss is very bad to break phone. Elena says he offered a new phone, but Sona rejected. Sona says she wants to enjoy a peaceful life for sometime. Family continues their emotional bonding.

Dev writes cheque for Vicky’s course on Radha’s insistence. Radha with her greedy eyes looks at cheque and starts her usual drama. Mama comes and asks

Dev for whom he is writing cheque. Dev says for Vicky’s course. Mama says they both know that Vicky will waste money and will not join any course. Vicky comes drooling and inebriated. Dev says he wants to give him one chance. Radha flashes cheque and Vicky hugs Dev and says he will not disappoint him and falls asleep. Maama says he fell asleep. Dev picks him and drops on sofa.

In the morning, Ria finishes breakfast fast and says she has to rush office as her boss is very moody. Neha also leaves. Dev says even he will leave. Sona enters. Dev stands silently near door. Ishwari asks Sona to sit with her and tries to convince her with some explanation and defending Dev. She hands over phone and says she will realize that she is not angry on Dev. Sona returns it back. Dev enters angrily and asks enough is enough, how can she reject phone from mom. Sona says she is rejecting him and says he values his emotions and not others’. She leaves for kitchen apologizing Ishwari. Ishwari gives phone to Dev and asks him to convince Sona himself.

Neha meets her teacher and asks what was he speaking to Sona at home. He says she was praising him. She sees a girl taking care of her siblings and fights with mother not to leave other children’s responsibility on small child. Mother asks if she is mom, why is she interfering in other’s life. Teacher takes her aside and asks why she is so angry. She says even she was forced with responsibilty during her childhood. He says he will listen to her.

Dev at office during meeting ignores employees and looks at box. Secretary cancels meeting and Dev says Sona is arrogant not to accept phone. Secretary says Sona is not but he is and says he has important meeting with CA. He asks her to send him in.

At night, Dev goes to Sona’s home. Sona says she is tired and does not want to talk to him now. He forcefully gives her phone and says he accepts his mistake and requests her repeatedly to accept phone. Serial’s track plays in the background… Sona looks at him angrily but accepts phone and says please leave. He leaves. Elena runs and takes phone and says finally bells rang, phone is hot as his boss. Sona says she talks rubbish.

Elena starts her chitchit and asks Sona if she loves Dev. Sona says no. Dev calls and thanks her for giving her precious time. Sona says thank you. Elena asks Sona to fix her date with Dev. Sona says no, she does not mix her professional and personal life. She gets Dev’s thank you message again.

Precap: Dev and Sona’s usual nok jhok continues.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. OMG too fast update …!nai

  2. Ngkrishnakumari

    Dev ignore meeting fir the sack of sona the lqst partwas awesome between devakshi

  3. itni jaldi update!!!!!!!!! but episode was really awesome.

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Nice episode…. but promo is so horried, will sona die?? Or dev will confess her love???

    1. Are you crazy? Wo mar jayegi to serial ka tumhe lekar aage badhaenge??

  5. tooooo fast update!!!!!!

  6. one shocking news sonakshi apna love confess karne jaa rahi hogi aur uska accident ho jayega and dev will realize his love for sona

  7. nyz

  8. Today, Mr.Dixit & Ms.Bose scenes are superb ? i saw promo on tv, promo bgm was too good ( heart beat bgm) i loved it ❤

  9. Sona ka accident ho jata h. Really vry shocking. And i think that now dev will realize love for sona. Nd mobile incident was also vry nice eagerly waiting for 27 April. Becoz i think that they will realize their love for each other. think so that sonakshi will be alive as she tell in promo that me apni love life puri kiye bina nhi marne waali.

    1. Ya but in Singapore it is later on because Singapore is showing the episodes slower than India

      1. And that’s so sad I can’t wait for it happen I really want to know what happened to Shona

    2. So you “think” that she will be alive..great yaar kya guess mara hai!

      1. It needs to be because dev and sona need to fall in love
        Like realise their love for each other

  10. Lovely epi! Amazing chemistry while giving the phone. Just fantastic

  11. Plzz MA I request to u to update in detail….plzzzzz bcoz I cannot see this serial any day and I hv to depend on written updates only…..

  12. Yesterdays epi was awesome. Devs smile is so cute. But I missed Arjun from Mahabharata, role played by shahir. In that excellent work done by shahir (dev). I never thought this guy play the role like dev that time. But superb dev. Really appreciating.

  13. Guys I’m Ananya ‘s Friend if any reporter fan is reading this,so I’m using her account I’m not trying to impersonate her so don’t even start

    1. Its okay dear…loved Ananya…:)

  14. Omg!!!! The promo is true… Sona meets with an accident… But she is nt proposing dev..

  15. Pls update the episode in detail as i cannot watch the serial … n also do update it as early as possible … hope so u will do it ..

  16. Obvioisly sona will be alive after the accident…don’t act dumb guys! They have to run the serial…

    1. True! Its story of evry serial…hero heroine wont die so easily atleast not at so beginning…

  17. Guys anyone can translate the new promo if you don’t mind as I’m week in hindi

  18. Guys anyone can translate the new promo if you don’t mind as I’m weak in hindi

    1. In the promo when dev tries to protect sona by shifting his side, sona tells him not to worry and that she won’t die without living her love story.
      At this Dev taunts women mentality to which she says that love is not womens right its a human right.
      He asks her if she found her love. She says that when someone’s in love everything feels beautiful and blossoming and asks him walking backwards whether he sees anything like that in her. As she says this suddenly a car hits her and she falls off. When dev takes her in his arms she tells him not to worry because she hasn’t lived her love story yet and hence won’t die.

      1. Thanks sunny

  19. plzzz cn u upate in detail and little early also.
    at least by 11pm plzz upload the update.

  20. No nidhi I m from Singapore they how same time as they show in India in India it’s shown 9.30pm in Singapore they show at 12am which is quite late but if my classes start late next day I watch it at 12 😛 but no subtitles that’s why I watch it at 8.30 u r from singapore? Anyways where is the update

  21. even i wanna know where is the update…??

  22. Why isn’t there any update for 26th April’s episode?

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