Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev and Ishwari’s discussion continues. Dev says when Ranveer loves Neha, how can he make her cry. Ishwari says it is Neha’s mistake. Kichu comes and Ishwari asks her to tell Sona that she does not need dinner. Kichu says she left long ago. Dev angrily asks how can she go without informing. Ishwari asks him to calm down.

Sona at her home thinks Dev is very much worried about his family. She falls asleep and wakes up after 2 hours to see Dev’s 29 messages and missed calls. She reads SMS that Dev is waiting for her outside since 2 hours in rain. She runs out and sees him sitting on his car’s bonnet drenched in rain. She asks why did he drench in rains since 2 hours. He asks why did she leave without informing him. She asks he came just to ask this.

He says it is very difficult to spend a life with him, he is arrogant, very demanding, posessesive, will she spend life with him even then. She hugs him and says yes.

Ishwari comes to Neha’s room and sees her sleeping. She pampers her.

Dev tells Sona that he has seen Ishwari suffering whole life in poverty and even Neha spent her life in poverty, she hates poverty and he does not want to see her in poverty again for the rest of her life. Sona apologizes him. He says whle dropping her home, she will drive from tomorrow and he will watch her. She says she does not know driving. He says he will teach her driving, she has to come out of house during afternoon for sometime, he will pick her. She says if they both look at each other while driving, they will meet with an accident. They both laugh..

At Sona’s house, Bejoy reads Asha’s novel and laughs on a character that a 4-year-old boy ate 3 kg birthday cake and spent rest of his day on potty seat. Daadi laughs and says Sourav did same. Bejoy laughs and asks Asha why did she write father’s character as irritating and boring. Daadi says it is his character. Bejoy says if she writes about daadi’s character, she will fume.

In the morning, Radha yells that Kichu went to his village by keeping his brother as replacement, he must have got better paying job and is lying. Ishwari says Kichu is not like that. Radha then yells Sona did not come yet, she must have joined annother job. Ishwari asks her to stop doubting everyone. Dev comes down sneezing. Ishwari scolds him and says she will get him turmeric milk. He says no. Sona comes sneezing. Radha yells at her. Ishwari asks if she also drenched in rain yesterday, even Dev is sneezing. Sona smiles. Radha yells not to smile and asks how did she get drench. Sona says she did not have umbrella. Radha says her brother has such a big umbrella store in market and they both did not get umbrella in town.

Dev comes down and Ishwari asks him to have turmeric milk and go. He says he is late. Sona insists him to have turmeric milk and gives him milk glass. Ishwari says he will not agree, but is surprised to see Dev finishing glass.. She starts thinking. Radha taunts her thatDev did not listen to her, but bengalan’s order. Ishwari says Sona is doc and munches fruits sadly.

Precap: Dev teaches Sona to drive car and asks to look at road and not him. Sona goes back to work. Radha asks where was she.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yuck garib ki beti ko maarne k badh hi mujhe sukum milega….. Not evn able to enjoy devakshi romantic moments…. But stil dev becoming tooooooooo muuchh romantic ki mujhe pagal kaana hi bejna chahiye…..
    Badthe hi blush karungi toh agar episode dhekungi toh mere liye pakka pagal kaana mein admission mil jaayega….
    Kya karroon…. 😉

    1. Devga

      Thanks a lot ma….. Really fast update….

    2. hahahhahah ditto feelings for garib ki beti …

  2. Thanx fr d very fast update.i don’t have to wait for this.thanx a lot.

  3. Wow yar superb episode.. Dec’s promises are really nice… Love u devakshi..

  4. Wow super epi.. Dec’s promises really nice..love u devakshi

  5. Dev’s

  6. Nice epi…..Bt waiting for saree scene…..Ab Monday tk wait krna hoga fir se

  7. Esme

    Thanx fr this very very fast update. This is a brilliant show.

  8. ananya paswan

    thanks to ma very much really very gud episode

  9. Thank you so much MA!

  10. This show rocks.thanx fr d fast update.

  11. Thank you so much MA! thanks for fast updates… Day by day the episode is getting interesting and heart touching…

  12. Dev teach sona driving it seems intresting

  13. I loved that baarish wala scene .

    1. me too . Dev shocks sona every time …………well it should not be a shock. she should remember that every she gets sick or upset with Mr. Obodro , he comes rite back to her like a catapult.

