Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari invites Sona for dinner and asks her to come with whole family and even Jatin as Dev told he helped her a lot. Sona agrees. Asha says they all have to go then. Bejoy says nobody will go. Daadi says she will wear her new sari. Jatin enters. Bejoy says Ishwari’s has called whole family for dinner, but he will stay at home and has ordered Chinese with Jatin. Sona tells Jatin that Ishwari ji invited especially him. Jatin says he will go then. Daadi taunts Bejoy that he will have Chinese alone.

Dev goes to Elena’s room and says he needs her help. She asks if Ishwari needs something. He says it is for Sona, her whole family is coming for dinner. She gets excited. He says he knows she misses her family. Elena says yes.

Soha and Golu insist servant to let

them cook cake. He does not agree and says it is risky. They blackmail that they will tell he scolded and slapped them for asking water. He agrees. They bot excitedly start preparing cake.

Sona tries to select dress. Dev video calls her. She asks why did he call, she is confused what to wear. He says she will look good in any dress. Their discussion continues. He continues thanking her for saving maa. She says no need for that and asks if he washed his face before calling her as there is soap on his ears. He wipes it nervously. She says she is so charming that everyone wants to look good before talking to her. He says she is not that great like she thinks. Their discussion continues.

Mamaji enters Ishwari’s room. She turns. He asks her to talk looking into his eyes and says or for him, she is his world’s best sister kachori. Tough she hid things from her, he knows she is nt wrong. Their discussion continues.

Sona and her family get ready. Bejoy fumes that Dev sent 2 cars and thinks they cannot afford transport. Sona calls Dev and asks why did he send 2 cars. He says one is for Sourav and Ronita. Sona says Sourav t hat Dev thinks he is fat, so sent car for him and Ronita. Sourav says he will not come then. Dev asks Sona to switch on speak and tells Sourav that he sent it for newly married couple. Sourav says then he is coming. Dev asks if Mr. Bose is coming. Bejoy shouts if he should not come. Sona disconnects call. Bejoy asks why did she disconnect call. Daadi scolds him Sona is saving their self-respect and if he shouts more, she will lock him in house and go like she used in his childhood.

Bose family reaches Dev’s house. Bejoy yells they are getting Sona’s favorite house again. Dev greets them. Bejoy says he himself is standing like servant. Daadi says that is called respect. Dev greets them all individually and Elena clicks their pics. Bejoy gets out of car last and says nobody greeted him. Dev says he did notice him. Bejoy yells as usual. Dev comments who will control this mogambo. They all get into house. Ishwari greets them. GKB comments as usual that jiji was waiting for them as they are old relatives. Ishwari says she is right. Asha introduces Ronita as her bahu and daughter. Ishwari greets Bejoy next. Bejoy introduces Jatin as his nephew and like his son. Ishwari thanks Jatin for helping them with Sourav and Sona. Mamaji says he felt really nice seeing them again. GKB comments again. Ishwari asks them all to sit. Soha comes happily meets Bejoy and Asha, says she feels so good seeing whole family together. Ishwari tells Asha that that she thankful that Sona helped her like a daughter. Soha goes in to get cake. Bejoy says he is feeling hungry as he eats early. Ishwari goes to check. Asha looks at Bejoy. He says what is wrong if he feels hungry. Mamaji comments that Sona told one should eat on time. Sona goes to help Ishwari. Dev says he will check children. GKB and Vicky also leave. Bejoy says Asha the way Ishwari is thanking Sourav, Jatin, and Sona, something is more to it. Asha also starts thinking.

Precap: Sona asks what is happening, why. Dev says their relationship broke 7 years ago because of him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Swarna494

    Wow episode was super duper!!
    Shaheer you are killing man.. Ur smile,your expressions at each and every second..so lovely???
    Can’t take off my eyes from shaheer… No words to describe him.. Day by day sona and dev’s friendship is bcuming thicker than jeans..
    After that hide and seek in dixit house..

  2. Swarna494

    Light goes off, and they play hide and seek

  3. Swarna494

    Indha radharani ya matum yaarathu oru 2hrs kidnap panitu pona nalla irkum..
    Mood a spoil pannave vandhrukaa

    1. Happy 2 see a tamil girl here…naanum tamil dha…

      1. Ippidiyum vela illadtha Tamil pullaigal irukangala. Enna oru paithiyam neenga.

    2. Happy 2 see a tamil girl here…naanum tamil dha…I luv devakshi so much…even 2 watching in tamil n also in hindi?

      1. Swarna494

        Yes naanum ini ellam vasanthamey and kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi… renduma paapen. Waiting for suhana’s meeting with dilip..

