Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari takes care of food arrangements. Soha and Golu insist to play with them. She recites poem and cheers them up. On the other side, Elena goes to her room and asks Vicky to come out and mingle with her family. He says he does not want to come and yells. She says both family are under same roof after a long time. Vicky yells that is the problem and continue that he does not want Golu to become side hero like him and Soha take away everything. She asks what. He says Sona is a supermom, successful business woman, etc., and if she comes closer to Dev, he will transfer all his property to Soha and will give nothing to Golu. Elena is just a simple photographer, if she wants her son to be poor like them. Elena says no..she does not want her son to be like him, her son will be self

sufficient and not like his father.

Ishwari continues guiding maids in food arrangements when Sona enters and says it is smelling so yummy, let me help you. Ishwari asks if she learnt cooking. Sona says yes and checks dishes. Ishwari says she prepared veg dishes as she does not prepare nonveg in her house. Sona says that is okay, asks what all she prepared. Dev enters and names list of dishes and says he told mom that he will get food from outside, but mom got adamant and prepared so many dishes, good she prepared them, else he would have felt bad. Their discussion continues.

Ishwari takes Asha to her room and says she is very thankful to Sona that she helped so much. Asha says that is okay, she did not even ask Sona what was the help. Ishwari continues praising Sona. Bejoy enters. Ishwari leaves. Bejoy asks Asha what was the help, he will ask Sona. Asha stops him and asks not to spoil environment. Bejoy yells Ishwari and her family will make Sona’s life hell again.

GKB goes to Vicky’s room. He thinks it is Elena and says he does not want to meet her Bengali family. GKB speaks in her broken English. Vicky asks her not to force him to meet Bengalis. GKB asks him not to fight with his wife when he loves her so much. He says she does not think Golu’s future is grim because of Sona. GKB says she has planned well and come and see out how Sona will be stopped permanently from coming back here.

Mamaji asks Sourav to continue his story. Sourav says he and Ronita had gone for honeymoon and even maa/baba had come there. Asha asks not to cook up story and show that he is writer’s son. Bejoy sits fuming as usual. Sona watches that and tells Dev that this is all his plan, whole family is very happy. Dev says she faced lots of problems because of him, not any more, he is the reason for their separation 7 years ago. He continues that he wants to give Soha everything and needs her help, if he will help him creating brighter future for Sona. Bejoy comes and hears that standing aside. Even Ishwari hears standing aside eagerly. Power goes off. Dev goes to check. Dev hits sofa and shouts what kind of house is this. Dev calls servant to switch on generator. Mamaji asks where are everyone. Dev asks Sourav not to get up. GKB sits on Ronita and says she sat on sofa. Ronita says she sat on her. Drama continues. Golu and Soha light candles and ask family to come here. Ishwari pampers them that her children are so intelligent.

Precap: Sona hits her leg on swinger and injures her leg. Dev massages her leg making her sit on swinger. Sona says he did not like swinger. He says even now he does not, but did not throw it out as she brought it. Ishwari fumes seeing Dev holding Sona’s foot.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ngkrishnakumari

    Ma tumko koti koti pranam aajke fast update keliye
    Today epi was amazing
    Halwashwari ka halwa dise bhi hai bose ko serve karneliye

    Eagerly waiting tommorow epi
    Halwashwari ka over possessive avatar kalse phir dekhne ko milenge

  2. Neha1

    Aaj ka episode was good…But really enjoyed Sona-Dev convo..

    Ishwari with kids…?? kya Geet sunaya hai…

    Ishwari-Asha convo was good without TASHAN..

    Bijoy becomes JASOOS…Pehle Ishwari-Asha and Dev -Sona..??

    Vicky or X-GKB, ab kya Karenge yeh dono…Yeh TUTI-FUTI HINGLISH pata nhi kya kregi..??

    Precap was good waiting for 2mrrow episode.

  3. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    And here mein bhi GKB kitna chamak rahi thi!
    No doubt she is the GELOWING BEAUTY of the show!??

      1. Neha1

        Hmm You’re right Samayra… Andhere mei GKB hi chamak rhi thi..???

    1. Exactlyyyyyyyyy gelowing beauty

  4. semma epi??
    ishwari face reaction after seeing dev holding sona’s foot is very funny
    eppa dhan intha serial villi thirundhuva

  5. Neha1

    Dev and Sonakshi not REUNITING Anytime Soon.? As Sonakshi too take a Drastic Step in KRPKAB…!


  6. Neha1

    SBS Segment :- Sonakshi Thanked Dev for everything in KRPKAB.


  7. wowww innaiku episode semmmma hope reunion seekiram nadakanum…

    1. yaa really hoping so Patrick
      but ishwari radha rani kooda iruka varai kum sathiyama thirundha maataanga

      1. athu correct than sonakshi avanga drama vayum vezhichathuku kondu vantha awesommmme ah irukum…

  8. Dev and sona sema pa.dev feel panalea sona Kan kalangudhu idhan real love la.

    1. u r correct dear

  9. Neha1

    Today’s most Funniest Scene :-

    Mamaji :- Bhai dekho jo jahan khada hai, wahin khada reh, kahin kisi ke upar daal-chawal na gir jaye.

