Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari calls marriage broker who asks how is she. She says however she is, if he did her work. He says yes. Dev calls Tina and scolds her that he checked his email 100 times and did not get pics yet. He gets earrings from his cupboard and reminisces Sona dancing in rain. Ishwari comes to his room and he asks why she did not sleep yet, 8 hours sleep is most important for her. She asks why did not he sleep. He says he was about to sleep. He sleeps on her lap and says food was very tasty today. She says she prepared it for him. Radha comes and says looks like nobody wants to sleep today and starts chatting.

Sona goes on a date with Rithik. Rithik tells when he heard Sonakshi name, he thought she would be fat, but she is not, even if she was fat, she would not have mind. She says she wants to tell truth to him and does not want to hide. He asks who is the boy. She says was, she broke up. He asks if her parents forced her to break up. She says her parents never force her. He asks if she is ready to a marriage. She says yes, she is, but she still remembers her boyfriend. Rithik chats cooly without getting disturbed… Their discussion continues. After thier meeting, Sona walks with Sourav who says she should not have told truth so early.

Ishwari sees Sona’s earrings on Dev’s table and thinks why is he holding it still now. Nikki comes and says Dev took her and Ria’s help to buy this earring for Sona, she will ask bhai why he kept it outside. Ishwari says no need, Dev has moved on and she does not want to remind him about Sona.

Dev waits outside Sona’s house drenching in rain. Sona comes out of a car followed by Rithik holding umbrella. Rithik asks Sona if he can do a mistake of gifting her umbrella. She smiles. Dev is shocked to see Sona with someone else smiling. He leaves in his car devastated. Sona senses his presence.

Sona reaches home and Elena says it is not fair, she went on a date without informing her. Sona says she senses Dev everywhere even now. Dev reaches home drenched, shattered and goes to his room reminiscing Sona with a guy.

Precap: Dev breaks thinks shouting Sonakshi cannot do this. Ishwari sees that and stands in a shock.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ritwik is too good and mature.Dev grow up otherwise it will be too late .Donot be a puppet grow up and show courage openely.

  2. Sona should be firm and not return to Dev easily. When he could leave her at the drop of a hat just because his mother was not in favor of relationship, tomorrow, even if they get married and things go sour, he would not think twice before leaving sona for his mom. The guy is indecisive and cannot balance relationships and gets carried away by his familys overwhelming emotions, be it his mom or Neha, his sister. Rithik seems to be cool and understands the complexity of human relationships and would not leave her in the lurch and a balanced person.

    1. You have nailed it !!!! True absolutely

    2. Vasunthradevi Subaramaniam

      Cannot agree more

    3. Asmita...


    4. This show proves that love without courage is nothing….
      Nothing at all…

  3. After sometime even if Devakshi reunites they should live separately not with Ishwari even if Ishwari helps in the reunion!!! This possessive lady will always have her way out and will make Sona’s life miserable! It was Dev who rejected Spna and now he will only try for reconciliation! But Sona should clearly state that they will live separately but closeby and will do all duties but no staying together! Lets see how strong Dev will be to accept this kind of a proposition! How badly he wants Sona back!! If they can show this bit they
    will actually be showing reality.Both realise that Ishwari has wrecked their relationship in their heart of hearts.Moving out of the house does not mean moving out of the mothers life! But both must have realised the problem. She is a control freak and will never be able to see her son daily with another woman in front of her eyes! She is sickkk!!!!

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    after so many days i loved watching kuch rang but i cant see decakshi like tis they truely love each other n ishwari is so stone hearted -_- and rithik is a nice person but devakshi fan 😛 hope he gets some other girl which is good and nice

  5. A blind turn is always confusing and in KRPKAB the turn has come…..Some changes unexpected are required to keep you glued to the SERIAL story. Lets wait n watch….The TITLE of the story do not betray the audience and finally after hassles the Devsona rail should restart

  6. https://youtu.be/KVTq9sajuNg
    Dev Sona and Ritwik! Ritwik gives dhumkee to Dev

    1. beijjati karwaega waha jaake pagal….
      achha hua dhakkan kahi ka…

  7. tina aur dev no…. please

  8. If ishwari really loves her son she must have understood his pain and do not tell that dev is happy.if she is really an understanding mother she must have found dev’s pain.too disgusting of ishwari.feel like slapping her.

  9. Ngkrishnakumari

    I think the engagement of sona angagement will be call off after knowing the truth that the broker was sent by ishwari for sona in order to far away dev
    Today epi going to rocks eagerly waiting 9:30pm

  10. Ngkrishnakumari

    Guys actually today is my birthday
    I miss all devakshi moment nowaday dev had to suffer a lots for the sack of his psycho mother

    1. Asmita...

      Many many happy returns of the day Dear 🙂
      May God bless you with all the Happiness and Prosperity…

    2. Happy birthday kumari

    3. Happy birthday…????

    4. Happy birthday Ngkrishnakumari!!!!!
      hope ur wishes will come true…….

    5. Priya9876

      Happy birthday ?

