Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev stays back home and does video call with his foreign client. Ishwari comes and asks if he did not go to office yet. He says he is in a client meeting on video call. She asks him to tell his white client to have meeting later. Client on laptop says in English he will have meeting later. Ishwari gets nervous and blessings him to become more white.

Dev disconnects call and looks at Ishwari’s diet chart. Sona enters, snatches chart, and says let her do her work. He says it is good to see that she is punctual. She says he can change nutrionist if he wants. Neha comes and informs him that maa is washing his car. He runs out and asks maa what is she doing. She says servant did not come, so she is washing his car and saving money. He forcefully takes her in

and asks watchman to get someone to wash car. Neha asks Sona if she saw mother and son’s love. Sona says even her mother is same, all mothers are same.

Dev then sees Khatri in front of house, walks near him, and asks him to get out and not to be seen near his house. Khatri says he works here and stays in next lane, so he came here. Dev says if he does not understand works, he knows how to tackle him. Khatri says he saw Ishwari and reminisced old memories. Dev strangulates his neck, warns him and leaves. Khatri smirks and thinks this is just the beginning.

Radha calls Ishwari and says she will come soon to receive her holi shagun and could not come as hungry neighours came to her home. Dev’s cousin is put behind bars for drunken driving. He fights with police and boasts that his brother will dismiss them. Dev reaches and bails him out, but seeing him misbehaving with lady inspector tears bail form and asks inspector to keep cousin behind bars until he repents for his mistake.

Dev returns back home distressed and asks servant to get black coffee to his room. He goes to his room and works on his laptop. He gulps cups of coffee. Ishwari sees Sona enjoying magazine sitting on sofa and asks her to go and stop Dev instead of sitting and staring at her and magazine. Sona goes and stops Dev from ordering more coffee and gives him some moral gyaan in her witty style.

Dev’s teacher comes to meet him and praises him for not forgetting his old teacher. Sona comes. Dev introduces teacher. Teacher says he is Dev’s primary school teacher, but he did not forget him yet. He also praises Dev that he became successful by saving pennies and did not forget his roots. Sona’s heart melts for Dev. Teacher thinks Sona is Dev’s wife. Dev says she is his mom’s nutrionist.

Precap: Sona gifts Dev new shirt for spoiling his shirt with holi colors. He accepts it and keeps without checking. She murmurs he kept without seeing, means he did not forgive her yet. He says she is his mom’s nutrionist and remember that, should not enter his personal space.

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  3. Nice episode but he sould see atleast one time sona’s gift

  4. And now sona must have been realize that her thinking was wrong about dev

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