Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: The family discover kids playing dangerous game

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Golu and Suha come across some goons. They get a message that they are being watched. Bejoy fear of the dangerous games common these days. Dev wonders if they are also behind such a game, Bejoy says Suha was recording a video. Vicky blames Dev, but Ishwari defends that everyone make mistakes.
Suha and Golu were afraid of the goons. Golu gets a message from game admin. Dev wonders what they can track to find the children, he asks Vicky about IMEI. Dev takes Sona along him. The kids were being followed as they come inside a godown. Dev instructs someone to trace the IMEI number. Sona was tensed and cries in the car. The kids reached deserted roads and saw suspected people on the way. Sona instructs Dev follow the locations on the traced map. Golu and Suha came into a dump place,

they were afraid. Golu gets another text, admin texted them to stay at such a place for at least 4 hours.
At home, Ishwari was determined to scold the kids badly today. Golu reads another text that they must complete the last task before going out, else the game won’t be over. Golu reads another task; Suha wasn’t ready to do it. Golu cries that he doesn’t want to do it either, but they are helpless. Dev and Sona had reached the spot, the kids weren’t visible. Sona and Dev go opposite directions. Dev calls Golu and Suha, the kids come running to him. Dev hugs them and take them along. He assures nothing will happen to them anymore, they needn’t be afraid.
Shorabh didn’t want to return home. Ronita laughs about it.
Dev gets chocolates to kids. He asks about the phone, why it goes off. He reads messages from game admin. They were being intrigued of harm. Sona says it’s the same game, no one can harm them or their family. Dev sends Sona and kids home while he has to go to office for some work.
At home, the kids return and meet everyone. They run to hug Ishwari. She questions where they had been. Mama ji warns this shouldn’t happen again. Bejoy asks why they ran away watching him there? Sona sends the kids into their room and tell everyone about the game. Ishwari says kids are losing their innocence in hands of these cell phones. Vicky wonders if no one realize about it, Sona says Dev did. Radha was upset and says they must all make their share to take care of children. Ishwari insists they need to understand the children with delicacy. She forbids everyone to discuss the matter with kids.
At home, Ronita calls Shorabh to have food. Shorabh was holding Mishti. He asks Ronita’s mother to share their mistakes with him as well. Everyone share their mistakes with kids. Ronita’s mother informs them about her visit to a relative for some time. Shorabh was happy but fakes to stop her. She says she is sure Shorabh must be happy.
At night, Shorabh and Ronita discuss about Mishti’s grandmother and her attitude. Aasha says Sona and Dev are also learning with their experiences. She says she brought Mishti to let Shorabh and Ronita get spend some time together. Ronita and Shorabh enjoy ice cream together in the room.
Vicky and Alena sleep with Golu, while Sona comes to Suha.

PRECAP: Vicky, Alena and Sona, Dev challenge each other for taking better care of kids.

Update Credit to: Sona

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