    Dev :- Arey Mamaji, daal-chawal toh theek hai, kisi ke upar Sourav na gir gaya toh ..????????

    Sourav :- Main Uth gaya hu…

    Dev :- Nhi nhi nhi, baith jao, baith jao..✋✋

    Mamaji :- Nhi nhi tu Uth mat, baith ja-baith ja, agar tu Uth gaya toh
    sab gir jayenge…! lol Hehehehehe…???????

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      And not to forget…
      GKB: Main sofe pe baith gayi hu
      Ronita: Mamiji aap mujh par baithi hai sofe par nahi????

  10. Aaj ka episode was too good ,m loving this family sangam…kuch bolne ke liye choda hi nhi.most importantly not even for one moment i realized that shaheer was not part of that family shooting,it was wow his screen presence is soo good ki aisa laga hi nhi ki woh akele erica saath dialouge bolra tha.
    Perfectttt sab kuch was soooo good,refreshing.there were days when krpkab itna heavy lagta tha rona aata tha but still maza aata tha but ab ekdum purana jaisa refreshing n itna light ki itni achi neend aati hai.it seems my brain cells r holidaying somewhere….
    Dev,sona n soha teeno ne white. pehna tha khargosh family

  11. Ye batao ek din piche kyu chal raha hai . Ye uptade
    YouTube par bhi 25 ka nhi hai
    24 ka hai
    Aaj to 26 hai na ??
    Plz koi mujhe bata do ye chal Kya raha hai???

    1. Asmita...

      today is 25th dear… I think… tum 1 din aage chal rahi ho…

  12. Lizaa

    epi was too good…
    specially sona nd dev convo .
    thoda sa funny v
    guys notice kiya dev babu ne sona ko miss khargossh kaha…
    precap toh aur v interesting h

    1. Nisha Punjabi

      I heard once. but people are saying she called him khargosh twice. When was the second time?

  13. Aryana

    Anyone notice ? Today when Dev was asking Sona to support him ,, ishwari was happy hearing that

  14. Ngkrishnakumari

    Lady papida son red said to her mom that he is doing all these things for the sack of elena & golu guys he didnot include even his mom
    Khatrika raaz kholne ke liye 15saal laga aur uske baat khola ab lady papida & her red ka plan kab expose hoga already 7saal do useless hogayi

  15. Aaj ka episode was amazing
    love you sona and dev

  16. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice episode!

  17. Sneha1

    aisa episode hona chahiye… halka fulka… maja aagaya… Devn Sona convo… Just amazing… Sona generally scolds Dev like he is aschool kid and she is his class teacher and Dev k funny expression… These days Shaheer acts too cool… so refreshing to watch his expression… seems that he is free from all tensions and wants to spread that positive vibes around him…. so nice..
    Waiting for today…

  18. Neha1

    U, Me aur TV :- Suhana wants to live with full family in KRPKAB…!


  19. Yesterday was nice
    But bejoy’s character is changing everyday and it’s annoying

  20. Varalakshmi

    Ishwari Regreted in front of Sona On separating Her and Dev


  21. Another lovely episode….ishwari’s poem was also very nice? n the best part was devakshi’s convo…really loved the way in which dev called sonakshi as khargosh n that to twice?? sonakshi is still afraid of dark ? n the precap is really exciting? really waiting for today’s episode eagerly…

  22. Varalakshmi

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi : To Fight The Night, We Need The Light! – Welcome To The #KRPKAB Jungle Book!


  23. OMG ab sona kya karegi??? ye sab log to ek hi house pe nahi rahe sakte!! ab sona ko phir se dev pe gussa ayega. shayed sona aur dev ki fight ho phir se!! per what next?? kya ab sab eksath rehene lagenge soha ki liye?? soha to bohot zid karegi shayed!!! pata nahi ab makers kya dekhayenge!!

  24. Neha1

    SBS Segment :- Ishwari Regretted infront of Sona on seperating her and Dev in KRPKAB…!


  25. Neha1

    Wow.! Dev’s New Mission :- Dev decides to IMPRESS Bijoy for Sonakshi in KRPKAB…!


  26. Varalakshmi

    i like this positive episode i am very happy to see both family at one roof
    starting to ending soooo cool episode
    ex gkb said that don’t fight with elena you love her & she is mother of golu don’t spoil your life i am really surprised her words ishwari kabhi aisa socha v nahi
    dev aur sona argue karthe tabi ishwari tho saare blame sona pe dhal thi thi ex gkb is better then ishwari only for this point

    devakshi scene was soooo beautiful Aye klhargosh ……. Soooo sweet of you dev
    more exiting about this show pehle jaise positive episodes & i love this track aage kya twist hoga dekhna hi padega

    precap was awesome awesome

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