Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona serves breakfast to Iswari. Ishwari goes to Neha’s room. Neha hugs her and cries loudly that love is not in her fate. Ishwari consoles her and says she and her papa did not have money, but the 10 years they were together were the most happier part of her life. She says Neha knows Ranveer most, but she can tell that Ranveer is not a bad man and will keep her happy even without money. She continues consoling her.

Sona serves lunch to Ishwari and says she has to go out for sometime. Radha asks where she wants to go. Sona says she market. Ishwari says she can go. Radha yells that nobody hears to Garib ki beti. Nikki asks why she is going out in afternoon, if she got a new boyfriend. Sona says no. Nikki asks not to hide. Sona silently leaves.


waits for Sona in his car. Sona comes and Dev teaches her driving. He asks her to leave clutch slowly. She leaves it at once closing her eyes. He asks why is she closing her eyes. She says she does it usually. Their romantic nok jhok continues. Sona then reaches back to Dev’s house. Garib ki beti Radha asks where had she been really, she went as if she will buy whole market, but she is coming with a small packet. Sona ignores her and walks in.

Dev plays golf in his office cabin and enjoys it. Tina enters and says he looks nice smiling. He says interior designer had kept this golf kit, but he used it just today, it is a good game. He asks her to get data about some new company. She smiles and leaves.

In the evening, Sona asks Ishwari if she can go home. Ishwari ways okay. Garib ki beti Radha yells he goes out on time and comes late. Her husband confronts her and asks what she would have to keep her mouth shut and orders tea. Ria comes and asks Ishwari how is Neha now. Ishwari says she is fine now. Dev also comes and asks same. Ishwari says she somehow consoled Neha, but she still is crying. Ranveer enters.

At Sona’s house, family’s comedy starts. Asha breaks kitchen things. Sourav says he will bring something else. Sona asks what happened. Asha says Bejoy gave her novel to daadi and she read waht she wrote for Daadi. Sona says baba…Bejoy says she can change story a bit. Asha asks to bring her novel then and smirks silently.

Dev tells Ranveer it is good he came and apologizes him. Ranveer says it is okay and calls Neha. Neha comes. He says he cannot live without Neha, so he has decided to change according to her. Ishwari says Ranveer he does not have to change. Ranveer says he has to either lose his ego or Neha, he cannot lose Neha. Neha asks Ishwari if she trusts their love now. Ishwari says she trusts them since the beginning, it is Neha who doubted their love. Neha and Ranveer take Ishwari and mama’s blessings. Dev then touches mama’s feet and asks money. Mama gives 5 rs and says in childhood, Dev never used to touch his feet, so he had promised to give him 5 rs whenever he would touch his feet, so whenever kulfi vendor used to come, Dev would run and touch his feet and he would give Dev 5 rs. Dev smiles. Neha and Ranveer then touch Dev’s feet and take his blessings.

Precap: Sona opens Dev’s gifted jewelry and gets happy. She drops earring in kitchen by mistake. Radha picks them and scolds Nikki for dropping them. Nikki says it is not hers. Ria and Neha also say it is not their earrings. Sona nervously watches them.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Mubeen

    Waiting fr monday……today whn rnvr tlkng abt neha n his relationship d expressions of devs r awsm……addicted to show yr

  2. Preety_banu

    Awesome episode yaar krpkab u guys are just tooo gud loving to watch this serial cant even wait for weekands i m thinking how this 2 days would go without krpkab

  3. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Ignore gkb….

    Coming on to devakshi SCENES….. Omg day by day i am blushing blushing and blushing tooooooooo muuchh…. So adorable acting….. Shaheer erica hatsoff…. Evn ranha scenes are vry good….. Neha ria elina saurav al r unique in their actings…. Grt work… Must really appreciate the whole behind & front of the screen crew membrs….. Evn bgm’s are vry much appreciable….

      • Devga


        |Registered Member

        Priya who is thr in my pic…. Han Han its the grt devakshi…. So hw cum it wil not b awesome cute adorable fantabulous…. 😉 🙂

  4. esme

    I loved d driving scene.sonakshi n dev look very cute together. This show rocks.best of the best show in the history.

  5. priya

    thanx for update…..
    hey prit n Asmita maine 23rd detailed update pe aaplogon ko rply diya hai, to plz possible ho to check kar lena….

