Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev gets ready and walks towards door to meet Sona at a restaurant. Ishwari stops her and asks if he is going somewhere, family has planned his birthday celebrations here. He sees his sisters, mamaji, GKB, etc. dancing and enjoying and tells Ishwari if family is celebrating, then he will not go out. Sona calls him and he gets tensed. Sona waits for Dev outside a restaurant eagerly. She gets a call and thinks it is Dev asks where is he. Asha speaks and asks if Dev Babu did not come yet and asks her to get int hotel. Sona says Dev must be coming anytime and she will wait outside. Her phone battery drains out and it switches off. She asks someone to give his phone, but he does not. She continue waiting for Dev outside restaurant.

Dev stands tensed. Ishwari comes

and says she was also reborn as a mother when he was born and she is eagerly waiting for 12:03 a.m. to perform his aarti. She goes to kitchen to bring something. Mamaji sees Dev tensed and asks what happened. Dev tells him that he and Sona had decided that they will spend whole day with family, but night they will be together and enjoy a nice dinner at a restaurant, so Sona is waiting for him at restaurant. Mamaji asks then what is he doing here. Dev says maa. Mamaji says he should inform her and go, she will understand. Dev goes to kitchen. Ishwari says she prepared sweets for him and is eagerly waiting for 12:03 a.m. to perform his aarti. Dev goes back sadly. Asha calls him repeatedly, but his phone is away and she thinks why he is not picking call, must be on his way to restaurant. Dev then sends driver to pick Sona from restaurant.

Mamaji sitting on couch thinks Dev is stuck in a confusion, a man needs both mother and wife and sometimes he has to chose one more than other, poor Dev is stuck in a kasauti. Ishwari hears that and asks what kasauti. Mamaji says he said gehloti, he needs soya beans gehloti kabab. She says he would have told her before, she will prepare some other day and says Sona is not yet home, why she is taking so much time today. Mamaji says Dev sent driver to pick her.

Sona continues to wait for Dev outside restaurant. She sees Dev’s car coming and thinks she will scold birthday boy for coming late. Driver opens door and comes out and says Dev sir sent him to pick her back home. Sona sadly sits in car and asks what was Dev doing. Driver says his family is celebrating birthday and he was with them. Sona gets more sad.

Bose family celebrate Dev’s birthday with a cake. Surabh says thank god Sona is not here, else she would have insisted for sugarless cake. Asha jokes Dev’s family is so emotional. Bejoy says how can Ishwari show so many emotions at once, something is wrong with her. Asha says they should get Saurabh and Elena married in that house. Bejoy says if she thinks of that, he will go back to Kolkota, he cannot tolerate that family any more. Elena hears that and gets sad.

Sona takes driver’s phone and calls Asha. Asha asks if Dev came. Sona says Dev did not come at all. Asha asks her not to get disheartened, he will come. Sona disconnects call and cries. Bejoy asks Asha if she got her boyfriend’s call. Asha says hope it was, Sona had called. Bejoy says she would have give phone to him, he would have wished Dev. Asha says he was so irritated about Dev before marriage, now he is fond of Dev. Bejoy says Dev knows if he keeps Sona happy, he will be happy, else knows I will not spare him.

Dev sadly celebrates birthday with family. GKB Radha tells Neha that good Sona is not yet back, else she would not have let Dev with family and would have stick to him always. Neha says she is surprised why bhabi is not yet home, it is good anyways.

Precap: Sona reaches home and gets sad seeing Dev celebrating his birthday with his family.

Update Credit to: MA


    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      Mee took….
      Whole dixit family ko Mann kar raha hai 👟👟👟👟👟👟👟👟👟👟👟👟👟👟👟👟👟👟 khol kar maru…..except ‘ param pujya Mama Ji ‘

      When mama Ji said na to dev— ye kachori kitni SAITAAN hai…..!!!!! That time I was like….ye to actual me SHAITAAAN hai …..bas aapko avi pata chala h mama Ji…..kyu ki aap itne ache Jo ho…..

