Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Elena and Sourav instist Asha that they will keep bengali nonveg food. She says no, Dev’s family is a vegetarian and will not like it. Dev enters and says when marriage is happening as per bengali rituals, even food will be bengali. Asha asks what about Ishwari ji. He says he will convince mom. Elena and Sourav get happy.

Radha sees beautiful red bridal lehanga and gets greedy. Ishwari says it came on time. Radha says Neha must have ordered it. Ishwari says it is for Sona. Radha is shocked and asks for bengalan. Mamaji warns her that Sona is bahu of this house now. Radha panicks more seeing 1 lakh rs tag. Ishwari says it has beautiful detailed design, so a bit on higher side. Radha yells whateve it is Sona will be bengalan always. Mamaji scolds her.

Mamaji tells Ishwari that he forgot to pick aunt from station. Ishwari says aunt is very particular about vegeterian food without onions. Radha says how will aunt react seeing nonveg bengali food in Sona’s marriage. Ishwari says they will keep aunt away and she will go back soon.

Bejoy panics that flowerist is asking double money, says he will go and handle even caterer at once. Asha asks him to relax and says Dev has agreed for nonveg bengali food and has kept all his favorite dishes. Bejoy is shocked and asks is it.

Dev meets Sona in the evening and after a bit of chat goes home. He keeps food menu list and wallet on bed and goes to washroom. Radha comes to his room and panics reading nonveg menu. She runs down yelling and informs Ishwari that Dev is keeping nonveg food during marriage. Ishwari who is busy chatting with her daughtes panics how can Dev keep nonveg food during holy marriage function with havan, etc.

Dev and Sona check marriage halls. He drops her home in his car. Dev says she is looking tired, he told her to stay at home. She says it is okay. He says if diet food is necessary during marriage. She says it is dietician’s marriage and she will lose her job. They get out of car. She thanks him for selectin nonveg menu. He says it is also her marriage along with him, so it matters. They chat a bit and she goes home. Dev comes down and she tries to convince him, but he says what is wrong in it and leaves. Ishwari in her room panics thinking about nonveg food.

Sona gets severe stomachache. Family rushes her to hospital. Even Dev rushes to hospital. Doc says Sona needs at hospital until blood test reports come back. Dev says he will stay back and asks Sona’s family to go. Asha says he is right and they all leave. Once reports come, Dev asks doc about results. Doc asks him to call Sona’s family also. Dev says he is Sona’s would be husband and he can tell results to him. Doc says Sona may not conceive in the future. Dev is shocked.

Precap: Nikki likes gold chain and Ishwari snatches it. Nikki says do not tell me it is for Sona. Ishwari says it is for Sona’s child. Dev enters and thinks how to tell mom that Sona cannot conceive.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Esme

    O bua dai…Dev and Sona ke paas pahuncne se pehle aapko hum sabse deal karni hogi. Samjhi !!!! Aap ek ho hum kaafi hain. Kaun jitega ye toh aap jante hi hoge….hehe..

  2. Esme

    Ye Pisswari khana khaye ya na khaye..ki fark padta hai…ye Pisswari hosh mein rahe ya behosh hoke gir jaye…ki fark padta hai. Arre bhai hame toh Devakshi se matlab hai…wo thik hai na…haan hume toh isse hi matlab hai…bhad mein jaaye ye Pisswari Pisswari, dadi bua, GKB, Vicky n other negative characters…huh…

  3. Esme

    I loooooooove the promo. When Dev gave a bang entry wooooo hoooo….Aweeeeeeeeeesome. This is one of the best promos and after a long time a happy wala promo. Last one was during Neha’s wedding’Ishwari niwas mein sabki nazron se khud ko churate hue khel rahe hain do dil…’
    Yipeeeeee…..oyeeee hoyeeeee..let’s nacho…tung tung tung tung….

    1. Manya

      Haan yeh best promo hai especially Dev ki entry ??❤️❤️❤️❣❣❣❣❣

    2. Priya9876

      n i love when Dev lifts sonaaaa…… waoooooo sooooooo adorable!!!!!

      1. Subhashini

        Mera bhi oh lift wala its so awesome itni cute dhono ?

      2. Neha1

        Yeah even I like Dev’s entry and when dev lifts sona…..was awesome… just perfect.. couple.. Devakshi..????

      3. Neha1

        Priya yar…. ye aaj ka telly update page kyu nhi aaya…
        How should I comment now..? Kabse wait kr rhi hu 26th September 2016 k telly written update page ka..?

  4. Esme

    Sorry for the typo mistakes…there r many..hehe…khushi ke mare mera dimag hi kaam nahi kar raha hai na…

  5. Subhashini

    Ganga,asmita,erina,devga where r u guys i missed u all come on join a party drs with us
    Devu kudh hum sab ko bulakar tum ka chalegai ???

  6. Devga

    Omg issse pehle ek bada saa comment bejha woh ek dham gayab….

  7. Devga

    GUYS guys i posted MANY comments with cake picks and cake pieces and cool drinks and icecreams and many more symbols of party items but tu has deleted all my comments..


    LOOK EVN MY PIC.. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  8. Devga

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    YHM is currently one of the Top 5 shows as there is a lot of high voltage drama in the show. With Adi confessing his crime to save Ruhi and Ishita hell bent on finding out the truth, the show is getting more dramatic and masaledaar by the day. Also, the buzz is that Nidhi was actually the one who threw the acid on Aaliya. Oops! Sorry for the spoiler. But we’re very keen to find out how Ishita solves this one.

    As far as Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is concerned, Dev and Sona’s marriage preparations are going as smooth as a rocky road. To add to all the mess, the doctor breaks the news to Dev that Sona has a very less chance of conceiving. With Dadu Bua’s entry in the show, it is going to become yet another saas-bahu saga with the world trying to manipulate Ishwari into controlling her daughter-in-law, Sona!

  9. Junee

    Where is the KRPKAB update of 25 th september!
    Now we shall scream “MA MA Ma” updates ?????
    So that we can comment

  10. Junee

    Sorry 26 th september! Typo????

  11. Hi guys just yesterday I was watching the gajra episode again ………..super romantic and real. My heart skipped many beats……. muah muah muah……………………… I want them to get together for REAL

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