  4. Neha1

    Wowww.! Today’s episode was Sooooo much Fun….I thoroughly enjoyed it..??????????????????

    Bijoy baba ko sab log tease kr rhe the…that was Superb…Very funny and later, even Jatin also joined to Sona’s force..?????

    Today’s episode Ishwari was well behaved with Bose family and specially Sonakshi… Thank god…Kuch ANT-SHANT nhi bola..???

    And Dev, Aahaaaa Blushing, Exciting and So warmly welcome Sonakshi and her Family…. I was like…Awww?????????

    And the 2 Kids were Amazing Child artist…???? Superb Acting
    Becharey Jassi bhaiya….ki Band baja di…Kya blackmail kiya hai…only for baking cake…??

    And Precap, Dev taking all blame for their broken relationship past 7yrs….! Excited and eagerly waiting for 2mrrow episode…

    1. Sneha1

      sach mein ….Bejoy baba k expression after that teasing…. Like kisi bacche k saamne toffee khate hue use tease kar rahe ho….

      Dev ki excitement and happiness was just mindblowing …..

      Loved d episode

  5. Dessertqueen

    Waiting for them to be Shahrica forever.. 🙂

  6. yrr sonakshi ko jealous ka b krayenge dying to watch that !!!

  7. Riti1107

    Aaj ke episode mein bahut saare highlights the but Baba Bose ki ragging dekh kd that happen ho gaya … Arey that … What say karte hain Punjabi me haan … Kaleje mein thand pai gayi … nahi samjhe heart me cold ho gaya???

    GKB had attacked me when I was crossing the jungle!!
    See what happened to meri Angrezi

  8. yes todays episode really rocks!!! hmmm sona to abhi na hi karegi na!!!! Abhi Bijoy baba ki promise bhi hain aur Bijoy baba ko vi sudharna hain na!! iswari vi abhi completely samjha nahi na!!!

  9. Aryana

    Everything is going smoothly thank God . But I have one problem – why that are trying to represent Sonakshi as an aunty . Seriously yar she is so pretty . white shirt – I mean seriously . Even yesterday at hospital she was wearing

  10. Aryana

    Better .

  11. Aryana

    Please makers check other series like behadh , the way all are getting dressed is really attractive . But why U guys are giving these kind of dresses to Sona and Dev

  12. Bejoy family super family.sona dev kuda sema

  13. nice one..
    waiting for next episode
    precap was awesome

  14. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Awesome episode after long time.

  15. Sneha1

    Finally a feel good episode… Bechare baba bose ki itni kichai kar di… Agar baba bose ki jagah ishu mata hoti to kisi ki himmat hoti kya ek shabd bhi bolne ki…

    Haye Dev n uska killing mannerism.. kya excitement tha … bacchho jaisi maasumiyat th face par… Just love him…

    Please CVs… after fussing so much on dress.. Sona finally wore that white shirt… too boring, Please changeher clothes to something good and stylish…

    Precap.. Hope for something relevant to happen during this dinner date……

    P.S. : Yaar ek baat batao… Jitne khulkar Dev Asha maa se baat krta hai… those expressing eyes.. the flirtarious jokes.. sharing of inner doubts … agar ishu maa ye sab dekh le to bechari wo to coma mein hi chale jayegi…. Jokes apart.. I just love the unsaid bond between dev and Asha….


      1. Sneha1

        Arey yaar… I am back at TU after a month… How can i miss u in my welcome speech….. I dont want to improve dear… ab kya karein u even dont disclose ur gender so i can request u… Didi/Bhaiya ap apne improvement classes kahan chalate hai….

    2. Varalakshmi

      well said sneha

    1. Sneha1

      Yaar .. all of a sudden krpkab walo ne spoilers and segment ki barsaat kar di…..

  16. Varalakshmi

    Precap of Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi new family selfie

  17. Varalakshmi

    i like the video call conversation mujhe old video call scene yaad aaya that was a classic scene serial is more interesting day by day
    both boss family & dixit family saath hai nice very nice
    no doubt boss family is world’s best family
    i like the way asha introduce ronitha as another daughter so proud of her & ronitha also gave good anwer to ex gkb i am very happy after marrying sourav
    overall feel good episode

    i am more exiting for next episode

    1. Sneha1

      seriously the way Asha is treating Rounita and gives her due respect… she is seriously giving tough goals for my Future MIL.

  18. Very lovely episode especially devakshi talks….and now a new servant(jassi) enters dev’s house after kichu,,bhola,,pk and dk?? hope so soon they trio goes in bose’s house..maybe mr bose started loving his X-son-in-law…btw his part in yesterday’s epi was somewhat funny when driver asked him that can he open the door for him????

  19. Nalla episode but indha radharani as usual ore irritating..

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