  1. Shruti710

    |Registered Member

    Idiot dev…
    Bhai apni maa ko bol ya apni biwi ko bol
    Kuch to kar
    Udhar apni biwi ko intezaar karwa raha hai,use rula raha hai
    Air doosri taraf apni family ke saath bday enjoy kar raha hai
    Tum apni family ke saath enjoy kar sakto Ho par apni biwi ke saath nahi??
    Kam se kam usse ek phone to kar
    Driver ko bhej diya bas
    U are suck!!

  2. Shruti710

    |Registered Member

    And I sware main Neha aur GKB ko maar daloongi
    Kitne mean hai donon
    Neha ka ghar nahi chala matlab Kisi aur ko mat jeene do
    I think its the motto of her life
    Jiyo par jeene mat do
    Haina guys?!

  3. Shruti710

    |Registered Member

    I think that Neha Ki life ka motto hai:
    Whats wrong with her
    Khud ka ghar nahi chala matlab doosre ka bhi mat chalne do
    Bahut saari galiyan as rahi hai man Mein
    Frnds bol doon
    I mean likh doon??

  4. Manya

    |Registered Member

    😪😪😪😪😪humare Bichare DEVAKSHI😔
    Neha is turning negative😱CHUDAIL😜Gkb too and Ishwari…………bolungi toh Mera comment delete Ho jaayega toh Sab Samajh jaao😝
    Bas ab Mujhe kal ka Intezaar hai!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  5. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    Episode dekh kar to Mann kar raha hai Dev ka sir🔨🔨🔨🔨 fodd du….

    Kya bkwass sa behavior hai…

    Is bande me dare naam ki chiz hi nhi hai…
    Maa k same ‘ FUDDU ‘ kahin ka….ek word nhi nikalti….huhh…!!!!

    At least cake cut karte waqt to keh sakta tha sona ka wait kar lete hai….
    Sona se jyada to bura mujhe lag raha hai….

  6. Veronica

    Felt very bad today seeing Sona disheartened so much 😰😰. Very angry with Dev and Ishwari. Why can’t he tell his mother that his wife has planned a surprise birthday party for him and they intend to spend some quality time together. And why Ishwari decided to wish Dev first on his birthday along with other family members. Some one other than mamaji please make her understand that her son is now married and even he needs his privacy.

  7. Veronica Sequeira

    Felt very bad today seeing Sona disheartened so much 😰😰. Very angry with Dev and Ishwari. Why can’t he tell his mother that his wife has planned a surprise birthday party for him and they intend to spend some quality time together. And why Ishwari decided to wish Dev first on his birthday along with other family members. Some one other than mamaji please make her understand that her son is now married and even he needs his privacy.

    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      Today m very angry yaar….
      U said na — son is now married and even he needs his privacy.

      No absolutely wrong he doesn’t want any kind of privacy. … Use to ushi witch maa k sath hi maja aata hai….. Duniya ki sari khusi usss pagli Maa k sath…..!!!!!!& sare jhagde,,,,, narazgi,,,,, ignorance,,,,, rude…… Sab Amaar Sona k sath…..👣👣👣👣

  8. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    Jab itni hi achi poetry aati thi too made ban k dusro k gharo me kaam karne ki kya jarurat thi..😖😣
    Writer hi ban jaati….. Ar bete pe poem bante rehti….ghulam beta v khush Ar 💵💴💶💷💰 v aa jate…

  9. Shewata

    A.good epsiode because of its current track losing their audience. Make it.more interesting and happy watching.

  10. Shalini

    RANVEER…bhai please yaar…le ja yaar teri wife ko ishwari niwaas se..tere haath jodu….🙏🙏🙏 le ja isko jaldi se…iski khud ki life jhand hui padi hai par devakshi ki life mein interest le rahi hai..aur wo bhi gkb ke saath….khud ki life, khud ka career, khud ka hubby inn sabki koi chinta nai hai isko…isko iss baat ki chinta hai devakshi kya kar rahe hein…..please help her out man….!!!!😕😕😕😕