  6. priya

    finally monday or tuesday ko saree scene dekhne ko milega…. eagerly waiting for monday…………..

  7. saurav

    Suprb episode as usual.. Devakshi rocks.. N loved ranveer’s approach.. Nw hv to wait till mnday…

  8. Mahi

    nic episode……..
    enjoyed dev & sona nok jhok…
    yaar eagerly waiting 4 mndy..
    & 2marraw is my counseling plz pray 4 me

    thanks MA for the update

    • rohini

      Ya thought to comment in my name….and forgot dat i used sindya fst….thrn came back to my orginal name……dats it….hey priya r u hindi r some other lang bcz i have nt hear such names in hindi…

  9. Mahi

    hiii guys ..nic episode.. thks ma for fast update…..
    eagerly waiting 4 Monday’s episode…..
    yaar kal meri counseling hai plz pray 4 me

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  11. Mahi

    @ Rohini
    I m 4rm telangana state
    yaah gng 4 engineering counseling today

    hey jab mai bhi car driving sikrahithi I was same as sona
    but mre saath bhaiya the & mujh se clutch daab hi nahi raha tha & lastly bhai k ghussa hone k baath suddenly tightly press kiye k gadi jurk se start hogai
    & mai bhi aapne eyes close kar rahi thi & bhai was teaching & got mad on me

  12. Pinky

    Dev gifts sona a saree. He is worried as he has no time to spend with Sona as his family is always around. So he sends all his family members to Ranveers house to make relation for Neha. Ishwari insists him to come but he makes an excuse of meeting at Office. He then waits for Sona at his house. She reaches there in saree. The cute couple share some romantic time amidst candles.

    Later Ishwari on account of her bday waits for Dev to go to shopping to buy a saree as she would do it every year. But this time Dev takes Sona for selecting his mom a saree. He then gifts it to Ishwari. But Ishwari gets hurt as Dev this time himself chose saree and will not wear it making lame excuses. This upsets Dev and Sona. Will Sona’s closeness with Dev brings a crack in Mother-son’s relationship?

    Other side Ranveer’s true intentions behind marrying Neha fr her properties may get revealed…..

  13. priya

    yipeeeeeeee i watched the whole week episodes…………:) 🙂 🙂
    pata hai aaj jab mai krpkab dekh rahi thi tavi meri kaam wali bayi v aakar baith gyi tv k pass, ar keh rahi thi mummy se, dev ko dekh kar ki ladka kitna sundar hai…..awwwww that time mai to sharma gyi….aisa laga jaise mere BF ki baat ho rhi ho….lol naaa….heheh hhehe…

    • simran

      priya same here aaj mene bhi pura pura dekha or meri maa keh rahi ki dev sundar sfya aur sanskari hai

  14. Juli

    Dev office scene scene was funny.dev say who is d man tina says sir u and he get surprised.?????.driving scene so cute expression n cute battein….radha rani is vry cunning she came to know sona is going to meet someone by her smile on a msg.but ishwari cant understand.radh rani kya lengi aap chup hone ka chai ya thanda???bujurgo ki nazare…… ????

  15. Rohini

    I saw somewhere dat there s 1 hr spl epi…..dis wk end…I dnt it’s true r nt……u guys know anything???

    • Devga


      |Registered Member

      True yaar really boring….. my eyes naturally look at tv once it becomes 9:30….. And i suddenly find me in ful of anger once i dont find remote in my hand at tht tym….. And thn watching sony i realise omg today is sunday…
      Evn wen i watch sp serials running i suddenly chng sony and find me dissapointed….. 🙁

      • priya

        M already registered but logout kr k rakhti hu bcz bataya tha na maine my user name is priya9876,,,, so thts y I didn’t use it….

      • Asmita...


        |Registered Member

        hmmm…. you asked me about changing user name…… i tried but there is no option for this… you can continue with “priya 9876″………… does not matter dear…….

  16. Niharika

    Love krpkab
    I just started watching it
    Actually I didnt about that it is so intrsting
    Love it

  17. priya

    Kha ho sare frnds kisi ka koi update nhi…
    Kyu gussa ho kya sb k sb????
    Miss u alll
    N miss u shaheer….

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