Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev returns home after meeting Suhana. Mamaji says girl is a laxmi and it is good that Suhana is coming to this house. Ishwari asks where is Suhana. Dev says she did not come. Ishwari asks why did not she come, if he informed Suha about her. Dev says Suhana is in a shocked when he informed her that he is her father, it is obvious for a small kid. He says he will bring Suhana home when she herself wants to come, until then he will not force here to come here.

At Bose house, Bejoy shouts Dev must have done something to Suha that she is so much afraid. Asha says they need to talk to Suhana right now. Sona says she needs to speak to Dev first.

GKB enters Vicky’s room and fumes seeing him sleeping. She yells in broken English that she worked so hard to grab this

house, but now Sona will come and rule over it, even Vicky worked hard in Dev’s office and he will not get anything. Vicky says he will not let Sona back in this house, let Dev play family family outside and at home. GKB again in irritating accent broken English asks what is his plan.

Mamaji tries to console Ishwari and says Suhana will come soon. Ishwari says she was hoping a lot 7 years ago and even prepared sweater for her granddaughter, now Suhana is a reality and she wants her granddaughter.

Dev gets emotional reminiscing Suhana, then reminisces Suhana telling that she promised mom that she will not meet her father. He then gets angry that Sona hid his daughter from him for 7 years, he will not spare her. Sona calls him. He says their relationship is more strong now. She says she wants to meet him. He says even he wants to meet her at his said place. She asks location. He gives location.

Sona reaches Dev’s informed destination and calls him back. He gives her new destination. She reaches place and asks him where is he. He gives her new destination. Drama continues. Sona fumes and reaches office. She sees Dev in office and knocks door. He opens and she shouts he cannot play around with her. He says she played with him for 7 years and hid his daughter from him. Argument starts. She asks what he wants. He says he wants his daughter. She says he cannot take her daughter from her. He says he will not, Suhana herself will come to him. He will live for his daughter now. She says he will not do anything, Suhana will not to him. Dev says if she does anything, he will forget that she was his wife once, now it is question of his daughter, and he will forget his morales, now a war will happen, everything is fair in love and war and this war. She thought she would hide Suhana from him forever. After accident, if he had died, he would not have know about his daughter. Sona shouts he is alive and she will not let him ruin her daughter’s and her life. He says he does not need her at all, he needs his daughter. She is so ruthless that she hid a daughter from her father. She says she brought Suha when she was 6 months old.

Precap: Sona says Dev that she brought 6-month-old Suhana to meet him, but denied meeting them. Dev calls home and asks who told Sona that he did not want to meet her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Sonadi

    Sona does not love Jatin. Jatin also knows this also. He will not marry her. It will be another episode like Rhitvik.
    Dev is mad because he was not aware of his daughter.His anger made Sona to run around. But Sona was affected by Soha’s situation. She does not run away from problems like Dev does. She does not go for temp fix.That is why she was tolerating Dev’s game.
    If the promos are true Dev regrets later after knowing that Sona did come with 6 months old Soha to meet him.I am waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

  2. precap question answer iswari

  3. Good morning friends!!!!!☺☺☺☺☺

  4. Krpkab going off air

    1. Alka

      No I guess that was a fake news …

    2. Priya9876

      A Bigggggg Nooooooooooooooo!

  5. Nice episode but poor Suhanna has to be caught between parents fighting. When they should be making up for her sake. It’s all ishwari fault coming between husband n wife fights! She just couldn’t bare the fact Dev love Sona n couldn’t bare the fact sharing his love! Now good for her to ache to see her granddaughter she should beg n say sorry cause look how the table turn now. She kick out Sona n same wife made a child for her son……

  6. Ganga

    I don’t like d way Dev harrase SONAKSHI….. idar udar goomne se kya mila tha Dev tumko……???

    DEV tu SONA ko achi tarah janthe ho…. lekin I know baat tera beti par ayi na… isliye tum ae sab karliya…. I don’t know everyone looks Nd thinks only d one side of a coin???

    Finally aaj DEV ko pata chalega vnka life ki have kushi cheene wala insaan kaun ho… sach janne ke badh DEV ghar jakar sab gharwalo se kaha tha koyi Suha se nahi mil saktha… vsi time DEV ek baat bi kaha”Koyi Dawayi nahi kayega….” Indirectly ae baat Ishwari ko jor se lagaa hoga ???

    Precap ke liye 12 hrs wait karna padega ???

    1. Ganga

      PREACAP nahi aaj ka epi ke liye

    2. Priya9876

      Koi dawayi nhi kahyega…??????
      hahhaaah I wish ki ye line v Dev bole…???

  7. Neha1

    Good morning my friends and all DEVAKSHIan’s…

    1. Swarna494

      happy shivratri to you di??

  8. PALLAVI2017

    In today’s episode I don’t like Dev. He is unnecessarily throwing tantrums to sona. If he has so much guts then show it to his mother na. She is the main troublemaker. Ishwari ke samne besahara bechara beta kyun bante ho??!!

  9. Ohhh God I want to kill this ITCH-WORRY……. How selfish she is…. She cannot accept sona but she wants soha….. How can a woman be like this…. Is sona is a machine to make her heir…. How can she say I didn’t aware of sahana while sona came (today it ll happen na)…..feeling irritated….