    And what the hell dude…..!!! Where the hell is KHATRI….!!???😠😠😠😠
    DEV ganwar ne ek baar dhamkaaya toh uske baad uske ghar ke 100-100 km dur dur tak nai dikha yaar tu toh…. you left your bride here and now see what all she’s doing……😢😢😢😢
    Aaja yaar tu….darr mat dev se….hum tujhe full tu support karenge….please na….come soon….we’re waiting badly……😯😯

    These creeps will deep fry SONA BABY and will make a pakoda out of her and will eat her then…..with full enjoyment….😢😢😢

    DEV……donno what to say….it wasn’t his fault fully…..his fault was just that he sended a driver to pick her….atleast he could have gone to bring her back and there he could have talked to her about this surprise of his MAA CUM WIFE……😒😒😒😒And if he would have asked his maa to wait a lil bit till he brings her back then i dont think that it would have became a big issue but donno as it is a matter of ishwari…..NOT DONE DEV……NOT DONE AT ALL….!!😕😕

    And if the rumours are true about the wrap up of show….then i think that its quite a good decission taken by them because instead of focussing on prenup, pregnancy, khatri- ishwari’s secret they are imphasizing more on the creepy and nonsense things and degrading KRPKAB’s standard so it would be better to end the show on a good sweet note…!!!! Rather on losing the TRP’S and FAN’S…..!!!!
    I dont want a pathetic end of the show that’s why saying all this to better end it on a good note……i will miss this show a lot if it ends but cannot accept its bad ending(at low trp’s)

    I know not many would agree to this thought of mine but as it is said from the beginning that we can always AGREE TO DISAGREE….!!😊😊😊😊

    • Kalpana

      |Registered Member

      I totally agree with you… We all live Devakshi… But makers should know how to balance both.. I feel so pained thinking Sona’s condition

    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      Last paragraph se I fully agree …
      Mai v ye nhi chahti ki Trp 0 ho jaye n Fans galiyan pe galiyan dey…. Isse acha WO wrap up the show man…if u don’t have guts to show some important twist… Like u said —prenup, pregnancy, khatri- ishwari’s secret …all these things…

      Nd ur Neha wala paragraph is 👌👌👌👍😆😆😆
      Nd the last one khatri wala line my goddness😂😂😂😂😂😂 it was fabulous…👏👏👏👏
      Ishwari bride…..o god..!!!😂😂😂

      Ab to aisa lag raha h jaise mujhe v ek Diya jalana hoga..n start singing
      🎤 silsila ye intezaar ka na Maine bujhne diyaaaaaa…..oo khatrii ….o khatriiii…..
      Na bujha…na bujhega…pisswari ki barbadi ka Diya….o re khatri …Ab aa ja na re khatri…..

  11. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    Dear sona’s Mom,
    Aap kitni understanding ho Kitni sweet hoooo……but aap sweet sweet baatey free me baat dete ho….dekho aapki SAMDHAN aapki hi sweetness chura chura kar aaj usne ” Ishwari Halwa Centre ” khol liya h ,,,,,!!!! Nd
    aaj uske bete lol… boka …bete ke B’day pe usne 2new sweets v launch kiye hai…pede & WO white mithai…..!!!!

    Lekin Fir v bechari Garib ki Garib hi hai. ..dil se Garib hai bechari kisi ko kuch de v nhi sakti…. Not even kisi aur ko maa kehne ka permission v nhi de sakti Dev ko ye abla nari…hayeee ye Garibi….

    Isliye Asha aunty in logon par na apni sweetness mat waist karo….ye log deserve nhi karte …

  12. Priya9876

    |Registered Member

    Chill priya chill
    Take some 🍧🍦🍹
    Take a cool 🛀🚿🛀🚿
    N googoo nd sleep…. Nd keep dreaming shaheer… 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

    Soo by guys good night.
    N a lovely good morning for Tomorrow…☀☀

  13. Maggie

    Dev is such a lousy husband. Hate to see Sona being so submissive and forgiving and quietly tolerating nasty remarks from Neha and Mami. So much negativity spoils the mood.

