Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev and Sona come from shopping. Radha cries that he told he will bring gifts from Paris. Rhea says they have shopped for traveling. Mamaji says Radha is garibhi beti and cannot has not gone to shopping like this. Dev says he has brought all this for Sona. Nikki checks and saays it is very pretty. Ishwari comes and gets jealous seeing shopping bags. Dev sees Neha standing near door and asks her why she is standing there. Neha says she is having headache and goes away. Ishwari says yes, Neha is really having headache. Nikki picks revealing nighite. Dev snatches and asks her to see what he is showing. Radha thinks so much shopping for Sona, Dev would have bought car for Vicky instead, bengalan is born with good faith.

Bejoy gives money and cheque to Sourav

and asks him to clear his debt immediately. Sourav says he will clear loan when his partner repays half money. Bejoy scolds that he cannot eat with so much debt and asks him to clear debt immediatley so that he can eat peacefully. Sourav feels sad.

Elena goes to meet Sona. Sona takes her to her room. Nikki and Rhea enter and tell Dev never shops for them. Sona says she knows she wants her to shop and asks to make list. Nikki says she needs lots of Italian bags and she wants to make her friends jealous. Sona asks Elena where is her list. Elena says she does not have any list. Sona says she shops so much, but her sister does not. Nikki suggests Elena to prepare her list. Elena says Sona that she will leave now. Sona asks how is family, parents, Sourav, etc. Elena says they are all fine, thinks Sona does not know what is happening at home. She walks out and clashes with Vicky, says it is good she met him here itself. He asks really. She returns his money. He returns something she left in cafeteria and asks for coffee. She says never, she knows him well and warns to never try to befriend her. Vicky thinks within a few days, he will befriend her.

Ishwari in her room reminisces Dev shopping for Sona and telling Sona has made a lot of plans during their honeymoon. Dev enters and sees her tensed and asks what happened. She says she teaches him repeatedly and he ingores her teachings. He asks to be specific. She says since he came, whole family is talking about his honeymoon, how Sona wants to roam whole world, how they shopped for honeymoon, etc., he is just concerned about his and Sona’s happiness and not his sister’s, did ot think even once about his sister’s feelings. He says he can send Neha and Ranveer to honeymoon, but they did not take any decision, even Neha did not. Ishwari says Neha compromised due to situations. Dev says Ranveer did not agree to take help, what he could do. Ishwari says whatever it is, Neha has come here to share her sorrows with family, but he is showing off his happiness, she did not expect this from him. Dev stands dumb struck.

Sourav slices potatoes on a slicing machine and tells Asha that he practiced demo well. She asks why did he slice 3 kg potatoes. Bejoy comes and yells at Sourav and warns him to do a normal job than trying his own business ideas. Sourav stands sadly.

Ishwari sips evening tea with mamaji and Radha. Radha tells they have to go for a dinner at relative’s house. Ishwari says yes and asks Mamaji. Mamaji says yes. Radha yells Sona’s parents did not even call them for tea. Mamaji says after creating drama during marriage and returning gifts, any normal person would like to stay away. Ishwari says yes and says they will call them for lunch some day. Radha gets jealous and leaves. Mamaji asks Ishwari why she is looking tensed. Ishwari says Dev is going for honeymoon. Mamaji says anyone would go to honeymoon after marriage and not piligrimage. She says but…He says Dev is married and has t leave his mom’s pallu and even Ishwari should try to hold him. Ishwari leaves jealously.

Dev reminisces Ishwari’s words. Sona packs bags and says she needs something more. He takes list says that is all. She says she has given a list of huge books. He says that is all and gives fake smile, but feels sad from inside.

Ishwari sees Neha standing near pillar and crying. She asks what happened. Neha runs to her room and cries. Ishwari asks what happened. Neha says since she came here, she is seen only other’s happiness. She thought she would come here and share her sorrows, but she was wrong. She married Ranveer thinking she will find happiness, but she was wrong…

Ishwari in her room reminisces Dev lying her and going to a resort with Sona, Dev then telling he is yet to go to honeymoon, shopping, Neha crying, etc.. Dev comes and says she was right, he did not see Neha’s sorrows in his happiness, apologizes her and asks not to feel sad. She says he realized his mistake and loves his sisters so much. He says he loves his sisters and loves her most. She says then why is he going away from her for 15 days.