  10. Ganga

    Happy MAHASIVRATHRI to all my friend’s……

    1. Swarna494

      Happy shivratri di

  11. Aaj mahashivratri hai….agar aaj makers ne ek acha episode nahi diya na toh i swear bholenath ki teesri aankh khul jaayegi

    1. Lynette sahiii pakde.
      We all kno that dev ki aur ishu maate ki kitni khaas mitrata(friendship urf pyaar ka bandhan) hai bholenath ke saath toh bholenath thoda left out feel karre hoge na 7 years se isiliye acha episode toh banta hai…

  12. Good morning to all my crazy friends!! Luv u all..☺☺

  13. Sona instead of coming to dev’s house with the baby could have messaged him. There are so many means of online communication these days so when she knew she was pregnant she should have immediately informed dev since it was dev’s and ishwari’s biggest dream too.

    1. Swarna494

      No di, soha should not save ishwari frm accident. She did a mistake.. ????
      Mummy …. Pls dont show lik dat..
      If i am in sohas place definately i would push her…???

      1. Neha1

        Look Swarna, I was correct…. Soha saves Ishwari…2mrrow episode…! I told you..!

  14. Chanpreet0815

    Happy Mahashivratri Ganga Neha
    Nd all kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi fans.

    Kal ke episode me jab dev sona ko yaha se waha ghumaara tha. Tab sona se jyada gussa mujhe dev pr aa raha tha. Ese lag raha tha use bhi ese hi ghumaau. Kya jabardast Tashan tha dono ke bich me kal.

    One news I want to share.
    Puri hui Daadi ki muraad.
    I mean to say soha’s entry in dixit mansion.

    1. Swarna494

      Happy MAHA SHIVRATRI di

  15. Chanpreet0815

    Mujhe toh lagta h vo ishwari hi h. Jisne sona ko dev se milne nhi diya.
    What u all think guys kon h vo jisbe sona ko dev se milne nhi diya

    1. Riti1107

      Maybe !!! But if it’s Ishwari to wo kumhar h jo sach kaise bhi dhaal skti h .. in yesterday’s SBS episode Dev was saying something ki mujhse itna jhoot bardasht nahi ho rha to us 6 saal ki bacchi se kaise hoga ?? Nd ish was explaining herself ki mai apne ghr ki waris ko kaise wapas bhej skti hu .. so maybe Ish is up to something …

  16. Pritha

    Same old Dev Dixit..who don’t feel to know the entire truth…or should say that remains blind to see the real truth.
    He is again and again taking undue advantage of Sona’s emotions.
    He is expressing his pain, his vulnerability to Sona but all the time he failed to notice Sona’s pain..if someone shows herself strong that doesn’t mean that nothing affects her..but the reality is the pain creates a deeper scar in their heart as in the process of hiding it from the world..they cherish the wound all the time within themselves.
    Love is not just everything…to keep a relationship successful..you need to understand her…know her properly..support her..but in all things Dev failed miserably.

  17. thnk god!!!dev beta at least now u realize she s just 6 yrs old child n she needs time u all ‘not will but must’ wait for her…..nothing much in today episode main picture abhi baaki hai na?
    omg i don’t know what’s really going on BTW?camera angle was so scary ooowwww
    so many zoom shots n that too was unnecessary….
    i m really confused these days one episode s up to the mark n the other s totally weird..s it just me r anyone feel the same as i do?

    1. Priya9876

      nope, i dont feel like that…

  18. Priya9876



    FOR OUR cutie pie SHAH Seikh


    1. Neha1


    2. Swarna494

      Done di???

  19. Priya9876

    Shaheli Maa’m wrote this line….

    WE ALSO WISH ki aaj koi bada wala bomb fute…….

  20. PALLAVI2017

    Dev ko jab pata chala ki sona ne soha ko 6 yrs tak usse chhupake rakha tha to woh ladai karne ke liye turant ready ho gaya. lekin ishwari ne hi sonakshi ko gate se lauta diya hai sunke chup baith jayega. Ishwari ke sath ladai karne ke liye himmat nahi hai usme. Ulta apne kismat pe royega.
    Ye cheez bahut bura lagta hai . You should stand to defend the person whom you claim that you love the most.

    1. PALLAVI2017

      Dev told to sonakshi that he will not snatch soha from her. Soha by herself will come to Dev. Is that mean He is going to play any mindgame with soha???!! I m confused.
      This should not happen.

      1. Aastha1704

        Don’t know guys story kahan jayega. But now it’s time that Dev ab Sona ko samjhe apne najariye se instead of Ishwari. Its high time that Dev understand Sonakshi from her point of view. Mamaji toh pehle kitne achche se Dev ko samjhate the aajkal kyn nai samjhate kuch v Sonakshi ke favour mai Dev ko. Please we really want see Dev taking stand for Sonakshi.

  21. yaar…….surely iswari wil give her own clarifications today…….. nd dev ka man fir se jeeth legi………. only way for dev s to take his wife nd child away from tat hell house…….. nd live some where else happily…….. such mothers wil never allow thier sons to live a happy family life……..
    really such mother n laws exist dears……

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