  14. Megha Bisht

    What’s wrong in celebrating birthday with your family. And sonakshi should underatand that now she is also the part of the family. There are some occasions that you should be with your whole family. For husband and wife there is Valentine day wedding aniversary.

    • Krish

      Megha, what you are saying is not wrong. Sona already told Deve that he is going to spend the whole of his birth day with Iswari and family. She just wanted the night before to spend with Dev. And Dev promised her to do the same .Even though she is hurt as Dev did not have guts to his mother atleast that he will go pick Sona from the restaurant. That would have been better. Instead he sends his driver. Which is horrible. The makers should atleast show better charecter in Dev. I know every son in their life may face this kind of situation.He is handling such a big company and could not handle this situation.He has to satisfy atleast once his wife. He always prefers his Maa over Sona, then why did he marry. This episode also should be lesson for Neha. If the same thing happened to her ,she would have gone to her Mom’s house as she had done now. Her charecter is shown as arrogant and self centered even though she sacrificed a lot in the young age. I am looking forward to the next episode. The makers have to change the story according to the fans. They are going to loose lot of fans and rating if they keep doing this.I understand Dev’s predicament. But the makers should show that he is learning to handle both of he is love equally as Sona has come in his life. She is his life companion not his mother. I am not saying he should forget his mother.
      The makers tries to glorify Sona’s charecter by showing how she magnanimously forgive Dev and adjust.I wish every man should have a wife like Sona’ charecter. But it does not happen in real life.Dev is lucky in having wife like Sona. I wish he had a wife like Neha.

  15. Shonali

    Aadhee raat ko bivi ko Akele kaisa chod diya iss dev ne .maa kee khushi ke samne shona ka koi value nahee hai kya ? Kaha gaye woh sab pyar ke vaade ?chee koi pyar vyar nahee hai .akelee bivi intezaar karthi rahee .aur ye sab kuch ignore Karke family ke saath kitna enjoy Katya raha hai .dev ko bolna chahiye tha sabko sona ke bare mein .aur sabkuch chodkar Jana chahiye tha sona ke pass .sona ko that pe lake celebrate karna chahiye tha .n this neha is very shameless .some sasural chod kar mayke main aakar beithi hai aur apni bhabhi ko Thane Mar rahee hai .ye ranveer kee family ko accept hee nahee kar rahee hai.aur kahtee hai ki bhabhi ki vajay se bhayya humare saath time nahee bitha raha hai .jab bhayya unmarried tha tab nahee chahiye tha isko bhayya ka waqt.

  16. Shonali

    Iss neha ko jald se jald apne sasural bejdo shona .nai tho patha nai ye apnee ma ke dil mein aur kitna zeher dalegi .pehle se ye GkB hai aur ab ye neha bhi thayyar hogayee .

  17. Shonali

    Dev was so romantic when he started to love sona .those sweet words,shona ke liye mirchee khanaaa ,ghanton se bharish mein bheegte hue shona ke liye intezaar karna n all .but what he did to sona today making me feel like” woh sona se kabhee pyar kiya hee nahee”.