Precap: Ishwari cries in front of Dev that Neha is sufferig in life, but Dev is busy in his own happiness. Dev says he has decided he will not go to honeymoon. Sona is shocked hearing this.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Devga

    Mamaji Zara apne charan dhikayiye na usey dhokar uss Pavithr paani ko iswari ko pilana hey …. kya patha uske badh thodi akal aajaye ….

    Mamaji : ” ab bhi agar tera pallu
    Nahi choda na …toh tera kaam hota hey usse uski Bivi ki pallu se bandhna….” (mamaji sorry aap kithna bhi bologey uski akal tikaney nahi aayenge )

    Enjoying mamaji’s timely and correct TAUNTS AT GKB ….

    And wat she is giving seek to dev … tht dev doesn’t care abt neha’s happiness etc etc etc …. being a mother of same gender like neha wat she did with her in childhood …. dint she show cheap partiality …. yuck and now tht if dev wants to b happy she is scolding dev for her mistake …. kya maa ho ….
    Dev ki koi galthi nahi hey … bad iswari ka saara galthi hey … woh pagal aakhir moo khol Dhiya na …. yuyi neha ke bhare mein bol kar dev ko rokne ki koshish nahi kar rahi hey…. lekin uski Kudh ki jealousy ko chupane … idiot …

    POOR saurav hamesha sad hota hey …. 🙁

    WaWa kya bath hey aaj dev ji ne sona par chillaya nahi …. zaroor kal BADKENGE DHEKNA ….

  2. Priya9876

    Matlab abb to hadd hi Ho gayi..?? ab to Mai iss mental KO dekh kar dekh kar sachhii mai pagal Ho jaungi…….

    Ishwari KO dev k sare decision se problem h…
    ~ Dev ne jab Ranvir Ki help karne Ki kosis Ki thi tb kya kaha tha pisswari ne,, Ki beta tune ranvir Ki khudari ka majaak udaya h…. Ar aaj khud keh rahi h Ki tune unk liye kuch nhi kiya….
    Mata ji kuch na sahi to at least apni hi kahi hui baatey yaad rakha kro naa…

  3. Priya9876

    Neha-Ranvir Ki shadi se pehle,,,, Dev ne hajar baar in maa beti ko samjhane Ki kosis Ki thi Ki Neha Garibi me adjust nhi kar payegi,,,,tab too inke bheje me baat nhi ghuss rahi thi ???​?​ Too fir kyu ye dono Dev KO torcher karne pe lagi hui h?????
    Ek din v shanti se NHi rehne dete yaar…
    Feeling very very bad for Dev… Bechhara…

    1. Devga


    2. Aaru

      Ye Neha chik-chik kiye bina reh hi nhi sakti..are pyaar krti h Ranveer se ya nhi!? Jab dekho paisa paisa paisa hoti rehti h..bachpan se lekar aaj tak hamesha dev jab khush hota h, to apna fulke jaisa muh phula k aa jati h n sabko dukhi kr deti h.. nonsense????

  4. Priya9876

    Mr. Devrath Dixit I have a free advice 4 u…
    I know ur business running very well, but its time to start a tinny small side business…
    n the main product of ur new business is SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY….. n I can assure u,, that ur earning will be increase ❎20%
    ND ur permanent customer’s name is Mrs Ishwari Dixit ( jisse always sorry chaiye hoti h)?

  5. Priya9876

    My god!!! Jealousy Ki badbu yaha tak aa rahi h???
    God plz ye 3 jealous lady ko aap utha Ki nhi lete???

    Innlogo Ki wajh se humara dev suffer Kr raha h?
    Kaisi h ye harr din sona ar apne bete ko rulati h…

    1. Devga

      Lol woh mujhe bhi bahuth aane laga jab iswari aakhir moo khol liya tha …
      ” Thum mujhe chod kar pandra dhin kelite jaaraha ” …. eeeks and tht innocent (cunning) facial expression…

  6. It is high time for Dev to dethrone everything and go with Sonakshi his wife to lead a peaceful life. Ishwari will not allow him to be happy with his wife. To add fuel, Radharani, Vicky and Neha they will kill Dev alive. Ishwari treats Dev as her bonded labourer. No real affection. It is a pride for every normal mother to see his son’s happiness and an eyetreat for them to see their happy made for each other son and daughter-in-law. Sonakshi from her entry into Ishwari Niwas tolerated so many things for Dev. Leave hrithik, if she is allowed to marry that Green activist and business man more than wealthy of Dev, he would have kept her as a queen. But Dev takes decision all alone without considering his wife’s happiness. No doubt, Dev loves Sonakshi but for his family he is killing her spirits. I too love to watch Devakshi scenes without brake but feel pity for Sonakashi. Dev has to come out of the clutches of the motherly b*t*h Ishwari as his mother and his sisters want only his money and not his happiness. So, it is hightime for Dev to think and come out of Ishwari Niwas to start a new life with his ladylove Sonakshi.