  14. tanx to very very fast update tanx lot

  15. amrutha aparna

    we miss u so much devakshi

  16. superb devakahi loved there rain scene

  17. Really vry romantic episode specially dev or sona ki bhaarish me baate. Was just awsm. Dev ne itni emotional baate ki ki sona bht jaldi maan gai. He showed that ki sona mujhe bina kuch bataae ghar se chali gai it affected him a lot. Dev kitna tense ho gaya. Its shows that how much hi cares for sona really loved the episode. and eagerly waiting for the next episode.

  18. Oh god i m really getting mad abt this serial…can’t think anything beyond both of them..day by day i m getting addicted

  19. “baarish aaye na aaye agar aap aayenge to man aise hi bheeg jayega “,,,,, superb lines

  20. It was a really romantic episode!!aur dev bhi na,he could have waited in the car?aise koi doa ganta wait Karta hai baarish main?agar unhe Kuch hoja tha to?and this Radha Rani ki bacchi,she is so irritating!!i mean Two people in the house sneeze dosent mean that they were together?i mean in this context yes,but generally no…and what does she mean that her Brother has an umbrella shop they could have gone..how would they know where?
    Ishwari dosent need to get sad that dev didn’t drink haldi ka dood on her insistence but sona’s insistence..as Long as dev drunk it na?i mean it seems she cares who told him to drink it than whether he drank it or not!!

  21. Hey guys…. The epi was superb…. Dev was too emotional… Barish vala part was fantastic… Ishwari ji…. Aap kyu itna possessive ho Dev aapko kabhi nahi… Chod sakta…. Sona k ane k baad b aapki importance vahi rahegi…. And please koi Mami ko nikalo
    …. Please…

  22. Dibya

    Amazing superb episode love u devakshi. ……..

  23. Day by day we see intense shades of love by dev….really excited……
    Very heart touching episode….

  24. This gadhi ki beti radharani is soo irritating….
    Ye bahut complications laane wali hai devna k liye…..
    Ishwari aunty ji plz aise shocked matt ho…plz accept sona without creating any scene…
    Interesting precap….

  25. Writers ne too kaamalll kr rkha h ….
    ” barish aaye na aaye aap ayenge to mann aise hi bheeg jaye ga….”
    Waooo such a romantic line….

  26. Asmita...

    This is the link for 23rd june detailed update with all Devna dialogues –


  27. RANdomfANCreationz

    love devakshi a lot yaar this show is too good they never drag yaar never bored of this show in initial episodes i never expected this show will turn out to be soooo goooood i knew ishwari will react like that when dev will have haldi wala dud on sona’s insist and this radha rani only know how to fill others ears irritating lady 😛

    1. I never even had the inclination to watch this show in the beginning. Of course the first promo looked promising but I have been disappointed several times with all the misgiving promos of other shows.
      I started watching after 2 weeks , didn’t even know the timings. One lazy Saturday morning
      with nothing better on TV did it . took me seconds to get hooked. Dev’s intensity , his eyes his love and dedication for his mother …….

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Same here I only found the first promo interesting but i never expected that the show itself will be interesting later on like I watch first episode of KRPKAB I found it boring then one days while watching EDKV I saw KRPKAB and Dev-Ishwari bond was amazing and Dev and Sona eye lock was so intense

  28. It was a really good episode….. loved it??????

  29. Ye garib ki beti chahti kya h?? First she says dat dev is not going to odfice n not concentrating on his business..n when ishwari asked him to stayback at home n Dev refused n went to office, she said arey jiji he’s not listening to u n going to office..are hadd h..wo jaaye to problem, wo na jaaye to problem..

  30. Suppprb episode???…very romantic.but dev should tk care of his mother feelings on haldi wala scene.it may affect her.

  31. Aarti u r extremely correct. Jaae toh bhi problem kr na jaae toh bhi lol….

  32. a mesmerising episode.beautiful.no words to describe

  33. I also love the fact that they always hug without being extremely concious or shy like other shows

    1. True i too feel tht….

  34. jayege car me aayege akhaba me it is funny today epic is good

  35. i am missing tanya a lot also bhoomi and all old frinds plzzzzzzzzz come back

    1. Asmita...

      Hey Simran…. just read this once –

      You will feel ggod…

  36. Palaklunkad

    waitin gor tom

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