  18. Junee

    |Registered Member

    Well , today’s episode particularly disappointed me the most and I have been toying with the idea of late, not to watch it, but being an ardent fan of this show right from the onset, it becomes difficult to take a call like this. But I am quite sure, that if this is the way they portray the female protagonist they would soon have to take the call of winding up this show.
    Why do I sound so pessimistic and disappointed? The reasons are as follows:
    1. When I saw Sonakshi‘s plight today, I literally had tears becoz I am also a woman and to see another one going through pain is extremely depressing. Every woman has some expectations where her husband is concerned, specially a small gift towards cherishing moments that have been much longed for. When expectations get dampened for some reason, it just inflicts more pain. To have a life partner who is unable to take care of his BETTER HALF’S sentiments is really unfortunate for both!
    2. Dev does not deserve Sonakshi as his life partner for sure! An obsession to have her was his prime interest at least his behaviour suggests so. He is spineless and insensitive too! He did a great favour by sending the driver. Felt like giving him a tight slap! -INSENSITIVE
    3. Ishwari, his mother or any other member in that house didn’t bother to inform Sona about the surprise party for Dev becoz they still don’t consider her, a part of the family but an “OUTSIDER”. The selfish Ishwari was so full of herself that she never paid heed to her son’s pain which was clearly on his face. So, can we call her a concerned mother or is she more of a selfish woman who just cares for her own closed group of individuals? I JUST HATE HER!!!!
    4. Her fake dialogue about being proud of Sonakshi is not convincing enough about her concerns; rather it’s a show off in front of others!- FAKE TO THE CORE!
    5. The others never made an effort to include Sonakshi or enquire about her and reflected very much their mother’s traits. -SELFISH GENES!
    6. Mamaji is a useless character who just appears to be good in making lofty speeches but totally unproductive. He couldn’t do anything to help the miserable DEV. Despite his lofty ideas, he has parked himself in that house which speaks about his lazy parasitic unproductive attitude. However bad his wife may be, he should have the self esteem to move out of that house.- SHAMELESS AND “OPPORTUNISTIC” too!
    7. It’s time again, Dev should suffer, so that he realises how insensitivity can cause hurt. Ignore him royally and deftly after his birthday is over, Sonakshi! Merely saying SORRY at the drop of a hat or how bad he feels, he needs to actually EXPERIENCE it. -GIVE HIM A PIECE OF YOUR MIND!!!
    8. After seeing this serial, I feel literacy is a must for both mothers and mother in laws who belong to different generations. Education inculcates culture, sensitivity and broad minded approach and to some extent fairness.
    9. Thoughtfulness comes perhaps when one is accomplished in life professionally plus belonging to a cultured set, gives one a much broader perspective towards life. The Dixit family completely LACKS all these attributes SURELY! A SEVERE DEFICIENCY
    10. Bijoy Bose is right once again! He has actually been able to assess the Dixits! WISE PERHAPS!
    11. The Writer seems to be stripped of ideas and positive thoughts. All she is bothered is projecting some stark reality experienced by some. Present day, financially professionally competent woman like Sonakshi would never be able to tolerate such INDIFFERENT TREATMENT!
    But the Writer will probably make her a SUPERWOMAN and gobble all the humiliations! —CONSTRICTED VISION
    Frankly speaking, how many of us would have been able to pardon all this, considering the fact that we are at par with our men counter parts both professionally and financially??? Many might PREACH that it is important to take along everybody on such occasions but how many would actually PRACTICE it I wonder! DISGUSTING EPISODE WITH AN EQUALLY DISGUSTING DIXIT FAMILY!
    MAKERS SHAME ON YOU for the THOUGHTS projected tonight!

    • Krish

      You completely echoed my thoughts.Present day generations who are independent will never tolerate this kind of behavior.
      It does not look logical at all. Are the writers living in 18th century.

      • Kalpana

        |Registered Member

        Seriously Krish… We are not telling that Dev should move away from his family… He still can’t do a thing without mommy? Nowadays, guys move away from homes, stay in a different city for education/job, they even cook their own meals for heaven sake! The writers are still living in 18th Century!

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      This is not there Krish! The editing option for the writeup needs to be there and scrolling up and down option should also be there. They should incorporate these so that writing becomes easier

  19. Happy

    Dev doesn’t deserve Sonakshi.. to be precise he doesn’t deserve a wife at all. Such an ignorant husband. Writer I think coz of u, this serial will lose most of its audience.

  20. Krish

    Third sentence should be Dev did not have the guts to tell his mother that Sona is waiting for him as they had planned to have dinner together but as situation changed now he will go and bring her home

  21. Subhashini

    |Registered Member

    I didn’t expect this much dumb from dev,he is so dumb,good son to his mother is good behavior but for that u can’t hurt anyone,if he want only mother happiness then y he married better always stay mumma’s boy,
    I don’t know what’s wrong to tell his mother that his wife is waiting for him so i will go and pick her and y he can’t wait for sona for cake cutting so dev only wants his mother’s happy atleast u can wait for her to cake cut ,clearly we can see that in dixit house no one consider sona as a family ,even now also she is outsider for them i think even dev also think that
    Neha tum tumari husband ki saath nai,issmae tumari kalathi hy ,then y jealous of sona ,in dixit house all r mentally sick people,if i see ishwari i don’t tell how much i got irritated if she start speaking mann karaha ussae marum

