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Hi guys…… a big big big very big thanks to you for appreciating my detailed update. I am really overwhelmed. I never expected that i would get such a huge amount of comments. Once again thanks. ???
Now the detailed update for today’s episode –

There is nothing much to write in today’s episode.

Dixit house –
Ishwari is worried about Neha. Mami comes and starts her nonsense. Sona comes to give Ishwari tablet and juice.
Ishwari goes to neha’s room to console her. Neha starts crying. Ishwari asks her to apologize. Neha argues. Ishwari shares her own sorrow with her. She tells her about the bonding between her and neha’s father. Ishwari explains the importance of relationship.
Sona does all the preparation for lunch and asks Ishwari to go outside due to some work. Mami inquires a lot and asks her to after her job hours but Ishwari alloWS her to go. Nikki comes and thinks that sona has a new boyfriend and wants to go with her but Ishwari doesn’t let her go.

On road in car –
Dev coughs.
S- aapki tabiyat ab tak thik nahi hui ? (You are still not ok?)
D- unhu
S- aap aise hi……
Sona also sneezes. Both laugh. ???
S- pata hai, kal ki aapki zidd ki wajah se hum aaj pakde jate. Aunty ji itne sawal kar rahi thi.(Due to your stubbornness of yesterday, we were to be caught. Aunty was asking so many questions)
D- to main zid na kiya karun ? (It means i cant ask anything.)
S- maine aise kab kaha. (I didn’t mean this.)
D?- aapne kaha tha na ki aapne kabhi kuch fun nahi kiya, normal logon ki tarah, bas fun ke liye, aapke sath main bahot sara fun karna chahta hoon, aapke sath to wese bhi har cheez hi fun ho jati hai. (you told that you never had fun like normal people. I want to enjoy with you. With you everything is fun)
S- Lekin main utni fun nahi hoon jitna aap samjhte hain. ( but i am not as “fun” as you think.)
D – to kisi aur ko dhundh loon? (Should i look for someone else?)
S?. Again both smiles.
D- chaliye concentrate kijiye. Driving sikhne aaye hain na .(Now concentrate, you came here to learn driving)
S- hmmm
Dev tells her about clutch and all but sona is scared.
Sona does not succeed.
S- gadi kharab ho gayi.
D- relax kuch nahi hua. Phir se try kijiye. (Nothing happened. Try again)
Sona tries again but nothing happens.
S- nahi nahi, mujhse nahi hoga. Sach me aise aapki gadi kharab ho jayegi. Mujhse nahi hoga.(no no, i cant do, your car will be spoiled)
D- are kuch nahi hoga, phir se try kijiye. Aur kya hai ye, aapki gadi, gadi bas gadi hoti hai, chaliye try kijiye. (Nothing will happen, try again)
S- i am sure agar aaj koi aur meri jagah hota na to aap itni patiently nahi sikhate. ?Band baja diya hota us bechari ka. (If someone Elsa would there in place of mine, you would have not been so patient)
D- ab aap itna insist kar rahi hain to main kisi aur ko dhundh hi leta hoon. (Now you are insisting so much, then i should find someone else)
S?- nahi nahi, main chalti hoon na (no no, i drive.)
D- concentrate bhi kar lijiye, driving pe. (Concentrate on driving)
S- karti hoon na. (I do)
D- ok. Chalao phir. (Now drive)
S- you know mujhe laga tha ki jab main apni gadi lungi tab main khud hi driving sikh lungi, kisi aur ki gadi me sikhna achcha nahi lagta na. (I thought that i would learn driving after buying my own car. It doesn’t look nice to drive other’s car.)
Sona blushes ☺.
S- wo bhi aap mujhe sikha rahe ho itne pyar se. (You are teaching me with so much love)
D- ms. Bose, mujhe bhi aapse baaten karna achcha lagta hai. Lekin ye romantic hone ka time nahi hai. Concentrate kijiye, gadi chalaiye. (Ms. Bose, i too like talking to you but this is not the right time for romance.now concentrate on driving)
S☺- sach mein, aapko mujhse baaten karna achcha lagta hai.(really, you like talking to me)
D?- ms. Bose gadi chalaiye. (Drive)
Sona drives and suddenly closes her eyes due to fear, dev immediately applies hand break.
D?- aapne aankhe band kar li gadi chalate waqt. Aisa kaun karta hai? Gadi chalate hue aankhe band nahi karte hain. (You closed your eyes while driving the car. Who dies this?)
Sona ?
D- aapne aankhen kese band ku? (Hiw you closed eyes?)
S(again closes eyes and shows him) – aise. Normally jab gadi nahi chalati hoon tab bhi aankhe aise hi band karti hoon. (Like this, Normally when i don’t drive that time too i close eyes like this only)
D- aap apni gadi kese chalati hain? (How you drive your scooty)
S- scooty chhoti gadi hoti hai. Aur aapki gadi itni badi hai. (Scooty is a small vehicle, this one is the big one)
D- aap ladki hain ya khargosh ?( you are a girl or rabbit)
S- ??
D- haan. Wo jiske 2 daant bahar nikle hue hote hain aur gajar khata hai.
S ☺
D- darte khargosh hain, insaan nahi.
S- aapko khargosh hi kehna hai to, aap cutely “bunny” kaho na. ? mere kya 2 daant bahar nazar aa rahe hain aapko?(If you want to call me rabbit then call cutely “bunny’)
Dev ???
D- seriously….. chaliye (continue)
Sona sees the time.
S- der ho rahi hai, mujhe jana hai. (I am getting late, i have to go)
D- par abhi tak to kuch sikha bhi nahi.(but till Niw you didn’t learn anything)
S- wo baad mein (afterwards)
D- lekin (but…)
S- bye…
Sona leaves. Dev watches her going and smiles.

Dixit House –
Sona reaces and again mami irritates.

Dev’s office –
Dev plays golf (i think), places a goal and becomes happy.
He shouts happily ” who is the man?”
Tina comes and says “you are the man”
Dev asks her to collect information of some new company.

Dixit Housr –
Sona leaves for home. Riya comes and asks for neha. Ishwari tells her that she is in her room. Dev comes and asks the same thing. Suddenly Ranveer comes. Dev apologizes to him. Ranveer tells them neha is more important for him than anything else that is why he decided to accept the job. Everyone becomes happy.
Neha and ranveer touch Ishwari’s and mama’s feet. Mama gives ranveer some amount as shagun. Mami is not happy to see this. Dev also touches mama’s feet and ask for 5 rupee. Ranveer wonder for this then mama tells story of dev’s childhood.

Recap – dev gifts a saree and a neck piece. Sona is so happy to see this. Suddenly someone comes and sona drops an earing. Riya picks it and asks nikki and neha about it. Sona gets nervous.

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    Dev gifts sona a saree. He is worried as he has no time to spend with Sona as his family is always around. So he sends all his family members to Ranveers house to make relation for Neha. Ishwari insists him to come but he makes an excuse of meeting at Office. He then waits for Sona at his house. She reaches there in saree. The cute couple share some romantic time amidst candles.

    Later Ishwari on account of her bday waits for Dev to go to shopping to buy a saree as she would do it every year. But this time Dev takes Sona for selecting his mom a saree. He then gifts it to Ishwari. But Ishwari gets hurt as Dev this time himself chose saree and will not wear it making lame excuses. This upsets Dev and Sona. Will Sona’s closeness with Dev brings a crack in Mother-son’s relationship?

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