    6. Esme

      A very very very very big HAPPY wala birthday to u !!!

  11. Asmita...

    I think whatever is happening with Dev is absolutely correct, he deserves this. After all this is happening bcoz of him only. Did he ask his mother before proposing Sona? Then why he left Sona coz of his mother? Rather than he should have talked to Ishwari.
    But no….. he just wanted to be a so called GREAT son… thn he should know that great people do a lot sacrifices on the way of becoming great… But Dev is a weak person…

    Sona deserves happiness…

    I love this STRONG Sona…

    1. Devga

      Arey yar kahan sey aise ache points milthey hein thume?? Hehehehe

      But cant see him sufering 🙁

  12. Ppl behind developing a story should actually grow up & be little more realistic. A guy who loves truly his girl friend will never leave her so suddenly at least wont change his mind with just 1 stupid reason. He will buy some time and try to make things work. A serial need not be exciting and have a twist everyday, the story should weave day by day as something close to real life.

  13. Priya9876

    Today sbs segment soo painful…. Dev in Devdas mode… Sona’s words soo harsh…
    Can’t see u dev like this…

    1. Devga

      Oh no dnt give link…. First tym i dnt want link of sbs as i wil brk seeing dev crying 🙁

  14. anyone watch SBS today’s segment in which they show a meeting between sona and dev. sona takes promise from him to forget her . she is trying to move on.she also says that don’t fallow her. then dev drinks. scene they show

  15. hey priya… send the link please yaaar…

  16. hahahahahah…..
    i just saw tht on twitter….
    while giving the byte erica said PEECHE HI PADE HEIN MERE…lol;-D;-D:-P
    i thought tht he will drink by mistake but he actually will drink and fall on the coutch…..hahaha…i love you shaheer…..

    1. Esme

      Shotti Dev ll drink……s*ale ke saare sanskar kahan gayein ….Dev in #Devdas mode…

      1. Yesssss…SHOTTIIIII….
        Sanskar gye tel lene…aisi tesi aise sanskaro ki aur greatness ki jo tumhe apne pyaar aur apni sabse pyaari cheez se durr le jaaye…?????

      2. Priya9876

        kya Esme tum v………kuch v…..

      3. Esme


  17. Esme

    Did Dev ask his mother before falling in love ?? Dif he ask his mother before proposing Sona ?? Did he ask his mother before romancing with Sona ?? Did he ask his mother before arguing with Sona n above all did he ask his mother before breaking up with Sona ???
    He took all d decisions !!! Now the pain is the result n this time fate took the decision !!!

    1. So true…..
      He himself created this situation…and now feeling caught up in it….??
      As i also said it previously tht i’m NOT liking this way of their portraying “hurt” dev….
      CV’s should do something else with it…??

  18. Esme

    Sona jab Sourav se baat kr rahi thi, dev apni car se usse dekh raha tha n jab spna ko dev ke aas paas hone ka ehsaas hua to usne car ki taraf dekha. What ??? Dev ne iss tarike se khud ko chupaya. Itna kuch krne kr baad ab itni himmat bhi nahi hai us mein ki apne pyar ka saamna kar sake …
    Dev was waiting for Sona all drenched in d rain…kitne pyar se sona ko dekh raha tha…n jab vo girne wali thi tab Dev ne dur rehke bhi apna haanth aage kiya …uss tarah se….awww….so much concern ….n d frown on his face when he saw sona smiling with another man….itna gussa !!! Phir vo gusse se apni car mein baith gaya…
    Uske baad wo wahan khada tha in #angry mode phir itne ajeeb tarike se stairs climb kiya….totally lost….apne room mein enter kiya…totally lost. …n precap Dev Dev Dev sonakshi aisa nahi kr sakti ….arre kyon nahi kar sakti aapne uske saath jo kiya …..uske baad aapka ye kehne ka koi haq nahi hai !!!
    Dev u deserve this pain after all those decisions u took alone. U said that u were sharing ur whole life with sona. Now what happened ??? She was equal partner in all this kinda decisions n u took it alone.
    But still Dev and Sonakshi’s life is shared !!Their pain is shared !! They still love each other. Thatz why sona is these days feeling Dev around her !!!

  19. Esme

    Dev’s character sketch tells he is an introvert…..thatz why he feels pain but is unable to express it !!! He expressed his deep feelings in front of Sona only n these days she is nowhere !!! Dev is totally alone !!

  20. Esme

    Wanna see Devdas Dev ….koi jaldi se link do bhai….chalo koi nahi mai search krti hoon….

  21. Ngkrishnakumari

    Thanks guys for wishing me
    Todays sbs segment is so painful

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