  22. Junee

    |Registered Member

    Kal episode dekh ke mann kar raha tha thok du Pisswari aur uske bete ko🔨🔨🔨Pisswari ko gift karna chahiye 🍼🍼🍼 so that she can go after Dev with those bottles! Neha tumhe to🗡🗡🗡khun karne ka man kar raha hey! Hope Ranveer teaches her a lesson!
    Mey to bahut Khatri ko miss kar rahee hun! We wamt him back and I also wish Ritwik is brought back again to give Dumbo a challenge!
    Looks like Dev will go scotfree again! Too bad! Lets wait and watch if he can be taught some lesson by Sonakshi , then the track again could take an interesting turn!

  23. Kalpana

    |Registered Member

    How funny… Such a simple wish… Makers have to complicate it so much!!!
    1. How does it matter who wishes first and who does last? It’s the wish that counts… Blessings that count… It’s not some stupid competition!
    2. Every year, Ishwari does aarti at 6 am. Why so obsessed about celebrating at 12.03 am? Does it even matter? Early or late, it’s pampering the birthday boy counts! Not the time…
    3. Sona didn’t ask for anything big… She just wanted the night with Dev… Rest of the day, she already told family time… Is it so difficult to give one hour for your wife? Forget one hour… Even 15 mins would do… She would have been thrilled!
    4. If you didn’t want to share your happiness, sorrows, space and include someone in every small and big part of your decisions and life, why marry? It’s like Dev and his family are stuck in his bachelorhood life time. Sona is always left out… What’s her fault? She had to leave her awesome family for this dumb, idiotic and selfish family…
    5. When Ranveer concentrated on his family, didn’t pay attention to Neha; everybody jumped saying how can Ranveer do that… But what Dev and his family doing? Dev is also choosing family over Sona always… Yet they expect her to adjust always… Stupid two faced family…
    6. If Sona doesn’t do something to make Dev realize now, he will never realize

    Wish Sona does something; observe Ishwari and take a leaf out of her book… Ishwari does everything because she knows Dev trusts her blindly… Sona should gain confidence in Dev’s heart and Dev will slowly turn towards her…

    P.S. If anyone want a variation from the real serial, please read my ff Piya Ke Rang, Rang Deeni Odhani
    (Sorry, wasn’t trying to sound too conceited or pretending that my ff is superior… Just an option for all the Devakshi fans…)

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      I completely sgree with u Kali!
      Indeed your ff is so good and I always look forward to it! Another one out ???
      There is so much positivity in your ff!
      Its strange , why did Dev get married at all ? He should have led a bachelors life and could exclusively cater to his mother and sisters!! Why torture this girl who left her wonderful family for him?

  24. Aarti32

    |Registered Member

    Faltu episode..Sona was ignored yaar..kisi ko nhi laga ki Dev k birthday pe uski wife bhi honi chahiye sath mein..kisine usko batana hi important nhi samjha..uska kaam tha to bhi usko batana to chahiye tha na..usko jab sahi lagta wo aati..but kisi mein bhi itni courtesy nhi h ki usko atleast inform bhi krde..chee yaar

      • Junee

        |Registered Member

        Wow Kali i enjoy only ypur ff now! I am eagerly looking forward to it! One suggestion take the couple there the bridge with licks by lovers! I put a lock there too and threw it in Seine river! Museedorsay, orangerie, montmarte! The macaroon famous out there! I keep visiting Paris if u need any inputs plz feel free to ask and would be glad if i could only help u!! All the best! Wow i am excited for this ff!!!

      • Junee

        |Registered Member

        Dear Kali plz make the couple enjoy breakfast at ” La dure” ! The macaroons and eggs benedict are famous out there! ” Angelina” famous for its hot chocolate for which there is a huge que! Let them dine at the Grand opera house where the ambience is opulent and a business tycoon should treat his wife there!!