  7. Manya

    Epi was okay okay
    But the best part was when nikki took out the night dress and???Sona was looking very cute when she was shy#shy [email protected] Di nightdress ka colour red hai?
    But guys humein toh bataya hi nhi ki us box mein Kya tha??arry voh box joh Dev me Sona Ko diya tha remember??
    Vaisi Tum Sab Ko Kya Lagta hai usme Kya hoga any guesses???

    1. Priya9876

      ha color too red thi but ye to new wali h naa.. mujhe to wo wali dekhni thi jo dev ne li thi shadi se pehle…

      N yeah, makers to uss box k bare me bhool hi gye bilkul…
      Sona ne guess to kiya tha ki koi dress hi h box me…..

    2. hahaha…….yes it was the best part ……when nikki took that out……?….and sona shying…….and when dev said…. nikki jou dekha raha hon tou Woh dekh na…..??????

  8. Manya

    Guys kisisne cutie pie Suna arey ADHM ka Bata Gaana nhi Suna toh ye lo
    Jaakar suno aur Mujhe Batao kaisa laga???
    Yaad we review dena mat bhoolna

  9. I think it’s best they get a divorce at an early stage else she will suffocate in that environment…she should have married HRithik.he was such a nice n understanding guy.

    1. Priya9876

      ohh!!!!! no plz…….. this is not a solution ……

    2. Aaru

      Not divorce..but ek baar to Sona zarur chali jaegi Dixit house chhod kr..tab Ishwari ko realise hoga..N I’m sure realise hoga, qki Dev bhi chala jaega..Dev sonakshi ko leke ghar se chala jayega..N agar show mein aisa hota h, to Ishwari ki band baj jaegi..Jis bete ko apne paas rakhne k liye itna melodrama kiya, wahi akele chhod k chala jayega..phir uski betiyaan bhi, main to kehti hu, usko support nhi kre..unko to kabhi importance deti hi nhi..n GKB bhi mamaji ko Ishwari ki help krne nhi degi.. Ishwari ki jhand ho jaegi??

    3. She is Sonakshi bose Dixith yar…… She never ND ever think about Divorce (except her health condition bcoz she never give a tiny Dev r tiny Sonakshi………………she thinks only for Dev happiness Not for money like Neha…….)

      Divorce is not a permanent solution for married life…….. Don’t say dat plssssssss

      1. Junee

        Ganga , I completely agree with you!!! Divorce is not the dolution. Let het fight it out

      2. Junee

        Ganga tupo yaar ?Solution not dolution

      3. ☺☺☺

  10. What Mamaji said to Iswari was correct. He should also remind Iswari about how Dev become before Sona agreed to marry him.Iswari does not want her son to be happy. If she is so concerned about Neha, why she did not do anything before. As per the writers She just want to spoil Dev’s happiness.
    As per the precap again Dev takes the decision of canceling the trip without explaining to Sona She is intelligent and understanding. She will do anything for Dev per her character
    Sona is going to be upset again not because that the trip is cancelled but the way Dev made the decision without talking to her.
    Again Sona has to give in.Give and take has to be on both sides.Otherwise their life is going to be a problem.
    Hope the writers show that Sona fixes Neha’sproblem.
    Very good show. They should maintain logic and some realism

  11. Only liked sona and dev scene…mother snatch his happiness and wife bring smile on his face…..sona is only happiness for dev