  25. Sravs

    What you guys think… How sona will react… I want to see… Alteast family should inform sona about birthday day party… She will defer understand….

  26. NagaraniPandiyan

    |Registered Member

    there is no surprise for dev. I think sona supposed to tell dev family like she informing her family na, they can leave together for restaurant , they are not lovers now right then y this hide and seek.

  27. piya

    I guess dixit’s family is so dumb that they didn’t even bothered to kno that sonakshi would be busy for what work around 12am

  28. Varalakshmi

    So sad to sona i am very angry for dixit family they never think about sona she is dev’s wife she should participate in the birthday function they all r think is sona not attending birthday its good, i will kill you neha , if she did not happy with her husband no one husband & wife together she can’t digest dev & sona together how cruel mind iswari gkb & neha, i hate u dev u never fullfill ur promise only fake promises

  29. piya

    MAmaji sorry to tell u that there is no need of ur gyaan ryt now coz first u urself shld set a right example for mr. Dev dixit. Frankly speaking he was in a much better position than dev then why could he never handle radharani n his ill mannered son .he didn’t even had a mother

  30. Neha1

    |Registered Member

    OMG…! Ye kya ho rha hai….Mujhe yakeen nhi ho rha hai k me krpkab dekh rhi hu ……aisa lag rha hai k Ekta Kapoor ka koi saas-bahu drama dekh rhi hu….
    Agar ye hi sab dikhana tha toh its better k YHM,kkb,pmhmd,,etc….dekh lo……
    Achche bhale show ki watt laga dali…makers ne…!
    Isse achche episode Devakshi marriage se phle hote they….ab toh bas ELASTIC ki tarah keench rhe hai….
    Sorry guys but mujhme itna patience nhi hai k me or ye sab jhellu..jab tak show me khatri nhi ayega Ishwari line pe nhi ayegi….or khatri aa bhi gaya toh GKB or Neha ko kaise sambhalegi Sonakshi.???
    Ek toh waise hi me depression se joojh rhi hu uspe ye makers ka Devakshi per sitam…..mujhse nhi jella jayega…till then me written updates hi read karugi…dont watching show from now onwards…. I’m a big fan of Shaheer but Shaheer ko mama’s boy k role me nhi dekh skti….He should give importance Sonakshi too not only Ishwari…
    And I think Shaheer should confront about his character from the maker’s…. afterall itna bada business tycoon ma,ma,ma..! kehte hue achcha nhi lagta….Dev’s character should be sensible like Sonakshi…
    Vrna Iss show me hero or heroine dono Sonakshi hi hogi…na k dev..!
    its my opinion…. don’t mind guys….but kal ke episode ne mera depression or bada diya …..that’s why…

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      Plz dear Neha u dont feel more depressed becoz this or any serial is not worth it! Just be happy . It really doesn’t happen that way in reality I can assure u ! Any woman in today’s time will teach him a lesson in her own way! Where he can’t even run to his mommy for help! This is just a drama overstretched!

    • Priya9876

      |Registered Member

      Hey hi Neha,
      Gussa too mujhe c bohot aaya….. But dear tum stupid episodes ki wajh se jyada affect na ho….bhaad me jaye Neha, gkb, pisswari…

      Soo be happy….

    • Ganga

      Hiii Neha….. How r u dear…..???? Am also feeling So sad…. But okay it’s a drama….. Don’t feel like dis plssss dear

  31. Devi Ramcharan

    This show is getting more depressing than it was before Dev and Sona got married…I dont speak hindi but i rely on the english subtitles. If I remember correctly Sona did mention that Dev should go straight to restaurant and she will meet him there after dropping by at her parents. Why the hell should Dev than go back home???? If he had gone directly, the mother would have than realized that he is married man now. Anyway it was disheartening to see Sona disappointed and sad. If i were Sona, I would ask Dev, if your mom and your sisters are more important than why did you marry me….

    On the next episode Sona should just walk quietly to her room without acknowledging because they did not have the courtesy to even ask her to join or wonder where she is…such hypocrisy.

    Sona should keep silent and ignore Dev for some time and let him what he wants. By doing this Sona will teach Dev a lesson and also Ishwari, as she cannot afford to see Dev in distress…

    Well thats my 2 piece take on yesterdays episode. It is also great to see all the outbursting from the fans after an intense episode.

    Happy watching!

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      I also feel that Sona should ignore him for the time being ! She must make him suffer silently! He should feel helpless!

    • Junee

      |Registered Member

      Iss promo mey Pisswari Sonakshi ko udhar se leke jana chahtee hey par usko surprise party ke bare batana zaroori nahee samjhi woh Chipdee aurat! Raat ko 12 baje kaam kar rahi hey nutritionist itna chalta hey duffer Ishwari ki dimaag! Dimmag to woh sirf muschief mey lagatee hey koi achhi sochh me nahee

      • Priya9876

        |Registered Member

        Puri celebration khatm ho gyi tab yaad aayi hai bahu ki ‘mai jara apni bahu ko 2min k le ja sakti hu’…huhhh…!!!

        Yaha v pisswari ka intension dev se dur rKhna hi hai,,,mujhe aisa lag raha hai…..

  32. Vani

    Today’s episode was ridiculous. Neha ko mar dalo. How possessive could a mother be? Gkb ka dhyaan apne bete par nahi hai ki vo kya kar raha hai but hamare devakshi ke piche padh gayi hai. Stupid idiot and duffer. The only intelligent persons in the show are mamaji and asha. Rest are………….(you all know, except devakshi).

  33. Junee

    |Registered Member

    In today’s time if any Dev Dixit behaves with his wife the way we saw in the last episode, she will definitely teach him a lesson in her own way! She will do it silently and cleverly so that he can’t even run to his mommy for help! She will pose him with such uncertainty where he would just go for a toss with worries and will not even be able to share with anyone leave aside Mommy!!🤔🤔
    Foolish makers showing stuffs from the 18
    th century! Sona should definitely teach him a lesson for being treated in an insensitive and indifferent manner😡😡
    Kiss him now Sona as shown in Promo but teach him a lesson so that he remembers it thruout his life!!😬😬

  34. Ganga

    Hiii guys….. How r u all

    Am daily read all comments here….. But I can’t comment here now a days…… Am very much disappointed with dis Dumbo Dev ND witch Trio (Ishwari… Neha… GKB…)…………. 😞😞😞😞
    Dev tumhara Pyar ND responsibility Only for ur Family heina….. Ur family pe Sona bi heina yaar……. I know Dev also suffering ND Maa aur biwi ke beech pass gaya bechara….. But ithana himmath tho dikhana jaroori hei vo koi baharwala nahi Tumhari biwi… Tumhari ghar ki bahu……. Mainly kudh se zyadha appse Pyar karnewala vo pagali Sonakshi….. Kya Dev……. 😕😕😕Director ko bathavo yar tumhara character ko thoda himmath dikane wala character banavo…..Hum sab fans of dis show sirf aur sirf tumhare liye a show dekh raha tha…. Lekin ab chalne wala track se hum sab ko bahuth bura lag jathaa Dev (Shaheer) 😩😩😩😶😶😶

  35. Happy

    I have a doubt.. Does Dev really love his wife? He dint even wait for his wife to return… I don’t think any husband would do such a thing on his first birthday after marriage. I think the maker of the show lost his mind. And even Sonakshi just forgive Dev?.. She is an independent and bold girl.. She has self Respect… doesn’t the maker know that. One moment Dev promise her something and the next second he break the promise. Now I started to hate Dev’s character. I think Ritwik was a perfect match for Sona.

  36. Happiee

    |Registered Member

    I think Ritwik was the correct match for Sonakshi. Dev dint even have the guts to tell his mom to wait for Sonakshi. I request the maker of the show to give some respect to Sonakshi. She has self respect.. n how could someone just play with her emotions. Dixit family is the only dumb family in the whole world who don’t even care that one of the important family member is not present during the function. Does this happen in any other family???

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..