  12. Junee

    What to say ?? I am really appalled to see Ishwaris behaviour! Actually she is not the real mpther I feel and they should soon come to that point! A mother can be possessive about her son but not to the extent to spoil his happiness or see him sad. Mothers are mostly ” givers”! This was one is the ” witch” of the first order. Its high time Sonakshi exposes Ishwari otherwise the track is becoming monotonous everyday watching her filthy acts! Constantly the Makers are actually torturing the viewers with wickedness of Pisswari! She is jealous snd is constantly suffering from insecurity and trying to control Dev’s life! In a situation luke this ideally the couple walks out of the house and stays separately from the family and avoid the ” ashanti”! But this is drama so they have to continue there. Neha is troubled becoz of her own actions. She never tries to adjust just like Pisswari and wants things her own way . They are jealous and selfish individuals where Neha seems to be materialistic and Ishwari a sly woman who exploits Dev in the name of ” mother’s love”!
    Its high time her mask gets unfolded by Sona and that should ne an interesting track! I don’t understand as to why Dev constantly says sorry to his mother at the drop of a hat. He should feel sorry for his wife who goes out of the way to make him happy! Probably doesn’t tealise as he gets it too easily.

  13. Junee

    Sorry for the typos !
    And and not snd
    Realise and not tealise

  14. Junee

    Ishwari is actually blackmailing Dev with Neha’s problems! Really really horrible lady loaded with jealousy and selfishness. I am glad actually Ranvir is not even making an attempt to patch up with Neha. Both mother and daughter should be taught a lesson thru Ranvir! GKB and her family are permenantly parked in that house for Drama ! Huhhhhh!???

  15. Junee

    Sonakshi should never leave Dev ‘s side and then only Ishwari will remain in a tight spot! She should not leave later even after knowing her medical condition . Ishwari should always be kept in place and that should happen thru Sonakshi till she gives up her wicked acts.

  16. It was ok! I’m agreeing with junee that “ish is black mailing dev”.??.
    I hate the b**** ish.
    Plz,i m praying that ish&neha must need a lesson to regret their mistake????????????????????……..

  17. Which mother would emotionaLly blackmail her son about honeymoon!? Her thoughts are bordering on psychological incest…this is getting sicker every day!!!”how can you leave me for 15 days?” she is SICK and sona should just leave or clearly set some lines clear! No love for any guy is worth losing ones self respect over!
    Totally lost it; when he told his mom that he loves his mom more than anyone else! Hello you are married now and you need equal psychiatric help; he is still mommy’s puppet; always will be!

    1. Junee

      Sonakshi should not leave just to teach these ” Mentals” a lesson. She should keep them on leash!!???
      Otherwise its loosing the battle! That should not happen. She is intelligent and balanced so will keep them in place I feel!!!

      1. Yessss junee….. Our Sona is very balanced ND strong mentality person……… She never give up about any issues…… She’ll fight for last sec……..

  18. Good morning guys……

    Sona kyu ithni silent Ho tum…. I strongly want dis Sona……


    Jor se jatkha de dho vn Logon Ko……

    1. even I want this sona back…..

  19. Arey yaar… Kya hua sab ko ????

    Kaha gayab hogayare sab ko sab….

  20. Ugggh! Had missed yesterday’s episode, just watched it…
    Frankly, I feel this is height of possessiveness shown by Ishwari!
    Dear Dev, believe it or not, but your mother is definitely blackmailing you and you seem to be completely unaware of the same!
    I feel really very sad for Sonakshi. She hasn’t caused the slightest of harm to anyone, but still, the way she is treated makes it look as if she’s nothing but a huge burden on the members of the family! A smart and modern woman like her shouldn’t be living a life such as this! She ought to prove her worth to one and all in the family!
    And honestly, I strongly feel that Neha’s character shouldn’t be displayed this way. It surely seems to be dragged! And especially when you have a Mother such as Ishwari, one should really be careful when it comes to sharing emotions and feelings!
    Seeing today’s episode shall indeed end up being painful for the lot of us and why not? After all, there’re things which shouldn’t have been happening but have happened…

  21. hey!!!!!! what happened to all of u today……?????? seems like disappointed by the episode and precap…..even i am…….??……..only two devakshi scenes and wo bhi chote wale ……..?

  22. vote for the best prime time couple…..#vote devakshi….?

    1. Priya9876

      vote??????kaisa vote??????

      1. Priya9876

        yup!!!!!!!!! i got it…..

  23. Junee

    Seriously folks, Divorce should not happen ! If it does, the story will loose its charm. Msg conveyed to viewers will also not be a positive one! Plz dont do that makers . If u do , i will definitely stop watching this filth and am sure others will follow suite!

  24. Junee

    I am fed up of Pisswari and full of rakshasis in Dixit house! Completely lost interest! Shall comment only once track comes back to normal meaning the day mischief is not shown! Shall post the same under 25 th episode

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